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Wahkon News

May 2, 1935
Art Ziesmer went back to work on the section at Hillman Monday.

May 9, 1935
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Asp, son Harold & daughter Adeline & Helen visited at Alfred Ziesmers on Sunday.
Miss Dorothy Wilson spent the weekend with her friend Miss Persha Kern of Opstead.
Miss Persha Kern of Opstead returned home Tuesday with Dorothy Wilson to spend a few days

May 16, 1935
Miss Orphie Wilkes will write Wahkon News
Miss Orphie Wilkes will starting this week, report the Wahkon News for the Messenger, and well welcome items that residents of the village can give her.
Miss Wilkes is a loyal booster for her home and would like to show the rest of the district what a newsy place Wahkon is. The news is there and she wants to get it and co-operation will be greatly appreciated.
Mrs Reginald Horne, who has done very well as the Wahkon reporter for the last few months, has accepted a position at a local resort and did not have time to continue with her writing.

May 23, 1935
Hubert Leierand wife were calling on old friends over the weekend.
Mrs. Arthur Ziesmer called on Mrs. G.W. Wilkes Wednesday evening
Mrs. G.W. Wilkes, daughter Orphie, Irene Ziesmer and Marybelle Lloyd called in Isle on Saturday afternoon
Alfred Ziesmer of McGrath stayed at G. W. Wilkes home for a few days, he went fishing and caught five Pickerel.
A. Ziesmer of McGrath bought his daughter, Mrs. G. W. Wilkes home where she will remain for a short visit before going back to McGrath.

May 30, 1935
Armond Hartzie graduated
Mrs. G.Wilkes, Mrs. M.M. Crosby, Mrs. A. Ziesmer, Mrs. Gene Bergand, Earl Wilkes went to the Roy Jones Sale in Isle saturday afternoon.
Mr. & Mrs. A. Ziesmer stayed at the G.H. Wilkes home for a few days. They left for their home in McGrath Sunday. Their son August and his wife Ruth visited the G. Wilkes home Sunday, too.

June 6, 1935
Freeman Ziesmer returned home last Thursday from near Stillwater
A. Ziesmer of McGrath visited at the G. W. Wilkes home Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Broadack and children and Mrs. B. Zieska visited at the Arthur Ziesmer home over the weekend.
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Berg and daughter are staying at the Arthur Ziesmer home while Mrs. A. Ziesmer is away.
Mr. & Mrs. Al Bowe and baby daughter Beverly Ann of Minneapolis visited at the Arthur Ziesmer home over the weekend. Mrs. Arthur Ziesmer returned to the city with them Sunday afternoon, where she will visit son Ralph who is in the hospital.

June 20, 1935
Marcella Elaine is the name chosen for the girl born to Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Ziesmer on June 4, 1935.

July 11, 1935
Mrs. G. W. Wilkes returned with Mr. & Mrs. Hurbert Leier of St. Paul for a short visit.
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Leier of St. Paul visited the G. H. Wilkes family over the weekend.
Mr. & Mrs. Al Bowe of Minneapolis visited Mr. & Mrs. Art Ziesmer over the weekend.
Miss Orphie Wilkes left Thursday for a short visit with the Hendrickson family in Grey Eagle.
Leonard Leier & brother Frank from St. Paul visited the G. W. Wilkes family Thursday evening.
Dolores Robbins, Lorraine McQuaig, Gordon Robbins & Irene Ziesmer left Friday for a Bible conference at Buffalo. They returned on Sunday evening.

July 18, 1935
Al Bowe of Minneapolis was a guest at the Art Ziesmer home Sunday.
Ralph Ziesmer, who has been at the University hospital, came home Sunday to stay 10 days.
Mr & Mrs August Ziesmer of McGrath, visited at the G. W. Wilkes home Saturday evening.

July 25, 1935
Mrs. A. Ziesmer took her son Ralph to the University hospital in Minneapolis Monday. She will remain in Minneapolis for a few days visit.

July 25, 1935
A class of eight, seven girls and one boy were confirmed at the German Lutheran Church Sunday morning. Ethel Ziesmer 16 years old.
August and Frank Leier at G. W. Wilkes for a visit.
A number of our Wahkon boys left for the harvest fields of North Dakota the past week; Freeman & Melvin Ziesmer, Gilbert Baily and Chest Monson.
Mr & Mrs Herbert Leier, daughter Hazel , son Leonard of St. Paul visited Mr & Mrs G. W. Wilkes Sunday afternoon. Miss Orphie Wilkes accompanied them to Deerwood later in the day August 8, 1935
Mrs. Zieska of Minneapolis, Mr & Mrs Adolph Ziesmer & Mr & Mrs August Ziesmer of McGrath visited the G. W. Wilkes home Wednesday evening of last week. Earl Wilkes returned home with them.

August 12, 1935
Henry Berg & family and Gene Berg & family were dining guest at the Art Ziesmer home Sunday.

August 15, 1935
Chet Monson, Melvin Ziesmer & Gilbert Baily all returned to their homes a few days after they had left for North Dakota.

Sept 5, 1935
Joe Burnham & R. Laswell returned from their trip to Montana Thursday night. Mr. Burnham expects to move there in the near future. They report visiting Adolph Ziesmer and family who moved out there from here about three years ago and are all pleased with their location.

Sept 12, 1935
Al Ziesmer & Oscar Neth called in Onamia Monday.
Mrs. G.Wilkes, Orphie, & Mrs. M.M. Crosby spent Sunday afternoon at the A. Ziesmer home.

Sept 19, 1935
Stanley Ziesmer of Melston, Montana stayed at G. W. Wilkes home over the weekend.
Mr & Mrs G. W. Wilkes, Orphie Wilkes, Mr & Mrs Crosby & Stanley Ziesmer went to McGrath and visited Mr & Mrs Ziesmer, Stanley will remain there.
Stanley Ziesmer, son of Adolph Ziesmer is here from Montana, where the family moved sometime ago, visited friend and relatives.

Sept 26, 1935
Annette Anderson was a guest of Irene Ziesmer Sunday afternoon.

October 3, 1935
Adolph Ziesmer, Sr. of McGrath, visited the home of his daughter Mrs. G. W. Wilkes.
Mr & Mrs Art Ziesmer and daughter Mildred, Mr & Mrs G. W. Wilkes went to Pierz Sunday afternoon.
Mr & Mrs Gene Berg and daughter Jeanetta, Mr & Mrs. Art Ziesmer and daughter Mildred were visitors at the G. w. Wilkes Sunday evening.

Oct 10, 1935
Mrs Joe Bradackand children Fred, Donald and Betty, brought Ralph Ziesmer home from the hospital Sunday afternoon where he had undergone an operation for for his injured hand. He will remain at home and attend school.
Mrs Arthur Ziesmer sister, Mrs Al Bowe, came up from the Minneapolis with her husband and a few friends to christian her baby daughter in her sisters home.(Beverly Ann) The baby wore a long lace dress which was used to christening of Mrs. A. Ziesmer.
Ostlun twsp.
Our school started Monday. Luella Iverson and Floyd Ziesmer enrolled.
Orphie Wilkes visited the Art Ziesmer Home.

Oct 17, 1935
Mr & Mrs Arthur Ziesmer, Mrs A. Ziesmer, A. Ziesmer's mother, Mrs Swenson, Mrs. A. Ziesmer's mother, Mr & Mrs g. H. Wilkes were callers at the home of Mr. & Mrs. August Ziesmer of McGrath Sunday afternoon, Mrs. A. Ziesmer remained in McGrath.

Oct 24, 1935
Gilbert Bailey visited Melvin Ziesmer at his home Tuesday afternoon.
Freeman Ziesmer, who was working in North Dakota, returned to his home Saturday evening. He will remain at home.

Oct 31, 1935
Freeman Ziesmer is spending a week at the Leier home in McGrath.

Nov 14, 1935
Arthur Ziesmer has purchased the lumber in the stockyards near the railroad track.

Nov 27, 1935
Myrtle, Luella and Lloyd Lenm and Louise and Mary Ellen Ritchie and Irene Ziesmer were callers in Onamia Sunday.
Mr & Mrs Arthur Ziesmer celebrated 25th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Guest Mr & Mrs Gilbert Wilkes, Mr & Mrs Gene Berg and daughter Jeanette, Miss Mary Ellen Ritchie.

Dec 12, 1935
Art and Albert Ziesmer accepted a job cutting wood for Henry Paulson of Isle.
Those who had dinner at Gilbert Wilkes home were Mr & Mrs Alfred Ziesmer and children; Ethel, Homer and Leo Ziesmer all of McGrath, Mrs. Arthur Ziesmer and daughter Mildred.

Dec 19, 1935
Homer Ziesmer is in St. Paul on business

Dec 26, 1935
Ralph Ziesmer came home from the University hospital on Wednesday.

Feb 15 1945
Mr & Mrs. Art Ziesmer left Sunday for Granite Falls being called there by the death of her brother Emil Olson.


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