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Melvin enlistment photo Melvin in New Jeresy Melvin and army buddy in N.J. Melvin in Ohio Melvin at base depot Melvin in Italy Melvin Italy 1945 crane Melvin army Army crane Melvin playing ping pong Melvin on army forklift Melvin and The Big Swede Melvin and army buddies Home on leave Melvin and army tractor Freeman Ziesmer Army buddies Army buddies2 Army buddies3 Army Buddy Army buddies 5 Army buddies 6 Army buddies 7 Army Buddies 8 Melvin and army buddies Italy Melvin at Fort Warren Melvin and Betsy Melvin on his bike Thrashing 1933 Barn raising Melvin with his first deer Art, jr. and Ruth Betsy & Melvin Art, jr. & Ruth Roland, Roy, Art,jr & Ralph Digging a ditch 2 Roy and Al Helping with the ditch Working Team Tuffy and Roy Melvin Ziesmer Family 1951 Ziesmer Family 1942 Roy Ziesmer Family Ralph and Roy Judy 11 months Judy 18 months Judy 1959 Velma, Milly, David 1942 Thrashing 1940 Trashing in South Dakota Melvin, Milly, Ruth, Betty Ruth Hawkins and Art, jr. Ruth Wilson and Roland Ziesmer Pete, Fats, Tuffy Melvin and the girls Rex Hotel Wahkon Mn. Judy & Becky with pancakes Milly 1942 Dorothy & Betty Wilson, Melvin Ziesmer Homestead 1941 Melvin and the team 1941 Melvin after a hard day Melvin age 5 years Betsy Patrina Olson Ziesmer 1938 Eugene Margaret Myrle Brege Melvin and Judy Jenny 1959 Melvin and Jenny1959 Melvin 1959 Melvin 1941-1942 Melvin 1941 Betty Ziesmer Roy and Milly Melvin 1946 Melvin 1946 2-3 Betty Wilson & Melvin Ziesmer Melvin and Betty Ziesmer 11-8-1947 Grooms men for Melvin Bride and maidtrons of honor Betty Wilson Ziesmer with Arthur Ziesmer Ziesmer Men 1984 Ziesmers 1984 Freeman, Art, jr., Melvin Great Grandparents

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