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Stately Oaks Plantation - once owned by Robert McCord (1823-1902) and his wife Sarah Tolan(d).  Robert was the son of Elisha McCord and Sarah ZELLNER (1792-1855).  Sarah was the daughter of George Peter ZELLNER.  Robert McCord's family lived at Stately Oaks Plantation for 21 years, but there are no photographs of them at the plantation.  Do you have photographs or information about Robert McCord and his family to share with the museum, and this Zellner site?

Another Stately Oaks web page


Monroe County, GA Historical Society


Zellners who Immigrated from Yokohama, Japan to San Francisco in 1940


Zellners who Immigrated from Havre, France, to New Orleans on the Ship Roger Stewart, 25 May 1854

Zellners who Immigrated from Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland to New York, on the Steamer Adriatic, 5 June 1876


The George Peter Zellner Southern Home Page

Zellners in the Ellis Island Database

Holland-Mills Genealogy

Hinkle Hacienda

Barry Selner's web site

Descendants of Frances Hardy

The Hardy Lineage by B J Hughes


Our Family History: Zellner/Capehart

Sellers Family Genealogy (includes Sellner/Zellner)

Barry Selner's Home Page

Mike Kern's Family Genealogy Database

Dwayne Gabriel's Home Page

Relatives of Fabian Trurnit -
Zellners back to 1500 AD

History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Zelner)


Zellner - Ehrhart Genealogy (1)
Zellner - Ehrhart Genealogy (2)

Family tree and photograph of William and Mary (Polson) Zellner

Daniel Garrett Zellner

Rebecca J. Zellner's home page

Zelmer & Schmaltz from SW Michigan

Lehigh County, Pennsylvania GenWeb

Hessian Soldiers of the Revolution

Hessian Soldiers in the American Revolution mailing list

Johannes Schwalm Historical Association, Inc.
Hessian Soldiers

(including Georg Peter Zoellner near bottom of page)


Ansbach-Bayreuth Troops During and After the Revolutionary War
Click on Database, then List to find Zoellner's

List of Monroe County, Georgia Churches


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