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Zellner Photographs

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Photo Gallery - Monroe County, Georgia

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The majority of this page has pictures of descendants
of George Peter Zellner.

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other Zellner, Zelner, Zellmer, etc. families

Francis Edward Zellner
photo from Jann Benton

Sirena Myers Zellner
photo from Jann Benton

Their daughter Eliza Zellner Nabours
photo from
Michele Mills

Eliza's husband, William A. Nabours
photo from Michele Mills


Marion Zellner
son of Francis Edward Zellner
photograph from Jane Zellner Murphree

Zellner photographs in the Sewell Photo Collection,
Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas



Rev. Marion Zellner

pictures submitted by Janet Spoon

More pictures of Rev.  Zellner


Marion's wife Martha Adaline Alexander
Newspaper Article and Obituary
pictures submitted by Janet Spoon



1st row: James Mage Pope, Birdie (Zellner) Pope, Rhuel W. Pope (infant), Obediah Watson Zellner, Emma Frances (Brown) Zellner.
2nd Row: Bernice Mansfield Green, Mamie (Zellner) Green, Lavoy Odell Zellner (child), Daniel Pierce Zellner, Emma Elizabeth (Herrell) Zellner, Leoma Zellner (child), Belma "Bama" Zellner and Barney Obediah Zellner. 
 Picture contributed by Rick Miller

More Zellner photographs posted by Rick Miller on



Left to right: Daniel Pierce Zellner (1884-1969)
Lavoy Odell Zellner (1905-2002)  (obituary)
Don Odell Zellner (1927-1994)
Robert Wayne Zellner (Living)

photograph contributed by Don's wife, LouVella Zellner


Luther Homer Zellner (29 July 1886 - 20 Sep 1951)
Photographs taken in Hong Kong and Yokohoma, Japan, 1909
USS Charleston
photographs contributed by Tom James.)


Luther "Homer" Zellner and wife Mary Sweatt, circa 1925
photographs contributed by Tom James.)


Paul Odell Zellner, son of
Luther Homer Zellner
and Mary Mellisa Sweatt Zellner
with wife Ruth Ethridge Deskin Zellner

Photograph contributed by their daughter,
Patricia Zellner Massie



Patricia Zellner Massie at Stately Oaks Plantation, August 2004. 
This plantation was built by Whitmill Phillips Allen, and later owned by
Robert McCord (1823-1902), son of Sarah Zellner (1792-1855) and Elisha McCord (1789-1853). 
It may  have served as the model for Tara in "Gone with the Wind."   Do you have pictures or
more information about Robert McCord, his family, or his parents?  There are no photographs
of the family at the plantation, but they are the focus of their annual Christmas
See the plantation's web site for more information.



Sarah Rebecca Zellner Hughes (abt 1827-1904) was the daughter of Arnold Zellner (1790-1852)

John Kibble Hughes (1845-1915)
was the son of Sarah R. Zellner Hughes.

photographs contributed by Carlton Measels

Oliver Peter Zellner (1824-1867)
son of John William Zellner (1794-1862), grandson of George Peter Zellner

photograph of oil painting, contributed by Rick Miller

The following pictures, down to the next dotted line, were contributed by Chancellor Allen

Thomas Jefferson Zellner (1843-1909)

Thomas Jefferson Zellner was born 23 or 27  July 1843, in Yatesville, Upson County, Georgia, and died 1 March 1909,
in Monroe County, Georgia.  He was a member of Co. B, Georgia 45th Regiment, Gen. Edwin Thomas' brigade. 
He was wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness, losing his left eye.  Thomas married Nancy "Nannie" Jackson Head
on 22 Jul 1869, in Meriwether County, Georgia.  They had 13 children, many of who are pictured below.

Thomas Jefferson Zellner and his wife Nannie Head Zellner in  1870, and later.


Children of Thomas Jefferson Zellner and Nannie J. Head Zellner

circa 1909

Georgia Aletha Zellner (3rd child)

Joe B. Jackson ( -1920) and wife
Georgia Aletha Zellner Jackson

Edmund Gray Horne and wife
Lavinia Clay Zellner (4th child) (1873-1957)

Lutie Yates Zellner
(8th child)    1879-1917
wife of G. Swift Abercrombie

Susan "Susie" Agnes Zellner
(7th child)    1877-1916
wife of William Leander Chancellor

Children of Edmund and Lavinia Horne

James Eslyn Horne (age 3)  and sister
Zedene Eletha Horne (18 months) - 1903

Vivian Venice Zellner (10th child)
wife of Hiram L. Lester

Willie Lawson Zellner (11th child)

Children of Edmund and Lavinia Horne


Nannie Loraine Zellner Warnock (12th child)    1888-1986
wife of Lonnie Augustus Warnock
photo taken Dec. 1954

Norvin Doyle Zellner
(13th child)    1891-1979



Henry Zellner
Jan. 1, 1814 - Nov. 4, 1899
He was the son of Arnold Zellner,
and grandson of George Peter Zellner

Henry Zellner's home in Brentwood, TN


The Civil War Veterans photo above includes Andrew James Zellner (1845-1926), son of Judge Benjamin Holmes Zellner

Andrew James Zellner (1845-1926)
obituary of Andrew James Zellner

another version of his obituary


Children of Robert Owens Zellner and his first wife, Effie Persons Zellner
Grandchildren of Andrew James Zellner and Mary Emma Owens

Robert Berner Zellner
6 Oct. 1894 - July 1978

Mattie Frank Zellner Freeman
11 Jan 1898 - 1986

Andrew Pinkins Zellner
12 Aug 1900 - 27 Jan 1902



Robert Owens Zellner and his second wife, "Mattie" Martha Bessie Dumas Zellner
(1869 - 1952)                                                        (1882 - 1973)                 

Children of this couple:

Standing:  Corky (Larry Cornell), Raymond Owen Zellner, Allene Zellner, Glen Zellner,
Kneeling: Dot (Dorothy) Zellner McLarty, and Preston Zellner


James "Sarge" Cleveland Zellner


Mary Anna Zellner
16 Aug 1906 - Jun 1969


Raymond Owens Zellner
5 Aug 1908 - 27 Nov 1968


Clifford Preston Zellner
3 Nov 1912 - 4 Aug 1966


Larry Cornell (or Cornell Larry?) Zellner
1918 - 1964


Dorothy "Dot" Zellner McLarty
29 June 1921 - 20 May 2005

Fred Henry McLarty, Sr.
3 Feb 1918 - 27 Jan 2006


Wylie Cleveland Zellner
? - ?


Andrew Maynard Zellner and his wife Blanche Pryor Zellner
16 Sep 1877 - 18 Mar 1971                                     ? - 3 July 1966


Carolyn Zellner, Helen Garr Zellner, John Kimbell Zellner, Jr, and Susan Zellner


John Kimbell Zellner, Jr (  ) and Helen Garr Zellner (1915 - 2002)

Susan/Susannah Agnes Evans Zellner (1820-1898)
wife of Judge Benjamin Holmes Zellner (1820-1901)
(photograph contributed by Ron Zellner and Patricia Zellner Massie)


Eva Zellner's Junior class photograph, Robert E. Lee Institute, Thomaston, Georgia, 1889. 
There is also a Clara Zellner in the photograph.
Eva was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Zellner, and the granddaughter of Judge Benjamin Holmes Zellner.

Vanishing Georgia  - Enter "Zellner" in the search box
includes J. N. Zellner; Fulton County; Forsyth, Monroe County; Elizabeth White Zellner and sisters;
Lucy White Zellner; Simeon Holmes Zellner; Zellner & Howard, Inc.; Lewis E. Zellner;
and J. Kimbell Zellner, Sr.

pictures above and below contributed by Jan Chambers


Information about a class photo from 1925, Forsyth High School, Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia

Photographs of Margaret Ophelia Zellner and husband David Lipscomb

Roy Zelner and family

Photographs of Lucy White Zellner (Mrs. Winburn King Rhodes Sr.)
in Forsyth. [ca. 1900]  and Simeon Holmes Zellner

(This link no longer works - I think the photographs must have been removed from the site.)


Other Families

Tommy Zellmer, circa 1918, Fairwater, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

Zellmer and Sons Meat Market, Fairwater, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, 1904


Roy Zelner (first on left, front row) 1899
Dowagiac Michigan High School Football Team
Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter


Top row: Eva Zelner Jones, Claude Jones, Roy Zelner (grandfather of Marilyn Zelner Carter), Guy Zelner, and Anna Jones.
Bottom row: Aaron Zelner, Jr., Lois Jones, Mercy Woods Zelner. Circa 1900
Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter


Mercy Zelner at Crystal Springs Camp,
Berrien Springs, Michigan, circa 1900.
Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter

Roy and Dora Zellner, Lysle and Lloyd, 1906
Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter


Back row L to R: Dora Zelner, Lysle Zelner, Claude Jones, Lloyd Zelner,
Anna Jones, Lois Jones, Harry Zelner, Elizabeth Diel Zelner
Middle row: Eva Zelner Jones
Front row: Roy Zelner, Mercy Zelner, Lavena Zelner, Aaron Zelner Jr., Guy Zelner

Picture taken on Roy and Dora Zelner's porch about 1915
Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter


Left to Right: Lysle Zelner, Anna Jones, Lloyd Zelner, Lois Jones, Harry Zelner; in front: Lavena Zelner. circa 1915.
Anna and Lois Jones were daughters of Eva Zelner Jones.
Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter

Aaron Zelner Jr. ( 21 Dec. 1918)
Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter


Wife of John Zelner (1842-?)
Dowagiac, Cass Co., Michigan

Photograph from Marilyn Zelner Carter


Photograph of James Zelner, photographer (near bottom of page)


Wilson Zellner, an excellent saxophone player with the 83rd Division Band. 
According to the band director, Zeno King, they landed on Normandy beach about
three days after the initial landing during World War II.  Wilson Zellner was
fluent in German and assisted as an interpreter during the war.
Wilson Zellner survived WWII, and was from Pennsylvania.
(photos and information from Tom James)

Possibly this is Pierce Wilson Zellner, born Feb. 28, 1894 (or 1893), Lehigh County, PA,
resident of Parryville, Carbon County, PA, in 1942.  According to his WWII draft registration
he was a self-employed hotel proprietor in Parryville.
He also registered for the WWI Draft.

Another possibility is Wilson H. Zellner, born about 1914, to Charles F. and E. Bertha Zellner,
residing in Lower Nazareth, Northampton County, Pennsylvania, in 1930.
(information from census record)

Wilson Zellner on the left and Mr. Ernhoff on the right.  circa Oct. 1944.

Wilson Zellner on the right and unknown man on the left.  Luxembourg, circa Oct. 1944.



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