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Thomas Edward Peterson Taylor

(Excerpt from Otis Clinton Taylor's summery of this Taylor family)

Genealogical Data, Dates and Places

By: *Otis C. Taylor and *Ruby Hill

*Otis Clinton Taylor is a son of Charlie Otis Taylor, grandson of Sidney Johnson Taylor, great-grandson of Thomas E. P. Taylor.

The earliest member of the family, that can be identified at this time, is Thomas Edward Peterson Taylor.  He was born in Tennessee in 1835 or 1827.  The dates are based on the 1870 and 1880 censuses, taken in Morgan County, Alabama.  The two censuses disagree on his age.

The marriage record show that Thomas Edward Peterson Taylor was married to Susan M. Halbrooks on 6 June, 1850.  They were married in Morgan County. Alabama.  Susan was born in Alabama in March 1830.  Her parents were James Collier Halbrooks and Polly Chapman.

The 1870 and 1880 censuses disagree on the age of both Thomas E. P. Taylor and Susan Taylor.  The 1870 census show the age of Thomas E. P. to have been 45 and Susan Taylor's age to have been 33.  This would indicate that they were born in 1825  and 1837.  However, the 1880  census shows the age of  Thomas  E. P. to have been 53 and Susan's age to have been 45.  This census indicates that they were born in 1827 and 1835.  The year of their birth is further confused by the 1900 Chickasaw Nation census.  This census lists their birth year as 1829 and 1830 respectively.

Thomas E. P. and Susan M. Taylor were married for around 11 years when the Civil War began. in April of 1861.  At this time they were around 34 and 26 years old.  They had four children, James, age 8, Isabella, age 6, Henrietta, age 3 and Otis Rosco, (Later shortened  to Osco) age 1 or 2.  This is probably the family great-grandfather left behind when he went to fight the Civil War.  

Some of Thomas E. P. Taylor's grandchildren remember discussions regarding their grandfather having served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Terry Taylor's notes indicate that he served as an infantryman, in the area around Ft. Donelson, Tennessee.

Following the Civil War, Thomas E. P. and Susan had four additional children.  John R. in 1869, Thenetta in 1872, Sidney J. in 1874, and Willis G. in 1878.

Sidney J. Taylor's family Bible contained records of two other events that occurred in Hartselle, Alabama area.  One was a hand witten note indicating that Thomas  E. P. and Susan Taylor were members of the Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Morgan county, Alabama.  From the note it appears that a transfer to another church congregation was being considered.  Location of the new congregation was not indicated.  The note was dated July 1878.  Apparently the family was planning to leave the area.  However, they must have remained in the Morgan County area until after the 1880 census.

It is also interesting to note that several Halbrooks are on the list of pastors of the Shoal Creek Baptist Church foam 1887 to 1921.  These Halbrooks were very likely related to great-grandmother Susan M. Halbrooks Taylor.  The genealogical data obtained by Ruby Hill shows that a large family of Halbrooks live in this area for many years.


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