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Zacher Family Tree

Descendants of Johann (John) Zacher and Catherine Baeder

site written February 2000

Allan Zacher
Welcome to the Zacher Genealogy Web Site.

I have put this Site together with the help of numerous people, one of the most important is a cousin of mine, Fred Zacher.

The purpose of this site is to help us find other Zacher cousins, to share what information we have and hopefully expand our knowledge base about this interesting family.

First, if you think you are related to THIS Zacher family, PLEASE, PLEASE e-mail me and let me know. I would LOVE to find more descendants of the other 4 brothers, about whom I know nothing as of this writing. John and Catherine had 6 sons who survived to adulthood. We know the descendants of three of them, John, Charles and my gr. grandfather, Edward. What became of the children (and I strongly suspect there were some) of Gilbert, August and William, I do not know at this time. As I say, I believe the descendants are out there, perhaps YOU! If you think you are related, as I say, Please contact me!



John Zacher was born about 1830 in "Prussia", (we think Saxe, Weimer, but still working on it).

Catherine Baeder Zacher was born on 5 January 1829 in Vendersheim, Grand Duchy Of Hesse, Germany. I first find them in Buffalo, NY where they married in a Lutheran Church in 1851. They moved to NYC and John fought in the Civil War with the 145th NY Volunteers and then the 146th when the 145th was decimated. Either during a longish leave or after the war, they moved to Peru, IL. Why? I don't know yet, but I believe other relatives lived there.

Much of the life of John and Catherine is well documented in the records on file with the National Archives. Catherine, like many, applied for a Pension after John died at the age of about 41, apparently of advanced illness (rheumatism) resulting from living in muddy trenches during the war.

Six sons of John and Catherine Zacher

The parents of both John and Catherine are known with a fair degree of certanty. Clicking on the photos of John and Catherine, above, will bring you to their biographies and a short description of their ancestors and descendants. A complete (as far as I know at this time) genealogy of the descendants of John and Catherine is available by clicking on the link below.