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?, Abby (marriage to Abraham Colclasure) (i672)
?, Amanda (marriage to William Hays) (i3706)
?, Anna Catherina (marriage to Hans George Reed) (i963), b.1666-
?, Cathy (marriage to Conway Troy Freytag , Jr.) (i4314)
?, Debra (marriage to Robert Kilgore) (i4216)
?, Elizabeth (marriage to Mark Diehm) (i1694)
?, Julie (marriage to Steven Howard Freytag) (i4302)
?, Mary (marriage to Kenneth Ray Deubler Ii) (i4304)
?, Mildred (marriage to Donald Meyer) (i2244)
?, Rebecca (marriage to James Henderson) (i3819), b.1798-d.1880
?, Sandi (marriage to Robert Kilgore) (i4213)
?, Stephanie (marriage to Jacob Lee Seaman) (i4311)
?, Wilhem Claus (marriage to Catherina Diehm) (i1692)


??, Sarah (marriage to Johannes or John Anspach) (i4563), b.1814-


???, Mary (marriage to Adam Anspach) (i4564), b.1825-d.1868


Abell, Nancy (marriage to Jonas Anspach) (i3542), b.1847-d.1909


Abney, Edward Oscar (marriage to Mary Anspach) (i1964), b.1882-


Adami, Nicholas (marriage to Louisa A. Criss or Chriss) (i4433), b.1846-d.1911


Adkinson, Douglas Paul (i1778) (still alive)
Adkinson, Paul F. (i1777)


Albert, Mahala Catherine (marriage to Otto Anspach) (i4683), b.1856-d.1884


Albrecht, George (marriage to Melissa Anspach) (i1752)


Alexander, Carthel (marriage to Ruby Williamson) (i783)


Allen, Josephine Belle (marriage to George W. Tinkler) (i1565), b.1856-d.1895
Allen, Josephine Belle (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Howe) (i1565), b.1856-d.1895


Altgilbers, Joseph George (i2608), b.1904-d.1970
Altgilbers, Joseph George (marriage to Carrie Agnes White) (i2608), b.1904-d.1970
Altgilbers, Stella Ann (i2609) (still alive)


Alvis, Goldie L. (marriage to John Hershel Ashworth) (i1355)


Amey, Sarah (marriage to William Michael) (i769)


Anderson, Elizabeth (marriage to James Critser) (i1841)
Anderson, Mary J. (marriage to John W. Dalton) (i2223), b.1867-d.1939


Andrew, Landon (i2451) (still alive)


Anspach, (i1810)
Anspach, (Ellen) Marie (i518), b.1910-
Anspach, (John) Jacob (i402), b.1792-d.1859
Anspach, (John) Jacob (marriage to Eleanor Israel) (i402), b.1792-d.1859
Anspach, (Maria) Magdalena (i3577), b.1802-
Anspach, ? (i4271)
Anspach, Abraham (i4739)
Anspach, Ada (i216), b.1898-
Anspach, Adam (i3581), b.1813-d.1880
Anspach, Adam (i4571), b.1811-
Anspach, Adam (i4588), b.1823-d.1830
Anspach, Adam (i4628), b.1849-d.1863
Anspach, Adam Peter (i3569), b.1799-d.1820
Anspach, Albert A. (i4479), b.1859-d.1899
Anspach, Albert Leslie (i724), b.1866-
Anspach, Alfred (i3661), b.1853-
Anspach, Alfred (i4536), b.1854-d.1935
Anspach, Alfred (marriage to Catherine "Cassie" Broseus) (i4536), b.1854-d.1935
Anspach, Alfred M. (i3605), b.1852-d.1934
Anspach, Alice (i259), b.1857-d.1947
Anspach, Allie May (i444), b.1887-d.1977
Anspach, Allie May (marriage to James Rollie Rose) (i444), b.1887-d.1977
Anspach, Allen (i4538), b.1857-d.1895
Anspach, Alma Faye (i629), b. 1940 - d. 2013
Anspach, Amanda (i4864)
Anspach, Amanda E. (i4622)
Anspach, Amanda Louise (i4700) (still alive)
Anspach, Ambrosius (i3723), b.1490-
Anspach, America Ann (i11), b.1841-d.1893
Anspach, America Ann (marriage to Jacob P. Colclasure) (i11), b.1841-d.1893
Anspach, Anderson or Andrew (i3601), b.1848-
Anspach, Andrew (i3683), b.1877-
Anspach, Andrew (i4676), b.1822-d.1864
Anspach, Anna (i4740)
Anspach, Anna (i4802), b.1900-
Anspach, Anna Catharine (i3739), b.1643-d.1689
Anspach, Anna Catherina (i280), b.1727-d.1799
Anspach, Anna Catherina (i3563), b.1791-d.1865
Anspach, Anna Catherina (marriage to Johan Peter Stein) (i280), b.1727-d.1799
Anspach, Anna Catherina (marriage to Lewis (Ludwig) Ridinghour or Ridenour) (i3563), b.1791-d.1865
Anspach, Anna Catherine (i36)
Anspach, Anna Catherine (i329), b.1762-
Anspach, Anna E. (i4785), b.1886-
Anspach, Anna Elisabeth (i3560), b.1781-d.1855
Anspach, Anna Elizabeth (i3727), b.1615-d.1689
Anspach, Anna Margaret (i119)
Anspach, Anna Margaret (i388), b.1740-
Anspach, Anna Maria (i3627), b.1811-d.1890
Anspach, Anna Maria (i4896), b.1823-d.1900
Anspach, Anna Maria (marriage to Jonathan Hunsicker) (i4896), b.1823-d.1900
Anspach, Anna Maria Catherina (i198), b.1682-d.1747
Anspach, Anna Maria Catherina (marriage to Johannes Georg Zellar) (i198), b.1682-d.1747
Anspach, Anna Maria Catherina (marriage to Johannes Jacob Peter Batdorf) (i198), b.1682-d.1747
Anspach, Anna Marie (i331), b.1772-
Anspach, Anna Ursela (i392), b.1696-d.1724
Anspach, Annie (i3684), b.1872-
Anspach, Anthonius (i391), b.1687-
Anspach, Anthony (i4592), b.1829-d.1849
Anspach, Archie W. (i4504), b.1889-d.1897
Anspach, Arduth (i4696)
Anspach, Arduth (marriage to unknown Schindler) (i4696)
Anspach, Arlene Kay (i505)
Anspach, Arline (i4821), b.1917-
Anspach, Arnold (i3678), b.1902-d.1982
Anspach, Arthur Ray (i4509), b.1898-d.1956
Anspach, Arthur Watson (i1831), b.1877-d.1879
Anspach, Arvilla Matilda (i4243), b.1865-d.1940
Anspach, Arvilla Matilda (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Binkley) (i4243), b.1865-d.1940
Anspach, Balthasar (i415), b.1683-d.1748
Anspach, Balthasar (marriage to Anna Maria Reed) (i415), b.1683-d.1748
Anspach, Barbara (i4582), b.1810-d.1853
Anspach, Barbara (i4692)
Anspach, Barbara (i4841) (still alive)
Anspach, Barbara Ellen (i169), b.1838-d.1912
Anspach, Barbara Ellen (marriage to Julius Hoch) (i169), b.1838-d.1912
Anspach, Barbara Ellen (marriage to Newton Hamilton Miller) (i169), b.1838-d.1912
Anspach, Barbara Emily (i258), b.1859-d.1941
Anspach, Barbara Rebecca (i3564), b.1793-d.1875
Anspach, Barnard (i3599)
Anspach, Barthel (i3725), b.1572-d.1618
Anspach, Benjamin (i332), b.1766-
Anspach, Benjamin (i3579), b.1809-d.1870
Anspach, Benjamin B. (i1971), b.1783-d.1834
Anspach, Benjamin B. (marriage to Eva Maria Dupler) (i1971), b.1783-d.1834
Anspach, Benjamin F. (i3604), b.1851-d.1937
Anspach, Bertha Adeline (i4750), b.1878-
Anspach, Bertha Adeline (marriage to John Behney) (i4750), b.1878-
Anspach, Bertha Estella (i447), b.1894-d.1939
Anspach, Bertha Estella (marriage to David Deal) (i447), b.1894-d.1939
Anspach, Bertis A. (i4503), b.1886-d.1913
Anspach, Bessie Mae (i1886), b.1902-d.1985
Anspach, Bessie Mae (marriage to Harry H. Hall) (i1886), b.1902-d.1985
Anspach, Bessie Mae (marriage to Ralph Oswald Hirsh) (i1886), b.1902-d.1985
Anspach, Betty Ellen (i4354), b.1919-
Anspach, Betty Ellen (marriage to William Franklin Stalter) (i4354), b.1919-
Anspach, Betty Louise (i4810), b.1923-
Anspach, Beulah (i4773)
Anspach, Blanche Irene (i4505), b.1893-d.1958
Anspach, Blanche Irene (marriage to Clarence Wolfe) (i4505), b.1893-d.1958
Anspach, Boyd (i4815), b.1897-d.1994
Anspach, Brittany Denyse Kaiser (i647) (still alive)
Anspach, Bryan Keith (i372), b.1963-
Anspach, Calvin (i272), b.1857-d.1936
Anspach, Calvin (marriage to Caroline Turner) (i272), b.1857-d.1936
Anspach, Calvin (marriage to Margaret Ann Foster) (i272), b.1857-d.1936
Anspach, Calvin Alexander (i4247), b.1868-d.1929
Anspach, Carl Emmett (i4256), b.1886-d.1963
Anspach, Carol Jean (i506)
Anspach, Catharina (i4573), b.1816-
Anspach, Catharina (i4583), b.1812-d.1818
Anspach, Catherine (i218), b.1803-d.1895
Anspach, Catherine (i736), b.1794-d. after 1828?
Anspach, Catherine (i1801), b.1826-d.1899
Anspach, Catherine (i3641)
Anspach, Catherine (i4357), b.1846-
Anspach, Catherine (i4462)
Anspach, Catherine (i4711), b.1808-d.1817
Anspach, Catherine (marriage to Abraham Chriss) (i1801), b.1826-d.1899
Anspach, Catherine (marriage to Solomon Leffler) (i736), b.1794-d. after 1828?
Anspach, Charles (i4359), b.1850-
Anspach, Charles (i4742)
Anspach, Charles Alfred (i4860)
Anspach, Charles Calvin (i600) (still alive)
Anspach, Charles Dudley (i486), b.1929-d.1930
Anspach, Charles T. (i3752), b.1856-d.1858
Anspach, Christian (i1970), b.1787-d.1839
Anspach, Christian (i4585), b.1816-
Anspach, Christian (marriage to Christina Overmyer) (i1970), b.1787-d.1839
Anspach, Christian S. (i4625)
Anspach, Christina (i368), b.1833-d.1895
Anspach, Christina (marriage to William Reed) (i368), b.1833-d.1895
Anspach, Clara Enova (i4606), b.1894-d.1954
Anspach, Clara Enova (marriage to Joseph R. Jr. Collier) (i4606), b.1894-d.1954
Anspach, Clarence (i502), b.1903-d.1967
Anspach, Clarence (i3596), b.1902-d.1961
Anspach, Clarence (i4778), d.1945
Anspach, Clarence (marriage to Ruth Catherine Lewing) (i502), b.1903-d.1967
Anspach, Clarence J. (i4734), b.1876-d.1949
Anspach, Clarice (i4839) (still alive)
Anspach, Cleveland S. (i4875), b.1893-d.1952
Anspach, Clifford (i4695a)
Anspach, Clyde (i441), b.1880-d.1901
Anspach, Cora Etta (i438), b.1896-d.1957
Anspach, Cora Jane (i457), b.1893-d.1964
Anspach, Cora Jane (marriage to Harry Quinn) (i457), b.1893-d.1964
Anspach, Cyrus Peter (i3642), b.1853-d.1861
Anspach, Cyrus W. (i2143), b.1838-d.1905
Anspach, D. Peter (i4524), b.1809-d.1881
Anspach, D. Peter (marriage to Lidia Ann Lynn or Linn) (i4524), b.1809-d.1881
Anspach, Dale Walton (i499)
Anspach, Daniel (i3614), b.1796-d.1823
Anspach, Daniel (i4470), b.1817-d.1889
Anspach, Darlene (i1865), b.1947-
Anspach, David (i645), b.1974-d.2011
Anspach, David (i3570), b.1800-d.1875
Anspach, David (i3585), b.1819-
Anspach, David (i3623), b.1807-
Anspach, David (i4586), b.1819-d.1830
Anspach, David (i4843) (still alive)
Anspach, David Clinton (i1838), b.1885-
Anspach, David Jack (i4856)
Anspach, David Marion (i4615)
Anspach, David Paul (i1779) (still alive)
Anspach, David Woodroe (i1827), b.1913-
Anspach, Debra Lynn (i622) (still alive)
Anspach, Delbert Edward (i4695), b.1874-
Anspach, Della (i443), b.1884-d.1896
Anspach, Denzel Allen (i488)
Anspach, Dietta Margaret (i3637), b.1831-
Anspach, Donald (i275) (still alive)
Anspach, Donald F. (i4724) (still alive)
Anspach, Donald Francis (i495)
Anspach, Donald Ray (i4718), b.1910-d.1984
Anspach, Donna Lee (i177) (still alive)
Anspach, Doris Helen (i4262), b.1917-d.1991
Anspach, Dorothy (i4777)
Anspach, Eady M. (i4747), b.1880-d.1881
Anspach, Ebenezer Warren Ridlen (i257), b.1865-d.1923
Anspach, Eddie L. (i303), b.1881-d.1971
Anspach, Edith (i4780)
Anspach, Edith Mae (i1825), b.1907-
Anspach, Edna M. (i4795), b.1914-
Anspach, Edna Nace (i4755), b.1890-
Anspach, Effie (i255)
Anspach, Eldred Vernon (i4258), b.1888-d.1950
Anspach, Eleanor (i717), b.1797-
Anspach, Elenora (i1832), b.1880-d.1960
Anspach, Eli (i3589), b.1824-
Anspach, Eli (i3688), b.1883-
Anspach, Eli (i4350), b.1843-d.1924
Anspach, Eli (i4539), b.1833-d.1852
Anspach, Elias (i4737), b.1855-d.1925
Anspach, Eliza (i334), b.1821-d.1888
Anspach, Eliza (i3635), b.1829-
Anspach, Eliza (marriage to Jacob Reed) (i334), b.1821-d.1888
Anspach, Eliza Louisa (i4531), b.1841-d.1881
Anspach, Elizabeth (i287), b.1810-
Anspach, Elizabeth (i328), b.1769-d.1841
Anspach, Elizabeth (i333), b.1835-d.1870
Anspach, Elizabeth (i1808), b.1847-
Anspach, Elizabeth (i3555), b.1773-d.1773
Anspach, Elizabeth (i4361), b.1853-
Anspach, Elizabeth (i4463), b.1811-
Anspach, Elizabeth (i4534), b.1848-
Anspach, Elizabeth (i4587), b.1821-d.1919
Anspach, Elizabeth (marriage to Elias Reiger) (i287), b.1810-
Anspach, Elizabeth (marriage to John E. Ferguson) (i333), b.1835-d.1870
Anspach, Elizabeth Ann (i260), b.1852-d.1931
Anspach, Ella Jennie (i657), b.1870-
Anspach, Ella Jennie (marriage to H. S. Gerichs) (i657), b.1870-
Anspach, Ella Mae (i4865)
Anspach, Ellen (i346), b.1838-d.1865
Anspach, Elmer (i516)
Anspach, Elmer Jason (i4835), b.1879-
Anspach, Elsie (i1834), b.1880-
Anspach, Elsie Ruth (i4273) (still alive)
Anspach, Elthian (i4672), b.1912-d.1972
Anspach, Elva (i4838) (still alive)
Anspach, Emanuel P. (i4619)
Anspach, Emeline (i4861)
Anspach, Emery (i3669), b.1874-
Anspach, Emery (i4817), b.1901-
Anspach, Emery (marriage to Anna Black) (i3669), b.1874-
Anspach, Emma (i4774)
Anspach, Emma Bell (i4250), b.1872-d.1875
Anspach, Emma Elisabeth (i3649), b.1856-d.1906
Anspach, Emma Elisabeth (marriage to Samuel C. Reed) (i3649), b.1856-d.1906
Anspach, Emma Elizabeth (i4744), b.1868-d.1872
Anspach, Emma Josephine (i723), b.1865-d.1938
Anspach, Emma Josephine (marriage to John Robert Bernds) (i723), b.1865-d.1938
Anspach, Emma L. (i4733), b.1863-
Anspach, Emma L. (marriage to Preston Wiest Klinger) (i4733), b.1863-
Anspach, Emma Loretta (i302), b.1870-d.1949
Anspach, Emma Loretta (marriage to Charles Frederick Lohman) (i302), b.1870-d.1949
Anspach, Emma Luella (i4488), b.1865-
Anspach, Emme Jo (i1919) (still alive)
Anspach, Essie Marie (i380), b.1902-d.1902
Anspach, Esther (i1856), b.1905-
Anspach, Esther (i3593), b.1899-
Anspach, Esther (i4857)
Anspach, Esther (marriage to Charles E. Poff) (i1856), b.1905-
Anspach, Ethel (i4776)
Anspach, Etta (i4840) (still alive)
Anspach, Eva Christina (i318), b.1759-
Anspach, Eva Christina (i3567), b.1797-d.1838
Anspach, Eva Christina (marriage to Christian Jr. Lauer) (i318), b.1759-
Anspach, Eve (i1822), b.1897-
Anspach, Everett (i1820), b.1897-
Anspach, Flora Alice (i4237), b.1874-d.1956
Anspach, Francis (i4589), b.1825-d.1907
Anspach, Francis Marion (i50), b.1869-d.1959
Anspach, Francis Marion (i305), b.1858-d.1933
Anspach, Francis Marion (marriage to Hanna Elizabeth Critser) (i305), b.1858-d.1933
Anspach, Franklin (i1813), b.1867-d.1869
Anspach, Franklin (i3652), b.1846-d.1852
Anspach, Franklin (i4476), b.1853-d.1896
Anspach, Franklin Otto (i4236), b.1878-d.1964
Anspach, Frederick William (i4720), b.1913-d.1978
Anspach, Gala (i628) (still alive)
Anspach, Gary Lee (i274) (still alive)
Anspach, Georg (i3732), b.1600-
Anspach, George (i194), b.1850-
Anspach, George (i442), b.1882-d.1942
Anspach, George (i1799), b.1855-d.1876
Anspach, George (i4474), b.1850-d.1929
Anspach, George (i4569), b.1808-
Anspach, George (i4746), b.1875-d.1945
Anspach, George (i4789), b.1918-
Anspach, George Albert (i4859)
Anspach, George Benjamin McClelland (i308), b.1864-d.1900
Anspach, George H. (i192), b.1861-
Anspach, George Robertson (i4687), b.1880-
Anspach, George Thomas (i494)
Anspach, George W. (i4358), b.1848-d.1924
Anspach, George William (i458), b.1895-d.1970
Anspach, Gerald Harley (i501)
Anspach, Geraldine (i4730)
Anspach, Gertrout (i64)
Anspach, Glen (i625) (still alive)
Anspach, Glen Eugene (i497)
Anspach, Glenn E. (i3671), b.1907-d.1985
Anspach, Glenn E. (marriage to Wilma Jane Ramsey) (i3671), b.1907-d.1985
Anspach, Grace (i3594), b.1904-d.1978
Anspach, Grace M. (i4794), b.1911-
Anspach, Grover (i1965), b.1890-
Anspach, Grover (marriage to Pearl Daggett) (i1965), b.1890-
Anspach, Hannah (i3565), b.1794-d.1795
Anspach, Hans Henrich (i241), b.1618-d.1666
Anspach, Hans Jacob (i345), b.1640-d.1700
Anspach, Hans Jacob (i3731), b.1590-d.1631
Anspach, Harley Jacob (i66), b.1894-d.1986
Anspach, Harold (i4695b)
Anspach, Harriet (i3636), b.1830-
Anspach, Harry Russell (i3597), b.1909-d.1985
Anspach, Harry W. (i4735), b.1879-d.1951
Anspach, Harvey Marion (i207), b.1894-
Anspach, Hattie Madonna (i4507), b.1896-d.1956
Anspach, Heinrich (i4570), b.1810-
Anspach, Helen (i4486)
Anspach, Helen Fern (i596) (still alive)
Anspach, Helene (i3730), b.1590-
Anspach, Helfrich (i3737), b.1635-
Anspach, Henry (i3644), b.1845-d.1926
Anspach, Henry (Leroy) (i4533), b.1845-d.1881
Anspach, Herman E. (i4818), b.1903-d.1976
Anspach, Howard Albert (i4483), b.1887-d.1968
Anspach, Ida Victoria (i4489), b.1868-d.1879
Anspach, Indiana (i3545), b.1851-
Anspach, Indiana (marriage to Robert H. Lemasters) (i3545), b.1851-
Anspach, Infant (i1812), b.1866-d.1866
Anspach, Irene Elizabeth (i526)
Anspach, Irvin D. (i4816), b.1899-d.1979
Anspach, Irving (i4751), b.1881-d.1949
Anspach, Irving Lee (i4796), b.1916-d.1987
Anspach, Isaac (i220), b.1813-
Anspach, Isaac (i3543), b.1820-d.1870
Anspach, Isaac (i3631), b.1819-d.1881
Anspach, Isaac (i4736), b.1839-d.1909
Anspach, Ivan Rodel (i4266), b.1892-d.1895
Anspach, Jacob (i221), b.1815-d.1860
Anspach, Jacob (i242), b.1560-d.1639
Anspach, Jacob (i326)
Anspach, Jacob (i408), b.1520-d.1603
Anspach, Jacob (i3591), b.1819-d.1881
Anspach, Jacob (i3720), b.1590-d.1680
Anspach, Jacob (i4472), b.1822-d.1903
Anspach, Jacob (i4574), b.1819-
Anspach, Jacob (i4680), b.1850-
Anspach, Jacob (marriage to Julia Ann Egolf) (i3591), b.1819-d.1881
Anspach, Jacob (marriage to Salome Leffler) (i221), b.1815-d.1860
Anspach, Jacob (marriage to Unknown Brems) (i408), b.1520-d.1603
Anspach, Jacob S. (i4712), b.1815-d.1881
Anspach, Jacob Simon (i4761), b.1878-d.1940
Anspach, Jacob W. (i3608), b.1859-
Anspach, James (i1836), b.1883-d.1946
Anspach, James (i4620)
Anspach, James Francis (i517), b.1908-d.1912
Anspach, James L. (i3609), b.1861-
Anspach, James Melvin (i4371)
Anspach, James Morris (i445), b.1889-d.1889
Anspach, James T. (i4886), b.1872-d.1872
Anspach, Jane (i4844) (still alive)
Anspach, Janet Lynn (i4706) (still alive)
Anspach, Janice Lee (i504)
Anspach, Jay (i4695e)
Anspach, Jeff (i627) (still alive)
Anspach, Jenna Renee (i1019) (still alive)
Anspach, Jeremiah Lafayette (i3610), b.1863-d.1925
Anspach, Jerry (i3677)
Anspach, Joanna (i1829), b.1873-d.1883
Anspach, Johan Adam Jr. (i3629), b.1815-d.1853
Anspach, Johan George (i413), b.1712-d.1744
Anspach, Johan George (i3620), b.1803-d.1827
Anspach, Johan Jacob (i411), b.1738-d.1818
Anspach, Johan Jacob (i3559), b.1777-
Anspach, Johan Jacob (i3622), b.1805-d.1878
Anspach, Johan John (i351), b.1749-
Anspach, Johann George (i321), b.1772-d.1846
Anspach, Johann Nicolaus (i3734), b.1639-d.1721
Anspach, Johann-Adam (i409), b.1754-d.1838
Anspach, Johann-Adam (marriage to Barbara Bogenrief or Barrav or Barrow) (i409), b.1754-d.1838
Anspach, Johannes (i399), b.1750-d.1797
Anspach, Johannes (i3557), b.1775-d.1806
Anspach, Johannes (i3562), b.1789-d.1865
Anspach, Johannes (i4565), b.1746-
Anspach, Johannes (i4710), b.1803-
Anspach, Johannes (marriage to Mary Catherine Overmyer) (i3562), b.1789-d.1865
Anspach, Johannes or John (i3578), b.1804-d.1880
Anspach, Johannes, Jr. (i319), b.1763-d.1787
Anspach, Johannes-Michael (i3724), b.1570-d.1631
Anspach, John (i196), b.1803-d.1872
Anspach, John (i267), b.1745-d.1794
Anspach, John (i324), b.1775-d.1833
Anspach, John (i648) (still alive)
Anspach, John (i3619), b.1800-d.1863
Anspach, John (i3653), b.1850-d.1852
Anspach, John (i4467), b.1805-
Anspach, John (i4590), b.1826-d.1826
Anspach, John (marriage to Caterina Kurr) (i324), b.1775-d.1833
Anspach, John Adam (i3549), b.1774-d.1834
Anspach, John Adam (i3648), b.1854-d.1916
Anspach, John Adam (marriage to Madgelena Kinzter) (i3549), b.1774-d.1834
Anspach, John Adam Jr. (i3566), b.1795-d.1856
Anspach, John E. (i4885), b.1867-d.1869
Anspach, John George (i91), b.1751-d.1774
Anspach, John George (i389), b.1747-1811
Anspach, John J. (i4743), b.1863-d.1947
Anspach, John Jacob (i341), b.1760-
Anspach, John Jacob (i394), b.1745-d.1811
Anspach, John Jacob (i1968), b.1780-d.1846
Anspach, John Jacob (marriage to Maria Elizabeth Reith or Reed) (i394), b.1745-d.1811
Anspach, John Jacob (marriage to Mary Elizabeth Spohn) (i1968), b.1780-d.1846
Anspach, John Jacob (marriage to Sarah Spohn) (i1968), b.1780-d.1846
Anspach, John Johannes, Sr. (i281), b.1721-d.1777
Anspach, John Johannes, Sr. (marriage to Anna Elizabeth Fischer) (i281), b.1721-d.1777
Anspach, John Joshua (i4478), b.1857-d.1858
Anspach, John Jr. (i191), b.1834-d.1884
Anspach, John Jr. (marriage to Emeline Parkison) (i191), b.1834-d.1884
Anspach, John Jr. (marriage to Mary Jane Parkison) (i191), b.1834-d.1884
Anspach, John Laurey (i650), b.1858-d.1907
Anspach, John Oscar (i211), b.1904-d.1969
Anspach, John Oscar (marriage to Effie Mae Williamson) (i211), b.1904-d.1969
Anspach, John Peter (i68), b.1747-d.1754
Anspach, John Peter (i335), b.1781-
Anspach, John Peter (i393), b.1714-d.1797
Anspach, John Peter (i410), b.1757-d.1777
Anspach, John W. (i3612), b.1866-d.1939
Anspach, John W. (i4532), b.1843-
Anspach, John William (i1830), b.1875-d.1877
Anspach, Johnathan Andrew (i4701) (still alive)
Anspach, Jonas (i3667), b.1848-d.1939
Anspach, Jonathan (i3588), b.1822-
Anspach, Jonathan (i3626), b.1810-d.1869
Anspach, Jonathan (i3657), b.1829-d.1891
Anspach, Jonathan (i4068), b.1817-d.1857
Anspach, Jonathan (i4461)
Anspach, Jonathan (i4728), b.1835-d.1906
Anspach, Jonathan M. (i4550), b.1859-d.1929
Anspach, Joseph (i3618), b.1799-
Anspach, Joseph (i4465), b.1818-
Anspach, Joseph (i4487), b.1862-d.1887
Anspach, Joseph Francis (i446), b.1890-d.1981
Anspach, Joseph Francis (marriage to Lora May Johnson or Jackson) (i446), b.1890-d.1981
Anspach, Joseph G. (i197), b.1837-d.1868
Anspach, Joseph G. (marriage to Elizabeth Jane Guess) (i197), b.1837-d.1868
Anspach, Joseph Lee (i98),b.1935 - d.2005
Anspach, Joseph Lee (i2046),(still alive)
Anspach, Josephine Ann (i3907), b.1856-d.1883
Anspach, Josephine Ann (marriage to Silas E. Ping) (i3907), b.1856-d.1883
Anspach, Josephine F. (i310), b.1868-d.1892
Anspach, Josephine F. (marriage to Aaron M. Thompson) (i310), b.1868-d.1892
Anspach, Josephine K. (i3547), b.1854-
Anspach, Joyce Ann (i1771) (still alive)
Anspach, Judica Paul Jacob (i3550), b.1745-d.1754
Anspach, Julie Michelle (i176) (still alive)
Anspach, Karen (i3699) (still alive)
Anspach, Kate (i4741)
Anspach, Kate Bell (i370), b.1887-
Anspach, Kate Bell (marriage to Tillman C. Endsley) (i370), b.1887-
Anspach, Katherine (i1805), b.1847-
Anspach, Kathy (i3702) (still alive)
Anspach, Kenneth (i4819), b.1910-
Anspach, Kenneth M. (i525) (still alive)
Anspach, Khrystyna (i1018) (still alive)
Anspach, Kimberly Renee (i374) (still alive)
Anspach, Larry (i643), b.1945-d.2001
Anspach, Lawrence (i4837), b.1919-d.2000
Anspach, Lawrence A. (i524) (still alive)
Anspach, Lawrence Jonathan (i3598), b.1906-d.1972
Anspach, Leander or Lee Andrew (i4541), b.1833-d.1901
Anspach, Leander or Lee Andrew (marriage to Barbara Miller) (i4541), b.1833-d.1901
Anspach, Lee Andrew (i4556), b.1869-d.1925
Anspach, Lee Edward (i1858), b.1907-
Anspach, Leonard (i4695c)
Anspach, Leonard (i279), b.1729-d.1774
Anspach, Leonhart (i336), b.1777-
Anspach, Leroy (i4772), b.1900-
Anspach, Levi (i4528), b.1833-d.1881
Anspach, Levi (marriage to (Mary) Elizabeth Klingler) (i4528), b.1833-d.1881
Anspach, Levi Allen (i4362), b.1855-
Anspach, Levi F. (i4618)
Anspach, Lillian Mae (i4084), b.1883-d.1953
Anspach, Lillian Mae (marriage to James Franklin Ream) (i4084), b.1883-d.1953
Anspach, Lillie (i3640)
Anspach, Lizzie (i4763), b.1887-d.1950
Anspach, Lizzie M. (i3654), b.1853-d.1936
Anspach, Louetta (i440), b.1878-d.1954
Anspach, Louetta (marriage to Ambrose Johnson) (i440), b.1878-d.1954
Anspach, Louetta (marriage to Unknown Embry) (i440), b.1878-d.1954
Anspach, Louisa (i170), b.1854-d.1873
Anspach, Lucetta (i4477), b.1855-d.1887
Anspach, Lucretia Sarah Leticia (i39), b.1846-d.1872
Anspach, Lucretia Sarah Leticia (marriage to Abraham Asten Colclasure) (i39), b.1846-d.1872
Anspach, Lucy (i3634)
Anspach, Luther M. (i208), b.1907-
Anspach, Lydia (i309), b.1866-d.1936
Anspach, Lydia (i4459)
Anspach, Lydia (marriage to Theodore T. Brooks) (i309), b.1866-d.1936
Anspach, Lydia Ann (i4862)
Anspach, Lydia C. (i4626)
Anspach, Mabel (i4788), b.1916-
Anspach, Mabel (i4798), b.1892-
Anspach, Magdalena (i3574), b.1783-d.1790
Anspach, Magdalena (i4460)
Anspach, Magdelena (i3628), b.1813-d.1834
Anspach, Mahala (i4548), b.1857-d.1936
Anspach, Mamie (i4782)
Anspach, Margaret (i230), b.1798-d.1865
Anspach, Margaret (i350), b.1828-d.1892
Anspach, Margaret (i456)
Anspach, Margaret (i3681)
Anspach, Margaret (i4360), b.1851-
Anspach, Margaret (i4627), b.1872-d.1900
Anspach, Margaret (marriage to James Mann) (i350), b.1828-d.1892
Anspach, Margaret (marriage to Leonard Leffler) (i230), b.1798-d.1865
Anspach, Margaret Lucille (i527)
Anspach, Margarette (i4624)
Anspach, Maria Barbara (i390), b.1718-d.1754
Anspach, Maria Barbara (i396), b.1739-d.1790
Anspach, Maria Barbara (marriage to Herman Heinrich Batdorf) (i390), b.1718-d.1754
Anspach, Maria Barbara (marriage to John Merkey) (i396), b.1739-d.1790
Anspach, Maria Catherina (i3575), b.1784-
Anspach, Maria Elisabeth (i3617), b.1797-d.1870
Anspach, Maria Elizabeth (i73), b.1750-d.1777
Anspach, Maria Magdelena (i3551), b.1752-d.1777
Anspach, Maria Magdelena (i3556), b.1773-d.1773
Anspach, Maria Magdelina (i3561), b.1785-d.1854
Anspach, Maria Margretha (i330), b.1764-d.1822
Anspach, Marie Medeline (i205), b.1801-d.1864
Anspach, Marie Medeline (marriage to Conrad Beck) (i205), b.1801-d.1864
Anspach, Marion Beck (i80), b.1844-d.1918
Anspach, Marion S. (i203), b.1862-d.1937
Anspach, Marion S. (marriage to Annie E. Selby) (i203), b.1862-d.1937
Anspach, Mark (i4790), b.1920-
Anspach, Martha Jo (i498)
Anspach, Mary (i325), b.1824-d.1860
Anspach, Mary (i1963), b.1886-
Anspach, Mary (marriage to Samuel Miller) (i325), b.1824-d.1860
Anspach, Mary Catherine (i231), b.1843-d.1864
Anspach, Mary Catherine (i3660), b.1850-
Anspach, Mary Christianna (i4535), b.1849-d.1932
Anspach, Mary Christianna (marriage to Benjamin F. Guyton) (i4535), b.1849-d.1932
Anspach, Mary Frances (i4485), b.1919-d.1985
Anspach, Mary Frances (marriage to John Henry Brilman) (i4485), b.1919-d.1985
Anspach, Mary J. (i656), b.1864-d.1868
Anspach, Mary Louise (i496)
Anspach, Mary Lucille (i4369), b.1905-
Anspach, Mary M. (i3548), b.1859-
Anspach, Mary M. (i4475), b.1852-d.1880
Anspach, Mary M. (Dora) (i307), b.1862-d.1943
Anspach, Mary M. (Dora) (marriage to Alfred H. Mount) (i307), b.1862-d.1943
Anspach, Mary Magdalena (i3586), b.1820-
Anspach, Mary Mahalie (i722), b.1863-d.1940
Anspach, Mary Mahalie (marriage to Charles Holman Newburn) (i722), b.1863-d.1940
Anspach, Mary Martha (i3908), b.1857-d.1882
Anspach, Mary Martha (marriage to John H. Longsdorf) (i3908), b.1857-d.1882
Anspach, Mary Melvina (i4251), b.1876-d.1953
Anspach, Mary Susan (i1814), b.1869-d.1945
Anspach, Mary Susan (marriage to C.M. Davalt) (i1814), b.1869-d.1945
Anspach, Matilda (i4678), b.1846-d.1913
Anspach, Melissa (i29), b.1867-d.1938
Anspach, Melva Lee (i607) (still alive)
Anspach, Melvin (i2167), b.1916-
Anspach, Merchard (i4800), b.1896-d.1945
Anspach, Michael (i172), b.1830-d.1904
Anspach, Michael (i226), b.1836-d.1917
Anspach, Michael (i3621), b.1803-
Anspach, Michael (marriage to Adaline Henderson) (i172), b.1830-d.1904
Anspach, Michael Jefferson (i4547), b.1855-d.1913
Anspach, Michael Mathias (i414), b.1763-d.1844
Anspach, Michael Mathias (marriage to Anna Margreth Reed) (i414), b.1763-d.1844
Anspach, Mildred Lorene (i381), b.1929-d.1996
Anspach, Minnie (i4762), b.1882-
Anspach, Minnie Lou (i500)
Anspach, Morris Jacob (i3650), b.1857-d.1877
Anspach, Moses (i243), b.1841-d.1863
Anspach, Moses (i3583), b.1815-
Anspach, Mr. (i4264)
Anspach, Murray (i4558), b.1871-d.1875
Anspach, Nellie J. (i4792), b.1905-
Anspach, Nellie Marie (i448), b.1897-
Anspach, Nellie Marie (marriage to Raymond Minor) (i448), b.1897-
Anspach, Nevin Ray (i4715), b.1889-
Anspach, Nicolaus (i3726), b.1612-d.1639
Anspach, Nimrod (i3741)
Anspach, Nimrod Vincent (i4748), b.1873-d.1930
Anspach, Nimrod W. (i4793), b.1909-d.1986
Anspach, Noah Webster (i3606), b.1854-d.1901
Anspach, Norman (i1860), b.1928-
Anspach, Otis D. (i353), b.1942-d.1942
Anspach, Otto (i4682), b.1854-d.1932
Anspach, Patricia Anne (i4721), b.1933-d.1990
Anspach, Patricia Anne (marriage to Spaulding) (i4721), b.1933-d.1990
Anspach, Paul Parker (i4481)
Anspach, Paul Victor (i4372)
Anspach, Pauline Mae (i4808), b.1921-
Anspach, Pearl Estella (i4254), b.1880-d.1950
Anspach, Pearl Naomi (i206), b.1900-
Anspach, Pearl Naomi (marriage to Irvin C. Barnhart) (i206), b.1900-
Anspach, Peter (i130), b.1819-d.1867
Anspach, Peter (i219), b.1847-d.1924
Anspach, Peter (i354), b.1755-
Anspach, Peter (marriage to Armilda or Amilda Barnett) (i130), b.1819-d.1867
Anspach, Peter (marriage to Sarah Jane Rouze) (i130), b.1819-d.1867
Anspach, Philip (i74), b.1832-d.1849
Anspach, Philip Johan (i355), b.1757-
Anspach, Phyllis Jane (i1776) (still alive)
Anspach, Rachel (i288), b.1798-
Anspach, Ray (i4695f)
Anspach, Ray (i4799), b.1894-d.1896
Anspach, Raymond E. (i4784), b.1883-
Anspach, Raymond Howard (i484)
Anspach, Rebecca (i4725)
Anspach, Rebecca Lynn (i3696) (still alive)
Anspach, Richard (i3674), b.1930-d.1991
Anspach, Richard L. (i1781) (still alive)
Anspach, Richard Marion (i4553), b.1863-d.1948
Anspach, Robert (i4695d)
Anspach, Robert Eugene Jr. (i3690), b.1954-d.1992
Anspach, Robert Eugene Sr. (i3673), b.1932-d.1987
Anspach, Robin (i3701) (still alive)
Anspach, Roland Lee (i493)
Anspach, Roy Hilton (i492)
Anspach, Roy L. (i4373)
Anspach, Ruby Bernice (i4274) (still alive)
Anspach, Russell (i4511), b.1907-
Anspach, Russell D. (i4374)
Anspach, Ruth (i1866), b.1909-
Anspach, Ruth (i4759), b.1898-
Anspach, Ruth (i4876), b.1902-
Anspach, Ruth (marriage to Louis R. Rath) (i1866), b.1909-
Anspach, Ruth (marriage to Ross Shiffer) (i4759), b.1898-
Anspach, Ruth Alleene (i4260), b.1914-d.1991
Anspach, Ruth Avanell (i519)
Anspach, Ruth Iola (i485)
Anspach, Sadie Estella (i4749), b.1875-d.1877
Anspach, Salome (i3624), b.1808-
Anspach, Samuel (i3630), b.1817-d.1883
Anspach, Samuel (i4445), b.1834-d.1909
Anspach, Samuel (i4584), b.1814-d.1888
Anspach, Samuel (i4623)
Anspach, Samuel M. (i4232), b.1844-d.1912
Anspach, Samuel William (i3645), b.1847-d.1913
Anspach, Sara Elizabeth (i224), b.1842-d.1906
Anspach, Sara Elizabeth (marriage to Abraham Tietsort) (i224), b.1842-d.1906
Anspach, Sarah (i3633)
Anspach, Sarah (i4469), b.1814-
Anspach, Sarah (i4515), b.1796-
Anspach, Sarah (i4530), b.1837-d.1881
Anspach, Sarah (i4593), b.1830-d.1852
Anspach, Sarah A. (i1807), b.1843-d.1900
Anspach, Sarah A. (marriage to Peirson Brelsford) (i1807), b.1843-d.1900
Anspach, Sarah E. (i3686), b.1864-
Anspach, Sarah E. (i4621)
Anspach, Sarah J. (i306), b.1860-d.1880
Anspach, Sarah Jane (i261), b.1850-d.1928
Anspach, Sarah Jane (i4825), b.1854-
Anspach, Sarah Jane (marriage to John W. Roberts) (i4825), b.1854-
Anspach, Sarah Louisa (i3647), b.1851-d.1852
Anspach, Sarah Lucretia (i400), b.1853-d.1909
Anspach, Sarah Lucretia (marriage to William Robert Gray) (i400), b.1853-d.1909
Anspach, Sebery (i4555), b.1867-d.1867
Anspach, Shirley M. (i357), b.1936-d.1942
Anspach, Simon H (i2172), b.1906-d.1910
Anspach, Simon Peter (i3611), b.1864-d.1940
Anspach, Simon Peter (marriage to Isabel Johnson) (i3611), b.1864-d.1940
Anspach, Simon Peter (marriage to Sarah Ann Barker) (i3611), b.1864-d.1940
Anspach, Sofia (i4572), b.1815-
Anspach, Solomon (i3662), b.1855-d.1933
Anspach, Solomon (i4537), b.1855-d.1881
Anspach, Solomon (i4591), b.1827-d.1910
Anspach, Solomon Leslie (i720), b.1839-d.1869
Anspach, Solomon Leslie (marriage to Ellen Leffler) (i720), b.1839-d.1869
Anspach, Sophia A. (i4529), b.1835-
Anspach, Stanley Oren (i487)
Anspach, Stella (i4801), b.1898-
Anspach, Steven Scott (i3694) (still alive)
Anspach, Susan (i1803), b.1840-
Anspach, Susan (i4685), b.1855-d.1939
Anspach, Susan E. (i122), b.1839-d.1910
Anspach, Susan E. (marriage to Stephen H. Colclasure) (i122), b.1839-d.1910
Anspach, Susan Elizabeth (i4235), b.1870-d.1948
Anspach, Susanna Metilde (i3646), b.1847-d.1900
Anspach, Susannah (i3607), b.1857-d.1940
Anspach, Thelma Elizabeth (i4367), b.1903-
Anspach, Thomas (i199), b.1828-d.1904
Anspach, Thomas (i4513), b.1804-
Anspach, Thomas G. (i212), b.1908-d.1969
Anspach, Thomas G. (marriage to Hellen Mary Porter) (i212), b.1908-d.1969
Anspach, Thomas I. or J. (i289), b.1824-d.1867
Anspach, Thomas J. (i4617)
Anspach, Thomas Orlando (i1818), b.1870-d.1945
Anspach, Thomas Peter (i3656), b.1858-d.1921
Anspach, Thomas R. (i4887), b.1905-d.1931
Anspach, Thomas William (i4245), b.1866-d.1953
Anspach, Timothy (i256)
Anspach, Timothy John (i373) (still alive)
Anspach, Unnamed Infant (i4753), b.1903-d.1903
Anspach, Van Calvin (i4551), b.1862-d.1919
Anspach, Vickie (i3703) (still alive)
Anspach, Viola (i514)
Anspach, Walter Franklin (i4352), b.1885-d.1958
Anspach, Walter Franklin Jr. (i4375), b.1921-d.1986
Anspach, Warren (i1862), b.1930-
Anspach, Warren Lee (i4754), b.1883-
Anspach, Willard D. (i4482)
Anspach, William (i4731), b.1861-d.1877
Anspach, William Allen (i4543), b.1853-d.1932
Anspach, William Edgar (i276), b.1945-d.1979
Anspach, William F. (i1780) (still alive)
Anspach, William F. (i3751), b.1856-d.1856
Anspach, William H. (i4616)
Anspach, William H. (i4745), b.1873-d.1878
Anspach, William Hayden (i3663), b.1859-
Anspach, William Stelly (i4714), b.1850-d.1930
Anspach, William Thomas (i209), b.1872-d.1928
Anspach, Wilmur Claire (i4267), b.1894-d.1955
Anspach, Wilmur Claire, Jr. (i4269), b.1927-d.1994
Anspach, Yvonne Marie (i602) (still alive)


Anspach?, Lavina (marriage to Eli Anspach) (i3590)
Anspach?, Nellie (marriage to Nimrod Vincent Anspach) (i4791)
Anspach?, Rachel (marriage to Isaac Anspach) (i4738)


Anspaugh or Anspach, Emma Elisabeth (marriage to Samuel Reed) (i1928), b.1840-


Arms, Purce (marriage to Emma Anspach) (i4775)


Arnett, Matilda Ann (marriage to Benjamin Ford) (i2049), b.1865-


Ashworth, Aaron James (i1352) (still alive)
Ashworth, Ashley (i1351) (still alive)
Ashworth, James Eugene (i1291), b.1933-d.1984
Ashworth, Jimmy Gene (i1349) (still alive)
Ashworth, John Hershel (i1354)
Ashworth, Quentin Blake (i1353) (still alive)
Ashworth, Tammy Rae (i1357) (still alive)
Ashworth, Timothy Scott (i1359) (still alive)
Ashworth, Tracy Sue (i1364) (still alive)


Atteberry, Clement E. (marriage to Ida May Michael) (i775), b.1882-


Austin, Angla Lynn (i3254) (still alive)
Austin, Bryan Wayne (i3253) (still alive)
Austin, Elmer Wayne (i3252) (still alive)


Ayers, Marion (marriage to Laura McKee) (i296)


Bailey, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph H. Henderson) (i1930), b.1833-
Bailey, Lydia (marriage to John Anspach) (i153), b.1809-d.1847


Baily, Edith Bertha (marriage to Thomas Perry Hill) (i3937)


Baker, Bobby (i3135) (still alive)
Baker, D.j. (i3402)
Baker, Dora (marriage to Raymond Howard Anspach) (i490)
Baker, Hannah (marriage to Anthony Anspach) (i4600)
Baker, Marcia Lynn (i3136) (still alive)
Baker, Marie (marriage to James Edgar Heflin) (i2248), b.1907-d.1980
Baker, Takesha Nicole (i3403) (still alive)


Baldridge, Sanford (marriage to Diantha Talkington) (i991)


Ball, Anna Dorthea (marriage to Peter Fischer) (i981)
Ball, Ida (i3714), b.1900-
Ball, Jacob (i1555), b.1895-
Ball, Jacob (marriage to Versie B. Stanford) (i1555), b.1895-
Ball, Mavis (i1592), b.1915-d.1988
Ball, Mildred (i1593), b.1916-d.1916
Ball, Walter (Miller) A. (i3711), b.1865-
Ball, Mrs. Ann (marriage to Shadrick "Shady" Hill) (i2146)
Ball, William (i3713), b.1886-


Ballard, Brian Lee (i1877) (still alive)
Ballard, Eugene Herbert (i1895) (still alive)
Ballard, James Justin (i1899) (still alive)
Ballard, Kent Allen (i1898) (still alive)
Ballard, Tracey Lynn (i1897) (still alive)


Banks, Edward C. (marriage to Susannah Anspach) (i4493)


Barker, Joseph (i4501), d.1896
Barker, Sarah Ann (i4497), b.1864-d.1925
Barker, Sarah Ann (marriage to Simon Peter Anspach) (i4497), b.1864-d.1925


Barlow, Frank (marriage to Ella Gertrude McKee) (i435)


Barnes, James W. (i578)
Barnes, John Raymond (i577)
Barnes, John Raymond (marriage to Edith Alice Johnston) (i577)
Barnes, Lois Maxine (i579)
Barnes, Marion Esley (i580)


Barnett, Andrew Tyler (i3365) (still alive)
Barnett, Armilda or Amilda (i649), b.1830-d.1907
Barnett, Armilda or Amilda (marriage to George Petro) (i649), b.1830-d.1907
Barnett, Armilda or Amilda (marriage to Peter Anspach) (i649), b.1830-d.1907
Barnett, Christine Marie (i3352) (still alive)
Barnett, Cynthia A. (marriage to George Lewis Fiscus) (i3432)
Barnett, Ezekial (marriage to Eleanor Anspach) (i2215)
Barnett, John Robert Iii (i3353) (still alive)
Barnett, John Robert Jr. (i3351) (still alive)
Barnett, Lois (marriage to Edward Sherman McKee) (i1744)
Barnett, Mr. (i4376)


Barnhart, Eldon Eugene (i1767), b.1935-
Barnhart, Evelyn E. (i1759), b.1922-
Barnhart, George W. (i1757)
Barnhart, Irvin C. (i1754), b.1894-
Barnhart, Irvin C. (marriage to Pearl Naomi Anspach) (i1754), b.1894-
Barnhart, Judith Ann (i1765), b.1940-
Barnhart, Lois E. (i1768), b.1932-
Barnhart, Norman Lee (i1763), b.1925-
Barnhart, Ohmer (marriage to Ada Anspach) (i1753)
Barnhart, Ronald Gene (i1766), b.1943-
Barnhart, Russel Irvin (i1755) (still alive)
Barnhart, Vera May (i1761), b.1923-


Barrall, Beulah (i382) (still alive)
Barrall, Canada Biggun (i1985), b.1892-d.1959
Barrall, Canada Biggun (marriage to Daisy Weems) (i1985), b.1892-d.1959
Barrall, Hendrick (i1989), b.1864-d.1892
Barrall, Hendrick (marriage to Olive Corrie) (i1989), b.1864-d.1892
Barrall, J.C. (i3539), b.1858-d.1920
Barrall, John (i1992)


Barrav or Barrow, Barbara (i1967), b.1760-d.1831
Barrav or Barrow, Barbara (marriage to Johann-Adam Anspach) (i1967), b.1760-d.1831


Barrav, George Heinrich (i1969)


Barringer, Carrie Marie (i129) (still alive)
Barringer, Cindy Elizabeth (i89) (still alive)
Barringer, Daniel Joe (i117) (still alive)
Barringer, Dorothy Anne (i175) (still alive)
Barringer, Harvey Oliver (i179), b.1898-d.1958
Barringer, Harvey Oliver (marriage to Susie Lambert) (i179), b.1898-d.1958
Barringer, James Harvey (i77) (still alive)
Barringer, Joe Harvey (i86) (still alive)
Barringer, Laurie Ann (i71) (still alive)
Barringer, Nathan Paul (i186) (still alive)
Barringer, Patrica Kay (i114) (still alive)
Barringer, Rex Allen (i118) (still alive)
Barringer, Rex Edward (i15) (still alive)
Barringer, Robert Edward (i93) (still alive)
Barringer, Wanda Mae (i33) (still alive)
Barringer, William Ronnel (i88) (still alive)
Barringer, Wilma (i135), b.1927-d.1987
Barringer, Wilma (marriage to Harold Thorn Wigent) (i135), b.1927-d.1987
Barringer, Wilma (marriage to Thomas Harold Cole) (i135), b.1927-d.1987


Barry, Twila (marriage to Kenneth Robert Helm) (i3359)


Bartels, Ethel Jean (i3097) (still alive)
Bartels, Fritz Louie Ernest (i3092) (still alive)
Bartels, Louie Ernest (i3093) (still alive)
Bartels, Marcine Louise (i3095) (still alive)
Bartels, Marion Lynn (i3098) (still alive)
Bartels, Owen Ernest (i3096) (still alive)


Barton, unknown (marriage to Rebecca Anspach) (i4726), d.1865


Bashan, Melissa (i2356) (still alive)
Bashan, Michael (i2355)
Bashan, Nathan (i2357) (still alive)
Bashan, Nicolas (i2358) (still alive)


Bastion, Adda (marriage to Jacob Simon Anspach) (i4814)


Batdorf, Anna Catharina (i4655), b.1692-
Batdorf, Anna Marie (i420), b.1744-
Batdorf, Catharina Elisabetha (i1142), b.1697-d.1764
Batdorf, Catharina Elisabetha (marriage to Christian Wilhelm Walborn) (i1142), b.1697-d.1764
Batdorf, George Peter (i419), b.1748-d.1826
Batdorf, Herman Heinrich (i422), b.1718-d.1763
Batdorf, Herman Heinrich (marriage to Maria Barbara Anspach) (i422), b.1718-d.1763
Batdorf, Johannes (i1141)
Batdorf, Johannes Jacob Peter (i1139), b.1671-d.1709
Batdorf, Johannes Jacob Peter (marriage to Anna Maria Catherina Anspach) (i1139), b.1671-d.1709
Batdorf, Johannes Martin (i1144), b.1698-d.1787
Batdorf, Maria Elizabeth (i268), b.1746-
Batdorf, Martin (i266), b.1751-
Batdorf, Mary Catherine (marriage to John Peter Anspach) (i227)


Bates, Alice Maud (i13), b.1884-
Bates, Almarinda (marriage to William Alexander White) (i2274), b.1837-d.1914
Bates, Deayn Leota Evalyn (i14), b.1885-
Bates, Guy William (i8), b.1897-d.1973
Bates, Guy William (marriage to Evangeline Eugenia Dohl) (i8), b.1897-d.1973
Bates, Margarette Ann (i78), b.1918 - d.2010
Bates, Pearl A. (i7), b.1882-
Bates, William (i2068), b.1820-d.1855
Bates, William Calvin (i5), b.1855-d.1911
Bates, William Calvin (marriage to Ida Ann Phoebe Colclasure) (i5), b.1855-d.1911


Beasley, Alfred Eugene (i2409) (still alive)
Beasley, Alice Joan (i2439) (still alive)
Beasley, Alicia Paige (i2475) (still alive)
Beasley, Amanda Sue (i2512) (still alive)
Beasley, Andy Eugene (i2493) (still alive)
Beasley, Betty Gean (i2494) (still alive)
Beasley, Brenda Lucille (i2441) (still alive)
Beasley, Byford Leroy (i2459) (still alive)
Beasley, Carol Jean (i2443) (still alive)
Beasley, Cindy Lou (i2492) (still alive)
Beasley, Colleen Sue (i2465) (still alive)
Beasley, Donald Scott (i2511) (still alive)
Beasley, Dorothy Lorene (i2408), b.1926-d.1994
Beasley, Dorothy Lorene (marriage to Charles Rudell Pulley) (i2408), b.1926-d.1994
Beasley, Douglas Wayne (i2509) (still alive)
Beasley, Edgar Allen (i2410) (still alive)
Beasley, Elizabeth Arwen (i2559) (still alive)
Beasley, Gregory Clifford (i2507) (still alive)
Beasley, Henry (marriage to Ollie E. White) (i2687), b.1887-d.1978
Beasley, James Dean (i2478) (still alive)
Beasley, James Harry (i2460) (still alive)
Beasley, James Roy "Shorty" (i2407) (still alive)
Beasley, Jason Gregory (i2519) (still alive)
Beasley, Jason Roger (i2560) (still alive)
Beasley, Jonathan Austin (i2467) (still alive)
Beasley, Jonathan Randall (i2516) (still alive)
Beasley, Jouhua Eugene (i2463) (still alive)
Beasley, Judy Maxine (i2414) (still alive)
Beasley, Justin Douglas (i2527) (still alive)
Beasley, Kile Thomas (i2446) (still alive)
Beasley, Kristin Michelle (i3303) (still alive)
Beasley, Leslie Michelle (i2520) (still alive)
Beasley, Lula Kay (i2444) (still alive)
Beasley, Lula Marie (i2411) (still alive)
Beasley, Mary Beth (i2479) (still alive)
Beasley, Mary Virginia (i2413) (still alive)
Beasley, Megan Brianne (i2517) (still alive)
Beasley, Naomi Kay (Kitty) (i2503) (still alive)
Beasley, Nathan Adam (i2453), b.1979-d.1988
Beasley, Pamela Joyce (i2508) (still alive)
Beasley, Patrick Lee (i2452), b.1978-d.1978
Beasley, Randall Edgar (i2506) (still alive)
Beasley, Richard Lee (i2412) (still alive)
Beasley, Roger Lee (i2556) (still alive)
Beasley, Ronald Eugene (i2464) (still alive)
Beasley, Ryan Andrew (i2515) (still alive)
Beasley, Serena Joanne (i2561) (still alive)
Beasley, Shanna Danielle (i2526) (still alive)
Beasley, Sharon Kay (i2466) (still alive)
Beasley, Shawndra Gail (i2476) (still alive)
Beasley, Steven Allen (i2505) (still alive)
Beasley, Steven Bradley (i2513) (still alive)
Beasley, Susan Diane (i2442) (still alive)
Beasley, Susan Jane (i2557) (still alive)
Beasley, Thomas Walter (i2438) (still alive)
Beasley, William "Bill" Turner (i2405), b.1888-d.1974
Beasley, William "Bill" Turner (marriage to Lula Heflin) (i2405), b.1888-d.1974
Beasley, William Andrew (i2440) (still alive)
Beasley, William Jackson (i2450) (still alive)
Beasley, William Thomas (i2406), b.1921-d.1998


Beaver, Catherine (marriage to John Stowers) (i1396), b.1790-


Beck, Catherina (i44), b.1821-d.1904
Beck, Catherina (marriage to Samuel McKee) (i44), b.1821-d.1904
Beck, Cheyenne Nicole (i3385) (still alive)
Beck, Conrad (i195), b.1797-d.1833
Beck, Conrad (marriage to Marie Medeline Anspach) (i195), b.1797-d.1833
Beck, Elizabeth (i49), b.1820-d.1903
Beck, John (i405), b.1832-
Beck, June Marie (marriage to Clarence Anspach) (i4669), b.1903-d.1966
Beck, Leonard (marriage to Malinda Williamson) (i881), b.1832-
Beck, Lydia Ann (i37), b.1823-d.1897
Beck, Maria (i87), d.1834
Beck, Rachel (i61), d.1824
Beck, Sarah (i238), b.1832-d.1897


Behney, Charles (i4804)
Behney, Elizabeth (i4806)
Behney, John (i4803)
Behney, John (marriage to Bertha Adeline Anspach) (i4803)
Behney, Kathryn (i4805)


Behnke, Everett Dean (i3061) (still alive)
Behnke, Joseph Edward (i3056) (still alive)
Behnke, Joseph Emil (i3055) (still alive)
Behnke, Leesa Kay (i3063) (still alive)
Behnke, Mary Ann (i3057) (still alive)
Behnke, Romona Viola (i3059) (still alive)
Behnke, Rose Marie (i3062) (still alive)
Behnke, Wayne Edward (i3060) (still alive)


Bell, Michael Purcell (marriage to Doris Helen Anspach) (i4263), b.1916-


Belt, Nancy Ellen (marriage to Christian Milo Daggett) (i2166), b.1860-d.1920


Benedum, Ranford Joseph (marriage to Florence Cecil Ream) (i4108), b.1910-d.1977


Benefiel, Hiram (i4415)
Benefiel, Sarah Jane (i4414), b.1852-d.1929
Benefiel, Sarah Jane (marriage to Sanford C. Criss or Chriss) (i4414), b.1852-d.1929
Benefiel, William E. (marriage to Martha E. Criss or Chriss) (i4435), b.1851-d.1931


Bentler, Mary (marriage to Henry Lewing) (i4349)


Berg, Emma (marriage to John Mann) (i2088), b.1860-


Bergener, Jacob (i4430)


Bergerner, Margaret Maggie (i4429), b.1856-
Bergerner, Margaret Maggie (marriage to William L. Criss or Chriss) (i4429), b.1856-


Bergquist, Eva (marriage to Delbert Edward Anspach) (i4695g)


Bern, Mr. (marriage to Anna Maria Reed) (i3742)


Bernds, Augusta Josephine (i1100), b.1887-d.1917
Bernds, John Robert (i1096)
Bernds, John Robert (marriage to Emma Josephine Anspach) (i1096)
Bernds, Sarah Ellen (i1098), b.1885-d.1966


Bies, Amanda (i109) (still alive)
Bies, Chelsea (i110) (still alive)
Bies, John Mark (i72) (still alive)
Bies, Lindsay (i111) (still alive)


Bigley, Jennifer Renee (i2486) (still alive)
Bigley, Pual Stanley (i2485) (still alive)


Binckley, Adam (marriage to Maria Magdelina Anspach) (i3745)
Binckley, Emanuel Samuel (marriage to Eva Christina Anspach) (i3568)
Binckley, Maria Elizabeth Catherine (marriage to John Adam Jr. Anspach) (i3750), b.1794-d.1868


Bingman, Donnie Lee (i2968) (still alive)
Bingman, James David "Davy" (i2970) (still alive)
Bingman, James Everett (i2967), b.1912-d.1984
Bingman, Karen Lavonne "Susie" (i2972) (still alive)
Bingman, Lanny Everett (i2974) (still alive)
Bingman, Leroy Eugene (i2978), b.1950-d.1950
Bingman, Lula Valjean (i2976) (still alive)


Binkley, Adam (i4363)
Binkley, Adam (marriage to Barbara Anspach) (i4594), b.1803-d.1856
Binkley, Anna M. (i4365)
Binkley, Benjamin Franklin (i4244), b.1859-d.1947
Binkley, Benjamin Franklin (marriage to Arvilla Matilda Anspach) (i4244), b.1859-d.1947
Binkley, Harve Emmet (i4366)
Binkley, James D. (i4364)


Birkhold, Jonathan E. (marriage to Mahala Anspach) (i4549)


Black, Anna (i3670), b.1876-
Black, Anna (marriage to Emery Anspach) (i3670), b.1876-
Black, Daniel (marriage to Betsey Deem) (i1710), b.1776-d.1863
Black, George (i3679)


Blackburn, Clara (marriage to Paul Henson) (i1039)


Blake, Amber Dawn (i2472) (still alive)
Blake, Daniel (i2470) (still alive)
Blake, Michael Cannan (i2471) (still alive)
Blake, Robin Daniel (i2473) (still alive)


Blankenbaker, Barbara (marriage to Lawrence or Lewis or Ludwig Fischer) (i978)


Blankenship, Alexander D. (marriage to Lucinda Vienna Colclasure) (i1958)


Blaylock, Henry E. (marriage to Bertha Estella Anspach) (i529)


Blume, Josephine May (marriage to Harry Russell Anspach) (i4671), b.1921-d.1995


Boepper, Stella (marriage to William Tirl Sylvester White) (i2671), b.1894-d.1933


Bogenreif, Mary Magdalena (marriage to George Heinrich Barrov) (i4540)


Boman or Bowen, Frank (marriage to Eliza C. Chriss) (i4329), b.1851-d.1929


Bond, Mary J. "Polly" (marriage to Henry Williamson) (i837), b.1810-d.1847


Bonnett, Nellie (marriage to Thomas Orlando Anspach) (i1819), b.1874-d.1953


Borman, Leroy D. (marriage to Myrtle Annabelle Ream) (i4104)


Borsenberger, Berneze Margaret (i2679) (still alive)
Borsenberger, Fred Albert (i2678), b.1890-d.1959
Borsenberger, Fred Albert (marriage to Hattie Hellena White) (i2678), b.1890-d.1959
Borsenberger, Kathleen Faye (i2680), b.1911-d.1994
Borsenberger, Kathleen Faye (marriage to Herbert Emory Fear) (i2680), b.1911-d.1994


Boss, unknown (marriage to Clara Mann) (i1660)


Bowden, Frank (i4641)
Bowden, John (i4640)
Bowden, John (marriage to Annis Humphrey) (i4640)
Bowden, Rebecca J. (i4645) (still alive)
Bowden, Robert J. (i4643)


Bowen, Charles E. (marriage to Sadie Mann) (i315)


Bowland, Robert (marriage to Mary Magdalena Anspach) (i3587)


Bowman, Michael (marriage to Sarah Anspach) (i4601)


Box, Carl Douglas (i3223) (still alive)
Box, Carl Douglas (i3227) (still alive)
Box, Charles Joseph (i3220)
Box, Clinton Arthur (i3219) (still alive)
Box, Danielle (i3222) (still alive)
Box, Mary Ann (i3224) (still alive)
Box, Mary Ann' (i3228) (still alive)


Boykin, Mary A. (marriage to Marvel M. Haney) (i849)


Boyle, Anna (i1520), b.1846-d.1912
Boyle, Anna (marriage to Thomas G. Luttrell) (i1520), b.1846-d.1912
Boyle, David (i1602), b.1848-
Boyle, James (i1599), b.1863-
Boyle, John (i1601), b.1869-
Boyle, Mary (i1597), b.1859-
Boyle, Nancy (i1603), b.1852-
Boyle, Ruth (i1600), b.1865-
Boyle, Thomas (i1595), b.1840-
Boyle, William (i1522), b.1808-
Boyle, William (i1598), b.1861-


Boyles, Deanna (i1401) (still alive)
Boyles, Dennis (i1403) (still alive)
Boyles, John (i1407)
Boyles, Kathy (i1405) (still alive)
Boyles, Leroy "Cap" (i1400), b.1916-d.1986
Boyles, Leroy "Cap" (marriage to Freda Stanford) (i1400), b.1916-d.1986
Boyles, Roy (i1409) (still alive)


Brasher, Elmo (i2912) (still alive)
Brasher, Gordon Edwin (i2913) (still alive)


Bratton, Jessica Amber (i3470) (still alive)
Bratton, Marcus Roy (i3469) (still alive)
Bratton, Roy (i3468) (still alive)


Bray, Christopher Ray (i610) (still alive)
Bray, William O'Dale (i1031)


Brazel, Charles (i3205)
Brazel, Michael Edward (i3206) (still alive)
Brazel, Randal Gene (i3204), b.1959-d.1990
Brazel, Robert Jr. (i3201) (still alive)
Brazel, Steven Arthur (i3202) (still alive)
Brazel, Vicki Elane (i3208) (still alive)


Brehm, Elizabeth (marriage to Jacob Anspach) (i4473), b.1825-d.1898


Brelsford, Clara (i4667), b.1876-
Brelsford, Edward (i4661), b.1867-
Brelsford, Frank (i4666), b.1874-
Brelsford, Ida Louisa (i4660), b.1865-
Brelsford, James (i4659), b.1863-
Brelsford, John H. (i4662), b.1871-
Brelsford, John H. (marriage to Abbie A. Jacquart) (i4662), b.1871-
Brelsford, Peirson (i4657), b.1831-d.1900
Brelsford, Peirson (marriage to Sarah A. Anspach) (i4657), b.1831-d.1900
Brelsford, William (i4658), b.1861-


Brems, Male Brehms or (i3721)
Brems, Unknown (i407), b.1528-
Brems, Unknown (marriage to Jacob Anspach) (i407), b.1528-
Brems, Wendel (i3722)


Brewer, Dorothy (marriage to Raymond Stanford) (i1417)
Brewer, Francis (marriage to Pricilla Perplexney White) (i3378)
Brewer, Unknown (marriage to Mary A. Pitman) (i1482)


Briant, Caroline (marriage to Abraham Asten Colclasure) (i666), b.1824-d.1860


Briggs, Iva Ruth (marriage to Clarence Anspach) (i4668), b.1906-d.1941


Brilman, Howard Brady (i4520) (still alive)
Brilman, Ian Michael (i4523) (still alive)
Brilman, John Henry (i4519), b.1920-d.1988
Brilman, John Henry (marriage to Mary Frances Anspach) (i4519), b.1920-d.1988
Brilman, Larissa Ann (i4522) (still alive)


Bristol, Lucille G. (marriage to Leon A. Roberts) (i4833)


Bristow, Anise (marriage to William Ramsey) (i3676)


Brockenmeyer, Anna Magdelena Brockenmeuer (marriage to John Peter Anspach) (i262)


Brooks, Clara Mae (i463), b.1887-
Brooks, Clara Mae (marriage to James G. Rogers) (i463), b.1887-
Brooks, Clara Mae (marriage to Othor Wood) (i463), b.1887-
Brooks, Donald Ray (i2285) (still alive)
Brooks, Kerri (i2316)
Brooks, Lavone (i467)
Brooks, Mary Jane (i464), b.1890-
Brooks, Mary Jane (marriage to Ora C. Pearce) (i464), b.1890-
Brooks, Naomi Fern (i469)
Brooks, Theodore T. (i460), b.1855-d.1923
Brooks, Theodore T. (marriage to Lydia Anspach) (i460), b.1855-d.1923
Brooks, William E. (i461), b.1884-d.1961
Brooks, Zeta Louise (i465)


Broseus, Catherine "Cassie" (i4603), b.1855-d.1933
Broseus, Catherine "Cassie" (marriage to Alfred Anspach) (i4603), b.1855-d.1933
Broseus, Leah (marriage to Eli Anspach) (i4610), b.1851-d.1930
Broseus, Peter (i4604)


Brower, Tammy (marriage to Edward Eugene Plaugher) (i4217)


Brown, (Dorothy) Geneva (marriage to Thomas S. Williamson) (i785)
Brown, George Nathan (i1676), b.1875-
Brown, George Nathan (marriage to Susan McBride) (i1676), b.1875-
Brown, Georgia Irene (i1686), b.1918-
Brown, Helna Electa (marriage to William Joshua White) (i2690), b.1867-d.1925
Brown, Jacob (i3309) (still alive)
Brown, Jessica Leighton (i3306) (still alive)
Brown, Lloyd (marriage to Arline Anspach) (i4822)
Brown, Nellie Sarah (marriage to Robert J. Bowden) (i4644)
Brown, Randy (i3305)
Brown, Sally (marriage to Moses Parkison) (i3992), b.1802-
Brown, Teresa Marie (i3307), b.1989-d.1989
Brown, Tyler (i3308) (still alive)


Brownfield, Ruth (marriage to Moses C. Israel) (i709)


Bruenig?, Anna Christina (marriage to Johannes Adam Diehm) (i1688), b.1733-


Bruening, Carol Suzanne (i40) (still alive)
Bruening, Chrystal K. (i107) (still alive)
Bruening, Jack Murry (i35), b.1924-d.1985
Bruening, Judy Kay (i47) (still alive)
Bruening, Scott Raymond (i54) (still alive)
Bruening, Shawn (i108) (still alive)
Bruening, Terry Lynn (i57) (still alive)


Bryan, Charles Bedford (marriage to Cora Michael) (i760)


Bryant, Charles Lee (i2448) (still alive)
Bryant, Charles Lee " Chuck" (i2447) (still alive)
Bryant, Samantha Jo (i155) (still alive)


Bullard, Anna (marriage to Samuel Reed) (i1929), b.1840-
Bullard, Bernice (i810) (still alive)
Bullard, Brenda (i806) (still alive)
Bullard, Gary (i801) (still alive)
Bullard, Hershel (i798)
Bullard, Hershel (marriage to Icle Doloris Williamson) (i798)
Bullard, Jeff (i804) (still alive)
Bullard, Jerry (i799) (still alive)
Bullard, Joe (i805) (still alive)
Bullard, Lisa (i814) (still alive)
Bullard, Pam (i812) (still alive)
Bullard, Randy (i802) (still alive)
Bullard, Rhonda (i808) (still alive)
Bullard, Richard (i800) (still alive)
Bullard, Wayne (i803) (still alive)


Burgess, Cindy (i626) (still alive)
Burgess, Laura A. (marriage to Jim Henderson) (i4384)
Burgess, Neil Kenneth (i1023)
Burgess, Unknown Bertges Or (marriage to Bessie Thomas) (i1274)


Burkhardt, Walter (marriage to Edna Nace Anspach) (i4757)


Burkhart, Sarah (marriage to Levi Petro) (i4379)


Burroughs, Eva (marriage to Frank Weems) (i1988)


Burton, Brutus (i2367) (still alive)
Burton, Charles A. (i2392) (still alive)
Burton, Charles Thomas (i2396) (still alive)
Burton, Ellen (marriage to Canada Biggun Barrall) (i1991)
Burton, John (i2394), b.1938-d.1995
Burton, John David (i2403) (still alive)
Burton, Karen Sue (i2395) (still alive)
Burton, Kelly Frances (i2401) (still alive)
Burton, Lisa Faye (i2369) (still alive)
Burton, Patricia Lou (i2393) (still alive)


Burton., Brutus Byan (i2368) (still alive)
Burton., Bryon Colon (i3370) (still alive)
Burton., Kristan Elaine (i2371) (still alive)
Burton., Stacy Lynn (i3369) (still alive)


Burtz, Sheila (marriage to William Eugene Dutton) (i1033)


Butler, Mary (marriage to John C. Stowers) (i1451), b.1819-d.1867


Butt, Eva (marriage to Joseph Anspach) (i4466)


Butts, Ada (i3767)
Butts, Andrew (i3769)
Butts, Carrie Elizabeth (i2681), b.1900-d.1977
Butts, Carrie Elizabeth (marriage to Grover Theodore White) (i2681), b.1900-d.1977
Butts, Delmar (i3768)
Butts, Dolly (i4340)
Butts, Dory (i3771)
Butts, Dory (marriage to James Johnston) (i3771)
Butts, Ellery (i3770)
Butts, Ellis Pat (i2118), b.1873-d.1963
Butts, Elmore (i2205), b.1869-
Butts, Iva (i2417), b.1902-d.1964
Butts, Iva (marriage to James Thomas White) (i2417), b.1902-d.1964
Butts, Mary (i2207), b.1875-
Butts, Maud (i2206), b.1871-
Butts, Orin (i3775)
Butts, Pete (i3776) (still alive)
Butts, William (i2204), b.1867-
Butts, William Aaron Michael (i2121), b.1842-d.1927
Butts, William Aaron Michael (marriage to Nancy J. Lacey) (i2121), b.1842-d.1927


Cain, Daniel (marriage to Emma Josephine Anspach) (i1097)


Caldwell, Michael Veron (i90)
Caldwell, William Joseph (i162) (still alive)


Calvin, Sophia (marriage to George Petro) (i4380)


Calysn, Emily (i828) (still alive)
Calysn, Laura (i829) (still alive)
Calysn, Tim (i827)


Campbell, Ernest Melanethon (i1152), b.1892-d.1957
Campbell, Ernest Melanethon (marriage to Helen Glenna Gunter) (i1152), b.1892-d.1957
Campbell, James H. (i1153), b.1919-d.1946
Campbell, Jane "Jenny" (marriage to Adam Deem) (i1706), b.1783-d.1847
Campbell, Jean Telford (i1154), b.1918-d.1980
Campbell, Jean Telford (marriage to Raymond G. Geick) (i1154), b.1918-d.1980
Campbell, Kyle Anthony (i973) (still alive)
Campbell, Nicholas David (i974) (still alive)
Campbell, Ralph Otis (i972)
Campbell, Reginald Or Reg (marriage to Viola Tinkler) (i1282), b.1926-
Campbell, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Deem) (i1712), b.1800-d.1824


Canann, Thomas M. (marriage to Sarah Ann Talkington) (i1180), b.1816-


Cann, Jane (marriage to Jesse Talkington) (i1178), b.1815-d.1891


Canull, Addie Mae or Abagail M. (i2083), b.1870-d.1944
Canull, Addie Mae or Abagail M. (marriage to Frank Stoltz) (i2083), b.1870-d.1944
Canull, Addie Mae or Abagail M. (marriage to Robert Luther King) (i2083), b.1870-d.1944
Canull, Arabella (i2082), b.1865-d.1936
Canull, Arabella (marriage to Edward David McKibben) (i2082), b.1865-d.1936
Canull, Catharine M. (i2081), b.1859-d.1941
Canull, Catharine M. (marriage to Charles McCollum) (i2081), b.1859-d.1941
Canull, Catharine M. (marriage to Seth Virgin) (i2081), b.1859-d.1941
Canull, Dale (i4036), b.1874-d.1878
Canull, Flora J. (i2084), b.1872-d.1892
Canull, Jacob (i1123), b.1793-
Canull, James Solomon (i2086), b.1879-d.1953
Canull, John (i2079), b.1855-d.1914
Canull, Samuel Alonzo (i2080), b.1863-d.1907
Canull, Samuel Alonzo (marriage to Dora Etta Staltz or Stoltz) (i2080), b.1863-d.1907
Canull, Sarah (i1127), b.1820-
Canull, Sarah Ella (i2085), b.1877-d.1957
Canull, Solomon (i1121), b.1830-d.1902
Canull, Solomon (marriage to Mary Jane Henderson) (i1121), b.1830-d.1902


Carr, Helen May (marriage to Harvey Marion Anspach) (i1), b.1903-
Carr, Louise (marriage to Harley Jacob Anspach) (i491)


Carter, Audrey (i1646), b.1908-
Carter, Audrey (marriage to Forest Mann) (i1646), b.1908-
Carter, George (i1648)


Cash, Willis (marriage to Hulda J. Stowers) (i1474)


Casteel, Oscar (marriage to Annie Gillenwater) (i2056)


Cato, Delania Martha (marriage to Levi Lee Colclasure) (i1957)


Catt, Joseph Michael (marriage to Francis E. Criss or Chriss) (i4409), b.1838-d.1895


Cecil, Mamie (marriage to Charles Hirsh) (i1889)


Celia (marriage to Stephen D. Porter) (i3939)


Chambers, Alexander (i3798), b.1831-
Chambers, Barbara (i3786), b.1826-d.1846
Chambers, Barbara (marriage to Mr. Johnson) (i3786), b.1826-d.1846
Chambers, Catherine (i1117), b.1808-d.1873
Chambers, Catherine (marriage to Jesse Henderson) (i1117), b.1808-d.1873
Chambers, Christina (marriage to Thomas I. or J. Anspach) (i348), b.1826-
Chambers, George (i3946)
Chambers, George (i3982)
Chambers, George P. (i3947), b.1844-d.1923
Chambers, Ida (i3985), b.1850-
Chambers, James Jr. (i3962), b.1794-d.1846
Chambers, James Sr. (i3958), b.1767-d.1842
Chambers, Jane (i3784), b.1812-
Chambers, John (i3961), b.1801-d.1870
Chambers, John (marriage to Mary Deem) (i1702), b.1790-
Chambers, John C. (i3943), b.1820-d.1900
Chambers, John C. (marriage to Nancy Holmes) (i3943), b.1820-d.1900
Chambers, John S. (i3778), b.1820-d.1906
Chambers, Joseph (i3797), b.1845-
Chambers, Joseph N. (i3949), b.1849-
Chambers, Julia Ann (i3780), b.1830-
Chambers, Lucinda F. (i3950), b.1852-
Chambers, Lydia J. (i3951), b.1856-
Chambers, Maggie (i3984)
Chambers, Margaret (i3799), b.1832-
Chambers, Mary (i3978), b.1843-
Chambers, Mary Polly (i3782), b.1804-
Chambers, Matilda (i3981)
Chambers, Nancy (i3944), b.1812-d.1846
Chambers, Nancy (i3963), b.1793-d.1849
Chambers, Nancy (i3983)
Chambers, Nicholas (i3960), b.1803-d.1875
Chambers, Sarah (i3980)
Chambers, Sarah Anne (i3795), b.1815-d.1845
Chambers, Sarah Anne (marriage to Samuel Parkison) (i3795), b.1815-d.1845
Chambers, Sarah E. (i3948), b.1847-
Chambers, Thomas (i3800), b.1832-
Chambers, William (i1703), b.1777-d.1845
Chambers, William (i3975), b.1842-
Chambers, William (marriage to Barbara Deem) (i1703), b.1777-d.1845
Chambers, William H. (i3827), b.1842-
Chambers, William Jr. (i3777), b.1824-
Chambers, Williamney (i3788), b.1813-d.1846
Chambers, Williamney (marriage to Jesse Johnson or Johnston) (i3788), b.1813-d.1846


Chandler, Joseph (marriage to Sarah J. Anspach) (i1720), b.1860-
Chandler, Martin (marriage to Salome Leffler) (i728)


Chastain, Paton Scheyler (i2569) (still alive)
Chastain, Riley Wells (i3337) (still alive)
Chastain, Thomas Gregory (i2568) (still alive)


Child, Expecting (i146) (still alive)


Chrisman, Catherine (marriage to Jesse Sr. Talkington) (i1165)
Chrisman, Susannah (marriage to William Jr. Talkington) (i1189), b.1840-


Chriss, Abraham (i1802), b.1822-d.1866
Chriss, Abraham (marriage to Catherine Anspach) (i1802), b.1822-d.1866
Chriss, Amanda J. (i4025), b.1851-
Chriss, Eliza C. (i3991), b.1852-d.1930
Chriss, George W. (i1924), b.1848-
Chriss, George Washington (marriage to Francis E. Criss or Chriss) (i4410)
Chriss, Lydia A. (i1922), b.1844-
Chriss, Mary C. (i1923), b.1845-
Chriss, Sarah E. (i4024), b.1850-


Christian, Mr. (marriage to Sarah Criss or Chriss) (i4022)


Clapp, Anna Lucille (i576)
Clapp, Avolyn Alice (i572)
Clapp, James W. (i571)
Clapp, James W. (marriage to Minnie May Reed) (i571)
Clapp, Wilbur Reed (i574)


Clark, C. E. (marriage to Peter Asten Colclasure) (i1962)
Clark, Clyde (i1046)
Clark, Glen Allen (i591) (still alive)
Clark, Hannah (marriage to James Harford) (i4012)
Clark, Janet Kay (i589) (still alive)
Clark, Kevin Dean (i590) (still alive)
Clark, Larry Dean (i588) (still alive)
Clark, Nancy (marriage to Thomas Anspach) (i4514)
Clark, Seth Allen (i593) (still alive)
Clark, Tyler Lee Landers (i592) (still alive)
Clark, Wendy Dawn (i595) (still alive)
Clark, Zachary Charles (i971) (still alive)


Cleckner, Laura C, (marriage to George Benjamin McClelland Anspach) (i4909), d.1887


Cliburne, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Jackson Fields) (i1385)


Cline, Lewis (marriage to Julia Ann Chambers) (i3781)


Clutter, Brandy Michelle (i2484) (still alive)
Clutter, Elizabeth Nicole (i2482), b.1983-d.1983
Clutter, Frankie Lee (i2427) (still alive)
Clutter, Harold E. (marriage to Dorothy Lorene Beasley) (i2426), b.1922-d.1983
Clutter, Kassie Renee (i2483) (still alive)
Clutter, Robert Eugene (i2429), b.1946-d.1996


Coale, Bamma Berneice (i3838) (still alive)
Coale, Martha Louise (i3843)
Coale, Wanda Pauline (i3844)


Coggn, Alma (marriage to James Israel) (i1917)


Colclasure, Abby (i673), b.1824-d.1877
Colclasure, Abby (marriage to Issac Jacobs) (i673), b.1824-d.1877
Colclasure, Abraham (i671)
Colclasure, Abraham Asten (i28), b.1826-d.1900
Colclasure, Abraham Asten (marriage to Lucretia Sarah Leticia Anspach) (i28), b.1826-d.1900
Colclasure, America Ann (i361), b.1871-d.1955
Colclasure, America Ann (marriage to Reuben Lambert) (i361), b.1871-d.1955
Colclasure, Andrew J. (i1718), b.1856-d.1931
Colclasure, Arminta A. (i3931), b.1859-
Colclasure, Clarrise (i123), b.1865-d.1865
Colclasure, Daughter (i1791), b.1837-d.1850
Colclasure, Edgar (i124), b.1866-d.1869
Colclasure, Edward (i3925)
Colclasure, Elizabeth (i1784), b.1818-d.1877
Colclasure, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Golden) (i1784), b.1818-d.1877
Colclasure, Ellen (i3919), b.1798-d.1841
Colclasure, Elmer A. (i41), b.1862-d.1888
Colclasure, Emily Jane (i125), b.1861-d.1862
Colclasure, Erasmus (i126), b.1871-d.1878
Colclasure, Francis Comer (i127), b.1873-d.1875
Colclasure, Ida Ann Phoebe (i6), b.1861-d.1960
Colclasure, Ida Ann Phoebe (marriage to William Calvin Bates) (i6), b.1861-d.1960
Colclasure, Isadore (i4448), b.1883-
Colclasure, Jacob (i664), b.1795-d.1859
Colclasure, Jacob (marriage to Polly Trinkle) (i664), b.1795-d.1859
Colclasure, Jacob P. (i42), b.1855-d.1856
Colclasure, Jacob P. (i51), b.1835-d.1864
Colclasure, Jacob P. (i3927), b.1854-
Colclasure, Jacob P. (marriage to America Ann Anspach) (i51), b.1835-d.1864
Colclasure, James (i670), b.1853-
Colclasure, John (i3917), b.1791-d.1853
Colclasure, John E. (i3929), b.1857-
Colclasure, John L. (i1785), b.1825-d.1866
Colclasure, Letitia (i662), b.1866-d.1870
Colclasure, Levi Lee (i668), b.1846-
Colclasure, Lottie (i3926)
Colclasure, Lucinda Vienna (i669), b.1849-d.1940
Colclasure, Margaret Adeline (i3923), b.1856-
Colclasure, Margaret Caroline (i1794), b.1842-d.1920
Colclasure, Martha Ellen (i1786), b.1826-d.1858
Colclasure, Mary C. (i1789), b.1834-
Colclasure, Mary C. (marriage to Harmon W. Jacobs) (i1789), b.1834-
Colclasure, Maude Tressvillian (i128), b.1879-
Colclasure, Maude Tressvillian (marriage to Elery Martin) (i128), b.1879-
Colclasure, Nancy Jane (i1792), b.1837-d.1867
Colclasure, Peter Asten (i661), b.1862-d.1940
Colclasure, Polly A. (i667), b.1845-
Colclasure, Rachel Adaline (i1793), b.1837-d.1911
Colclasure, Richard R. (i1787), b.1830-d.1904
Colclasure, Richard R. (i3928), b.1856-
Colclasure, Sarah (i663), b.1864-d.1870
Colclasure, Sarah E. (i3930), b.1858-
Colclasure, Sarah J. (i3922), b.1854-
Colclasure, Stephen H. (i363), b.1842-d.1902
Colclasure, Stephen H. (marriage to Susan E. Anspach) (i363), b.1842-d.1902
Colclasure, Susan (i3918), b.1792-d.1854
Colclasure, Thomas E. (i182), b.1864-d.1864
Colclasure, unknown (i4447)
Colclasure, unknown (marriage to Jerusha or Julia F. Henderson) (i4447)
Colclasure, William Hemsley (i1788), b.1830-d.1882


Cole, Cheryl Diane (i136) (still alive)
Cole, Gayle (i138) (still alive)
Cole, Julia Rose (i4695) b.1893-d.1922
Cole, Thomas Harold (i134)
Cole, Thomas Harold (marriage to Wilma Barringer) (i134)


Collier, John Edward (i4609)
Collier, Joseph R. (i4608)
Collier, Joseph R. Jr. (i4607), d.1954
Collier, Joseph R. Jr. (marriage to Clara Enova Anspach) (i4607), d.1954


Collins, Mary A. (marriage to Samuel Michael) (i771)


Conkey, Eula Grace (marriage to Carl Emmett Anspach) (i4257), b.1888-d.1955


Connelly, Ernest (marriage to Cora L. Tinkler) (i1249)


Conner, John Dow (i3064) (still alive)
Conner, Julia Ann (i3065) (still alive)


Conway, Larkin (i3858)
Conway, Unknown (i3859)


Cook, Emma (marriage to James Henry Mann) (i360)


Copsey, William Henry (marriage to Esther Anspach) (i4675), b.1898-d.1983


Corrie, Jason (i3320)
Corrie, John (i1994)
Corrie, Matthew William (i3321) (still alive)
Corrie, Olive (i1990), b.1866-d.1944
Corrie, Olive (marriage to Adam Carrol Williamson) (i1990), b.1866-d.1944
Corrie, Olive (marriage to Hendrick Barrall) (i1990), b.1866-d.1944


Coulter, Mary E. (marriage to George W. Toliver) (i1501)


Courson, Connie (i639) (still alive)
Courson, Everett (i630) (July 31, 1931 August 26, 2002)
Courson, Grover Cleveland (i1034)
Courson, Linda (i631) (still alive)
Courson, Tammy (i634) (still alive)


Courtney, Addie W. (marriage to Cindy Lynn Kilgore) (i4204)


Cox, Eve Ann (marriage to Jacob Diehm) (i1698)


Coxon, Jane (marriage to Joseph Barker) (i4502)


Craige, Anna (marriage to James Anspach) (i1837), b.1885-d.1960


Cramer, Eli (marriage to Orsilla Luttrell) (i1545)


Creek, Abraham Lincoln (marriage to Mary Alpha Neuman) (i311b)
Creek, Catherine Pearl (marriage to Orlie Bullard) (i311c)
Creek, Mary Alpha Neuman (marriage to Jacob E. Tietsort)(i425)


Creekmur, Phoeba A. (marriage to Bradford Lyon Mann) (i290)


Crim, Edgar (i537)
Crim, Edgar (marriage to Maude Mount) (i537)
Crim, Virgina (i538)


Criss or Chriss, Abraham Sr. (i3988), b.1780-d.1866
Criss or Chriss, Abram (i4426), b.1854-d.1876
Criss or Chriss, Annie (i4423)
Criss or Chriss, Carrie (i4424)
Criss or Chriss, Colvin (i4422)
Criss or Chriss, DePew (i4332)
Criss or Chriss, Edward (i4419)
Criss or Chriss, Elisha (i4327), b.1822-
Criss or Chriss, Francis E. (i4408), b.1846-
Criss or Chriss, George (i4020), b.1813-d.1893
Criss or Chriss, George (marriage to Sarah Stewart) (i4020), b.1813-d.1893
Criss or Chriss, Harriet (i4331)
Criss or Chriss, Henry (i4023), b.1810-
Criss or Chriss, Jefferson (i4405), b.1844-d.1884
Criss or Chriss, John (i4328), b.1828-
Criss or Chriss, John (i4417)
Criss or Chriss, Joshua (i4337)
Criss or Chriss, Lewis (i4420)
Criss or Chriss, Lewis K. (i4411), b.1849-
Criss or Chriss, Louisa A. (i4432), b.1856-
Criss or Chriss, Martha E. (i4434), b.1859-d.1940
Criss or Chriss, Mary A. (i4333)
Criss or Chriss, Mary J. (i4401), b.1839-d.1909
Criss or Chriss, Nancy E. (i4334)
Criss or Chriss, Pearl (i4418)
Criss or Chriss, Radford (i4425)
Criss or Chriss, Sanford C. (i4413), b.1851-d.1902
Criss or Chriss, Sanford C. (marriage to Sarah Jane Benefiel) (i4413), b.1851-d.1902
Criss or Chriss, Sarah (i4021), b.1817-
Criss or Chriss, Sarah (i4336)
Criss or Chriss, Sarah Ann (i4403), b.1842-d.1870
Criss or Chriss, William (i4330), b.1810-d.1866
Criss or Chriss, William (i4421)
Criss or Chriss, William L. (i4428), b.1855-
Criss or Chriss, William L. (marriage to Margaret Maggie Bergerner) (i4428), b.1855-
Criss or Chriss, William W. (i4335)


Criss, Mary A. (i3906), b.1814-d.1889
Criss, Mary A. (marriage to Jonathan Parkison) (i3906), b.1814-d.1889


Crist, Aaron (marriage to Matilda Anspach) (i4679)


Critser, Hanna Elizabeth (i439), b.1858-d.1929
Critser, Hanna Elizabeth (marriage to Francis Marion Anspach) (i439), b.1858-d.1929
Critser, James (i1840)


Crosby, Elizabeth (marriage to David Jewett) (i2128)


Crouse, Charles (marriage to Ida Luttrell) (i1531)


Crowe, Roxie (marriage to John Lemuil Gillenwater) (i2067)


Cruea, Cindy Sue (i4128) (still alive)


Crunk, Dustin Michael Morgan (i3355) (still alive)
Crunk, Nelson Robert (i3356) (still alive)
Crunk, Shawn Glenn (i2313) (still alive)
Crunk, Virgil Monroe (i2312) (still alive)


Cull, Patrick (marriage to Susan Anspach) (i4686)


Culver, Devin (i3514) (still alive)
Culver, Erin Rachel (i3516) (still alive)
Culver, Joshua Nathaniel (i3515) (still alive)


Cuskaden, Belle (marriage to Francis Reed) (i240)
Cuskaden, Edward (marriage to Mary Reed) (i265)


Daggett, Christian Milo (i2165), b.1849-d.1922
Daggett, Elizabeth (i3717), b.1889-
Daggett, Eva (i3718), b.1896-
Daggett, Flora (i3716), b.1884-
Daggett, Oren H. (i3719), b.1811-d.1885
Daggett, Oren H. (marriage to Elizabeth Darvis Myers) (i3719), b.1811-d.1885
Daggett, Pearl (i1966), b.1894-
Daggett, Pearl (marriage to Grover Anspach) (i1966), b.1894-


Dail, Nathan (i3404), b.1988-


Dailey, E. G. (marriage to Catherine Deem) (i4388)


Dake, (i3214)
Dake, Kathy (i3216)
Dake, Keith (i3217)
Dake, Patricia (i3215)


Dalton, Elizabeth (i2168), b.1892-d.1963
Dalton, Elizabeth (marriage to William G. Hays or Hayes) (i2168), b.1892-d.1963
Dalton, James Andrew (i746), b.1862-d.1900
Dalton, James Andrew (marriage to Margaret Ann Foster) (i746), b.1862-d.1900
Dalton, John W. (i2101), b.1866-d.1944
Dalton, Katharine (marriage to Isaac Endsley) (i988), b.1839-
Dalton, Lucy G or J (i2171), b.1894-
Dalton, William Benjamin (i986), b.1889-d.1917
Dalton, William Franklin (i2100), b.1864-
Dalton, William T. Dolton (i753), b.1837-
Dalton, William T. Dolton (marriage to Diantha Talkington) (i753), b.1837-


Danials, David (i2435)
Danials, Edward Jackson (i3104), b.1956-
Danials, Ida Elizabeth (marriage to Aaron Harrison White) (i2737), b.1920-d.1998
Danials, Paula (i3330)
Danials, Sandra Sue (i3105) (still alive)
Danials, Scott (i3331)


Daniels, Sarah Jane (marriage to Peter F. Spangler) (i1548)


Dann, Magdalena (marriage to Leonhart Anspach) (i75)


Darr, Elizabeth (marriage to John H. Deem) (i1708), b.1796-d.1867


Davalt, Bessie (i1816), b.1900-
Davalt, C.M. (i1815)
Davalt, C.M. (marriage to Mary Susan Anspach) (i1815)


Davis, Amanda A. (marriage to Jesse James Talkington) (i2228)
Davis, Joseph (marriage to Amanda Tinkler) (i1295)
Davis, Mary Lois (marriage to Roy Fearman) (i3129)
Davis, Roy E. (marriage to Naomi Fern Brooks) (i470)


Davisson, William C. (marriage to Georgiean Reed) (i401)


Dawson, Lucretia (marriage to George Parkison) (i3994), b.1810-
Dawson, Mary Jane (marriage to Jesse Roberts) (i2071)


Deadmond, Billy (i968)
Deadmond, Samuel dean (i969) (still alive)


Deal, David (i528)
Deal, David (marriage to Bertha Estella Anspach) (i528)
Deal, David Henry (i532), b.1914-d.1914
Deal, Edna May (i531), b.1913-d.1913
Deal, Laverna (i530), b.1910-d.1914
Deal, Mary Elizabeth (i533), b.1916-d.1916


Dearth, Ira Harrison (marriage to Pearl Estella Anspach) (i4255), b.1878-d.1950


Decker, Darrell (i1632) (still alive)
Decker, David Neil (i1633) (still alive)
Decker, Gregory Charles (i1636) (still alive)
Decker, Loren Ulysses (i1634)


Deem, Adam (i1705), b.1779-d.1829
Deem, Adam II (marriage to Hannah Deem) (i2187)
Deem, Arabelle Dean or (marriage to William Hemsley Colclasure) (i3920), b.1839-
Deem, Barbara (i1701), b.1777-d.1846
Deem, Barbara (marriage to William Chambers) (i1701), b.1777-d.1846
Deem, Betsey (i1709), b.1783-d.1867
Deem, Catherine (i2191), b.1800-d.1877
Deem, Catherine (i4387), b.1829-d.1900
Deem, Catherine (marriage to John Foutty) (i2191), b.1800-d.1877
Deem, Christina (i687), b.1779-d.1834
Deem, Christina (marriage to Thomas Israel) (i687), b.1779-d.1834
Deem, David (i2178), b.1786-
Deem, David (marriage to Catherine Thornton) (i2178), b.1786-
Deem, Eliza A. (i4386), b.1828-d.1911
Deem, Elizabeth (i4389), b.1829-d.1900
Deem, Hannah (i2186), b.1794-
Deem, Isaac G. (i2195), b.1805-
Deem, Isaac G. (marriage to Nancy Enoch) (i2195), b.1805-
Deem, Jacob (i2174), b.1782-
Deem, James (i2181), b.1788-d.1850
Deem, James (marriage to Rachel Sargent) (i2181), b.1788-d.1850
Deem, James G. (i3826)
Deem, Johan Nicolas (i996), b.1753-d.1835
Deem, Johan Nicolas (marriage to Mary Magthalena Dils) (i996), b.1753-d.1835
Deem, John (i2185), b.1790-
Deem, John H. (i1707), b.1782-d.1862
Deem, John Wesley (i4391), b.1831-d.1903
Deem, John Wesley (marriage to Margaret Jane Logan) (i4391), b.1831-d.1903
Deem, Joseph (i1714), b.1801-d.1873
Deem, Lemuel (i4394), b.1836-d.1900
Deem, Lenora (i4390), b.1830-
Deem, Margaret (i2199), b.1807-d.1860
Deem, Mary (i1700), b.1787-
Deem, Mary (i2188), b.1797-d.1890
Deem, Mary (marriage to William Foutty) (i2188), b.1797-d.1890
Deem, Mary Ann (i4385), b.1826-d.1915
Deem, Oliver (i4395), b.1840-d.1900
Deem, Phillip (i2176), b.1785-d.1865
Deem, Thomas (i1711), b.1796-d.1853
Deem, Thomas Harvey (i4397), b.1847-d.1864
Deem, William Henry (i4396), b.1844-d.1865


Deffenbach, Michael (marriage to Anna Margaret Anspach) (i269)


Deland, Hannah (marriage to Bradley Johnson) (i4500)


Dennis, Samuel (marriage to Eve Anspach) (i1823)


Denton, Charley Stanley (i2926) (still alive)
Denton, Charley Stanley Jr. (i2928) (still alive)
Denton, Floris Bee (i2936), b.1925-d.1985
Denton, Floris Bee (marriage to Jessie Wilson Roscoe) (i2936), b.1925-d.1985
Denton, John Richard (i2925), b.1896-d.1981
Denton, John Tutor (i2930) (still alive)
Denton, Johnie Lee (i2940) (still alive)


DePriest, Arzella (marriage to Raymond Edward Sweat) (i3451)


Derby, unknown (marriage to Martha Mann) (i1658)


Deselms, Elwood (i2091), b.1860-
Deselms, George William (i190), b.1881-d.1963
Deselms, George William (marriage to Mary Adaline Gray) (i190), b.1881-d.1963
Deselms, Herschel (i190a), b.1911-d.1998


Detsiller, John (marriage to Ruth Talkington) (i1171)


Deubler, Anthony Ray (i4122) (still alive)
Deubler, Charles Raymond (i4118), b.1928-d.1985
Deubler, Gabriel Nicole (i4305) (still alive)
Deubler, Jamey Lee (i4188)
Deubler, Jamey Lee, Jr. (i4310)
Deubler, John Anthony (i4180) (still alive)
Deubler, John Samuel (i4119) (still alive)
Deubler, Kenneth Ray (i4120) (still alive)
Deubler, Kenneth Ray, Ii (i4184)
Deubler, Koneta Marie (i4123) (still alive)
Deubler, Latonnia Beatrice (i4185)
Deubler, Latonnia Beatrice (marriage to Mr. Dotson) (i4185)
Deubler, Latonnia Beatrice (marriage to Mr. Loyd) (i4185)
Deubler, Michelle Lee (i4182) (still alive)
Deubler, Monica (i4186)
Deubler, Thomas Neal (i4121), b.1952-d.1952


Dever, Irene Elsie (marriage to Lawrence Jonathan Anspach) (i4673), b.1908-d.1990


Devor, Abigail Joleen (i3316) (still alive)
Devor, Angla Dawn (i2523) (still alive)
Devor, Anthony Phillip (i3318) (still alive)
Devor, David Lyn (i2522) (still alive)
Devor, Jeremy Shawn (i2524) (still alive)
Devor, Meranda Rae (i3315) (still alive)
Devor, Nicholas Andrew (i3317) (still alive)


Dewey, Emily F. (marriage to Thomas G. Luttrell) (i1604), b.1875-


Diehm, Adam (i1695), b.1761-d.1856
Diehm, Adam Jr. (i2193), b.1803-
Diehm, Catherina (i1691), b.1755-
Diehm, Jacob (i1697), b.1764-
Diehm, Johannes Adam (i1687), b.1730-d.1802
Diehm, Lewis (i1689), b.1754-
Diehm, Maria Margaretha (i1696), b.1759-
Diehm, Mark (i1693), b.1754-d.1814


Dils or Diehl, Philip (i1704), b.1735-


Dils, Mary Magthalena (i1699), b.1754-d.1845
Dils, Mary Magthalena (marriage to Johan Nicolas Deem) (i1699), b.1754-d.1845


Dohl, Edward Theadore (i1725), b.1899-d.1969
Dohl, Evangeline Eugenia (i9), b.1897-d.1960
Dohl, Evangeline Eugenia (marriage to Guy William Bates) (i9), b.1897-d.1960
Dohl, Franklin (i1723)
Dohl, John Edward (i1721), b.1864-d.1941
Dohl, John Edward (marriage to Emma Jane Stevenson) (i1721), b.1864-d.1941


Donoho, Clarissa (marriage to M. Frederick Williamson) (i876)
Donoho, Mary (marriage to Henry Williamson) (i857)
Donoho, Wilson Y. (marriage to Malinda Williamson) (i880)


Dorsey, Charles A. (marriage to Fanny Tinkler) (i1298)


Dorthea, Anna (marriage to Hans Jacob Anspach) (i406), d.1699


Dotson, Emily Joy (i4306)
Dotson, Mr. (i4307)
Dotson, Mr. (marriage to Latonnia Beatrice Deubler) (i4307)


Doty, Jemina Woods (marriage to Henry Pashon) (i2222)
Doty, Sarah (marriage to Solomon Leffler) (i729), b.1822-d.1853


Dowe, Sarah (marriage to Patrick N. Williamson) (i872)


Dreisbach, Mary (marriage to John Barrall) (i1993)


Drinko, Jennie (marriage to Frederick William Anspach) (i4809)


Duke, Elizabeth (marriage to William E. Brooks) (i462)


Duncan, Michael (i163)
Duncan, Patrica Marie (i164) (still alive)


Dunn, Amanda (marriage to Jesse Buchanan Talkington) (i1207)


Dupler, Catherine (marriage to Jonathan Miller) (i4546)
Dupler, Eliza Jane (marriage to Jonathan Anspach) (i3658)
Dupler, Eva Maria (i3576), b.1780-d.1853
Dupler, Eva Maria (marriage to Benjamin B. Anspach) (i3576), b.1780-d.1853
Dupler, Frederick (i4560)
Dupler, Phillip (marriage to Anna Elisabeth Anspach) (i3743), b.1775-d.1861
Dupler, Sarah (marriage to Jonathan Anspach) (i3659)
Dupler, Sarah Ann (marriage to Andrew Anspach) (i4677), b.1823-d.1899


Dust, Lena M. (marriage to George William Anspach) (i459)


Dutton, Frank (i1330)
Dutton, Jenny Joanne (i609) (still alive)
Dutton, William Eugene (i608), b.1959-d.1986


Dye, Lynda Jane (i2942)
Dye, Sarah (marriage to John W. Mann) (i2130)
Dye, Stanley Gale (i2945) (still alive)
Dye, Virgin Mary (marriage to Edward Theadore Dohl) (i1726)
Dye, William Jeffery (i2947) (still alive)
Dye, William Rex (i2941) (still alive)


Eakas, Susan (marriage to Samuel Michael) (i770)


Eakle, Daniel James (i1880) (still alive)
Eakle, Randi Danielle (i1881) (still alive)


Early, Mr. (marriage to Angela Joyce Warner) (i4298)


Easley, Carl Edward (marriage to Lynda Jane Dye) (i2943)
Easley, Margaret (marriage to Thomas Boyle) (i1596), b.1845-


Eating, Elizabeth (marriage to John Talkington) (i1203)


Eccard, Stephanie (marriage to Brian Eugene Plaugher) (i4220)


Eckert, Abraham (marriage to Malinda Reed) (i417)


Eddings, Emma (marriage to Frank N. Sinclair) (i1045)
Eddings, Harriet Virginia (marriage to Thomas Rubin White) (i2715), b.1879-d.1941


Ediemiller, Elizabeth (marriage to Albert A. Anspach) (i4480), b.1863-d.1949


Edwards, Amelia (marriage to Andrew Jackson Toliver) (i1493), b.1829-d.1897
Edwards, Susan (marriage to Charles Toliver) (i1489)


Egolf, Joseph (i3602)
Egolf, Julia Ann (i3600), b.1823-d.1892
Egolf, Julia Ann (marriage to Jacob Anspach) (i3600), b.1823-d.1892


Eldridge, Patricia L. (marriage to Norman Lee Barnhart) (i1764)
Eldridge, Robert C. (marriage to Lois E. Barnhart) (i1769)


Eliza (marriage to John Paul) (i3846)


Elkins, Margery (i990), b.1793-d.1872
Elkins, Margery (marriage to William Sr. Talkington) (i990), b.1793-d.1872
Elkins, Robert (i994)
Elkins, Sarah (marriage to Jesse Sr. Talkington) (i1164)


Elliott, James (marriage to Emily Talkington) (i1194)


Embry, Hazel Belle (i510), b.1901-d.1975
Embry, Mozelle (i512), b.1907-d.1963
Embry, Orville Eugene (i511), b.1904-d.1960
Embry, Unknown (i509)
Embry, Unknown (marriage to Louetta Anspach) (i509)


Emerson, Lena (marriage to Marion Williams) (i2090), b.1858-


Emily A. (marriage to James Alexander Paul) (i4449), b.1842-


Emmons, Cornelius (marriage to Sarah Ella Canull) (i4035), b.1880-d.1957


Endsley, Catherine (i4453), b.1842-
Endsley, Elizabeth (i2098), b.1875-
Endsley, Florence (i2096), b.1871-
Endsley, Harry (i4455), b.1844-
Endsley, Isaac (i987), b.1841-d.1880
Endsley, Leander T. (i4457), b.1850-
Endsley, Madaline (i2095), b.1870-
Endsley, Mary (i985)
Endsley, Mary Jane (i2097), b.1873-
Endsley, Mr. (i4454), d.1870
Endsley, Tillman C. (i369), b.1877-
Endsley, Tillman C. (marriage to Kate Bell Anspach) (i369), b.1877-
Endsley, Virgil (i984)


England, Grant (marriage to Lucy Gillenwater) (i2057)


Engram, Daniel E. (i95)
Engram, Danielle Suzann (i166) (still alive)
Engram, Denise Marie (i97) (still alive)
Engram, Derrick Daniel (i96) (still alive)


Enlow, Bertha (marriage to Harvey Elmer Newburn) (i1077)


Enoch, Armenellab (marriage to Jeremiah Sargent) (i2184)
Enoch, Isaac (i2197)
Enoch, Nancy (i2196)
Enoch, Nancy (marriage to Isaac G. Deem) (i2196)


Ericksrud, Mavis J. (marriage to Wilmur Claire Anspach , Jr.) (i4270) b.1929 - d.2010


Etschberger, Anna Marie Etsberger (marriage to Leonard Anspach) (i352)


Evans, Mary (marriage to Francis Talkington) (i1174)
Evans, Sarah (marriage to William Mcmillan Martin Wham) (i2108), b.1827-d.1922


Faletti, Michael (i2372)
Faletti, Michael Andrew (i2374) (still alive)
Faletti, Rachel Elizabeth (i3367) (still alive)
Faletti, Steven Michael (i2373) (still alive)


Fatheree, John (marriage to Sarah A. Tinkler) (i1239)


Favors, George (marriage to Clara McKee) (i298)


Fear, Andrew John (i3295) (still alive)
Fear, Herbert Emory (i2695), b.1909-d.1996
Fear, Herbert Emory (marriage to Kathleen Faye Borsenberger) (i2695), b.1909-d.1996
Fear, Jerry Jo "Jody" (i3284) (still alive)
Fear, Jerry Joe (i2696) (still alive)
Fear, John F. (marriage to Sarah Ann Criss or Chriss) (i4404), b.1840-d.1916
Fear, Joseph Michael (i3290) (still alive)
Fear, Justin Matthew (i3291) (still alive)
Fear, Kathleen Denise (i3283) (still alive)
Fear, Rebekah Jo (i3293) (still alive)
Fear, Sandra (i2697) (still alive)
Fear, Terry Lynn (i3285) (still alive)
Fear, Timothy James (i3294) (still alive)


Fearman, Guy Leland (i3134) (still alive)
Fearman, Herman E. (i2734), b.1896-d.1964
Fearman, Herman E. (marriage to Pearl White) (i2734), b.1896-d.1964
Fearman, Herman Eugene (i3138) (still alive)
Fearman, John Edwin (i2735), b.1939-d.1967
Fearman, Lela Faye (i3133) (still alive)
Fearman, Randy Dean (i3140) (still alive)
Fearman, Ronald Eugene (i3142) (still alive)
Fearman, Roy (i3128)
Fearman, Russell (i3130) (still alive)
Fearman, Ruth Irene (i3143) (still alive)
Fearman, Viola (i3126)


Feidt, Jacob (i4634)
Feidt, Jacob (marriage to Catherine Knable) (i4634)
Feidt, Mary L. (i4635), b.1804-
Feidt, Mary L. (marriage to George Younker) (i4635), b.1804-


Ferguson, Alice A. (i1926), b.1866-
Ferguson, Delila (i1976), b.1846-
Ferguson, James M. (i1977), b.1849-
Ferguson, John B. (i1925), b.1863-
Ferguson, John E. (i244), b.1843-d.1870
Ferguson, John E. (marriage to Elizabeth Anspach) (i244), b.1843-d.1870
Ferguson, Martha A. (i1980), b.1859-
Ferguson, Nancy J. (i1979), b.1856-
Ferguson, Robert H. (i1975), b.1844-
Ferguson, William (i1973), b.1817-
Ferguson, William H. (i1927), b.1868-
Ferguson, William W. (i1978), b.1856-


Field, Audrey Violet (marriage to Nevin Ray Anspach) (i4716)


Fields, Chester Jane (marriage to Wilson S. Henderson) (i1669)
Fields, Daniel Jackson (i1384)
Fields, Inez C. (i1254), b.1889-d.1982
Fields, Inez C. (marriage to John A. Pashon) (i1254), b.1889-d.1982


Fischer, Anna Elizabeth (i3), b.1722-d.1803
Fischer, Anna Elizabeth (marriage to John Johannes , Sr. Anspach) (i3), b.1722-d.1803
Fischer, George Ulrich (i979), b.1712-d.1770
Fischer, Jacob (i982)
Fischer, Lawrence or Lewis or Ludwig (i977), b.1706-d.1773
Fischer, Peter (i980), b.1714-
Fischer, Sebastion (i923), b.1680-


Fiscus, Albert (i3418), b.1835-d.1859
Fiscus, Alexander (i3415), b.1814-
Fiscus, Alexander Franklin (i3420), b.1839-d.1907
Fiscus, Amanda (i3426), b.1848-
Fiscus, Andrew (i3427), b.1849-
Fiscus, Caroline (i3417), b.1834-d.1912
Fiscus, David Randolph (i3429), b.1855-d.1941
Fiscus, Elizabeth (i3421), b.1842-d.1871
Fiscus, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel R. Turner) (i3421), b.1842-d.1871
Fiscus, George Lewis (i3430), b.1855-d.1926
Fiscus, John M. (i3419), b.1837-d.1915
Fiscus, Martha (i3425), b.1847-
Fiscus, Mary E. (i3423), b.1844-d.1881
Fiscus, Oliver James (i3428), b.1851-d.1929
Fiscus, Sarah Ann (i756), b.1840-d.1870
Fiscus, Sarah Ann (marriage to John R. Turner) (i756), b.1840-d.1870


Fisher, Emanuel (marriage to Elizabeth Anspach) (i4598)
Fisher, Matilda (marriage to George M. Talkington) (i1169)


Fitzpatrick, William C. (marriage to Emma Jane Stevenson) (i1729)


Fleetwood, Minnie Naomi (marriage to Elmer Jason Anspach) (i4836)


Fleming, Reed Albert (marriage to Susan Elizabeth Anspach) (i4249), b.1866-d.1944


Fletcher, Carl Kirby (i4197) (still alive)
Fletcher, Dorothy (marriage to Stanley Oren Anspach) (i489)
Fletcher, Morgan Nicole (i4240) (still alive)


Foley, Rolla (marriage to Lucy Eunice White) (i3211)


Follick, Fannie (marriage to Alfred M. Anspach) (i4492)


Foncher, William (marriage to Sarah E. Anspach) (i3687), b.1808-


Ford, Ada Belle (i2001), b.1882-d.1947
Ford, Ada Belle (marriage to Linsey Burr Gillenwater) (i2001), b.1882-d.1947
Ford, Benjamin (i2048), b.1863-
Ford, John (i1506)
Ford, Mary Jane (i1504), b.1835-d.1877
Ford, Mary Jane (marriage to Daniel Toliver) (i1504), b.1835-d.1877
Ford, Rose (marriage to Francis Leroy Guyton) (i4648)


Fordyce, Ethel (marriage to Luther M. Anspach) (i1770)


Forsyth, Susan (marriage to Joseph Rouze) (i4824)


Foster, Andrew (i967), b.1868-
Foster, C. Eveline (i748), b.1855-
Foster, Charles (i749), b.1862-
Foster, Ellie May (i752), b.1873-
Foster, J. George (i751), b.1871-
Foster, James (i744), b.1826-d.1880
Foster, James (marriage to Diantha Talkington) (i744), b.1826-d.1880
Foster, James Edward (i747), b.1857-
Foster, Jane (i966), b.1865-
Foster, Lugenia Belle (marriage to John A. Logan Webb) (i3536), b.1871-d.1926
Foster, Margaret Ann (i379), b.1869-d.1913
Foster, Margaret Ann (marriage to Calvin Anspach) (i379), b.1869-d.1913
Foster, Margaret Ann (marriage to James Andrew Dalton) (i379), b.1869-d.1913


Foutty, George (i2190)
Foutty, John (i2192), b.1800-
Foutty, John (marriage to Catherine Deem) (i2192), b.1800-
Foutty, William (i2189), b.1790-
Foutty, William (marriage to Mary Deem) (i2189), b.1790-


Frederick, Maria Elizabeth (marriage to Jacob Fischer) (i983)


Freytag, Casey (i4317) (still alive)
Freytag, Conway Troy (i4173) (still alive)
Freytag, Conway Troy, Jr. (i4174)
Freytag, Haley (i4315)
Freytag, Hillary (i4316)
Freytag, Holly Renea (i4303)
Freytag, Joseph (i4319)
Freytag, Joseph Anthony (i4175)
Freytag, Lena Marie (i4177)
Freytag, Lena Marie (marriage to Daniel Keith Moore) (i4177)
Freytag, Lonnie (marriage to Pearl Donnamae Ream) (i4107)
Freytag, Mathew (i4318)
Freytag, Ryan (i4320)
Freytag, Steven Howard (i4176)
Freytag, Tristan Troy (i4224)


Fugate, Nancy Mirriam (marriage to William Bates) (i2069), b.1827-d.1896


Funderburg, Billy Frank (i3025) (still alive)
Funderburg, Sherry Leigh (i3026) (still alive)


Gambel, Donald Brad (i1914)
Gambel, Richard Scott (i1913)


Garrett, Forest E. (i560)
Garrett, Forest E. (marriage to Clara Irene Tietsort) (i560)
Garrett, James B. (marriage to Mary C. Chriss) (i1806)
Garrett, Lois Jean (i562)
Garrett, Mr. (marriage to Lydia A. Chriss) (i4326)
Garrett, Nancy Joan (i563)
Garrett, Norman Earl (i564)
Garrett, Sara Ann (i561)
Garrett, Sharon Louise (i565)


Garrison, Esther (marriage to Samuel Anspach) (i4595), b.1815-d.1863
Garrison, Ruth Esther (marriage to Woodrow W. Tietsort) (i566)


Gaskell, Melvin (marriage to Cynthia Ann Stanford) (i1434)


Gates, Margaret Cecelia (marriage to Frank Bowden) (i4642)


Geaslor, unknown (marriage to Lucinda Francis Henderson) (i3445)


Geick, Jane (i4026) (still alive)
Geick, Raymond G. (i1155), b.1912-d.1977
Geick, Raymond G. (marriage to Jean Telford Campbell) (i1155), b.1912-d.1977


Gephard, Samuel L. (marriage to Sarah Leffler) (i1065)


Gerichs, H. S. (i658), b.1861-
Gerichs, H. S. (marriage to Ella Jennie Anspach) (i658), b.1861-
Gerichs, Phillip (i2077), b.1810-


Gernantz, Clarence Amiel (i3114) (still alive)
Gernantz, Clarence Walter (i3113) (still alive)
Gernantz, Margaretta Carol (i3115) (still alive)


Gibbons, Loretta (marriage to Joel Gillenwater) (i2061)


Gillen, Elizabeth (marriage to Van Calvin Anspach) (i4552), b.1866-d.1920


Gillenwater, Alice (i2005)
Gillenwater, Annie (i2015), b.1900-d.1938
Gillenwater, Atter (i2007)
Gillenwater, Carl Randall (i1006) (still alive)
Gillenwater, David (i2058), b.1785-
Gillenwater, Dewey B. (i2010), b.1911-
Gillenwater, Elijah (i2002), b.1825-
Gillenwater, Elijah (i2066), b.1680-
Gillenwater, Heather Jean (i613) (still alive)
Gillenwater, Ilyssia Dawn (i614) (still alive)
Gillenwater, Isaac Elvin (i2008), b.1918-d.1986
Gillenwater, Jess (i2003)
Gillenwater, Jesse Thomas (i2012), b.1904-d.1986
Gillenwater, Joel (i2060), b.1745-
Gillenwater, John Lemuil (i2013), b.1899-d.1978
Gillenwater, Kasey Lee (i612) (still alive)
Gillenwater, Keith (i1102) (still alive)
Gillenwater, Linsey Burr (i2000), b.1872-d.1948
Gillenwater, Linsey Burr (marriage to Ada Belle Ford) (i2000), b.1872-d.1948
Gillenwater, Lucy (i2014), b.1907-d.1995
Gillenwater, Nelda (i1007) (still alive)
Gillenwater, Ruby Bell (i2011), b.1920-d.1966
Gillenwater, Samuel Dee (i2009), b.1913-
Gillenwater, Sierra (i1103) (still alive)
Gillenwater, Thomas (i2062), b.1721-
Gillenwater, Thomas Sr. (i2064), b.1700-
Gillenwater, Virgil (i2004)
Gillenwater, Virginia A. (i2052) (still alive)
Gillenwater, Walter (i2006)
Gillenwater, William Carl (i1004), b.1915-d.1985
Gillenwater, William Lewis "Louie" (i611) (still alive)


Gilliard, Julia (marriage to George Black) (i3680)


Gilliham, Sherman (marriage to Lurita Ellen Newburn) (i1075)


Ginter, Lindsey Kate(i3052b)(living)
Ginter, Julia Paige (i3052c)(living)
Ginter, Timothy Joe (i3052a) (living)


Gipson, Christopher Chad (i4199) (still alive)
Gipson, Donnie Ray (i4196) (still alive)
Gipson, Donnie Ray, Ii (i4198) (still alive)
Gipson, Donnie Ray, Iii (i4241) (still alive)


Golden, Elisabeth (i3914), b.1851-
Golden, Ellen (i3912), b.1846-
Golden, Jane (i3913), b.1848-
Golden, Sharlotte (i3915), b.1854-
Golden, Stephen (i3911), b.1844-
Golden, Susan (i3910), b.1842-
Golden, Thomas (i1795), b.1816-
Golden, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Colclasure) (i1795), b.1816-


Goodman, unknown (marriage to Rebecca Anspach) (i4727)


Goodrich, Lester Len (i3151)
Goodrich, Michelle Marie (i3152), b.1964-d.1985


Goosetree, Louise (marriage to John Boyles) (i1408)


Gordon, Blair (i834)
Gordon, Emma J. (marriage to Jeremiah Lafayette Anspach) (i4494)


Graaf, Iva (marriage to Albert Tinkler) (i1575)


Grace, Berton (i2042)
Grace, Buddy (i2040)
Grace, George (i2041)
Grace, Lueller (i2017)
Grace, Lueller (marriage to Miller Rich) (i2017)
Grace, Ona (i2043)
Grace, Oui (i2044)
Grace, Unknown (i2039)


Graham, Joseph (marriage to Nancy Chambers) (i3796)


Grames, Walter (marriage to Mary Nellie Newburn) (i1083)


Grant, Mary (marriage to John Luttrell) (i1533), b.1878-d.1872


Gray, Benjamin (i4438), b.1848-
Gray, Ella J. (i418), b.1879-
Gray, Emma (i383), b.1885-
Gray, Jesse Alonzo (i252), b.1875-
Gray, Jesse Alonzo (marriage to Mary Alice Williams) (i252), b.1875-
Gray, Jonathan (i4442), b.1859-
Gray, Joseph Elzo (i317), b.1872-d.1905
Gray, Joseph Elzo (marriage to May Mann) (i317), b.1872-d.1905
Gray, Laura A. (i292), b.1871-d.1893
Gray, Mary Adaline (i113), b.1882-d.1962
Gray, Mary Adaline (marriage to George William Deselms) (i113), b.1882-1962
Gray, Missouri H. (i4440), b.1853-
Gray, Sarah Isabel (i251), b.1876-
Gray, Sarah Isabel (marriage to Allen Paul) (i251), b.1876-
Gray, Susan (i4439), b.1851-
Gray, Thomas (i4441), b.1854-
Gray, William (i4436), b.1810-d.1880
Gray, William Robert (i264), b.1840-d.1909
Gray, William Robert (marriage to Sarah Lucretia Anspach) (i264), b.1840-d.1909


Greear, Brandin Lee (i3388) (still alive)
Greear, Kimberly Dawn (i3383), (still living)
Greear, Stacy Lynn (i3389) (still alive)
Greear, Stephen Anthony (i2835) (still alive)
Greear, Stephen Anthony Ii (i3386), b.1977-d.1977
Greear, Tammy Janett (i3384) (still alive)
Greear, Travis Jayson (i3387) (still alive)
Greear, William Roy (i1013)
Greear, Yvonne June (i1009) (still alive)


Green, Isabel (marriage to Henry Williamson) (i862)
Green, J. W. (i3765)
Green, James Ellison M. (i882), b.1853-
Green, James Ellison M. (marriage to Malinda Williamson) (i882), b.1853-
Green, Maude May (marriage to George Anspach) (i515)


Greer, unknown (marriage to Edna Mann) (i1656)


Gregalit, Frank Edward (i45)
Gregalit, Frank Edward, II ... Scooter (i22) (still alive)


Greulich, Ludwig Heinrich (marriage to Anna Catharine Anspach) (i3740)


Grimmer, Grace Amy (marriage to Eldred Vernon Anspach) (i4259), b.1890-d.1965


Groff, Rebecca (marriage to Cyrus W. Anspach) (i2144), b.1836-d.1917


Grumbaugh, Homer (marriage to Arilla Elizabeth Newburn) (i1088)


Grundisch, Alexeandra Lynette Marie (i4301)
Grundisch, David (i4300)
Grundisch, Mr. (i4299)
Grundisch, Mr. (marriage to Marcella Marie Warner) (i4299)


Guess, Elizabeth Jane (i304), b.1842-d.1929
Guess, Elizabeth Jane (marriage to Fredrick Teitsort) (i304), b.1842-d.1929
Guess, Elizabeth Jane (marriage to Joseph G. Anspach) (i304), b.1842-d.1929
Guess, Nathaniel (i4908)


Gunter, Fred J. (i395), b.1866-d.1946
Gunter, Fred J. (marriage to Annetta Mattie Reed) (i395), b.1866-d.1946
Gunter, Helen Glenna (i1151), b.1893-d.1919
Gunter, Helen Glenna (marriage to Ernest Melanethon Campbell) (i1151), b.1893-d.1919


Gurrant, Susan Jane (marriage to Calvin Edward Henderson) (i1671)


Guyton, Alfred (i4651), b.1875-d.1959
Guyton, Benjamin F. (i4646), b.1842-d.1906
Guyton, Benjamin F. (marriage to Mary Christianna Anspach) (i4646), b.1842-d.1906
Guyton, Emma (i4653), b.1880-
Guyton, Francis Leroy (i4647), b.1865-d.1932
Guyton, William Peter (i4649), b.1869-


Hackworth, Milla (marriage to James Tinkler) (i1301)


Haggard, Sabrina Michelle (i3226) (still alive)
Haggard, Timothy (i3229)


Hain, John (marriage to (Maria) Magdalena Anspach) (i4562)


Haizlip, Wilson E. (marriage to Emma Pashon) (i1267)


Halfacre, Roxie Jane (marriage to Alvin A. Michael) (i773), b.1892-


Hall, Christy (i1911)
Hall, Cindy (i1909)
Hall, Hannah (marriage to Henry McKee) (i301)
Hall, Harry H. (i1900), b.1892-
Hall, Harry H. (marriage to Bessie Mae Anspach) (i1900), b.1892-
Hall, Larry (i1904)
Hall, Lester (i1905)
Hall, Lester Lee (i1901)
Hall, Marty (i1906)
Hall, Penny (i1910)
Hall, Ruby Fern (i1902)
Hall, Ruth Fay (i1903)
Hall, Sherry (i1907)
Hall, Terry (i1908)


Hamblen, Sarah (marriage to Mr. Barnett) (i4377)


Hamel, Mary Catherine (marriage to James Edward Foster) (i750), b.1865-


Hamilton, Maria (marriage to Abram Criss or Chriss) (i4427)
Hamilton, William Russ (marriage to Addie Mae or Abagail M. Canull) (i4056)


Hammer, Margaret (marriage to James Talkington) (i1167)


Haney, Bethley (i891), b.1855-
Haney, Delilah (i847), b.1814-
Haney, Delilah (marriage to William Haney) (i847), b.1814-
Haney, Francis (i890), b.1851-
Haney, James (i1049)
Haney, James A. (i888), b.1840-
Haney, Jane (marriage to Samuel Webb) (i3538), b.1855-
Haney, Marion (i892), b.1859-
Haney, Marvel M. (i848), b.1839-
Haney, Perry H. (marriage to Flora Daggett) (i3964), b.1884-
Haney, Tansada R. (i766), b.1848-d.1920
Haney, Tansada R. (marriage to Thomas H. Williamson) (i766), b.1848-d.1920
Haney, Tarsey A. (i889), b.1847-
Haney, William (i846), b.1804-d.1870
Haney, William (i893), b.1863-
Haney, William (marriage to Delilah Haney) (i846), b.1804-d.1870


Etheleen Hanks (i3044b) d. December 27, 1993.


Hansborough, Elizabeth (marriage to Henry Williamson) (i874)


Hansen, Kevin (i3336) (still alive)


Harding, Ellen (marriage to Cassie Albert Newburn) (i1085)
Harding, Harvey (marriage to Bertha Frances Newburn) (i1081)


Harford, Avis (i4009), b.1810-d.1890
Harford, Avis (marriage to John Parkison) (i4009), b.1810-d.1890
Harford, James (i4011)


Harhn, Emma (marriage to Jeremiah Lafayette Anspach) (i4495)


Harman, Clifford Howard (i1775) (still alive)
Harman, Patricia Ann (i1773) (still alive)
Harman, William (i1772)
Harman, William Luther (i1774) (still alive)


Harmon, Philip (marriage to Rose Marie Newburn) (i1091)


Harrall, Lula V. (marriage to Grover Cleveland Courson) (i1035)


Harris, Flora Mae (marriage to Robert Leland White) (i3149), d.1966
Harris, Mary Ann (marriage to James Williamson) (i856), b.1842-d.1900


Hartman, Sarah (marriage to Jonathan Anspach) (i4729)


Hastler, Sarah Lucretia (marriage to Levi Allen Anspach) (i4694)


Hawk, John (marriage to Thelma Elizabeth Anspach) (i4368)


Hawkey, Josephine (marriage to Warren Anspach) (i1864), b.1917-


Hayes, Alvin (i1360)
Hayes, Andrew James (i1363) (still alive)
Hayes, Belinda Marie (i2532) (still alive)
Hayes, Blanche Lucille (i2170), b.1914-d.1990
Hayes, Charles Dean (i2454) (still alive)
Hayes, Corrine Lynnea (i2552) (still alive)
Hayes, Curtis Dean (i2455) (still alive)
Hayes, Jason (i790) (still alive)
Hayes, John Edgar (i2534) (still alive)
Hayes, Jonathan Micah (i2553) (still alive)
Hayes, Joseph Russelldouglas (i2540) (still alive)
Hayes, Kristen Danette (i1361) (still alive)
Hayes, Matthew Allen Wade (i1362) (still alive)
Hayes, Michael Wayne (i2530), b.1953-d.1954
Hayes, Patricia Sue (i2535) (still alive)
Hayes, Rebecca Lynn (i2538) (still alive)
Hayes, Robert Elwood (i2528), b.1928-d.1990
Hayes, Robert Eugene (i2529) (still alive)
Hayes, Russell Douglas (i2531) (still alive)
Hayes, Salina Deanne (i2539) (still alive)
Hayes, Sharon Janet (i2533) (still alive)
Hayes, Shelly Nicole (i2541) (still alive)
Hayes, Stacey Renee (i2456) (still alive)


Hays or Hayes, William G. (i2169), b.1894-d.1985
Hays or Hayes, William G. (marriage to Elizabeth Dalton) (i2169), b.1894-d.1985


Hays, Blanche (i3710), b.1889-
Hays, Flora (marriage to Walter A. Ball) (i3712), b.1876-
Hays, Henry C. (i3709), b.1887-
Hays, Matilda (i3708), b.1883-
Hays, Nelson (i3707), b.1881-
Hays, William (i3705), b.1854-


Hazlet, Fred Cecil (i3379), b.1924-
Hazlet, Fred Eber (i2606), b.1898-d.1928


Heflin, Barbara Sue (i2263) (still alive)
Heflin, Betty Lee (i2250), b.1932-d.1933
Heflin, Billy Ray (i2249) (still alive)
Heflin, Clara Leota (i2259) (still alive)
Heflin, Donna Kay (i2366) (still alive)
Heflin, Ella (i2254), b.1900-d.1983
Heflin, Ella (marriage to Audie Albert "Aud" Lisenbey) (i2254), b.1900-d.1983
Heflin, Ernest Eugene (i2257), b.1909-d.1976
Heflin, Freda Pauline (i2364) (still alive)
Heflin, Herschel B. (i3210) (still alive)
Heflin, James Anthony (i2388) (still alive)
Heflin, James Edgar (i2247), b.1904-d.1991
Heflin, James William (i2360), b.1930-d.1930
Heflin, James Wilson (i2252), b.1871-d.1958
Heflin, James Wilson (marriage to Ora Myrtle White) (i2252), b.1871-d.1958
Heflin, Jeffrey (i2387) (still alive)
Heflin, Jerry Lee (i2267) (still alive)
Heflin, Jill Ruth (i2271) (still alive)
Heflin, Joe Leslie (i2251), b.1938-d.1954
Heflin, Joyce Ann (i2269) (still alive)
Heflin, Julie Lea (i2270) (still alive)
Heflin, Larry Ray (i2365) (still alive)
Heflin, Loren Richard (i2260), b.1919-d.1986
Heflin, Lorenzo "Louie" (i2258), b.1913-d.1998
Heflin, Lula (i2255), b.1902-d.1997
Heflin, Lula (marriage to William "Bill" Turner Beasley) (i2255), b.1902-d.1997
Heflin, Matthew Riley (i2390) (still alive)
Heflin, May Fern (i3213) (still alive)
Heflin, Myrtle Elnor Sara (i2303) (still alive)
Heflin, Randall Dwayne (i2264) (still alive)
Heflin, Ricky David (i2262) (still alive)
Heflin, Rosa (i1559), b.1906-d.1972
Heflin, Rosa (marriage to Elza Stanford) (i1559), b.1906-d.1972
Heflin, Shirley Faye (i2363) (still alive)


Heldt, Anna B. (marriage to David Clinton Anspach) (i1839), b.1888-


Helm, Kenneth (i2338)
Helm, Kenneth Ray Ii (i3360) (still alive)
Helm, Kenneth Robert (i3358)
Helm, Klayton (i3361) (still alive)
Helm, Linda Kay (i2339) (still alive)
Helm, Misty Rae (i2341) (still alive)


Helwick, Mary (marriage to John Jr. Talkington) (i1159)


Hemphill, Alfonso (marriage to Helen Eldora White) (i2889)


Henderson, Adaline (i283), b.1833-d.1916
Henderson, Adaline (marriage to Michael Anspach) (i283), b.1833-d.1916
Henderson, Amanda Lynn Margret (i3512) (still alive)
Henderson, Amelia C. (i3805), b.1854-
Henderson, Angela (i3496) (still alive)
Henderson, Archibald (i3809), b.1820-
Henderson, Archibald N. (i3812), b.1846-
Henderson, Benita Ann (i3520) (still alive)
Henderson, Blake Edward (i3525) (still alive)
Henderson, Blake Edward Mestre II (i3528) (still alive)
Henderson, Bryan E. (i3505) (still alive)
Henderson, Bryson Ruben (i3529) (still alive)
Henderson, Calvin (i1119), b.1831-d.1894
Henderson, Calvin Edward (i1670), b.1866-d.1912
Henderson, Calvin Edward (marriage to Susan McBride) (i1670), b.1866-d.1912
Henderson, Casper N. (i3817), b.1858-
Henderson, Charlotta (i4032), b.1869-d.1949
Henderson, Connie M. (i3498) (still alive)
Henderson, David W. (i3504) (still alive)
Henderson, Dora Edith (i1678), b.1897-
Henderson, Dora Edith (marriage to Count Kitchen) (i1678), b.1897-
Henderson, Edith Marie (i3489), b.1935-
Henderson, Edward J. (i3523) (still alive)
Henderson, Elizabeth (i4446), b.1836-
Henderson, Elizabeth A. (i3806), b.1856-
Henderson, Ethyl E. (i1677), b.1895-d.1914
Henderson, Ethyl E. (marriage to Jess O'Neal) (i1677), b.1895-d.1914
Henderson, Florence Isabel (marriage to Elmer A. Colclasure) (i76), b.1870-
Henderson, George E. (i3492) (still alive)
Henderson, Henry (i1673), b.1893-d.1895
Henderson, Hester Janie (i1681), b.1903-d.1925
Henderson, Hester Janie (marriage to William Oscar Sweat) (i1681), b.1903-d.1925
Henderson, James (i3818), b.1795-d.1883
Henderson, James N. (i3811), b.1844-
Henderson, James Robert (i3518) (still alive)
Henderson, Janey H. (i1683), b.1904-
Henderson, Jennifer (i3497) (still alive)
Henderson, Jerusha or Julia F. (i3821), b.1824-
Henderson, Jerusha or Julia F. (marriage to unknown Colclasure) (i3821), b.1824-
Henderson, Jesse (i659), b.1808-d.1860
Henderson, Jesse (i4030), b.1862-
Henderson, Jesse (marriage to Catherine Chambers) (i659), b.1808-d.1860
Henderson, Jim (i4033), b.1873-
Henderson, John (i4028), b.1855-d.1857
Henderson, John D. (i3825), b.1841-d.1889
Henderson, John E. (i3804), b.1852-
Henderson, Joseph A. (i3802), b.1823-
Henderson, Joseph H. (i1118), b.1829-d.1910
Henderson, Joseph J. (i3824), b.1838-
Henderson, Joseph W. (i3816), b.1855-
Henderson, Justin Lee (i3531) (still alive)
Henderson, Lane Ronald (i3530), b.1970-d.1989
Henderson, Lillie M. (i3813), b.1848-
Henderson, Louisa (i4031), b.1866-
Henderson, Lucinda (i1931), b.1853-
Henderson, Lucinda Francis (i1680), b.1903-
Henderson, Lucinda Francis (marriage to William Oscar Sweat) (i1680), b.1903-
Henderson, Martha Jane (i3820), b.1822-
Henderson, Mary E. (i3822), b.1833-
Henderson, Mary Jane (i1120), b.1835-d.1911
Henderson, Mary Jane (marriage to Solomon Canull) (i1120), b.1835-d.1911
Henderson, Michael A. (i1933), b.1859-
Henderson, Myrtle A. (i1679), b.1901-
Henderson, Myrtle A. (marriage to John Taylor) (i1679), b.1901-
Henderson, Rachel A. (i1122), b.1839-
Henderson, Rebecca A. (i3823), b.1837-
Henderson, Rebecca F. (i3814), b.1851-
Henderson, Rhoda F. (i3815), b.1853-
Henderson, Richard A. (i3494) (still alive)
Henderson, Robert Henry (i1685), b.1911-d.1968
Henderson, Rubin Edward (i1684), b.1906-d.1975
Henderson, Sandra Kaye (i3522) (still alive)
Henderson, Sarah June (i4029), b.1857-d.1860
Henderson, Sherman Edward (i3488), b.1927-
Henderson, Steven Joseph (i3511) (still alive)
Henderson, Unknown (i3801)
Henderson, Unnamed infant (i1682), b.1905-d.1905
Henderson, Wanda I. (i3513) (still alive)
Henderson, Whitney Nichole (i3507) (still alive)
Henderson, William A. (i1126), b.1847-
Henderson, William E. (i3508) (still alive)
Henderson, William E. Jr. (i3510) (still alive)
Henderson, Wilson S. (i1125), b.1843-


Henig, Maria Eva (marriage to Johan Peter Obermayer or Overmyer) (i4576), b.1763-d.1823


Henne, Aubrey (i2704b) b. November 28, 1932 - d. November 28, 1932
Henne, Alfred Marlow (i3045) d. March 21, 2002
Henne, Edward Dell (i3044) (still alive)
Henne, Edward Henry (i2702), b.1868-d.1937
Henne, Edward Henry (marriage to Nancy Valdora White) (i2702), b.1868-d.1937
Henne, Forrest Elmer (i2708), b.1905-d.1908
Henne, Franklin C. (i3302), b.1902-d.1902
Henne, Frieda Mae (i2707), b.1904-d.1904
Henne, George W. (i3301), b.1903-d.1903
Henne, Herbert Lee (i2706), b.1900-d.1958
Henne, Kimberly Michelle (i3052) (still alive) married Timothy Joe Ginter
Henne, Michael Edward (i3048) d. Sept. 27, 1996
Henne, Owen Lee (i3054) (still alive)
Henne, Randal Marlow (i3051) (still alive) married Julie Elisabeth Penzotti
Henne, Sharon Kay (i3047) (still alive) married Leo William Blankenship
Henne, Thomas Michael (i2705), b.1897-d.1970
Henne, Viola Daisy (i2709) (still alive)
Henne, William Edward (i2704), b.1896-d.1968


Henson, Chad (i636) (still alive)
Henson, Denis (i635) (still alive)
Henson, Justin (i637), b.1985-d.1985
Henson, Paul (i1038)


Herron, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Stevenson) (i2073), b.1813-d.1889


Hickman, Walter B. (marriage to Lavone Brooks) (i468)


Hicks, Unknown (marriage to Lily Thomas) (i1276)


Hiestand, Christopher (i641) (still alive)
Hiestand, Mark (i640) (still alive)
Hiestand, Sam (i1040)
Hiestand, Zachary (i642) (still alive)


Higgason, Mary (marriage to John H. Tinkler) (i1236)


Hill, (Elizabeth) Bessie (i895), b.1898-
Hill, Betty (i831) (still alive)
Hill, Donna Jean (i2934) (still alive)
Hill, James R. (i3860) (still alive)
Hill, Lavina (marriage to Steven Duncan Spangler) (i1440)
Hill, Lesta Ann (i2932) (still alive)
Hill, Lourania (marriage to Earl Stanford) (i2217), b.1900-
Hill, Margaret Jane (marriage to John Robert Paul) (i3888), d.1886
Hill, Martha (marriage to William Alexander White) (i2588), b.1860-d.1921
Hill, Mary Aline (marriage to William Edward Henne) (i3043), b.1905-d.1978
Hill, Seth Allen (i3357) (still alive)
Hill, Shadrick "Shady" (i894), b.1846-d.1924
Hill, Shadrick "Shady" (marriage to Caroline Turner) (i894), b.1846-d.1924
Hill, Susan A. (i2075), b.1868-
Hill, Terry (i3329)
Hill, Thomas Perry (i3936)
Hill, William Monroe (i3934), b.1920-d.1960


Himmelburger, George (marriage to Lizzie M. Anspach) (i3655)


Hinkle, Harriett J. (marriage to Allen Major Reed) (i239)


Hirsh, Charles (i1888)
Hirsh, Ralph Oswald (i1885), d.1952
Hirsh, Ralph Oswald (marriage to Bessie Mae Anspach) (i1885), d.1952


Hively, Margaret (marriage to Joseph Egolf) (i3603)


Hobbs, Fannie A. (marriage to Andrew Luttrell) (i1540)


Hoch, Jeanie Marie (i3333) (still alive)
Hoch, Julius (i1750), b.1849-d.1924
Hoch, Julius (marriage to Barbara Ellen Anspach) (i1750), b.1849-d.1924
Hoch, Kayla Ranea (i3334) (still alive)
Hoch, Patrick Edward (i3335) (still alive)
Hoch, Wanda (i1751), b.1867-


Hodge, Anna (marriage to David Woodroe Anspach) (i1828)
Hodge, Eugene (i597), b.1928 - d.2017
Hodge, Jerry (i599) (still alive)
Hodge, Mike (i598) (still alive)


Holman, Norton (marriage to Flora Alice Anspach) (i4238), b.1868-


Holmes, John C. (i3976)
Holmes, Nancy (i3974), b.1825-
Holmes, Nancy (marriage to John C. Chambers) (i3974), b.1825-
Holmes, Nancy Ann (marriage to John Talkington) (i1176)


Honkanen, Ashley (i106) (still alive)
Honkanen, Joshua (i105) (still alive)
Honkanen, Thomas Eugene (i62) (still alive)


Horton, Alexander (marriage to Effie Anspach) (i253)


Houser, Mahala (marriage to Jacob Reed) (i416)


Houtz, Jacob (i1150), b.1761-
Houtz, Phillip Lorentz (i1149)
Houtz, Phillip Lorentz (marriage to Anna Eva Walborn) (i1149)


Howe, Addie (marriage to Alfred C. Johnson or Jackson) (i4080)
Howe, Katie (i1580), b.1884-d.1900
Howe, Luther (i1581), b.1885-
Howe, Thomas Jefferson (i1579)


Hoy, Rebecca (marriage to Eli Anspach) (i4351), b.1845-d.1903


Hoyer, John C. (marriage to Harriett M. , ... Hattie Reed) (i397), b.1870-d.1931


Hrbek, Daniel John (i3278) (still alive)
Hrbek, Jackson Lucas (i3279) (still alive)
Hrbek, Josey Lynn (i3280) (still alive)


Hudson, Oliver (marriage to Donna Mount) (i453)


Huff, Earl (marriage to Rose Marie Newburn) (i1092)


Huling, Howard Francis (i3157), b.1917-d.1983
Huling, James Francis (i3163) (still alive)
Huling, Michael Len (i3165) (still alive)
Huling, Sharon Louise (i3158) (still alive)
Huling, Terry Lee (i3160) (still alive)


Hull, Branden James (i100) (still alive)
Hull, D'Anne (i94) (still alive)
Hull, Donna S. (i99) (still alive)
Hull, Jackie (i102) (still alive)
Hull, Jason (i104) (still alive)
Hull, Lawrence William (i59) (still alive)


Humphrey, Annis (i4639), b.1847-
Humphrey, Annis (marriage to John Bowden) (i4639), b.1847-
Humphrey, Stephen II (i4638)
Humphrey, Stephen II (marriage to Catherine Younker) (i4638)


Hunsicker, Elizabeth (i4900), b.1873-
Hunsicker, Elizabeth (marriage to William Jasper Stevens) (i4900), b.1873-
Hunsicker, Jonathan (i4897), b.1814-d.1897
Hunsicker, Jonathan (marriage to Anna Maria Anspach) (i4897), b.1814-d.1897
Hunsicker, Philip (i4898)


Hunter, Greg (i2487) (still alive)
Hunter, Kemberly Ann (i2489) (still alive)
Hunter, Roger Scott (i2488) (still alive)


Huntingion, Silas G. (marriage to Lydia Katherine McKee) (i436)


Hurst, Mary (marriage to James Tinkler) (i1300)


Hurt, Martella Rae (i1878) (still alive)
Hurt, Shirley Jean (i1887), b.1939-d.1988
Hurt, Virginia Lea (i1884) (still alive)
Hurt, William Ray (i1882) (still alive)


Inman, James T. (marriage to Anna O. Parkison) (i1798)


Isle, Henry (i2273) (still alive)
Isle, Henry Junior (i2272) (still alive)
Isle, Mary Pauleette (i2433) (still alive)
Isle, Paul Scott (i2434) (still alive)


Israel, Adam (i2133), b.1815-
Israel, David (i1000), b.1847-
Israel, David (i4854), b.1847-
Israel, Eleanor (i356), b.1800-d.1856
Israel, Eleanor (marriage to (John) Jacob Anspach) (i356), b.1800-d.1856
Israel, Elizabeth (i702), b.1804-d.1858
Israel, Elizabeth (i4847), b.1831-
Israel, Francis F (i1003), b.1859-
Israel, Frank (i4851), b.1840-
Israel, George L. (i2138), b.1845-d.1870
Israel, James (i1916), b.1853-
Israel, Jane (i998), b.1843-
Israel, John (i704), b.1806-d.1879
Israel, John (i999), b.1845-
Israel, John S. (i4853), b.1844-
Israel, Joseph B. (i4852), b.1841-
Israel, Joseph D. (i2136), b.1822-
Israel, Joseph or John (i713), b.1760-
Israel, Lucinda (i2135), b.1827-d.1891
Israel, Malinda (i688), b.1823-d.1880
Israel, Malinda (i997), b.1840-
Israel, Malinda (marriage to Hiram D. Jewett) (i688), b.1823-d.1880
Israel, Margaret (i2126), b.1810-
Israel, Martin (i4848), b.1833-
Israel, Mary (i706), b.1812-d.1886
Israel, Missouri (i1002), b.1856-
Israel, Moses (i4855), b.1849-
Israel, Moses C. (i708), b.1820-d.1907
Israel, Moses T (i1001), b.1849-
Israel, Perley (i1921), b.1870-
Israel, Sarah (i4846), b.1841-
Israel, Sarah Jane (i2132), b.1808-d.1858
Israel, Susan (i4849), b.1834-
Israel, Thomas (i686), b.1777-d.1858
Israel, Thomas (i4850), b.1836-
Israel, Thomas (marriage to Christina Deem) (i686), b.1777-d.1858
Israel, Thomas Jr. (i710), b.1818-d.1870
Israel, Unknown (i2145)
Israel, William (i2134), b.1819-d.1832
Israel, Zoe (i4067), b.1880-d.1890


Ivy, Boyd Rudell (i2905) (still alive)
Ivy, Danny Rudell (i2906) (still alive)
Ivy, Gary Wayne (i2908) (still alive)


Izely, Catherine (marriage to Henry Jacquart) (i4665)


Jackson, Angela Dawn (i2385), b.1982-
Jackson, Cindy (i2378) (still alive)
Jackson, Clara (marriage to Albert Leslie Anspach) (i2045)
Jackson, Debra Sue (i2376) (still alive)
Jackson, Michael Dale (i2377) (still alive)
Jackson, Robert (i2375) (still alive)
Jackson, Robert Allen (i2384) (still alive)


Jackson., Michael Dale Jr. (i2383) (still alive)


Jacobs, Adeline (i683)
Jacobs, Charles (i676)
Jacobs, David J. (i4383), b.1839-
Jacobs, Eliza (i679)
Jacobs, Elizabeth C. (i684), b.1854-
Jacobs, Emma (i680)
Jacobs, Harmon W. (i1790), b.1831-
Jacobs, Harmon W. (marriage to Mary C. Colclasure) (i1790), b.1831-
Jacobs, Issac (i674), b.1820-
Jacobs, Issac (marriage to Abby Colclasure) (i674), b.1820-
Jacobs, James (i4381), b.1800-d.1860
Jacobs, James F. (i675), b.1850-
Jacobs, John D. (i678), b.1848-
Jacobs, Katherine (i682), b.1853-
Jacobs, Margaret Jane (i681), b.1851-
Jacobs, Susan (i685)
Jacobs, William A. (i677), b.1858-


Jacquart, Abbie A. (i4663), b.1876-
Jacquart, Abbie A. (marriage to John H. Brelsford) (i4663), b.1876-
Jacquart, Henry (i4664)


Jamison, Mary (marriage to John Israel) (i705), b.1810-


Jenkins, Benjamin (marriage to Ellen Anspach) (i286)
Jenkins, Mary (marriage to Jefferson Criss or Chriss) (i4406), b.1847-d.1868


Jewett, Caryl (i696), b.1913-d.1913
Jewett, David (i2127)
Jewett, Dr. Earl D. (i698), b.1880-
Jewett, Dr. Earl D. (marriage to Maude Yeager) (i698), b.1880-
Jewett, Emma Fern (i701)
Jewett, Ettie M. (i697), b.1872-d.1909
Jewett, Hiram D. (i689), b.1822-d.1890
Jewett, Hiram D. (marriage to Malinda Israel) (i689), b.1822-d.1890
Jewett, Israel D. (i690), b.1842-d.1913
Jewett, Israel D. (marriage to Samantha J. Mann) (i690), b.1842-d.1913
Jewett, Justine Ione (i700)
Jewett, Maria (i695), b.1913-
Jewett, Ora H. (i692), b.1871-
Jewett, Robert (i694), b.1913-


Johnson or Jackson, Alfred C. (i4079)
Johnson or Jackson, Lora May (i523), b.1891-d.1964
Johnson or Jackson, Lora May (marriage to Joseph Francis Anspach) (i523), b.1891-d.1964


Johnson or Johnston, Barbara (i3945), b.1833-
Johnson or Johnston, Isaac (i3791), b.1833-
Johnson or Johnston, Jesse (i3789), b.1813-d.1847
Johnson or Johnston, Jesse (marriage to Williamney Chambers) (i3789), b.1813-d.1847
Johnson or Johnston, Nancy Jane (i3793), b.1833-
Johnson or Johnston, Thomas (i3792), b.1833-
Johnson or Johnston, William (i3790), b.1833-


Johnson, Ambrose (i507)
Johnson, Ambrose (marriage to Louetta Anspach) (i507)
Johnson, Barbara (i3794), b.1846-
Johnson, Bradley (i4499)
Johnson, Brianna Marie (i4297)
Johnson, Ernest Wayne (i584)
Johnson, Glenda M. (i581)
Johnson, Hubert (i4296)
Johnson, Isabel (i4498), b.1864-d.1940
Johnson, Isabel (marriage to Simon Peter Anspach) (i4498), b.1864-d.1940
Johnson, Mr. (i3787), b.1826-
Johnson, Mr. (i4295)
Johnson, Mr. (marriage to Angela Joyce Warner) (i4295)
Johnson, Mr. (marriage to Barbara Chambers) (i3787), b.1826-
Johnson, Noretta Joyce (i583)
Johnson, Tressa Evon (i582)
Johnson, William C. (i508)


Johnston, Billy (i3773) (still alive)
Johnston, Edith Alice (i481), b.1898-
Johnston, Edith Alice (marriage to John Raymond Barnes) (i481), b.1898-
Johnston, Esley Alvin (i482)
Johnston, James (i3772)
Johnston, James (marriage to Dory Butts) (i3772)
Johnston, Marie Elizabeth (i480)
Johnston, Thelma Pearl (i483)
Johnston, William (i479)
Johnston, William (marriage to Luella Tietsort) (i479)


Jones, James W. (i1662)
Jones, Lillie J. (i844), b.1888-d.1976
Jones, Lillie J. (marriage to David Williamson) (i844), b.1888-d.1976
Jones, Merle P. (marriage to Thelma Pearl Johnston) (i585)
Jones, Thomas C. (marriage to America Ann Anspach) (i12)


Joseph, Allen Scott (i84) (still alive)
Joseph, Devon Scott (i85) (still alive)


Jourdan, Albert (marriage to Effie Scott) (i1519), b.1885-


Jr., Randy Warner. (i4278)


Kagy, unknown (marriage to Margaret Evelyn Mann) (i1654)


Kanouse, John (i3965), b.1808-
Kanouse, Mary (i1069), b.1828-d.1909
Kanouse, Mary (marriage to Solomon Leffler) (i1069), b.1828-d.1909


Karsnitz, Christian (marriage to Anna Marie Batdorf) (i271)


Katterman, Michael (marriage to Maria Elizabeth Batdorf) (i270)


Keele, William F. (marriage to Rosetta Stanford) (i1432)


Keelin, M. (marriage to J. W. Green) (i3766)


Keely, William (marriage to Margery Talkington) (i1187)


Kelsey, Matilda (marriage to Moses Anspach) (i3584)


Kercher, Gottfried (marriage to Anna Margaret Anspach) (i21), b.1732-d.1811


Kercheval, Clarence F. (i437)
Kercheval, Clarence F. (marriage to Nellie McKee) (i437)
Kercheval, John Marine (i1739)
Kercheval, Kathryn (i1741)
Kercheval, Kenneth (i1742)


Kerling, Ellen or Ella (marriage to Johan Adam Jr. Anspach) (i3639)


Kerr, Jonathan (marriage to Ellen Anspach) (i215)


Kettler, April Dawn (i3243) (still alive)
Kettler, Jimmy Hugh (i3242) (still alive)
Kettler, Robin Lynn (i3244) (still alive)


Kettner, Christina (marriage to Joseph Anspach) (i4895)


Kidwiler, Rachel (marriage to Phillip Deem) (i2177)


Kilgore, Cindy Lynn (i4151)
Kilgore, Clifton Z., Iii (i4215)
Kilgore, Clifton Z., Jr. (i4149) (still alive)
Kilgore, Crystal Irene (i4208)
Kilgore, David Paul (i4152) (still alive)
Kilgore, David Paul, Jr. (i4206)
Kilgore, Douglas Ray (i4153)
Kilgore, Ladonna Kay (i4155)
Kilgore, Lucas (i4230)
Kilgore, Robert (i4150)
Kilgore, Robert John (i4214)
Kilgore, Terry Lee (i4154)
Kilgore, Travis (i4228)
Kilgore, Trevor (i4229)


King, Bessie Gennettie (i4060), b.1899-d.1990
King, Elsie Marie (i4063), b.1906-d.1992
King, Goldie Elen (i4059), b.1896-d.1934
King, John Michael (marriage to Francis Anspach) (i4599)
King, Lucy Lucretia (i4062), b.1904-d.1980
King, Mae Belle (i4058), b.1892-d.1970
King, Mary Agnes (i4057), b.1891-d.1968
King, Mary W. (marriage to William Peter Guyton) (i4650)
King, Rachel Lulu (i4061), b.1901-d.1995
King, Robert Luther (i4053), b.1867-d.1907
King, Robert Luther (marriage to Addie Mae or Abagail M. Canull) (i4053), b.1867-d.1907


Kinney, Mary (marriage to John Stewart) (i4400)


Kintzer, Anna Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Kurr) (i898)
Kintzer, John (i3615)


Kinzter, Madgelena (i3613), b.1780-
Kinzter, Madgelena (marriage to John Adam Anspach) (i3613), b.1780-


Kitchen, Count (i3436)
Kitchen, Count (marriage to Dora Edith Henderson) (i3436)
Kitchen, Irene (i3437), b.1915-


Kitley, Margaret A. (marriage to Andrew J. Colclasure) (i1959)


Klieboeker, Bethany Maria (i3328) (still alive)
Klieboeker, Corinne Nicole (i2564) (still alive)
Klieboeker, Mark (i2563) (still alive)


Kline, Levi (marriage to Mary Israel) (i707)


Klinger, Alice (i4768)
Klinger, Claire (i4770)
Klinger, Daisy (i4765)
Klinger, David (i4766)
Klinger, George (i4613)
Klinger, Gertrude (i4769)
Klinger, Mahala (marriage to George W. Anspach) (i4451), b.1853-d.1904
Klinger, Margaret (marriage to Solomon Anspach) (i4597), b.1828-d.1900
Klinger, Preston Wiest (i4764)
Klinger, Preston Wiest (marriage to Emma L. Anspach) (i4764)


Klingler, (Mary) Elizabeth (i4612), b.1843-
Klingler, (Mary) Elizabeth (marriage to Levi Anspach) (i4612), b.1843-


Klock, Anna Cathrtina (marriage to Hans Henrich Anspach) (i386)


Knable, Catherine (i4633), b.1777-
Knable, Catherine (marriage to Jacob Feidt) (i4633), b.1777-
Knable, Christopher (i4631)
Knable, Christopher (marriage to Catherine Walborn) (i4631)
Knable, George Peter (i4632), b.1744-


Knight, Barbara Kay (i2643) (still alive)
Knight, Harold Dale "James" (i2641) (still alive)
Knight, Harold Dee (i2644) (still alive)
Knight, Randy Dale (i2642) (still alive)


Koenig, Donna Lucille (marriage to Lawrence Jonathan Anspach) (i4674), b.1917-d.1971


Kolb, Margaretha (marriage to Georg Anspach) (i3736), b.1615-


Koonce, Brandon Lee (i2469) (still alive)
Koonce, James (i2468) (still alive)


Krohn, Harriet Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Marion Anspach) (i4554), b.1875-d.1938


Kuhl, Brandon Tyler (i1369) (still alive)
Kuhl, Herman (i1370)
Kuhl, Kelsey Beth (i1372) (still alive)
Kuhl, Richard Delbert (i1367) (still alive)
Kuhl, Travis James (i1368) (still alive)


Kuhn, Letha May (marriage to John Thomas Tietsort) (i473)


Kurr, Anna Maria (marriage to George Peter Batdorf) (i2202)
Kurr, Caterina (i4), b.1775-d.1832
Kurr, Caterina (marriage to John Anspach) (i4), b.1775-d.1832
Kurr, Edward (marriage to Catherine Anspach) (i213), b.1809-
Kurr, Thomas (i897), b.1754-d.1832
Kurr, Thomas (i899), b.1717-d.1791


Lacey, Nancy J. (i2122), b.1846-d.1909
Lacey, Nancy J. (marriage to William Aaron Michael Butts) (i2122), b.1846-d.1909


Lackey, David Lee (i4705) (still alive)
Lackey, Jared Paul (i4704) (still alive)
Lackey, Jim (i4703) (still alive)


Lacy, Hiram L. (i2123)


Ladden, Genevieve Theresa (marriage to Kenneth Ray Deubler Ii) (i4211)


Lambert, Alice Maude (i185) (still alive)
Lambert, Ann (i183), b.1913-
Lambert, Philena (i184), b.1907-d.1919
Lambert, Reuben (i115), b.1875-d.1936
Lambert, Reuben (marriage to America Ann Colclasure) (i115), b.1875-d.1936
Lambert, Susie (i19), b.1906-d.1996
Lambert, Susie (marriage to Harvey Oliver Barringer) (i19), b.1906-d.1996


Landreth, John William (marriage to Sarah Toliver) (i1491)
Landreth, William Henry (marriage to Emily Toliver) (i1499)


Lange, Bethany Nicole (i144) (still alive)
Lange, John (i142) (still alive)
Lange, Justin J. (i143) (still alive)


Lanning, Anne (marriage to Peter Anspach) (i131), b.1816-d.1854


Larison, Nettie (marriage to Harry Russell Anspach) (i4670), b.1912-


Lascomb, Sophia E. (marriage to John J. Anspach) (i4779)


Lauer, Anna Catherine (i3572), b.1783-
Lauer, Benjamin (i3571), b.1776-
Lauer, Christian Jr. (i930), b.1759-
Lauer, Christian Jr. (marriage to Eva Christina Anspach) (i930), b.1759-
Lauer, Christian Sr. (i3573)


Laur, Eva Elizabeth (marriage to Johannes Anspach) (i3558)


Lazure, John C. (marriage to Margaret Deem) (i2200)
Lazure, Mary (marriage to Jacob Deem) (i2175)


Leatherman, Jennifer Diane (i3836) (still alive)
Leatherman, Julie Ann (i3831) (still alive)
Leatherman, Krysti Marie (i3837) (still alive)
Leatherman, Kurt Arnold (i3830) (still alive)
Leatherman, Lynn Stanley (i3829) (still alive)
Leatherman, Matthew Kenneth (i3832) (still alive)
Leatherman, Stefanie Marie (i3833) (still alive)


Leathers, Emery (marriage to Silvey Williamson) (i781)


Lebo, Catherine Elizabeth (marriage to John Leonard Riedt or Reed) (i2213), b.1740-


Lee, Betheny (marriage to Isaac Enoch) (i2198)


Leffler, Amanda (i1070), b.1841-
Leffler, Cassie (i3973)
Leffler, Elizabeth (i3969)
Leffler, Ellen (i721), b.1843-d.1924
Leffler, Ellen (marriage to Solomon Leslie Anspach) (i721), b.1843-d.1924
Leffler, Gotlieb (i4517), b.1728-d.1790
Leffler, Isaac (i1051), b.1837-
Leffler, Jacob (i3968)
Leffler, John (i1057), b.1849-
Leffler, John (i1071), b.1848-
Leffler, John (i3971)
Leffler, Joseph (i1059), b.1851-
Leffler, Leonard (i229), b.1799-d.1849
Leffler, Leonard (marriage to Margaret Anspach) (i229), b.1799-d.1849
Leffler, Lucinda Jane (i1058), b.1850-
Leffler, Malinda (i1055), b.1845-d.1860
Leffler, Margaret (i1053), b.1827-
Leffler, Margaret (i1056), b.1846-
Leffler, Margaret (marriage to John Thomas) (i1053), b.1827-
Leffler, Michael (i1052), b.1832-
Leffler, Michael (i1066), b.1823-
Leffler, Philip (i1062), b.1752-d.1816
Leffler, Philip (marriage to Catherine Riedt or Reed) (i1062), b.1752-d.1816
Leffler, Sally (marriage to George Elias McKee) (i299)
Leffler, Saloma (marriage to Calvin Henderson) (i1932), b.1830-d.1908
Leffler, Salome (i237), b.1818-d.1901
Leffler, Salome (marriage to Jacob Anspach) (i237), b.1818-d.1901
Leffler, Salome (marriage to Moses Parkison) (i237), b.1818-d.1901
Leffler, Sarah (i1064), b.1820-
Leffler, Solomon (i725), b.1822-d.1862
Leffler, Solomon (i725b), b.1832.
Leffler, Solomon (i1061), b.1798-d.1826
Leffler, Solomon (i1068), b.1826-d.1882
Leffler, Solomon (marriage to Catherine Anspach) (i1061), b.1798-d.1826
Leffler, Solomon (marriage to Mary Kanouse) (i1068), b.1826-d.1882
Leffler, Susan (i3970)
Leffler, Thomas (i3972)


Lehmann, Greg (i2554) (still alive)
Lehmann, Necholas Shay (i3327) (still alive)
Lehmann, Zachery Taylor (i3326) (still alive)


Leininger, Mary (marriage to Warren Lee Anspach) (i4807)


Lemasters, Benjamin (i3753), b.1815-d.1882
Lemasters, Robert H. (i3546), b.1840-
Lemasters, Robert H. (marriage to Indiana Anspach) (i3546), b.1840-


Lenker, Sarah (marriage to Elias Anspach) (i4760)


Leuty, Roscoe Roy (marriage to Gladys Stanford) (i1553), b.1900-d.1960


Lewing, Conrad (i4341), b.1874-d.1960
Lewing, Conrad (marriage to Catherine Isabel Smith) (i4341), b.1874-d.1960
Lewing, Henry (i4348)
Lewing, Jacob Henry (i4343), b.1906-
Lewing, John William (i4346), b.1909-
Lewing, Mary Elizabeth (i4347), b.1914-
Lewing, Ruth Catherine (i503)
Lewing, Ruth Catherine (marriage to Clarence Anspach) (i503)


Lewis, Homer Clegg Jr. (i4276)
Lewis, Homer Clegg (i4275)
Lewis, James Robert (i4279)
Lewis, Kenneth Eugene (i4277)
Lewis, Sharon Belle (i4278)


Ligett, Jane (marriage to Thomas Israel) (i2125), b.1801-d.1850


Lightfoot, Elizabeth (marriage to Elton Morrow) (i3693)


Lisenbey, Albert Eugene (i2299) (still alive)
Lisenbey, Audie Albert "Aud" (i2297), b.1888-d.1971
Lisenbey, Audie Albert "Aud" (marriage to Ella Heflin) (i2297), b.1888-d.1971
Lisenbey, James Taylor (i2298) (still alive)
Lisenbey, Steven Eugene (i2321) (still alive)


Lisenby, Paula Ann (i2318) (still alive)


Littrell, Carolyn Louise (i2304) (still alive)
Littrell, Elizabeth (marriage to Ellis Pat Butts) (i2120), b.1875-d.1917
Littrell, Hulen Albert (i2302), b.1909-d.1973
Littrell, James Richard (i2300), b.1939-d.1995
Littrell, Joseph Nelson (i2307) (still alive)
Littrell, Kenneth Joseph (i2305) (still alive)
Littrell, Laura Lee (i2309) (still alive)
Littrell, Michael O'Dell (i2308) (still alive)
Littrell, Nicholas Arion (i3350) (still alive)


Lively, Sue (marriage to Wilmur Claire Anspach) (i4268), b.1896-d.1985


Livengood, ? (marriage to Kathryn Talkington) (i2242)


Lloyd, Debra Kay (i3176) (still alive)
Lloyd, Josephine (marriage to Kenneth Anspach) (i4820)
Lloyd, Richard Jay (i3175) (still alive)
Lloyd, Richard Jay Ii (i3178) (still alive)


Logan, Margaret Jane (i4392), b.1832-d.1903
Logan, Margaret Jane (marriage to John Wesley Deem) (i4392), b.1832-d.1903
Logan, Samuel (i4393)
Logan, Thomas E. (marriage to Rachel A. Henderson) (i1934), b.1835-
Logan, Wayne (marriage to Goldie Stanford) (i2219), b.1906-


Lohman, Charles Frederick (i1844), b.1863-d.1906
Lohman, Charles Frederick (marriage to Emma Loretta Anspach) (i1844), b.1863-d.1906
Lohman, Grover C. (i1845), b.1891-d.1937
Lohman, Henry (i1847)
Lohman, Lester Leroy (i1849), b.1894-d.1958
Lohman, Marion L. (i1853), b.1904-
Lohman, Nettie L. (i1850), b.1897-
Lohman, William Luther (i1852), b.1899-d.1937


Long, Glen E. (marriage to Vera May Barnhart) (i1762)
Long, Lowell E. (marriage to Evelyn E. Barnhart) (i1760)
Long, Mary Magdalena (marriage to Samuel M. Anspach) (i4233), b.1844-d.1910
Long, Rachel (marriage to John C. Holmes) (i3977)


Longsdorf, Catherine (marriage to John H. Longsdorf) (i4888), b.1855-d.1895
Longsdorf, Ernie L. (i4889), b.1893-d.1898
Longsdorf, George W. (i4873), b.1877-d.1899
Longsdorf, John H. (i4872), b.1839-d.1905
Longsdorf, John H. (marriage to Mary Martha Anspach) (i4872), b.1839-d.1905
Longsdorf, Josie E. (i4878), b.1884-
Longsdorf, Mary E. (i4874), b.1879-d.1891
Longsdorf, Myrtia (i4883), b.1881-d.1882
Longsdorf, Odessa (i4879), b.1888-


Loony, Amber Jo (i2381) (still alive)
Loony, Jeff (i2379) (still alive)
Loony, Misty Dawn (i2380) (still alive)


Lough, Samuel (marriage to Mary Talkington) (i1184)


Lovett, Edem (marriage to Ella Mount) (i454)


Lowe, Mary Pendleton (marriage to John Beck McKee) (i427)


Loy, Amanda Dawn (i2545) (still alive)
Loy, Christopher Wayne (i2546) (still alive)


Loyd, Mr. (i4308)
Loyd, Mr. (marriage to Latonnia Beatrice Deubler) (i4308)
Loyd, Vanessa Janelle (i4309)


Luecke, unknown (marriage to Barbara Anspach) (i4693)


Luttrell, Alexander L. (i1537), b.1849-
Luttrell, Amanda (i1521), b.1865-d.1870
Luttrell, Andrew (i1539), b.1851-
Luttrell, Benjamin Franklin (i1525), b.1870-
Luttrell, Benjamin J. (i1535), b.1828-d.1900
Luttrell, Charles W. (i1528), b.1874-
Luttrell, Cora May (i1230), b.1879-
Luttrell, Elizabeth (i1541) (still alive)
Luttrell, Francis (i1527), b.1872-d.1880
Luttrell, Herbert Alonzo (i1229), b.1878-d.1880
Luttrell, Ida (i1530), b.1878-
Luttrell, John (i1532), b.1800-d.1857
Luttrell, John W. (i1524), b.1867-d.1900
Luttrell, Laura Eveline (i1387), b.1894-d.1993
Luttrell, Laura Eveline (marriage to Roy J. Stanford) (i1387), b.1894-d.1993
Luttrell, Mary (i1542), b.1857-
Luttrell, Mary S. (i1546), b.1841-d.1850
Luttrell, Nathaniel (i1232)
Luttrell, Orsilla (i1544)
Luttrell, Thomas (i1543), b.1864-
Luttrell, Thomas G. (i1414), b.1841-d.1921
Luttrell, Thomas G. (marriage to Anna Boyle) (i1414), b.1841-d.1921
Luttrell, Thomas G. (marriage to Rebecca Elizabeth Tripp) (i1414), b.1841-d.1921
Luttrell, William (i1534), b.1820-d.1840
Luttrell, William Leuthrell Or (i1228), b.1849-d.1897
Luttrell, William Leuthrell Or (marriage to Lydia Margaret Tinkler) (i1228), b.1849-d.1897


Lydick, Mary (marriage to Stephen Jacob Talkington) (i1162)


Lyles, Gwendolyn Kay (i3406) (still alive)
Lyles, Thomas Ray (i3268) (still alive)
Lyles, Thomas Ray Jr. (i3405) (still alive)


Lynn or Linn, John (i4526)
Lynn or Linn, Lidia Ann (i4525), b.1813-d.1872
Lynn or Linn, Lidia Ann (marriage to D. Peter Anspach) (i4525), b.1813-d.1872


Mackey, Unknown (i1608)
Mackey, Unknown (marriage to Rebecca Elizabeth Tripp) (i1608)
Mackey, William P. (i1609), b.1916-


Madden, Elsie (marriage to Thomas Israel) (i712)


Maffitt, Alyssa Ann (i3281) (still alive)
Maffitt, Kerry Beth (i2400) (still alive)
Maffitt, Kirsten Patrice (i3275) (still alive)
Maffitt, Mari Lynn (i2399) (still alive)
Maffitt, Robert Joseph (i2398) (still alive)
Maffitt, Robert Lewis (i2397) (still alive)
Maffitt, Tyler Logan (i3274) (still alive)


Magill, Ellis (marriage to Ella Mae Anspach) (i4866)


Mangold, Katharina (marriage to Johann Nicolaus Anspach) (i3735)


Mann, Adaline (i200), b.1858-d.1943
Mann, Alice Ann (i358), b.1848-d.1869
Mann, Alma (i1628)
Mann, Amy Lucille (i1639) (still alive)
Mann, Archibald (i1113), b.1795-
Mann, Archibald Jr. (i1624), b.1830-d.1874
Mann, Bradford Lyon (i365), b.1860-d.1933
Mann, Caroline (marriage to Michael Leffler) (i1067), b.1820-
Mann, Charles (i116), b.1868-d.1942
Mann, Charles Anspach (i1115), b.1897-d.1987
Mann, Clara (i1659)
Mann, Claude (i1625), b.1893-
Mann, Edna (i1655), b.1896-d.1997
Mann, Erma (i1649), b.1895-d.1935
Mann, Forest (i1645), b.1902-d.1998
Mann, Forest (marriage to Audrey Carter) (i1645), b.1902-d.1998
Mann, Frank (i1637), b.1899-d.1974
Mann, Frank (marriage to Iredell Perkins) (i1637), b.1899-d.1974
Mann, Glen R. (i1652)
Mann, Herbert Creekmur (i1651)
Mann, Jacob Anspach (i193), b.1856-d.1938
Mann, James (i188), b.1820-d.1869
Mann, James (marriage to Margaret Anspach) (i188), b.1820-d.1869
Mann, James Edward (i1630) (still alive)
Mann, James Henry (i121), b.1865-d.1951
Mann, John (i2087), b.1860-
Mann, John W. (i2129), b.1827-
Mann, Mansel Dale (i201), b.1850-d.1918
Mann, Margaret Evelyn (i1653)
Mann, Martha (i1657)
Mann, Martha Louise (i1643) (still alive)
Mann, May (i384), b.1881-d.1905
Mann, May (marriage to Joseph Elzo Gray) (i384), b.1881-d.1905
Mann, Melba Jean (i1631) (still alive)
Mann, Missouri E. (i189), b.1852-d.1941
Mann, Ronald (i1647) (still alive)
Mann, Ruth (i1650), b.1895-d.1895
Mann, Sadie (i385), b.1863-d.1892
Mann, Samantha J. (i691), b.1848-
Mann, Samantha J. (marriage to Israel D. Jewett) (i691), b.1848-
Mann, unnamed (i1661)


Maple, Earl (i4832)
Maple, Earl (marriage to Glenna Roberts) (i4832)
Maple, Helen R. (i4893), b.1915-
Maple, Ted Jr. (i4894), b.1922-


Marcum, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Sr. Gillenwater) (i2065), b.1700-


Marcus, Patricia Anna (marriage to Richard Anspach) (i3698)


Marie (marriage to Lawrence Anspach) (i4842), d.2000


Marlow, Lucinda (marriage to Nicholas Chambers) (i3987), d.1891


Marshall, Rebecca A. (marriage to Isaac Anspach) (i3544), b.1832-d.1870


Martha (marriage to Thomas Gillenwater) (i2063)


Martin, Elery (i180)
Martin, Elery (marriage to Maude Tressvillian Colclasure) (i180)
Martin, Elizabeth (marriage to John S. Chambers) (i3779), b.1816-d.1886
Martin, Lois (i181)
Martin, Lucille (marriage to Isaac Elvin Gillenwater) (i2054)


Martinez, David (i3499) (still alive)
Martinez, David Jr. (i3501) (still alive)
Martinez, Jessica Maria (i3503) (still alive)
Martinez, Justin Ray David (i3502) (still alive)
Martinez, Melissa Marie (i3500) (still alive)


Martz, Otto (marriage to Lurita Ellen Newburn) (i1074)


Mary (marriage to Charles Mann) (i1116)


Matlock, Wanda Lee (marriage to Robert Henry Henderson) (i3491), b.1921-d.1991


Matthews, Catharine (marriage to Thomas Jr. Israel) (i711), b.1821-


Mauer, Nettie (marriage to John W. Anspach) (i4496)


Maurer, Hattie (marriage to John W. Anspach) (i4512), d.1897


Mayme, Anna C. (marriage to George Lewis Fiscus) (i3431)


McBride, R.D. (i1674)
McBride, Susan (i1672), b.1875-d.1953
McBride, Susan (marriage to Calvin Edward Henderson) (i1672), b.1875-d.1953
McBride, Susan (marriage to George Nathan Brown) (i1672), b.1875-d.1953


McClain, Catherine (marriage to Peter Anspach) (i1811), b.1847-d.1931


McCollum, Alma (i4044)
McCollum, Alta (i4045)
McCollum, Charles (i4040), b.1860-
McCollum, Charles (i4041)
McCollum, Charles (marriage to Catharine M. Canull) (i4040), b.1860-
McCollum, Dave (i4043)
McCollum, Flossie (i4046)
McCollum, Harold (i4042)
McCollum, Lyman (i4047)


Mcdonald, Annette (i4146)
Mcdonald, Becky A. (i4134)
Mcdonald, Betty Jean (i4099) (still alive)
Mcdonald, Coleen (i4145)
Mcdonald, Deborah Lynn (i4138), b.1956-d.1957
Mcdonald, Donald Ray (i4135), b.1963-d.1965
Mcdonald, Floyd Edgar (i4101), b.1944-d.1944
Mcdonald, James Arthur (i4100) (still alive)
Mcdonald, James Arthur, Jr. (i4144)
Mcdonald, John Allen (i4103) (still alive)
Mcdonald, John Allen, Jr. (i4148)
Mcdonald, Karen (i4136)
Mcdonald, Lanette (i4147)
Mcdonald, Lester L. (i4097), b.1913-d.1980
Mcdonald, Lester L. (marriage to Myrtle Annabelle Ream) (i4097), b.1913-d.1980
Mcdonald, Lester L., Jr. (i4102), b.1947-d.1947
Mcdonald, Raymond Eugene (i4098), b.1934-d.1989
Mcdonald, Raymond Eugene, Jr. (i4133)
McDonald, unknown (marriage to Helen Taylor) (i3444)
Mcdonald, Vickie (i4143)


Mcginnis, Amy Marie (i3146) (still alive)
Mcginnis, James Edward (i3144) (still alive)
McGinnis, John Wesley (marriage to Eliza C. Chriss) (i4081), b.1851-d.1911
Mcginnis, Jull Suzanne (i3148) (still alive)
Mcginnis, Richard James (i3145) (still alive)
Mcginnis, Terrence Edward (i3147) (still alive)


Mcintosh, Bryant (i2645)
Mcintosh, Bryant (marriage to Bessie Twintella White) (i2645)
Mcintosh, Charlene (i4225) (still alive)
Mcintosh, Debbie Sue (i4201) (still alive)
McIntosh, Garret Wayne (i3463) (still alive)
McIntosh, Hershell E. (i3462)
Mcintosh, Jason (i4203) (still alive)
Mcintosh, Jennifer (i4202) (still alive)
Mcintosh, Jerry Eugene (i2647) (still alive)
Mcintosh, Marilyn Lou (i2648) (still alive)
Mcintosh, Raymond (i4200) (still alive)
Mcintosh, Sharon Elaine (i2649) (still alive)


McKee, Charles Otto (i294), b.1858-d.1921
McKee, Clara (i293), b.1854-d.1908
McKee, Edward Sherman (i1743), b.1919-
McKee, Eliza Jane (marriage to Archibald Henderson) (i3810)
McKee, Ella Gertrude (i430)
McKee, George Edward (i431)
McKee, George Elias (i236), b.1852-
McKee, Harley Shultz (i433), b.1878-
McKee, Henry (i112), b.1839-d.1885
McKee, Henry (i1737)
McKee, John Beck (i235), b.1847-d.1927
McKee, John Franklin (i432)
McKee, John Lowell (i1747), b.1922-
McKee, Laura (i295), b.1861-d.1950
McKee, Lydia Katherine (i429)
McKee, Marsha Barnett (i1745) (still alive)
McKee, Mary Ann (i232), b.1841-d.1842
McKee, Mary Harley (i1746) (still alive)
McKee, Nellie (i428)
McKee, Nellie (marriage to Clarence F. Kercheval) (i428)
McKee, Sabina (i234), b.1844-d.1917
McKee, Samuel (i338), b.1817-d.1895
McKee, Samuel (marriage to Catherina Beck) (i338), b.1817-d.1895
McKee, William (i233), b.1842-d.1862


McKibben, Bessie (i4050)
McKibben, David (i4338)
McKibben, Edward David (i4048), b.1861-
McKibben, Edward David (marriage to Arabella Canull) (i4048), b.1861-
McKibben, Elvert (i4049)
McKibben, Frank (i4052), b.1899-d.1968
McKibben, Letha (i4051)


McKinney, Martha E. (marriage to Jefferson Criss or Chriss) (i4407)


Mcminn, Marilee (marriage to Douglas Ray Kilgore) (i4207)


Mcwilliams, David (i3245) (still alive)
Mcwilliams, George (i3235), b.1914-d.1971
Mcwilliams, Georgia (i3237) (still alive)
Mcwilliams, Sherry Ann (i3241) (still alive)


Meaders, Donna Francine (marriage to Charles Joseph Box) (i3221)


Meador, Lectia (marriage to Pearly F. Stanford) (i2221), b.1898-
Meador, Phoeba (marriage to Walter A. Ball) (i3712), b. abt. 1870- d. abt. 1894
Meador, Versa (marriage to Walter J. Stanford) (i2218)


Meadow, Anita (i3195) (still alive)
Meadow, Donald (i3190)
Meadow, Leroy Anthony (i3191) (still alive)
Meadow, Leslie (i3193) (still alive)
Meadow, Lisa (i3196) (still alive)
Meadow, Roxanna (i3192) (still alive)
Meadow, Wayne (i3194) (still alive)


Mechling, Sarah Frances (marriage to Peter Broseus) (i4605)


Medlar, Clara A. (marriage to George W. Barnhart) (i1758)


Melendez, Jimmy (i158)
Melendez, Robert James (i159) (still alive)


Merkey, John (i421)
Merkey, John (marriage to Maria Barbara Anspach) (i421)
Merkey, John Merkey (i367), b.1769-
Merkey, Maria Elizabeth (i366), b.1773-
Merkey, Maria Magdelena (marriage to Johannes, Jr. Anspach) (i60), b.1767-


Meyer, Donald (i2243), d.1997
Meyer, Ron (i638) (still alive)


Meyers, Christian (i4629)
Meyers, Nancy (marriage to Benjamin Lemasters) (i3754), b.1810-


Michael, (Mary) Elizabeth (i763), b.1883-d.1906
Michael, (Mary) Elizabeth (marriage to Charles Williamson) (i763), b.1883-d.1906
Michael, Albert (i777)
Michael, Alta Pauline (i1583) (still alive)
Michael, Alvin A. (i772), b.1885-d.1972
Michael, Clarence (i1586) (still alive)
Michael, Cora (i758), b.1881-d.1971
Michael, Ida May (i774), b.1890-d.1990
Michael, Leo Warren (i1591) (still alive)
Michael, Mary Jane (marriage to James W. Jones) (i1663)
Michael, Minnie (i767), b.1892-d.1986
Michael, Minnie (marriage to Charles Williamson) (i767), b.1892-d.1986
Michael, Pamela Pauline (i1589) (still alive)
Michael, Samuel (i757), b.1815-d.1896
Michael, Samuel (marriage to Caroline Turner) (i757), b.1815-d.1896
Michael, Warren (i1263), b.1900-d.1996
Michael, Warren (marriage to Minnie Pashon) (i1263), b.1900-d.1996
Michael, Wesley N. (i1584), b.1869-
Michael, Wesley N. (marriage to Lucinda Arnetta Williamson) (i1584), b.1869-
Michael, William (i768)


Milburn, David (i1462), b.1832-
Milburn, Harriet E. (i1424), b.1842-
Milburn, Harriet E. (marriage to William E. Stanford) (i1424), b.1842-
Milburn, Jacob (i1465), b.1840-
Milburn, John (i1425), b.1787-
Milburn, Jonathan (i1463), b.1836-
Milburn, Joseph (i1461), b.1830-
Milburn, Rachel (i1466), b.1840-
Milburn, Sarah (i1464), b.1838-
Milburn, Susannah (i1467), b.1845-
Milburn, William (i1468), b.1847-


Miller, Barbara (i4542), b.1833-d.1910
Miller, Barbara (marriage to Leander or Lee Andrew Anspach) (i4542), b.1833-d.1910
Miller, Barbara E. (i83), b.1845-
Miller, Carl Eugene (i4163)
Miller, Eddie Eugene (i4162) (still alive)
Miller, Eddie Lee (i4165)
Miller, Emanuel (marriage to Susan Anspach) (i1804), b.1840-
Miller, Emelina (marriage to Henry Anspach) (i3665)
Miller, Isabelah (i1666), b.1837-
Miller, Jacob (i347), b.1858-
Miller, James L. (i349), b.1851-
Miller, Jeremiah (marriage to Jane Chambers) (i3785)
Miller, Jonathan (i4545)
Miller, Jonathan N. (i1749), b.1853-d.1859
Miller, Joseph (i4656), b.1857-
Miller, Leah (marriage to Jonathan Anspach) (i4732)
Miller, Lewis (i1667), b.1841-
Miller, Martha (marriage to William Allen Anspach) (i4544), b.1855-d.1938
Miller, Newton Hamilton (i1748), b.1830-d.1857
Miller, Newton Hamilton (marriage to Barbara Ellen Anspach) (i1748), b.1830-d.1857
Miller, Samuel (i246), b.1822-
Miller, Samuel (marriage to Mary Anspach) (i246), b.1822-
Miller, Sarah (i1668), b.1843-
Miller, Shawn Michael (i4164)
Miller, Thomas (i82), b.1847-
Miller, unknown (marriage to John Kanouse) (i3966)
Miller, William (i1664), b.1792-d.1860


Mills, Julia Ann (marriage to John Chambers) (i3967), b.1820-


Minor, Charles Raymond (i535)
Minor, Raymond (i534), b.1894-
Minor, Raymond (marriage to Nellie Marie Anspach) (i534), b.1894-
Minor, Robert Edward (i536)


Mitchell, Charles Donald (i2897) (still alive)
Mitchell, Dean (i2892), b.1912-d.1982
Mitchell, Ernie Gail (i2899) (still alive)
Mitchell, Larry Dean (i2893) (still alive)
Mitchell, Linda Carol (i2895) (still alive)
Mitchell, Thresa Ann (i2902) (still alive)


Molenhour, Danny Gale (i3189) (still alive)
Molenhour, Frank (i3188), b.1932-d.1986
Molenhour, Frank (marriage to Eva Jane Weems) (i3188), b.1932-d.1986


Monical, Sarah E. (marriage to Abraham Asten Colclasure) (i1956)


Monteleone, Dominic Peter (marriage to Ruth Alleene Anspach) (i4261), b.1908-d.1996


Montgomery, William (marriage to Mary Polly Chambers) (i3783)


Monts, Robert Eugene (i4234) (still alive)


Moore, Abigail Marie (i4322) (still alive)
Moore, Daniel Keith (i4231)
Moore, Daniel Keith (marriage to Lena Marie Freytag) (i4231)
Moore, Ella (marriage to Clyde Anspach) (i513)
Moore, Frank (marriage to Edith Anspach) (i4781)
Moore, Jenny (marriage to Sherman Edward Henderson) (i3490)
Moore, Keith Daniel (i4321) (still alive)
Moore, Margaret Ann (marriage to Elijah Gillenwater) (i2047)
Moore, Mary (marriage to John Corrie) (i1995)


Morgan, Bobby Gene (i2989) (still alive)
Morgan, Bobby Joe (i2994) (still alive)
Morgan, Brenda Lee (i3008) (still alive)
Morgan, Brynn Durward (i3005) (still alive)
Morgan, Cheryl Ann (i2999) (still alive)
Morgan, Christopher Douglas (i3010) (still alive)
Morgan, Dewey Judson (i2979) (still alive)
Morgan, Donald Eugene (i2997) (still alive)
Morgan, Jimmy Carroll (i3000) (still alive)
Morgan, Michael Glenn (i2992) (still alive)
Morgan, Patricia Maureen Gabriel (i2995) (still alive)
Morgan, Randall Howard (i3009) (still alive)
Morgan, Richard Allen (i3007) (still alive)
Morgan, Sara Helen (i2980) (still alive)
Morgan, Tammy (i3002) (still alive)
Morgan, Timothy Blair (i3004) (still alive)


Morlan, Charlene (i644) (still alive)
Morlan, Earl (i1042)


Morrison, Harriet Saeline (marriage to James Albert White) (i2599), b.1902-d.1968
Morrison, Helen Rose White (i2600), b.1920-d.1934


Morrow, Elton (i3692)
Morrow, Juanita (i3689) (still alive)


Mount, Alfred H. (i449), b.1852-d.1935
Mount, Alfred H. (marriage to Mary M. (Dora) Anspach) (i449), b.1852-d.1935
Mount, Donna (i451), b.1887-d.1968
Mount, Ella (i450), b.1882-d.1918
Mount, Maude (i452), b.1890-d.1950
Mount, Maude (marriage to Edgar Crim) (i452), b.1890-d.1950


Mulvaney, Margaret Jane (marriage to Samuel Edward Webb) (i3534), b.1901-d.1970


Mulvihill, Daniel James (i178) (still alive)
Mulvihill, Linda Jean (i31) (still alive)
Mulvihill, Lora Ann (i34) (still alive)
Mulvihill, Michael Dennis (i16) (still alive)
Mulvihill, Ryan Michael (i140) (still alive)


Murphy, Nancy (marriage to Adam Jr. Diehm) (i2194)


Murray, Margaret (marriage to Claude Mann) (i1626), b.1891-d.1944


Myers, Elizabeth Darvis (i3715), b.1811-d.1902
Myers, Elizabeth Darvis (marriage to Oren H. Daggett) (i3715), b.1811-d.1902


Nace, Catharine (marriage to William Stelly Anspach) (i4717)


Nathen, Nancy (marriage to Henry Williamson) (i864)


Neaville, Danny Lyn (i2853) (still alive)
Neaville, Lenard Ray (i2852) (still alive)
Neaville, Perry Leonard (i2851), b.1922-d.1978


Neely, Aurilla (marriage to Mansel Dale Mann) (i282)


Newburn, Alice Gertrude (i1078), b.1887-
Newburn, Arilla Elizabeth (i1087), b.1898-
Newburn, Bertha Frances (i1080), b.1889-
Newburn, Cassie Albert (i1084), b.1894-
Newburn, Charles Holman (i1072), b.1861-d.1938
Newburn, Charles Holman (marriage to Mary Mahalie Anspach) (i1072), b.1861-d.1938
Newburn, Frank Harold (i1095), b.1906-d.1906
Newburn, Harvey Elmer (i1076), b.1885-
Newburn, Ida Jane (i1086), b.1896-d.1912
Newburn, James Olphand (i1093), b.1904-
Newburn, Lurita Ellen (i1073), b.1884-
Newburn, Mary Nellie (i1082), b.1892-
Newburn, Rose Marie (i1090), b.1902-d.1978
Newburn, Thomas William (i1089), b.1900-d.1916


Newby, Rebecca D. (marriage to Jesse James Talkington) (i2227)


Nichols, Brenda Joyce (i2795) (still alive)
Nichols, Delores Marie (i2788) (still alive)
Nichols, Donnajeanne (i2790) (still alive)
Nichols, Elmer Harold (i2736) (still alive)
Nichols, Gregory Paul (i2802) (still alive)
Nichols, Jacueline Lavaughn White (i2786) (still alive)
Nichols, Janice Eileen (i2797) (still alive)
Nichols, Karen Elaine (i2793) (still alive)
Nichols, Randy Dwain (i2800) (still alive)


Nickerson, Hubbard (marriage to Margaret Deem) (i2201)


Nix, Georgiann (marriage to Herman Kuhl) (i1371)


Nixon, Juliet (marriage to Joseph D. Israel) (i2137)


Noll, Anna (marriage to Philip Hunsicker) (i4899)


Norris, Karen Lavell (i2985), b.1949-d.1950
Norris, Leslie Lavell (i2981) (still alive)
Norris, Leslie Terrell (i2986) (still alive)
Norris, Phillip Allen (i2988) (still alive)
Norris, Sara Lynn (i2982) (still alive)
Norris, Shelila Dianne (i2983) (still alive)


O'Dell, (i3397) (still alive)
O'Dell, David Keith (i3396) (still alive)
O'Dell, Harold Keith (i2949) (still alive)
O'Dell, Sheryl Ann (i3398) (still alive)


O'Neal, Herbert (i3434)
O'Neal, Jess (i3433), b.1895-
O'Neal, Jess (marriage to Ethyl E. Henderson) (i3433), b.1895-


Odenheimer, Catherine (marriage to Johannes-Michael Anspach) (i3729), b.1570-


Ogle, Brian William (i3277) (still alive)
Ogle, John William (i3276) (still alive)


Oliver, George Calvin (i340) (still alive)
Oliver, George Holmes (i10) (still alive)


Olson, Darlene Louise (i3839) (still alive)
Olson, Patricia Ann (i3828) (still alive)


Overmyer, Christina (i3746), b.1791-d.1852
Overmyer, Christina (marriage to Christian Anspach) (i3746), b.1791-d.1852
Overmyer, Emmaline (marriage to George Klinger) (i4614)
Overmyer, Johan Peter Obermayer or (i4575), b.1761-d.1843
Overmyer, Mary Catherine (i3747), b.1793-d.1873
Overmyer, Mary Catherine (marriage to Johannes Anspach) (i3747), b.1793-d.1873


Owens, Mary Ann (marriage to Benjamin J. Luttrell) (i1536)


Palmer, Kelli Nichole (i133) (still alive)
Palmer, Robert Arthur (i132) (still alive)


Parkison, Abraham J. (i4000), b.1846-
Parkison, Anna O. (i1797), b.1862-d.1915
Parkison, Catherine (i3997), b.1840-
Parkison, Emeline (i1800), b.1838-d.1858
Parkison, Emeline (marriage to John Jr. Anspach) (i1800), b.1838-d.1858
Parkison, George (i3954), b.1800-d.1840
Parkison, George Deries (i4014), b.1840-
Parkison, Hannah (i4006), b.1832-
Parkison, Henrietta (i4002), b.1855-
Parkison, James (i3953), b.1800-d.1823
Parkison, James Willis (i4010), b.1835-
Parkison, John (i3909), b.1770-d.1836
Parkison, John (i4008), b.1810-d.1860
Parkison, John (i4013), b.1837-
Parkison, John (marriage to Avis Harford) (i4008), b.1810-d.1860
Parkison, John Davis (i3955), b.1838-d.1888
Parkison, John Franklin (i3956), b.1865-d.1924
Parkison, John Henry (i4015), b.1848-
Parkison, John W. (i3996), b.1837-
Parkison, Jonathan (i3905), b.1800-d.1871
Parkison, Jonathan (marriage to Mary A. Criss) (i3905), b.1800-d.1871
Parkison, Mahala J. (i1796), b.1862-d.1864
Parkison, Mary (i4005), b.1831-
Parkison, Mary A. (i3998), b.1842-
Parkison, Mary A. (i4004), b.1802-d.1888
Parkison, Mary Jane (i204), b.1838-d.1900
Parkison, Mary Jane (marriage to John Jr. Anspach) (i204), b.1838-d.1900
Parkison, Moses (i727), b.1805-d.1872
Parkison, Moses (marriage to Salome Leffler) (i727), b.1805-d.1872
Parkison, Moses A. (i4001), b.1849-
Parkison, Phebe E. (i3999), b.1844-
Parkison, Samuel (i3904), b.1810-d.1855
Parkison, Samuel (marriage to Sarah Anne Chambers) (i3904), b.1810-d.1855
Parkison, Sarah (i3995), b.1836-
Parkison, Sarah (i4007), b.1841-
Parkison, William Franklin (i3957), b.1895-d.1984
Parkison, William H. (i4003), b.1858-


Pashon, Andrew (i1457), b.1852-
Pashon, Emma (i1266), b.1890-d.1964
Pashon, Henry (i1250), b.1851-d.1939
Pashon, Henry (marriage to Artilda Stowers) (i1250), b.1851-d.1939
Pashon, John A. (i1253), b.1990-d.1965
Pashon, John A. (marriage to Inez C. Fields) (i1253), b.1990-d.1965
Pashon, Lester (i1256) (still alive)
Pashon, Marshal (i1255) (still alive)
Pashon, Maxine (i1257) (still alive)
Pashon, Minnie (i1262), b.1910-d.1965
Pashon, Minnie (marriage to Warren Michael) (i1262), b.1910-d.1965
Pashon, Minnie Mabel (i1246), b.1893-d.1992
Pashon, Minnie Mabel (marriage to James Jesse Tinkler) (i1246), b.1893-d.1992
Pashon, Nicholas (i1252), b.1814-d.1870
Pashon, Nicholas (i1264), b.1889-d.1985
Pashon, Nicholas (marriage to Maude S. Thomas) (i1264), b.1889-d.1985
Pashon, Viola Catherine (i1259), b.1982-
Pashon, William (i1260), b.1886-d.1961


Patterson, Mr. (marriage to Margaret Anspach) (i3682)


Patton, Gladys (marriage to Jesse Joseph Snakenberg) (i1940), b.1929-d.1999


Paul, Allen (i378), b.1876-d.1942
Paul, Allen (marriage to Sarah Isabel Gray) (i378), b.1876-d.1942
Paul, Charles (i3854)
Paul, Charlie (i3867), b.1873-
Paul, Charlie (i3880) (still alive)
Paul, Clarence (i3887)
Paul, Clarence Avery (i3883) (still alive)
Paul, Dale (i3903)
Paul, Dave (i3853)
Paul, Dora (i3856)
Paul, Edna (i3862)
Paul, Elbridge Allen (i3874), b.1900-d.1968
Paul, Eliza J. (i3849), b.1844-
Paul, Elizabeth Ann (i3866), b.1864-
Paul, Emma (i3855)
Paul, Eva (i3886)
Paul, Flora (i3891), b.1879-
Paul, Freddie Bryan (i3882), b.1912-d.1913
Paul, Genettie (i3892), b.1883-
Paul, Hamilton (i3864), b.1858-
Paul, Helen (i3861)
Paul, James Alexander (i3847), b.1831-d.1904
Paul, James R. (i3852)
Paul, John (i3845)
Paul, John Henry (i3889), b.1875-
Paul, John Leslie (i3885) (still alive)
Paul, John Robert (i3842), b.1836-d.1913
Paul, Leona (i3872) (still alive)
Paul, Lorettie (i3893), b.1883-
Paul, Lottie (i3877) (still alive)
Paul, Margaret Esther (i3875) (still alive)
Paul, Martha (i3848), b.1835-
Paul, Mildred A. (i3850), b.1846-
Paul, Nancy J. (i3851), b.1858-
Paul, Ocliff (i3881), b.1911-d.1912
Paul, Oscar (i3902)
Paul, Pearl (i3878), b.1906-d.1918
Paul, Percy Leonard (i3884) (still alive)
Paul, Ralph (i3871), b.1895-d.1966
Paul, Raymond (i3873), b.1898-d.1918
Paul, Ruth (i3876), b.1903-d.1903
Paul, Sarah (i3841), b.1871-d.1958
Paul, Sarah (i4450), b.1857-
Paul, Theo Blanche (i3879), b.1908-d.1908
Paul, Unknown (i3863)
Paul, William (i3865), b.1861-d.1939
Paul, William Thomas (i3857)


Paulus, Lafayette (marriage to Lydia Ann Anspach) (i4863)


Payne, (Alvia) Lee (i816) (still alive)
Payne, Carolyn Sue (i817) (still alive)
Payne, Cathy Jo (i826) (still alive)
Payne, Heather (i825) (still alive)
Payne, Michelle (i824) (still alive)
Payne, Steven Lee (i822) (still alive)


Pearce, Avolyn (i549)
Pearce, Ora C. (i548)
Pearce, Ora C. (marriage to Mary Jane Brooks) (i548)


Peden, Lounez (i3373)
Peden, Perry Joseph (i2924)
Peden, Perry Joseph (marriage to Martha Alma White) (i2924)
Peden, William Aaron (i3374)


Perkins, Chriss (i4019) (still alive)
Perkins, Dr. Herman (i1641), b.1883-
Perkins, Iredell (i1638), b.1902-d.1973
Perkins, Iredell (marriage to Frank Mann) (i1638), b.1902-d.1973
Perkins, Male (i4018), b.1911-


Persinger, Mark Wayne (i3272)
Persinger, Michael (i3401) (still alive)


Peters, Doris Fern (marriage to Everett Anspach) (i1821)
Peters, Mariah Magdalena (marriage to Johann George Anspach) (i4458), b.1778-d.1857


Petro, George (i1915), b.1823-d.1907
Petro, George (marriage to Armilda or Amilda Barnett) (i1915), b.1823-d.1907
Petro, Levi (i4378)


Petroff, Unknown (marriage to Elizabeth Tinkler) (i1244)


Pflueger, Rosina (marriage to Ludwig Ridenour) (i4580)


Phelps, Bessie Joan (marriage to Charles Lewis Pollard) (i1313)
Phelps, Rolla E. (marriage to William Henry Williamson) (i839)


Pickle, Charley Pickel (marriage to Cora Michael) (i761)


Piel, Wilhemine (marriage to Henry Lohman) (i1848)


Pierce, Mary (marriage to James Foster) (i2099), b. ca. 1820-30 d. before 1862


Pilgreen, Hernando "Jack" (i3011), b.1900-d.1975
Pilgreen, Josephine Lenell (i3013) (still alive)
Pilgreen, Martha (i3375)
Pilgreen, Mavis Alma (i3012) (still alive)


Ping, John (i4881), b.1812-
Ping, Margaret (marriage to Silas E. Ping) (i4890), b.1858-d.1918
Ping, Norma May (i4882), b.1879-d.1881
Ping, Silas E. (i4880), b.1849-d.1915
Ping, Silas E. (marriage to Josephine Ann Anspach) (i4880), b.1849-d.1915


Pinnow or Pinnau, Bertha Elizabeth (marriage to Eddie L. Anspach) (i1855), b.1887-d.1959


Pippin, Addie (marriage to Charles W. Luttrell) (i1529)


Pitcher, Rachel H. (marriage to John Laurey Anspach) (i1717)


Pitman, George W. (i1511), b.1845-
Pitman, Joseph (i1479), b.1838-
Pitman, Margaret (i1483), b.1839-
Pitman, Martin (i1509), b.1842-
Pitman, Mary A. (i1481), b.1840-
Pitman, Mary J. (i1241), b.1871-
Pitman, Rachel (i1512), b.1857-
Pitman, Ransom (i1477), b.1837-
Pitman, Robert H. (i1475)
Pitman, Robert H. (marriage to Susan Toliver) (i1475)
Pitman, Susannah Toliver (i1224), b.1933-
Pitman, Susannah Toliver (marriage to Francis Marion Tinkler) (i1224), b.1933-
Pitman, Susannah Toliver (marriage to Unknown Pitman) (i1224), b.1933-
Pitman, Unknown (i1240)
Pitman, Unknown (marriage to Susannah Toliver Pitman) (i1240)
Pitman, William R. (i1485), b.1840-


Plaugher, Amber Nicole (i4212) (still alive)
Plaugher, Andrew Dean (i4219) (still alive)
Plaugher, Ashley Renee (i4218) (still alive)
Plaugher, Brian Eugene (i4140)
Plaugher, Dean Edward (i4137) (still alive)
Plaugher, Edward Eugene (i4139)
Plaugher, Jean Ann (i4141)
Plaugher, Joshua Wayne (i4223) (still alive)
Plaugher, Kendra Eccard (i4221) (still alive)
Plaugher, Ryan Anthony (i4222) (still alive)


Poff, Charlene (i1873), b.1929-
Poff, Charles (i1868), b.1924-
Poff, Charles E. (i1857), b.1905-
Poff, Charles E. (marriage to Esther Anspach) (i1857), b.1905-
Poff, Hazel H. (marriage to Grover C. Lohman) (i1846)
Poff, Joyce (i1874), b.1944-
Poff, Melvin (i1870), b.1934-
Poff, Millard (i1872), b.1928-
Poff, Norma Jean (i1869), b.1930-
Poff, Wilbur (i1871), b.1926-


Poling or Poland, Julia Ann (marriage to Otto Anspach) (i4684), b.1848-d.1916


Pollard, Anita Dawn (i1339) (still alive)
Pollard, Charles Lewis (i1312)
Pollard, Christina Sue (i1319) (still alive)
Pollard, Dorthy (i1316) (still alive)
Pollard, Forest Lewis (i1314) (still alive)
Pollard, Leo (i1286), b.1931-d.1988
Pollard, Marie (i1311) (still alive)
Pollard, Melissa (i1317) (still alive)
Pollard, Mettie (marriage to James Olphand Newburn) (i1094)
Pollard, Roy Leo (i1309) (still alive)


Polly (marriage to William Gray) (i4437), b.1819-d.1880


Pond, Claude (marriage to Anna E. Anspach) (i4786)


Pongratz, Edward Charles (i137)
Pongratz, Monica Maria (i26) (still alive)
Pongratz, Nanette Marie (i30) (still alive)


Porter, Anna M. (marriage to Samuel Stanford) (i1442)
Porter, Celia Erma (i3941), b.1913-d.1914
Porter, Cora Alice (i3940), b.1912-d.1914
Porter, Hellen Mary (i277), b.1915-d.1940
Porter, Hellen Mary (marriage to Thomas G. Anspach) (i277), b.1915-d.1940
Porter, Joseph W. (i3932), b.1887-d.1924
Porter, Stephen D. (i3938), b.1822-


Potts, Mary, Gross (marriage to Harlan Jesse Snakenberg) (i1950)


Powell, William E. (marriage to Ellen Leffler) (i730), b.1831-d.1924


Prather, Orval C. (marriage to Cora Michael) (i762)
Prather, Sarah Prater or (marriage to Richard R. Colclasure) (i3921), b.1838-


Price, Eliza (marriage to Elwood Deselms) (i2092), b.1860-


Propersi, Christina Nicole (i3287) (still alive)
Propersi, Dominic (i3286)
Propersi, Nicholas Joseph (i3288) (still alive)


Prosise, Penny (Stuber) (marriage to Kenneth Robert Helm) (i3362)


Pulley, Charlene Ann (i2431) (still alive)
Pulley, Charles David (i2430) (still alive)
Pulley, Charles Rudell (i2480), b.1912-d.1967
Pulley, Charles Rudell (marriage to Dorothy Lorene Beasley) (i2480), b.1912-d.1967
Pulley, Elsie Kathleen (i2432) (still alive)
Pulley, James Lee (i3311) (still alive)
Pulley, Robert Lee (i2428) (still alive)


Purdue, Alicia Ann (i2342) (still alive)
Purdue, Bonnie Lou (i2332) (still alive)
Purdue, Calab Alexander (i2343) (still alive)
Purdue, Dale Eugene (i2328) (still alive)
Purdue, Danny (i2337) (still alive)
Purdue, David (i2349) (still alive)
Purdue, Donald Gene (i2322), b.1944-d.1944
Purdue, Donna Jean (i2323), b.1945-d.1969
Purdue, Douglas (i2348) (still alive)
Purdue, Gary Lee (i2324), b.1946-d.1973
Purdue, Ginger Ann (i2331) (still alive)
Purdue, Harvey (i2295) (still alive)
Purdue, Linda Sue (i2326) (still alive)
Purdue, Michael Ray (i2329) (still alive)
Purdue, Phillip Allen (i2325) (still alive)
Purdue, Randy Gene (i2334) (still alive)
Purdue, Rebecca Jo (i2333) (still alive)
Purdue, Roger Leon (i2330) (still alive)
Purdue, Russell Wayne (i2327), b.1951-d.1998
Purdue, Ryan (i2350) (still alive)
Purdue, Timothy Andrew (i2344) (still alive)


Quandt, Anna (i2714) (still alive)
Quandt, Anthony David "Tony" (i3041) (still alive)
Quandt, Eles Harper (i2712) (still alive)
Quandt, Ethel (i2713) (still alive)
Quandt, Iola (i2711), b.1896-d.1904
Quandt, James Lamon (i3089) (still alive)
Quandt, Janice (i3083) (still alive)
Quandt, Jerry Lee (i3091) (still alive)
Quandt, Leon Clenden (i3087) (still alive)
Quandt, Lewis (i2710), b.1858-d.1910
Quandt, Lewis (marriage to Pricilla Perplexney White) (i2710), b.1858-d.1910
Quandt, Marjorie Eloise (i3071) (still alive)
Quandt, Nancy Sue (i3085) (still alive)
Quandt, Paul Lavern (i3081) (still alive)
Quandt, Thomas Morgan (i2731) (still alive)
Quandt, Zachary Paul (i2730) (still alive)


Quillman, Anthony (i3322)
Quillman, Elizabeth Renia (i2698) (still alive)


Quinn, Harry (i539)
Quinn, Harry (marriage to Cora Jane Anspach) (i539)
Quinn, Maxine Deloris (i541)
Quinn, Naomi Virgina (i542)
Quinn, Thelma Lavonne (i540)


Rachel (marriage to Hiram Benefiel) (i4416)


Ramsey, ? (marriage to ? Anspach) (i4272)
Ramsey, William (i3675)
Ramsey, Wilma Jane (i3672), b.1911-d.1987
Ramsey, Wilma Jane (marriage to Glenn E. Anspach) (i3672), b.1911-d.1987


Rath, Louis R. (i1867), b.1908-
Rath, Louis R. (i1875), b.1944-
Rath, Louis R. (marriage to Ruth Anspach) (i1867), b.1908-
Rath, Myrna Lee (i1876), b.1947-


Rathburn, David Lynn (i558), b.1910-d.1910
Rathburn, James Otis (i559)
Rathburn, Marvin Lee (i556)
Rathburn, Otis R. (i554)
Rathburn, Otis R. (marriage to Lyra Elizabeth Tietsort) (i554)
Rathburn, Steven Douglas (i557)


Ream, Charlotte Virginia (i4092), b.1927-d.1927
Ream, Florence Cecil (i4089), b.1921-d.1989
Ream, James Franklin (i4083), b.1874-d.1940
Ream, James Franklin (marriage to Lillian Mae Anspach) (i4083), b.1874-d.1940
Ream, Koneta Marie (i4093) (still alive)
Ream, Lawrence Lee (i4125) (still alive)
Ream, Lawrence Lee, Jr. (i4194), b.1979-d.1999
Ream, Lillian Lucille (i4090), b.1921-d.1969
Ream, Lillian Lucille (marriage to Carl C. Shoemaker) (i4090), b.1921-d.1969
Ream, Marian Eileen (i4127) (still alive)
Ream, Mary Jane (i4095) (still alive)
Ream, Myrtle Annabelle (i4087), b.1912-d.1983
Ream, Myrtle Annabelle (marriage to Lester L. Mcdonald) (i4087), b.1912-d.1983
Ream, Pearl Donnamae (i4088), b.1914-d.1985
Ream, Pearl Donnamae (marriage to Ray Terflinger) (i4088), b.1914-d.1985
Ream, Ronnie Jay (i4227), b.1977-d.1977
Ream, Shawn Michael (i4195) (still alive)
Ream, Tellus Ephraim (i4085), b.1904-d.1971
Ream, William Henry (i4094), b.1931-d.1972
Ream, William Henry, Jr. (i4126) (still alive)
Ream, Willis Samuel (i4086), b.1906-d.1978


Recher, Elias (marriage to Elizabeth Anspach) (i4464)


Reddish, Carolyn (marriage to Russell Wayne Purdue) (i2340)


Redfairn, Jane (marriage to David Tripp) (i1515), b.1827-d.1880


Reed, Abram (i1131), b.1836-
Reed, Alice M. (i2154), b.1857-
Reed, Allen Major (i285), b.1854-d.1922
Reed, Ann (i2161), b.1842-d.1842
Reed, Anna Caterina (marriage to Johan George Anspach) (i412), b.1718-
Reed, Anna Margreth (i403), b.1767-d.1851
Reed, Anna Margreth (marriage to Michael Mathias Anspach) (i403), b.1767-d.1851
Reed, Anna Maria (i404), b.1687-d.1750
Reed, Anna Maria (marriage to Balthasar Anspach) (i404), b.1687-d.1750
Reed, Annetta Mattie (i250), b.1866-d.1941
Reed, Annetta Mattie (marriage to Fred J. Gunter) (i250), b.1866-d.1941
Reed, Anthony Love (i477)
Reed, Anthony Love (marriage to Alice M. Tietsort) (i477)
Reed, Augustus (i2158), b.1866-
Reed, Bette (i3762)
Reed, Charles (i3763)
Reed, Eleanor (i284), b.1853-
Reed, Elizabeth M. (i2160), b.1850-d.1851
Reed, Elsie May (i3916)
Reed, Ermina (i2157), b.1862-
Reed, Etna (i2162), b.1858-d.1858
Reed, Francis (i17), b.1855-d.1938
Reed, George (i1130), b.1835-
Reed, George (i3760)
Reed, George C. (i1128), b.1807-
Reed, Georgiean (i398), b.1861-d.1933
Reed, Hans George (i964), b.1666-d.1710
Reed, Harriet Z. (i2156), b.1860-
Reed, Harriett M., ... Hattie (i248), b.1867-d.1950
Reed, Herman (marriage to Mamie Anspach) (i4783)
Reed, Jacob (i174), b.1857-d.1910
Reed, Jacob (i1114), b.1816-d.1875
Reed, Jacob (i3400) (still alive)
Reed, Jacob (marriage to Eliza Anspach) (i1114), b.1816-d.1875
Reed, Jacob Tives (i2159), b.1853-d.1854
Reed, James L. (i2155), b.1859-
Reed, Jane (i1132), b.1838-
Reed, Jeff (i3271)
Reed, Jennie (i3758)
Reed, John (i3761)
Reed, John Jacob (i714)
Reed, Joseph A. (i2148), b.1841-
Reed, Lewis (i20), b.1852-d.1887
Reed, Louisa (i1137), b.1850-
Reed, Malinda (i18), b.1860-d.1921
Reed, Margaret (i2151), b.1846-
Reed, Maria Elizabeth Reith or (i3552), b.1756-
Reed, Maria Elizabeth Reith or (marriage to John Jacob Anspach) (i3552), b.1756-
Reed, Martha (i3757)
Reed, Martha A. (i1135), b.1845-
Reed, Mary (i249), b.1869-d.1890
Reed, Mary (i1136), b.1848-
Reed, Millie Ann (i3756)
Reed, Minnie May (i478), b.1884-
Reed, Minnie May (marriage to James W. Clapp) (i478), b.1884-
Reed, Nancy J. (i2153), b.1855-
Reed, Nettie (i3759)
Reed, Peter (i1134), b.1841-
Reed, Reverend William (i2163), b.1793-d.1872
Reed, Samuel (i1133), b.1839-
Reed, Samuel C. (i3666), b.1852-d.1927
Reed, Samuel C. (marriage to Emma Elisabeth Anspach) (i3666), b.1852-d.1927
Reed, Sarah E. (i2147), b.1839-
Reed, Thomas N. (i2150), b.1844-
Reed, William (i371), b.1830-d.1908
Reed, William (i3755)
Reed, William (marriage to Christina Anspach) (i371), b.1830-d.1908
Reed, William J. (i2152), b.1848-


Reedy, Maria Magdalena (marriage to David Anspach) (i3632), b.1807-


Reiber, Christine (marriage to John Marine Kercheval) (i1740)
Reiber, Jacob (marriage to Elizabeth Stahl) (i1740a)


Reiger, Elias (i2)
Reiger, Elias (marriage to Elizabeth Anspach) (i2)
Reiger, Henry (i322)
Reiger, Mary (i327)
Reiger, Mary (marriage to John Vance) (i327)
Reiger, Melissa (i43)
Reiger, Rachel (i228)


Reila, Kenton Leon (i3382) (still alive)


Reith, John (i3553)


Renshaw, Mary (marriage to Alfred M. Anspach) (i4491)


Rhoton, Mr. (marriage to Ruby Bell Gillenwater) (i2055)


Rice, Nina (marriage to Claude Mann) (i1627)


Rich, Allen (i2023)
Rich, Bertha (i2036)
Rich, Clark (i2022)
Rich, Erlene (i2038)1913 - 2007.
Rich, Everett (i2031)
Rich, Florida (i2025)
Rich, Frank (i2030)
Rich, Heb (i2029)
Rich, Hulet (i2021)
Rich, Lester (i2024)
Rich, Liddy (i2026)
Rich, Mamie (i2037)
Rich, Miller (i2016)
Rich, Miller (marriage to Lueller Grace) (i2016)
Rich, Pauline (i2035) (still alive)
Rich, Pearlie (i2028)
Rich, Polly (i2027)
Rich, Rad (i2019)
Rich, Ray (i2034)
Rich, Reed (i2032)
Rich, Reed (i2033)
Rich, Ruby (i1005) 1931 - 2008.
Rich, Unknown (i2018)
Rich, Wolford (i2020)


Rick, Albert (marriage to Edna Nace Anspach) (i4758)


Ridenour, Ludwick (marriage to Maria Magdelina Anspach) (i3744)
Ridenour, Ludwig (i4579)


Ridgeway, R.M. (marriage to Bessie Davalt) (i1817)


Ridinghour or Ridenour, Lewis (Ludwig) (i4578), b.1791-d.1857
Ridinghour or Ridenour, Lewis (Ludwig) (marriage to Anna Catherina Anspach) (i4578), b.1791-d.1857


Ridlen, Elsie (marriage to Thomas Anspach) (i187), b.1830-d.1905
Ridlen, Samuel (marriage to Elizabeth Anspach) (i1809)


Ridlin, Ebenezer (marriage to Sabina McKee) (i300)


Riedt or Reed, Catherine (i2211), b.1756-d.1826
Riedt or Reed, Catherine (marriage to Philip Leffler) (i2211), b.1756-d.1826
Riedt or Reed, John Leonard (i2212), b.1733-d.1762


Riegel, Samuel (marriage to Salome Anspach) (i3625)


Riggs, Chelsie Elizabeth (i3325) (still alive)
Riggs, David Alexander (i3323) (still alive)
Riggs, Dennis Michael (i3324) (still alive)
Riggs, Jeffrey (i2543) (still alive)
Riggs, Tom (i2542) (still alive)
Riggs, Walter (marriage to Zeta Louise Brooks) (i466)


Riley, Wayne (marriage to Edith Mae Anspach) (i1826)


Rittenhouse, Mary A. (marriage to Lewis Reed) (i81)


Roach, Theodore (marriage to Annie Anspach) (i3685)


Robbs, Velmer Ronnel (marriage to Ann Lambert) (i27)


Roberts, Candace (i4828), b.1882-
Roberts, Clyde (i4829), b.1886-d.1903
Roberts, Glenna (i4831), b.1893-d.1981
Roberts, Glenna (marriage to Earl Maple) (i4831), b.1893-d.1981
Roberts, Gwendolyn (i4891), b.1918-
Roberts, Jesse (i2070)
Roberts, John W. (i4826), b.1854-
Roberts, John W. (marriage to Sarah Jane Anspach) (i4826), b.1854-
Roberts, Leon A. (i4830), b.1891-
Roberts, Marion Jane (i4892), b.1920-
Roberts, Mary Ann (i1728), b.1851-d.1930
Roberts, Mary Ann (marriage to George H. Stevenson) (i1728), b.1851-d.1930
Roberts, Nellie A. (marriage to George W. Longsdorf) (i4884), b.1881-d.1899
Roberts, Tressa (i4827), b.1880-


Robinson, Mary Maria (marriage to Lee Andrew Anspach) (i4557), b.1879-d.1942


Roddy, Samuel Z. (marriage to Dessie O. Stanford) (i2216), b.1894-


Roe, Robert Lee (i3170) (still alive)
Roe, Thomas Earl (i3171) (still alive)
Roe, Trudy Ann (i3173) (still alive)
Roe, Truman Curtis (i3168) (still alive)


Rogers, Bob (i547)
Rogers, James Emmit (marriage to Elsie Anspach) (i1835), b.1880-
Rogers, James G. (i544)
Rogers, James G. (marriage to Clara Mae Brooks) (i544)
Rogers, Leroy (i546)
Rogers, Minnie (marriage to William Tirl Sylvester White) (i2672)


Rollinson, Delbert Ray (i632), b.1954-d.1999
Rollinson, Jaynell (i1983) (still alive)
Rollinson, John (i1036)
Rollinson, Leah Rae (i633) (still alive)
Rollinson, Michaela (i1984) (still alive)


Roscoe, Jessie Wilson (i2937)
Roscoe, Jessie Wilson (marriage to Floris Bee Denton) (i2937)
Roscoe, Richard Wilson (i2938) (still alive)


Rose, Edna Marcella (i521)
Rose, Francis O. (i551), b.1908-d.1908
Rose, James Rollie (i520)
Rose, James Rollie (marriage to Alice May Anspach) (i520)
Rose, John William (i550)
Rose, John William (marriage to Lydia Ellen Thompson) (i550)
Rose, Marion B. (i522)
Rose, William E. (i552), b.1910-d.1944


Rouze, Joseph (i4823)
Rouze, Sarah Jane (i1719), b.1831-d.1855
Rouze, Sarah Jane (marriage to Peter Anspach) (i1719), b.1831-d.1855


Rudy, Eve Cook (marriage to Henry McKee) (i1738)


Ruthven, Earland Sylvester (i56) (still alive)
Ruthven, Lisa Marie (i58) (still alive)


Ryan, William Martin (marriage to Sarah Ellen Bernds) (i1099)


Sams, P. A. (marriage to William Franklin Dalton) (i2224)


Sapp, Ivy Syvila (marriage to William Roy Greear) (i1014)


Sarah (marriage to Reverend William Reed) (i2164)


Sargent, Jeremiah (i2183)
Sargent, Rachel (i2182), b.1788-
Sargent, Rachel (marriage to James Deem) (i2182), b.1788-


Saunders, Arnold Allen Jr. (i1358)


Sawyer, Beachy Ora (i2732), b.1916-d.1982
Sawyer, Chad Eric (i3248) (still alive)
Sawyer, Christopher Steven (i3247) (still alive)
Sawyer, Janet Kay (i3251) (still alive)
Sawyer, Karen Elaine (i3255) (still alive)
Sawyer, Michael Steven (i3249), b.1948-d.1992
Sawyer, Richard Scott (i3257), b.1947-d.1947
Sawyer, Ronnie Neal (i2733) (still alive)


Saylor, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Deem) (i1713), b.1809-d.1895


Scarlett, Mary E. (marriage to J.C. Barrall) (i3540), b.1865-d.1930


Schaaf, Kim (i4323)


Schanholster, Cora (marriage to Benjamin Franklin Luttrell) (i1526)


Schell, Catharine (marriage to Frederick Dupler) (i4561)


Schindler, Albert Russell (i4697)
Schindler, Albert Russell (marriage to Arduth Anspach) (i4697)
Schindler, Debbye (i4698) (still alive)
Schindler, Robert Russell (i4698a) (still alive)


Schneider, Arlene (marriage to Jesse Bernard Williamson) (i792)


Schroder, Margaretta Luella (marriage to Ira Edward White) (i2570), b.1889-d.1968


Scott, David A. (i1517), b.1874-d.1900
Scott, Effie (i1518), b.1877-
Scott, Thomas (i1516), b.1845-d.1915
Scott, Thomas (marriage to Rebecca Elizabeth Tripp) (i1516), b.1845-d.1915
Scott, Unknown (marriage to Carol Tinkler) (i1382)


Scudder, Mary Ann (marriage to Charles Talkington) (i1182)


Seaman, Haley Marie (i4312) (still alive)
Seaman, Jacob Lee (i4190)
Seaman, Julie Ann (i4192)
Seaman, Larry (i4189)
Seaman, Stacey (i4191)


Sefton, Liza (marriage to Richard R. Colclasure) (i3924)


Seibert or Sibert, Elthena (marriage to Jonathan M. Anspach) (i3592), b.1870-d.1936


Seibert, Maria (marriage to John Reith) (i3554)


Selby, Annie E. (i4867), b.1857-d.1950
Selby, Annie E. (marriage to Marion S. Anspach) (i4867), b.1857-d.1950
Selby, G. M. (i4868)
Selby, William Bartlett (marriage to Mary J. Criss or Chriss) (i4402), b.1833-d.1921


Self, Jacob Lock (i4709) (still alive)
Self, Joshua Lance (i4708) (still alive)
Self, Tony (i4707) (still alive)


Sell, Sophia (marriage to Hiram L. Lacy) (i2124)


Sellaire, Jacques de (i1146)


Sellars, Pearl Leona (marriage to Lee Edward Anspach) (i1859), b.1908-


Semro, Luke Matthew (i3408) (still alive)
Semro, Sarah Rebecca (i3407) (still alive)
Semro, Thomas Raymond (i3270) (still alive)


Sevick, Alfretta (marriage to Jacob Anspach) (i4681)


Seybert, Nicholas (marriage to Anna Catherine Anspach) (i263)


Shade, Amanda E. (marriage to Marion Beck Anspach) (i24), b.1850-d.1936


Shearer, Douglas Daniel (i161) (still alive)
Shearer, Douglas Neil (i160)


Sheets, Catherine (marriage to John Anspach) (i4468)


Shehorn, Alva Vincent (i2310) (still alive)
Shehorn, Brandon Duane (i3342) (still alive)
Shehorn, Christopher Hulen (i3343) (still alive)
Shehorn, George Wade (i3339) (still alive)
Shehorn, Infant (i3347) (still alive)
Shehorn, Shannon Michelle (i3346) (still alive)
Shehorn, Vincent Gay (i2311) (still alive)
Shehorn, Wesley Ray Jr. (i3341) (still alive)
Shehorn, Wesley Ray Warren Sr. (i2703) (still alive)


Shepard, Mary (marriage to Lewis K. Criss or Chriss) (i4412)


Sheperd, M. Winfield (marriage to Candace Roberts) (i4834)


Shepherd, Brian Alan (i145) (still alive)
Shepherd, Sheila Denise (marriage to Steven Howard Freytag) (i4209)


Shick, Mary (marriage to Alexander Fiscus) (i3416), b.1818-


Shiffer, Irving (marriage to Edna Nace Anspach) (i4756)
Shiffer, Ross (i4811)
Shiffer, Ross (marriage to Ruth Anspach) (i4811)
Shiffer, Virginia (i4813)
Shiffer, William (i4812)


Shirk, Antionette (marriage to Alexander L. Luttrell) (i1538)


Shirley, P. (marriage to Mary Chambers) (i3979)


Shoemaker, Carl C. (i4110), b.1915-d.1993
Shoemaker, Carl C. (marriage to Lillian Lucille Ream) (i4110), b.1915-d.1993
Shoemaker, Carli (i4324)
Shoemaker, Cora Jane (i4159)
Shoemaker, David Michael (i4161)
Shoemaker, Larry Lee (i4111) (still alive)
Shoemaker, Larry Lee, Jr. (i4158)
Shoemaker, Michael A. (i4112) (still alive)
Shoemaker, Sherrie Lynn (i4113) (still alive)
Shoemaker, Wendy Ann (i4157)


Shroyer, Opal Elsie (marriage to Charles Anspach Mann) (i1629), b.1902-d.1988


Shurk or Shuck, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Anspach) (i3580), b.1807-d.1880


Sights, Josephine (marriage to Andrew Staltz) (i2210)


Simmons, Elvira (marriage to John H. Tinkler) (i1235)


Simms, Albert (marriage to Catharine M. Canull) (i4039)
Simms, Emma J. (marriage to Calvin Anspach) (i202), b.1866-d.1892


Simon, Giles H. (marriage to Mary Lucille Anspach) (i4370)


Simpson, Daniel (marriage to Mary Jane Talkington) (i1199)
Simpson, Ellis Gray (marriage to Sarah Ann Talkington) (i1201), b.1848-


Sims, Mary Bell (marriage to Calvin Alexander Anspach) (i4248), b.1861-d.1935


Sinclair, Carol Ann (i651), b.1950-d.1997
Sinclair, Diana Kay (i587) (still alive)
Sinclair, Frank N. (i1044)
Sinclair, Glen Murray (i586), b.1917 - d.2004


Sipperly, Charlette (marriage to Floyd Tinkler) (i1278), b.1915-d.1997


Skibinski, Estella May (i2229), b.1882-
Skibinski, Estella May (marriage to Jesse James Talkington) (i2229), b.1882-
Skibinski, Joseph (i2231)
Skibinski, Mr. (i2238)


Slimmons, Frank (marriage to Emma Guyton) (i4654)


Slone, Andy Eugene (i2497) (still alive)
Slone, Bridget Ann (i2498) (still alive)
Slone, Phillip (i2496) (still alive)
Slone, Phillip Michael (i2499) (still alive)


Smith, (i1326) (still alive)
Smith, Amanda (marriage to John C. Stowers) (i1458), b.1847-d.1874
Smith, Catherine Isabel (i4342), b.1884-d.1956
Smith, Catherine Isabel (marriage to Conrad Lewing) (i4342), b.1884-d.1956
Smith, Christina (marriage to George P. Chambers) (i3952)
Smith, Dathan Dean (i1322) (still alive)
Smith, Edna Mae (marriage to Howard Albert Anspach) (i4484)
Smith, George (i1411), b.1907-d.1983
Smith, George (marriage to Freda Stanford) (i1411), b.1907-d.1983
Smith, Jacob (i4344)
Smith, Jane (marriage to Nathaniel Luttrell) (i1233)
Smith, John (marriage to Bacaba E. Tinkler) (i1619), b.1872-
Smith, Johnnie Ray (i1320)
Smith, Johnnie Ray II (i1321) (still alive)
Smith, Lonnie Allen (i1323) (still alive)
Smith, Neal Wade (i1324) (still alive)
Smith, Tiffany Patricia Hope (i1325) (still alive)
Smith, Virginia (i1412) (still alive)


Snakenberg, Beth Anne (i1944) (still alive)
Snakenberg, Charles Eugene (i1946) (still alive)
Snakenberg, Connie Jo (i1947)
Snakenberg, David Jesse (i1943) (still alive)
Snakenberg, Dianna (i1938) (still alive)
Snakenberg, Harlan Jesse (i1949)
Snakenberg, Jesse Joseph (i1941), b.1924-d.1976
Snakenberg, Linda Lee (i1945) (still alive)
Snakenberg, Rexetta (i1942) (still alive)
Snakenberg, Ronnie Joe (i1948)


Snider, Philip (marriage to Melissa Reiger) (i320)
Snider, Viola Mae (marriage to Alfred Guyton) (i4652), b.1889-d.1978


Snow, Murnel (marriage to William Monroe Hill) (i3935), b.1922-d.1980


Solomon, Dana Edwin (i2315) (still alive)
Solomon, London Lee (i2317) (still alive)


Spangler, Peter F. (i1547)
Spangler, Sarah (i1437), b.1877-
Spangler, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Stanford) (i1437), b.1877-
Spangler, Sarah Abigail (i1398), b.1867-d.1960
Spangler, Sarah Abigail (marriage to Jacob Stanford) (i1398), b.1867-d.1960
Spangler, Steven Duncan (i1439)


Spaulding, Jon (i4722)
Spaulding, Jon (marriage to Patricia Anne Anspach) (i4722)
Spaulding, Christopher J. (i4871) (still alive)
Spaulding, Jeremy E. (i4870) (still alive)
Spaulding, Michael A. (i4723) (still alive)


Spencer, Ralph Vernon II (i652) (still alive)
Spencer, Ronald Eugene (i653) (still alive)


Spenser, Ralph Vernon (i1048)


Spitley, Maylene (marriage to Warren Anspach) (i1863)


Spohn, Catherine Unknown (marriage to Phillip Spohn) (i4567), b.1761-d.1838
Spohn, Jacob (marriage to Barbara Rebecca Anspach) (i3749), b.1791-d.1849
Spohn, Mary Elizabeth (i3664), b.1787-d.1813
Spohn, Mary Elizabeth (marriage to John Jacob Anspach) (i3664), b.1787-d.1813
Spohn, Phillip (i4566), b.1755-d.1833
Spohn, Sarah (i4568)
Spohn, Sarah (marriage to John Jacob Anspach) (i4568)


Stacey, David (marriage to Stacey Seaman) (i4313)


Stahl, Elizabeth (marriage to Jacob Reiber) (i1740b)


Stalter, Elizabeth Lynn (i4356) (still alive)
Stalter, William Franklin (i4355)
Stalter, William Franklin (marriage to Betty Ellen Anspach) (i4355)


Staltz or Stoltz, Dora Etta (i2208), b.1872-d.1954
Staltz or Stoltz, Dora Etta (marriage to Samuel Alonzo Canull) (i2208), b.1872-d.1954


Staltz, Andrew (i2209)


Stamper, James (i101) (still alive)
Stamper, Kyle William (i165) (still alive)


Stanford, Birtie (i1563) (still alive)
Stanford, Cynthia Ann (i1433), b.1869-
Stanford, Delmar (i3942) (still alive)
Stanford, Dessie O. (i1556), b.1898-
Stanford, Earl (i1557), b.1900-
Stanford, Elias (i1430), b.1863-
Stanford, Elias G. (i1428), b.1809-d.1880
Stanford, Elza (i1558), b.1901-d.1986
Stanford, Elza (marriage to Rosa Heflin) (i1558), b.1901-d.1986
Stanford, Esther (i2291) (still alive)
Stanford, Freda (i1399), b.1926-d.1996
Stanford, Freda (marriage to George Smith) (i1399), b.1926-d.1996
Stanford, Freda (marriage to Leroy "Cap" Boyles) (i1399), b.1926-d.1996
Stanford, Gale (i1561) (still alive)
Stanford, Gladys (i1552), b.1903-
Stanford, Goldie (i1564), b.1910-d.1935
Stanford, Goldie Ruth (i2292) (still alive)
Stanford, Hattie L. (i1269) (still alive)
Stanford, Henry (i1562), b.1912-d.1991
Stanford, Hester C. (i1435), b.1871-
Stanford, Jacob (i1397), b.1865-d.1945
Stanford, Jacob (marriage to Sarah Abigail Spangler) (i1397), b.1865-d.1945
Stanford, James (i1444), b.1848-
Stanford, Joseph (i1436), b.1873-d.1940
Stanford, Joseph (marriage to Sarah Spangler) (i1436), b.1873-d.1940
Stanford, Kelly J. (i1549), b.1891-d.1974
Stanford, Margaret (i1427), b.1862-
Stanford, Margaret (i1448), b.1877-
Stanford, Nancy (i1443), b.1844-
Stanford, Nancy J. (i1447), b.1870-
Stanford, Pam (i1419) (still alive)
Stanford, Pearly F. (i2220), b.1894-
Stanford, Raymond (i1416), b.1929-d.1987
Stanford, Raymond Eugene (i1418) (still alive)
Stanford, Rosetta (i1431), b.1867-
Stanford, Roy (i1422) (still alive)
Stanford, Roy J. (i1386), b.1890-d.1969
Stanford, Roy J. (marriage to Laura Eveline Luttrell) (i1386), b.1890-d.1969
Stanford, Samuel (i1441), b.1842-
Stanford, Sarah (i1445), b.1850-
Stanford, Sue (i1421) (still alive)
Stanford, Tabitha (i1446), b.1867-
Stanford, Vera Kay (i2293) (still alive)
Stanford, Versie B. (i1554), b.1896-d.1918
Stanford, Versie B. (marriage to Jacob Ball) (i1554), b.1896-d.1918
Stanford, Walter J. (i1551), b.1893-d.1973
Stanford, William E. (i1423), b.1838-d.1900
Stanford, William E. (marriage to Harriet E. Milburn) (i1423), b.1838-d.1900
Stanford, William F. (i1438), b.1876-


Starks, Jenne (marriage to Harley Shultz McKee) (i434)


Steele, unknown (marriage to Esther Anspach) (i4858)


Stein, Anna Elizabeth (i323)
Stein, Catharina (i343)
Stein, Eve Barbara (i337)
Stein, Frederich John (i67)
Stein, George Philip (i65)
Stein, Johan Peter (i46)
Stein, Johan Peter (marriage to Anna Catherina Anspach) (i46)
Stein, John (i225)
Stein, John Leonard (i339)
Stein, John Peter (i342)
Stein, John Philip (i55)
Stein, Maria Margaret (i344)


Steinmetz, Johann Jacob (marriage to Anna Elizabeth Anspach) (i3728), b.1617-


Stelly, Anna (marriage to Jacob S. Anspach) (i4713)


Stephens, George W. (marriage to Mary E. Fiscus) (i3424)


Stevens, Carroll (i4904) (still alive)
Stevens, Raymond A. (i4903)
Stevens, Samuel "Everett" (i4902)
Stevens, William Jasper (i4901)
Stevens, William Jasper (marriage to Elizabeth Hunsicker) (i4901)


Stevenson, Emma Jane (i1722), b.1867-d.1964
Stevenson, Emma Jane (marriage to John Edward Dohl) (i1722), b.1867-d.1964
Stevenson, George H. (i1727), b.1836-d.1910
Stevenson, George H. (marriage to Mary Ann Roberts) (i1727), b.1836-d.1910
Stevenson, Samuel (i2072), b.1813-d.1864


Stewart, Elizabeth (marriage to G. M. Selby) (i4869)
Stewart, Helen (marriage to William Thomas Talkington) (i1196)
Stewart, John (i4399)
Stewart, Sarah (i4398), b.1821-d.1903
Stewart, Sarah (marriage to George Criss or Chriss) (i4398), b.1821-d.1903
Stewart, Sarah J. (marriage to William Reed) (i1138)


Stocklin, Katharina (marriage to Nicolaus Anspach) (i3733)


Stoltz, Clara Izland (i4064), b.1911-
Stoltz, Frank (i4054), b.1852-d.1924
Stoltz, Frank (marriage to Addie Mae or Abagail M. Canull) (i4054), b.1852-d.1924
Stoltz, Lucille Irene (i4065), b.1914-d.1986


Stonebaugh or Stamburg, Mary (marriage to Adam Anspach) (i3582), b.1824-d.1867


Stonecipher, John Kilby (i3108) (still alive)
Stonecipher, Lenora (marriage to Lem Williamson) (i779)
Stonecipher, Opal Ruth (i3111) (still alive)
Stonecipher, Thomas Monroe (i3110), b.1926-d.1926
Stonecipher, Waverly (i3107), b.1897-d.1973
Stonecipher, Waverly (marriage to Opal Alta White) (i3107), b.1897-d.1973
Stonecipher, Zelma Irene (i3109) (still alive)


Stotsenburg, Mary Lou (i555)
Stotsenburg, Orla (i553)
Stotsenburg, Orla (marriage to Lyra Elizabeth Tietsort) (i553)


Stowers, Artilda (i1251), b.1863-d.1894
Stowers, Artilda (marriage to Henry Pashon) (i1251), b.1863-d.1894
Stowers, Dora A. (i1459), b.1870-d.1907
Stowers, Hulda J. (i1452), b.1841-d.1898
Stowers, James (i1456), b.1855-d.1917
Stowers, John (i1395), b.1788-d.1850
Stowers, John (i1455), b.1850-
Stowers, John C. (i1394), b.1819-d.1898
Stowers, Louisa (i1453), b.1845-d.1898
Stowers, William (i1454), b.1846-


Stuber, Edna (marriage to Ernest Eugene Heflin) (i2266), b.1909-d.1987
Stuber, Leota Doris (i2359), b.1928-d.1928


Stuckey, Maggie (marriage to Jacob Bergener) (i4431)


Stufaso, Harold (marriage to Viola Fearman) (i3127)


Stump, Martha Alice (marriage to Francis Marion Anspach) (i214), b.1868-d.1907


Stutzman, Jonathan (marriage to Dietta Margaret Anspach) (i3638)


surname, Mary unknown (marriage to Benjamin B. Anspach) (i4559), b.1784-d.1808


Sweat, Aaron Lee (i3482) (still alive)
Sweat, Amanda Rae (i3456) (still alive)
Sweat, Berlin LaBon (i3474) (still alive)
Sweat, Cassandra Claudette (i3477) (still alive)
Sweat, Christopher Michael (i3455) (still alive)
Sweat, Daniel (i3476) (still alive)
Sweat, Eva Bell (i3485), b.1925-
Sweat, Gary Wayne (i3452) (still alive)
Sweat, Howard Lee (i3447), b.1925-
Sweat, Infant (i3448), b.1926-d.1926
Sweat, Infant (i3449), b.1927-d.1927
Sweat, Infant (i3471), b.1929-d.1929
Sweat, Infant (i3478), b.1932-d.1932
Sweat, Infant (i3479), b.1934-d.1934
Sweat, Leslie Paul (i3483) (still alive)
Sweat, Mary Lee (i3475) (still alive)
Sweat, Melinda Carol (i3466) (still alive)
Sweat, Melvin Louis (i3480), b.1935-d.1972
Sweat, Patricia Ann (i3454) (still alive)
Sweat, Raymond Edward (i3450), b.1928-
Sweat, Raymond Edward Jr. (i3464) (still alive)
Sweat, Sherry LaVerne (i3457) (still alive)
Sweat, Twin Infants (i3484), b.1936-d.1936
Sweat, William Oscar (i3446), b.1900-
Sweat, William Oscar (marriage to Hester Janie Henderson) (i3446), b.1900-
Sweat, William Oscar (marriage to Lucinda Francis Henderson) (i3446), b.1900-
Sweat, William Oscar Jr. (i3472), b.1939-


Sweet, Bernice Elizabeth (i2627), b.1940-d.1940
Sweet, Doris May (i2621) (still alive)
Sweet, Helen Maxine (i2628), b.1942-d.1942
Sweet, Herman Louis (i2626), b.1932-d.1934
Sweet, John Edward (i2622) (still alive)
Sweet, Loyd Evan"Jim" (i2625) (still alive)
Sweet, Roxie Lorene (i2623) (still alive)
Sweet, Vivian Eleanora (i2624) (still alive)
Sweet, William Rosco (i2620), b.1908-d.1960
Sweet, William Rosco (marriage to Ella Ethel "Toots" White) (i2620), b.1908-d.1960


Swick, Sarah (marriage to Solomon Anspach) (i4602)


Swift, Jayme Nicole (i1366) (still alive)
Swift, Ron (i1373)
Swift, Russel James (i1365) (still alive)


Swinehart, Elizabeth (marriage to Jonathan Anspach) (i4069), b.1820-d.1882
Swinehart, George (marriage to Christina Overmyer) (i4577), d.1849
Swinehart, Maria Sophia (marriage to John Lynn or Linn) (i4527), b.1791-d.1863


Tabor, Clarence (i2246) (still alive)
Tabor, Clarence Shorty (i1375), b.1916-d.1989
Tabor, Clarence Shorty (marriage to Phyllis Webb) (i1375), b.1916-d.1989
Tabor, Mark Dennis (i618) (still alive)
Tabor, Thomas (i2245) (still alive)


Tackett, Justin Lee (i3834)
Tackett, Lesli (i3835) (still alive)


Talbott, Amanda (marriage to Ransom Pitman) (i1478)
Talbott, Nancy (marriage to Joseph Pitman) (i1480)


Talkington, Angeline (i1192), b.1838-
Talkington, Charles (i1181), b.1820-
Talkington, Charles Francis (i2240), b.1850-
Talkington, Coleman (i2236)
Talkington, Daisy (i2233)
Talkington, David (i1172)
Talkington, David (i1190), b.1836-
Talkington, David Frank (i1204), b.1853-
Talkington, Diantha (i745), b.1842-d.1914
Talkington, Diantha (marriage to James Foster) (i745), b.1842-d.1914
Talkington, Diantha (marriage to William T. Dolton Dalton) (i745), b.1842-d.1914
Talkington, Edward (i2230), b.1888-
Talkington, Ellen (i1185), b.1823-
Talkington, Emily (i1193), b.1838-d.1859
Talkington, Everelen (i1205), b.1855-d.1857
Talkington, Francis (i1173), b.1812-d.1880
Talkington, George M. (i1168), b.1798-
Talkington, James (i1166), b.1797-
Talkington, Jesse (i1017), b.1742-
Talkington, Jesse (i1177), b.1815-d.1880
Talkington, Jesse Buchanan (i1206), b.1857-
Talkington, Jesse James (i2226), b.1865-
Talkington, Jesse James (marriage to Estella May Skibinski) (i2226), b.1865-
Talkington, Jesse Sr. (i1163), b.1796-d.1889
Talkington, John (i1175), b.1810-
Talkington, John (i1202), b.1850-
Talkington, John Jr. (i1158), b.1784-d.1850
Talkington, John Sr. (i992), b.1762-d.1828
Talkington, John Sr. (marriage to Sarah Thatcher) (i992), b.1762-d.1828
Talkington, Joseph (i2239), b.1835-
Talkington, Kathryn (i2241)
Talkington, Lillian (i2234)
Talkington, Margery (i1186), b.1832-
Talkington, Martha (i1197), b.1843-
Talkington, Mary (i1160), b.1810-
Talkington, Mary (i1183), b.1821-d.1893
Talkington, Mary (i2237)
Talkington, Mary Jane (i1198), b.1845-
Talkington, Miles (i2235)
Talkington, Ruth (i1170), b.1800-
Talkington, Sarah Ann (i1179), b.1816-d.1898
Talkington, Sarah Ann (i1200), b.1848-
Talkington, Stephen Jacob (i1161), b.1790-d.1837
Talkington, Thena G. (i2232), b.1900-
Talkington, William Jr. (i1188), b.1833-d.1922
Talkington, William Sr. (i989), b.1787-d.1860
Talkington, William Sr. (marriage to Margery Elkins) (i989), b.1787-d.1860
Talkington, William Thomas (i1195), b.1840-d.1895


Tarter Or Torter, Bashaba (i1211), b.1813-d.1900
Tarter Or Torter, Bashaba (marriage to Jesse Jr. Tinkler) (i1211), b.1813-d.1900


Tavis, Angela Dorothy (marriage to Mr. Anspach) (i4265), b.1924-d.1983


Taylor, Daniel (marriage to Martha Talkington) (i2225)
Taylor, Helen (i3443)
Taylor, John (i3438)
Taylor, John (marriage to Myrtle A. Henderson) (i3438)
Taylor, John Jr. (i3440)
Taylor, Lloyd (i3441)
Taylor, Margaret (marriage to William Thatcher) (i1157)
Taylor, Monroe (i3439)
Taylor, Odell (i3442)


Teitsort, Abraham (i311)
Teitsort, Abraham (marriage to Sara Elizabeth Anspach) (i311)
Teitsort, Alice M. (i313), b.1863-
Teitsort, Alice M. (marriage to Anthony Love Reed) (i313), b.1863-
Teitsort, Clara Irene (i475)
Teitsort, Clara Irene (marriage to Forest E. Garrett) (i475)
Teitsort, Fredrick (i4906), b.1843-
Teitsort, Fredrick (marriage to Elizabeth Jane Guess) (i4906), b.1843-
Teitsort, Jacob E. (i423), b.1871-d.1948
Teitsort, John Thomas (i312), b.1859-d.1942
Teitsort, John Thomas (i568)
Teitsort, Judith Irene (i569)
Teitsort, Luella (i424), b.1873-d.1944
Teitsort, Luella (marriage to William Johnston) (i424), b.1873-d.1944
Teitsort, Lydia A. (i314), b.1866-d.1889
Teitsort, Lyra Elizabeth (i474)
Teitsort, Lyra Elizabeth (marriage to Orla Stotsenburg) (i474)
Teitsort, Lyra Elizabeth (marriage to Otis R. Rathburn) (i474)
Teitsort, Marjori (i570)
Teitsort, Peter (i4907), b.1870-
Teitsort, Virgina Ann (i567)
Teitsort, Woodrow W. (i476)


Templeton, Anna (marriage to Charles Otto McKee) (i297)


Terflinger, Maryalice (i4106) (still alive)
Terflinger, Ray (i4105), b.1910-d.1972
Terflinger, Ray (marriage to Pearl Donnamae Ream) (i4105), b.1910-d.1972


Tester, Emma Jane (marriage to Noah Webster Anspach) (i4490)


Tevis, George (marriage to Avolyn Alice Clapp) (i573)


Thames, Ada Antley (Antoinette?) (marriage to Dr. Herman Perkins) (i4017), b.1893-


Thatcher, Elmer (marriage to Emma Gray) (i377)
Thatcher, Sarah (i993), b.1765-d.1830
Thatcher, Sarah (marriage to John Sr. Talkington) (i993), b.1765-d.1830
Thatcher, William (i1156)


Thayer, Jenny (i821) (still alive)
Thayer, John P. (i818)
Thayer, Johnnie (i819) (still alive)
Thayer, Tommy (i820) (still alive)


Thomas, Bacel (i1271)
Thomas, Bessie (i1273)
Thomas, John (i1054), b.1830-
Thomas, John (i1226), b.1875-
Thomas, John (marriage to Bacaba E. Tinkler) (i1226), b.1875-
Thomas, John (marriage to Margaret Leffler) (i1054), b.1830-
Thomas, Laura (marriage to Kelly J. Stanford) (i1550), b.1898-
Thomas, Lily (i1275)
Thomas, Louisa (i4027), b.1850-
Thomas, Maude S. (i1265), b.1897-d.1989
Thomas, Maude S. (marriage to Nicholas Pashon) (i1265), b.1897-d.1989
Thomas, Raymond (i1272)
Thomas, Shem (marriage to Elizabeth Israel) (i703), b.1804-


Thompson, Aaron M. (i471), d.1936
Thompson, Aaron M. (marriage to Josephine F. Anspach) (i471), d.1936
Thompson, Charles Dwight (marriage to Hattie Madonna Anspach) (i4508), b.1893-
Thompson, Connie Eileen (i4130) (still alive)
Thompson, Daisy M. (marriage to Joseph W. Porter) (i3933), b.1888-d.1957
Thompson, John Eugene (i4129) b.1932 - d.2011
Thompson, John Eric (i4131) (still alive)
Thompson, Lydia Ellen (i472), b.1887-d.1956
Thompson, Lydia Ellen (marriage to John William Rose) (i472), b.1887-d.1956
Thompson, Marian Eileen (marriage to Willis Samuel Ream) (i4096), b.1923-


Thomson, Jennie (marriage to Ora H. Jewett) (i693)


Thorne, Clyde R. (i3459)
Thorne, Nathan Richard (i3460) (still alive)


Thornton, Catherine (i2179)
Thornton, Catherine (marriage to David Deem) (i2179)
Thornton, Robert (i2180)


Tincher, Jackson (marriage to Margaret Pitman) (i1484)
Tincher, Margaret Isom (marriage to Franklin Toliver) (i1495)


Tinkler, Albert (i1574), b.1880-
Tinkler, Amanda (i1294), b.1800-
Tinkler, Bacaba E. (i1225), b.1933-
Tinkler, Bacaba E. (marriage to John Thomas) (i1225), b.1933-
Tinkler, Carol (i1381)
Tinkler, Charles (i1377)
Tinkler, Charles Reeburn (i1576) (still alive)
Tinkler, Cora L. (i1248), b.1892-d.1990
Tinkler, Curtis Franklin (i1578), b.1881-d.1881
Tinkler, David (i1383)
Tinkler, Elizabeth (i1243), b.1851-d.1923
Tinkler, Eunice (i1569) (still alive)
Tinkler, Fanny (i1297), b.1824-
Tinkler, Floyd (i1277), b.1910-d.1997
Tinkler, Forest Ray (i1284), b.1933-d.1955
Tinkler, Francis Marion (i1223), b.1845-d.1933
Tinkler, Francis Marion (marriage to Susannah Toliver Pitman) (i1223), b.1845-d.1933
Tinkler, George W. (i1237), b.1853-d.1881
Tinkler, Georgianna (i1572) (still alive)
Tinkler, James (i1299), b.1810-
Tinkler, James Jesse (i1245), b.1885-d.1969
Tinkler, James Jesse (marriage to Minnie Mabel Pashon) (i1245), b.1885-d.1969
Tinkler, James L. (i1221), b.1838-
Tinkler, Jesse (i1208), b.1780-d.1854
Tinkler, Jesse Jr. (i1210), b.1815-d.1889
Tinkler, Jesse Jr. (marriage to Bashaba Tarter Or Torter) (i1210), b.1815-d.1889
Tinkler, John (i1212), b.1816-d.1850
Tinkler, John H. (i1234), b.1851-
Tinkler, John Jr (i1214), b.1845-
Tinkler, Lawrence (i1279) (still alive)
Tinkler, Lydia Margaret (i1227), b.1848-
Tinkler, Lydia Margaret (marriage to William Leuthrell Or Luttrell) (i1227), b.1848-
Tinkler, Maggie Elizabeth (i1242), b.1851-
Tinkler, Mary E. (i1222), b.1844-
Tinkler, Melva Jean (i1289), b.1942-d.1942
Tinkler, Melvin Arthur (i1268), b.1914-d.1995
Tinkler, Opal (i1568) (still alive)
Tinkler, Robert Lee (i1283), b.1932-d.1935
Tinkler, Robert Lee (i1378), b.1936-d.1992
Tinkler, Ruth Ann (i1290) (still alive)
Tinkler, Sarah A. (i1238), b.1856-
Tinkler, Suzanne Jane (i1285) (still alive)
Tinkler, Treva Joanne (i1287) (still alive)
Tinkler, Unknown (i1218), b.1836-
Tinkler, Unknown (i1219), b.1835-
Tinkler, Unknown (i1220), b.1838-
Tinkler, Viola (i1281), b.1927-d.1991
Tinkler, William Albert (i1577) (still alive)
Tinkler, William Allen (i1566), b.1877-
Tinkler, William H. (i1247), b.1992-
Tinkler, William N. (i1216), b.1810-
Tinkler, Willis (i1215), b.1848-


Toliver, Andrew Jackson (i1492), b.1822-d.1897
Toliver, Charles (i1488)
Toliver, Daniel (i1503), b.1832-d.1865
Toliver, Daniel (marriage to Mary Jane Ford) (i1503), b.1832-d.1865
Toliver, David (i1486), b.1790-d.1865
Toliver, Elizabeth (i1505), b.1834-
Toliver, Emily (i1498)
Toliver, Franklin (i1494), b.1813-
Toliver, George W. (i1500)
Toliver, Henry W. (i1508), b.1842-
Toliver, John W. (i1496), b.1818-d.1873
Toliver, Sarah (i1490), b.1832-
Toliver, Susan (i1476), b.1820-d.1865
Toliver, Susan (marriage to Robert H. Pitman) (i1476), b.1820-d.1865


Torr, Frances "Fanny" (marriage to Joseph Deem) (i1715)


Torter, Frederick Tarter Or (i1270)


Townson, Wanda Louise (marriage to James Norman White) (i2843)


Toy, Adam (marriage to Eva Bell Sweat) (i3486)
Toy, Addie (marriage to Rubin Edward Henderson) (i3487), b.1910-d.1988


Treesh, Amy (marriage to Dr. Herman Perkins) (i1642), b.1883-d.1949


Trinkle, Christopher (i1782)
Trinkle, Polly (i665), b.1798-d.1859
Trinkle, Polly (marriage to Jacob Colclasure) (i665), b.1798-d.1859


Tripp, David (i1514), b.1824-
Tripp, Rebecca Elizabeth (i1415), b.1857-d.1929
Tripp, Rebecca Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas G. Luttrell) (i1415), b.1857-d.1929
Tripp, Rebecca Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Scott) (i1415), b.1857-d.1929
Tripp, Rebecca Elizabeth (marriage to Unknown Mackey) (i1415), b.1857-d.1929
Tripp, William P. (i1607), b.1847-


Trumble, George (marriage to Dora Edith Henderson) (i3435)


Tucker, David Bruce (i3259) (still alive)
Tucker, Douglas Kent (i3264) (still alive)
Tucker, Franklin (marriage to Dora A. Stowers) (i1460)
Tucker, Fred (i3258) (still alive)
Tucker, Jennifer Lyn (i3262) (still alive)
Tucker, Jessica Marie (i3263) (still alive)


Turner, Caroline (i359), b.1855-d.1940
Turner, Caroline (marriage to Calvin Anspach) (i359), b.1855-d.1940
Turner, Caroline (marriage to Samuel Michael) (i359), b.1855-d.1940
Turner, Caroline (marriage to Shadrick "Shady" Hill) (i359), b.1855-d.1940
Turner, John R. (i755), b.1838-
Turner, John R. (marriage to Sarah Ann Fiscus) (i755), b.1838-
Turner, Robert (i1015), b.1784-
Turner, Samuel R. (i3422), b.1840-
Turner, Samuel R. (marriage to Elizabeth Fiscus) (i3422), b.1840-


Uhrich, Bess (marriage to Irving Anspach) (i4752)


Umbaugh, Rebecca (marriage to Samuel Anspach) (i4596), b.1845-d.1896


Unknown (marriage to Jesse Tinkler) (i1296)
Unknown (marriage to Robert Lee Tinkler) (i1379)
Unknown (marriage to William N. Tinkler) (i1217)


Unknown, Alice L. (marriage to Peter Asten Colclasure) (i1961)
Unknown, Annie (marriage to William Allen Tinkler) (i1567)
unknown, Annie E. (marriage to Arthur Ray Anspach) (i4510)
Unknown, Arthur (i3901)
Unknown, Catherine (marriage to Adam Diehm) (i2173), b.1761-d.1856
Unknown, Catherine (marriage to Jacob Canull) (i1124), b.1797-
unknown, Catherine Ann (marriage to Abraham Sr. Criss or Chriss) (i3989), b.1784-d.1865
Unknown, Della (marriage to Cleveland S. Anspach) (i4877), b.1902-
Unknown, Dora C. (marriage to William Pashon) (i1261)
Unknown, Editha (marriage to Shadrick "Shady" Hill) (i2074), b.1847-d.1881
unknown, Elisabeth (marriage to William Miller) (i1665), b.1804-
Unknown, Elizabeth (marriage to Jesse Tinkler) (i1209), b.1782-d.1839
Unknown, Elizabeth (marriage to John Ford) (i1507)
unknown, Elizabeth (marriage to Mr. Endsley) (i4452), b.1819-
Unknown, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Turner) (i1016)
Unknown, Eugenia (marriage to Franklin Dohl) (i1724)
Unknown, Eva Catherine (marriage to John George Anspach) (i278)
Unknown, Eva M (i3899)
unknown, Eve (marriage to Gotlieb Leffler) (i4518)
Unknown, Florence M. (marriage to William P. Mackey) (i1610)
Unknown, Geraldine (marriage to Clyde Clark) (i1047)
Unknown, Harriet (marriage to John Milburn) (i1426), b.1805-
Unknown, Hazel (i3898)
Unknown, Hester B. (marriage to Martin Pitman) (i1510)
Unknown, James (i3896)
unknown, Jane or Jennette (marriage to John Parkison) (i3993), b.1770-d.1842
Unknown, Janet (i3895)
Unknown, Lidy (marriage to Elias G. Stanford) (i1429), b.1810-d.1880
unknown, Margaret (marriage to James Jacobs) (i4382), b.1800-d.1860
Unknown, Margaret (marriage to Nicholas Pashon) (i1449), b.1814-d.1870
Unknown, Margaretha (marriage to Helfrich Anspach) (i3738)
Unknown, Maria Magdelena, Anspach? (marriage to Johan Jacob Anspach) (i247)
Unknown, Martha L. (marriage to Andrew J. Colclasure) (i1960)
Unknown, Martha Patsey (marriage to W. Joshua White) (i2117), b.1822-d.1880
Unknown, Martha Patsey (marriage to W. Joshua White) (i3377), b.1822-d.1880
Unknown, Martha R. (marriage to Jacob Anspach Mann) (i291)
unknown, Mary (marriage to Daniel Anspach) (i4471), b.1807-d.1880
unknown, Mary (marriage to James Sr. Chambers) (i3959), d.1843
Unknown, Mary (marriage to Jesse Tinkler) (i1582), b.1791-
unknown, Mary (marriage to John Israel) (i1920), b.1845-
Unknown, Mary (marriage to John Tinkler) (i1213), b.1814-
Unknown, Mary (marriage to William Ferguson) (i1974), b.1821-
Unknown, Nancy J. (marriage to Joseph A. Henderson) (i3803), b.1829-
Unknown, Rachel (marriage to David Toliver) (i1487)
Unknown, Ralph (i3900)
Unknown, Raymond (i3894)
Unknown, Robert (i3897) (still alive)
unknown, Rosina (marriage to Lewis Diehm) (i1690)
Unknown, Sally (marriage to Raymond Stanford) (i1420)
unknown, Sarah (marriage to Harry Endsley) (i4456), b.1846-
Unknown, Sarah (marriage to William White) (i2112)
Unknown, Sarah (marriage to William White) (i2598)
Unknown, Susannah (marriage to Sebastion Fischer) (i975)
Unknown, Susannah (marriage to Sebastion Fischer) (i976)


Unrhue, Elizabeth (marriage to John Kintzer) (i3616)


Upe, Ann (marriage to Thomas William Anspach) (i4246)


Upton, Ina Bell (marriage to John Rollinson) (i1037)


Valentine, Mr. (marriage to Cora Michael) (i759)


Valois, Clothelde de (marriage to Jacques de Sellaire) (i1147)


Van Shaw, Jonathan Amos (i3240) (still alive)
Van Shaw, Ronald (i3238) (still alive)
Van Shaw, Thomas George (i3239) (still alive)


Vance, John (i316)
Vance, John (marriage to Mary Reiger) (i316)
Vance, Joseph (i426)


Vaughn, Abigail Kathryn (i149) (still alive)
Vaughn, Adrienne Leanna (i148) (still alive)
Vaughn, April (i2354) (still alive)
Vaughn, Cody Alexander (i150) (still alive)
Vaughn, Gary (i147)
Vaughn, Jacob (i2353) (still alive)
Vaughn, James (i2351)
Vaughn, Mandy (i2352) (still alive)


Veatch, Charles Fredrick (i2836) (still alive)
Veatch, Charles Keith (i2838) (still alive)
Veatch, Gayland Ray (i2837), b.1947-d.1947
Veatch, Robert Wayne (i2840) (still alive)
Veatch, Wanda Audrey (i2839), b.1949-d.1949


Verkruysse, Robert L. Tinkler (i1380)


Virgin, Homer (i4038), b.1878-
Virgin, Seth (i4037)
Virgin, Seth (marriage to Catharine M. Canull) (i4037)


Votow, Marian J. (marriage to Norman Anspach) (i1861)


Waddle, Sarah E. (marriage to John Anspach) (i217), b.1835-d.1858


Wagner, John (marriage to Catherine Anspach) (i222), b.1788-d.1860
Wagner, Lucy (marriage to Nimrod Vincent Anspach) (i4797)


Wahlfahrt, Anna Margaret (marriage to John Jacob Reed) (i715)


Walborn, Anna Eva (i1148), b.1720-d.1788
Walborn, Anna Eva (marriage to Phillip Lorentz Houtz) (i1148), b.1720-d.1788
Walborn, Anna Maria Margaretta (marriage to Martin Batdorf) (i2203), b.1750-
Walborn, Catherine (i4630), b.1722-
Walborn, Catherine (marriage to Christopher Knable) (i4630), b.1722-
Walborn, Christian Wilhelm (i1143), b.1700-
Walborn, Christian Wilhelm (marriage to Catharina Elisabetha Batdorf) (i1143), b.1700-
Walborn, Maria Elisabeth (marriage to Johannes Martin Batdorf) (i1145)


Walker, Mary (marriage to John W. Toliver) (i1497)
Walker, Phil (marriage to Addie Mae or Abagail M. Canull) (i4055)
Walker, W.M. (marriage to Eve Anspach) (i1824)


Wallendorff, Elizabeth (marriage to R.D. McBride) (i1675)


Walters, Elizabeth (marriage to Isaac Anspach) (i3651)


Ware, Mahala (marriage to William Boyle) (i1523), b.1817-


Wareham, Lena Esther (marriage to Franklin Otto Anspach) (i4253), b.1880-


Warner, Angela Joyce (i4170)
Warner, Angela Joyce (marriage to Mr. Johnson) (i4170)
Warner, Benny (i4279)
Warner, Carey (i4283)
Warner, Carmon (i4292)
Warner, Charles Edward (i4116) (still alive)
Warner, Crystal (i4286)
Warner, Edward B. (i4115), b.1922-d.1960
Warner, Elizabeth (i4289)
Warner, James (i4282)
Warner, Linda Marie (i4117) (still alive)
Warner, Marcella Marie (i4172)
Warner, Marcella Marie (marriage to Mr. Grundisch) (i4172)
Warner, Michael (i4280)
Warner, Miranda Marie (i4284)
Warner, Nathen (i4290)
Warner, Randy (i4167)
Warner, Ricky (i4168)
Warner, Ryan (i4291)
Warner, Sarah (i4281)
Warner, Shane (i4288)
Warner, Shawn (i4293)
Warner, Thomas Neal (i4169)
Warner, Tiffany (i4285)
Warner, Tom (i4294)
Warner, Vannessa (i4287)


Warren, Lucy Beatrice (marriage to Loren Ulysses Decker) (i1635)


Watters, Iviah May (marriage to Walter Franklin Anspach) (i4353), b.1886-d.1968


Weand, Katie A. (marriage to George Anspach) (i4787)


Weaver, Henry (marriage to Sarah Anspach) (i4516), b.1794-


Webb, Calvin Jonathan Douglas (i624) (still alive)
Webb, Charles Everett (i3072) (still alive)
Webb, John A. Logan (i3535), b.1868-d.1908
Webb, Marthaellen (i3075) (still alive)
Webb, Minnie (marriage to James Solomon Canull) (i4066), b.1888-d.1951
Webb, Phyllis (i1843), b.1925-d.1998
Webb, Phyllis (marriage to Clarence Shorty Tabor) (i1843), b.1925-d.1998
Webb, Samuel (i3537), b.1840-
Webb, Samuel Charles (i623) (still alive)
Webb, Samuel Edward (i3533), b.1893-d.1966
Webb, Sarah Jane (i3073) (still alive)
Webb, Timothy (i3076) (still alive)
Webb, Toddy Jeffrey (i3074) (still alive)
Webb, Willis Douglas (i1345), b.1941-d.1998


Webster, Betty (marriage to Frank Dutton) (i1331)


Weekly, Elizabeth (marriage to Jacob Smith) (i4345)


Weems, Alma Lilly (i3187) (still alive)
Weems, Charles Lee (i3185) (still alive)
Weems, Daisy (i1986), b.1901-d.1973
Weems, Daisy (marriage to Canada Biggun Barrall) (i1986), b.1901-d.1973
Weems, Debra Sue (i3182) (still alive)
Weems, Eva Jane (i3183), b.1932-d.1988
Weems, Eva Jane (marriage to Frank Molenhour) (i3183), b.1932-d.1988
Weems, Frank (i1987)
Weems, James Thomas (i3180) (still alive)
Weems, Leslie Sherman (i3179), b.1905-d.1963
Weems, Leslie Sherman (marriage to Edna White) (i3179), b.1905-d.1963
Weems, Mary Louise (i3184) (still alive)
Weems, Milrea Mae (i3199) (still alive)
Weems, Opal Pearl (i3186) (still alive)
Weems, Terry Lee (i3198) (still alive)
Weems, Thomas Leslie (i3200) (still alive)


Weiland or Weiand, Cora B. (marriage to George Benjamin McClelland Anspach) (i455), b.1868-d.1949


Weiser, John (marriage to Elizabeth Anspach) (i48)


Wellington, Ethel Jane (marriage to Charles Watson White) (i2722), b.1885-d.1942


Wells, J. RowLand (marriage to Nettie L. Lohman) (i1851)
Wells, Kellie Bruce (i2566) (still alive)
Wells, Kimberley Turner (i2567) (still alive)
Wells, Stanley Bruce (i2565) (still alive)


Welsh, Veron Lawrence (i1912)


Wesley, Kendrick Lewis Pollard (i1340) (still alive)


West, Mary (marriage to David McKibben) (i4339)


Wham, Rose Elmira Twintella (i2276), b.1860-d.1935
Wham, Rose Elmira Twintella (marriage to David L. White) (i2276), b.1860-d.1935
Wham, William Mcmillan Martin (i2107), b.1821-d.1889


Wharton, Alice (marriage to Ebenezer Warren Ridlen Anspach) (i254)


White, Aaron Harrison (i2673), b.1917-d.1995
White, Aimee Beth (i3394) (still alive)
White, Alta Annbell (i3174) (still alive)
White, Andrew Ezra (i2677) (still alive)
White, Ann (i2589), b.1863-d.1863
White, Anna Irene (i3167) (still alive)
White, Anna Julanna (i2574) (still alive)
White, Anne Elizabeth (i3390) (still alive)
White, Anthony Wade (i2966) (still alive)
White, Arther Leon (i2603) (still alive)
White, Auda E. (Audrey) (i2279), b.1886-d.1900
White, Barry Thane (i2876) (still alive)
White, Beatrice Obera (i2688) (still alive)
White, Benjamin Eugene (i2501) (still alive)
White, Bessie Twintella (i2583), b.1924-d.1980
White, Bessie Twintella (marriage to Bryant Mcintosh) (i2583), b.1924-d.1980
White, Billy Fred (i3018) (still alive)
White, Billy Joe (i2657) (still alive)
White, Bonnie Lou (i2857), b.1960-d.1978
White, Boyce Illion (i2686) (still alive)
White, Bradely Eugene (i2880) (still alive)
White, Brenda Ann (i2858) (still alive)
White, Brenda Gale (i2669) (still alive)
White, Brenda Irene (i2888) (still alive)
White, Brendasue (i2827) (still alive)
White, Brettt Charles (i2830) (still alive)
White, Brian Keith (i603) (still alive)
White, Brian Nicholas (i2638) (still alive)
White, Callvin Lee (i3023) (still alive)
White, Carl Ray (i2848) (still alive)
White, Carolyn Sue (i2651) (still alive)
White, Carolyn Sue (i2808) (still alive)
White, Carolyn Sue (i3022) (still alive)
White, Carrie Agnes (i2573), b.1907-d.1966
White, Carrie Agnes (marriage to Joseph George Altgilbers) (i2573), b.1907-d.1966
White, Carrie Ellen (i3393) (still alive)
White, Cecilia Dee Ann (i2634) (still alive)
White, Charles Earl (i3017), b.1930-d.1930
White, Charles Radford (i2287) (still alive)
White, Charles Steven (i3040) (still alive)
White, Charles Watson (i2594), b.1880-d.1963
White, Charlotte Ann (i3020) (still alive)
White, Chris Allen (i2859) (still alive)
White, Christine Marie (i2662) (still alive)
White, Clara U. V. (i2891) (still alive)
White, Clarence Ellis (i2725) (still alive)
White, Cleta Luellen (i2661), b.1962-d.1962
White, Craig Allen (i2828) (still alive)
White, Dannie Ray (i2665) (still alive)
White, David Allen (i2658) (still alive)
White, David L. (i2275), b.1859-d.1899
White, David L. (marriage to Rose Elmira Twintella Wham) (i2275), b.1859-d.1899
White, David Wilson (i3036) (still alive)
White, David Wilson Jr. (i3038) (still alive)
White, Deborah Kay (i2865) (still alive)
White, Deborah Lynn (i3033) (still alive)
White, Dewain Emerson (i2418) (still alive)
White, Disey Ethel (i3234), b.1968-d.1968
White, Donald Gean (i2617), b.1946-d.1946
White, Dorothy Fay (i2904) (still alive)
White, Dorothy Lee (i2602) (still alive)
White, Earnest Carrol (i2694), b.1897-d.1974
White, Edna (i2721), b.1910-d.1976
White, Edna (marriage to Leslie Sherman Weems) (i2721), b.1910-d.1976
White, Edward Lee (i2655) (still alive)
White, Ella Ethel "Toots" (i2578), b.1915-d.1997
White, Ella Ethel "Toots" (marriage to William Rosco Sweet) (i2578), b.1915-d.1997
White, Ellen Jane (i3156) (still alive)
White, Elphia Obera (i2289) (still alive)
White, Erma Jean (i3016), b.1928-d.1929
White, Esther Faye (i2729) (still alive)
White, Florence Irene (i2877) (still alive)
White, Frances Marie (i3150) (still alive)
White, Gail Crowley (i3232) (still alive)
White, Gary Lynn (i2873), b.1945-d.1963
White, Glen (i3028) (still alive)
White, Glenda (i3024) (still alive)
White, Grace Mae (i2572) (still alive)
White, Grover Theodore (i2282), b.1892-d.1975
White, Grover Theodore (marriage to Carrie Elizabeth Butts) (i2282), b.1892-d.1975
White, Harold Loyd (i2601) (still alive)
White, Harry Edward (i2577), b.1914-d.1920
White, Hattie Hellena (i2281), b.1890-d.1965
White, Hattie Hellena (marriage to Fred Albert Borsenberger) (i2281), b.1890-d.1965
White, Heidi Marie (i3380) (still alive)
White, Helen (i2728) (still alive)
White, Helen Eldora (i2693), b.1894-d.1934
White, Helen Loraine "Susie" (i2656) (still alive)
White, Ida Elmira (i2575), b.1911-d.1918
White, Infant (i2691), b.1890-d.1890
White, Ira Allen (i2580), b.1920-d.1920
White, Ira Edward (i2253), b.1880-d.1961
White, Ira Edward "Bud" (i2585), b.1926-d.1993
White, Isaac Preston (i2675) (still alive)
White, Jack Lavaughn (i2805) (still alive)
White, Jacob Lee (i606) (still alive)
White, James Albert (i2571), b.1905-d.1959
White, James Albert (i2847), b.1957-d.1957
White, James Arthur (i2660) (still alive)
White, James Carroll (i2910), b.1926-d.1926
White, James Lavern (i3392), b.1970-d.1974
White, James Norman (i2684), b.1927-d.1998
White, James Raymond (i2864) (still alive)
White, James Thomas (i2284), b.1899-d.1986
White, James Thomas (marriage to Iva Butts) (i2284), b.1899-d.1986
White, Janet Ruth (i2826) (still alive)
White, Janet Sue (i2832) (still alive)
White, Jared Keith (i605) (still alive)
White, Jimmy Ray (i2920) (still alive)
White, John J. (i2595), b.1874-d.1874
White, John Lee (i2581) (still alive)
White, John Lee Jr. (i2630) (still alive)
White, John Thomas (i3395) (still alive)
White, Jon Jason (i604) (still alive)
White, Joshua Schuyler (i2502) (still alive)
White, Joyce Lee (i2616) (still alive)
White, June Allison (i2423), b.1931-d.1933
White, Kathleen (i2911) (still alive)
White, Kevin Wayne (i2965) (still alive)
White, Kyle Lavern (i2831) (still alive)
White, Ladonna Kay (i2668) (still alive)
White, Larry Earl (i2422) (still alive)
White, Larry Eugene (i2654) (still alive)
White, Larry Jr. (i2963) (still alive)
White, Lawra Kay (i2639) (still alive)
White, Leatha Lorene (i2604), b.1933-d.1934
White, Leatha Marie (i2584), b.1925-d.1929
White, Lenon Ray (i2915) (still alive)
White, Linda Diann (i2875) (still alive)
White, Louise Kathleen (i2874) (still alive)
White, Lowell E. (i2420) (still alive)
White, Lucy Eunice (i2723), b.1906-d.1999
White, Luther Leander (i2726), b.1919-d.1999
White, Lyle E. (i2421), b.1937-d.1940
White, Marion Schuyler (Sonny) (i2500) (still alive)
White, Mark Radford (i3039) (still alive)
White, Marlene Marie (i2886) (still alive)
White, Marsha Amanda (i2959) (still alive)
White, Martha Alma (i2286), b.1900-d.1928
White, Martha Alma (marriage to Perry Joseph Peden) (i2286), b.1900-d.1928
White, Martha Gay (i2633) (still alive)
White, Mary Louise (i2846) (still alive)
White, Mathew Kelly (i2637) (still alive)
White, Megan Michaela (i3409) (still alive)
White, Melessa Nell (i2918) (still alive)
White, Melinda Gay "Cindy" (i2922) (still alive)
White, Michael Glen (i3034) (still alive)
White, Michael Leon (i2652) (still alive)
White, Michael Ray (i2872) (still alive)
White, Misty Rachelle (i2878) (still alive)
White, Nancy Valdora (i2591), b.1868-d.1914
White, Nancy Valdora (marriage to Edward Henry Henne) (i2591), b.1868-d.1914
White, Nelda Mae (i2724) (still alive)
White, Noah Lou (i2576) (still alive)
White, Nora Myrtle (i2727) (still alive)
White, Norma Elmira (i2683) (still alive)
White, Norma Jean (i2605) (still alive)
White, Norma Jean (i2845) (still alive)
White, Ola Myrtle (i2701) (still alive)
White, Ollie E. (i2283), b.1895-d.1975
White, Opal Alta (i2716), b.1901-d.1967
White, Opal Alta (marriage to Waverly Stonecipher) (i2716), b.1901-d.1967
White, Ora Myrtle (i2404), b.1881-d.1931
White, Ora Myrtle (marriage to James Wilson Heflin) (i2404), b.1881-d.1931
White, Oscar Leland (i2692), b.1891-d.1918
White, Pamela Kay (i2820) (still alive)
White, Patricia Ann (i2818) (still alive)
White, Patricia Lynn (i2632) (still alive)
White, Pearl (i2717), b.1902-d.1984
White, Pearl (marriage to Herman E. Fearman) (i2717), b.1902-d.1984
White, Pearl Emmiel (i2419) (still alive)
White, Penny Diana (i2664) (still alive)
White, Peter Noal (i2640) (still alive)
White, Phebe Elizabeth (i2685) (still alive)
White, Phillis Elaine (i2659) (still alive)
White, Pricilla Perplexney (i2592), b.1876-d.1938
White, Pricilla Perplexney (marriage to Lewis Quandt) (i2592), b.1876-d.1938
White, Rachel Ilenna (i2674) (still alive)
White, Richard Dale (i3391) (still alive)
White, Rickey Lynn (i2884) (still alive)
White, Robert Leland (i2720), b.1907-d.1937
White, Robert Lou (i2750), b.1934-d.1946
White, Roberta Margaretta (i2666) (still alive)
White, Ronald Dean (i2619) (still alive)
White, Ronald Preston (i2817) (still alive)
White, Roy Clifford (i2586), b.1929-d.1931
White, Roy E. (i2278), b.1884-d.1902
White, Roy L. (i1008), b.1924-d.1999
White, Ruth Royetta (i2670) (still alive)
White, Samuel Joseph (i2676), b.1924-d.1940
White, Sanders (i3265), b.1883-d.1884
White, Sandra Lee (i2863), b.1942-d.1972
White, Sandra Lynn (i2819) (still alive)
White, Sharon Ann (i2807) (still alive)
White, Silas Ray (i2587), b.1932-d.1982
White, Terry Lee (i2834) (still alive)
White, Thomas Curtiss (i2962) (still alive)
White, Thomas Edward (i3154) (still alive)
White, Thomas Malcolm (i2636) (still alive)
White, Thomas Rubin (i2593), b.1870-d.1956
White, Timothy Joseph (i2635) (still alive)
White, Tina Marie (i3031) (still alive)
White, Todd Andrew (i2829) (still alive)
White, Troy Bruce (i2667) (still alive)
White, Truda Mae (i3381) (still alive)
White, Twin1 (i3410) (still alive)
White, Twin2 (i3411) (still alive)
White, Verle Eugene (i2689) (still alive)
White, Vernon Lee (i2806) (still alive)
White, Vincent George (i2631) (still alive)
White, Virginia Lee (i2653) (still alive)
White, W. Joshua (i2110), b.1815-d.1892
White, W. Joshua (i2596), b.1815-d.1892
White, Wanda Myrtle (i2582) (still alive)
White, William (i2111)
White, William (i2597)
White, William Alexander (i2277), b.1841-d.1928
White, William C. (i2718), b.1904-d.1907
White, William Joshua (i2590), b.1865-d.1950
White, William Stanley (i2700), b.1904-d.1904
White, William Tex (i2882) (still alive)
White, William Tirl Sylvester (i2280), b.1888-d.1972
White, Wilma (i2719), b.1905-d.1910
White, Wilma Stella Viola (i2579), b.1918-d.1920
White, Yvonne Mae (i2618) (still alive)
White, Zearl Dee (i2923), b.1933-d.1958
White, Zelphia Lee (i2288) (still alive)


Whited, Gene (i2547) (still alive)
Whited, Jacon Allen (i2549) (still alive)
Whited, Tracey Marie (i2548) (still alive)


Wier, Gertrude (marriage to Marion L. Lohman) (i1854)


Wiest, Barbara (marriage to David Klinger) (i4767)


Wigent, Catharine Grace (i171) (still alive)
Wigent, Harold Ivan (i152) (still alive)
Wigent, Harold Thorn (i103), b.1917-d.1966
Wigent, Harold Thorn (marriage to Wilma Barringer) (i103), b.1917-d.1966
Wigent, Julie Jennifer (i173) (still alive)


Williams, Aerial "Coot" (i3868)
Williams, Emily Gayle (i157) (still alive)
Williams, Faye (i3869)
Williams, Hazel Ann (i3840), b.1897-
Williams, Henry (marriage to Flora J. Canull) (i4034)
Williams, J.c. (i3870)
Williams, James Allen, Jr. (i23) (still alive)
Williams, James Allen, Sr. (i92)
Williams, Jenifer Rebecca (i25) (still alive)
Williams, Joseph Allen (i156) (still alive)
Williams, Marion (i2089), b.1858-
Williams, Mary Alice (i210), b.1879-
Williams, Mary Alice (marriage to Jesse Alonzo Gray) (i210), b.1879-
Williams, Sue (marriage to Ron Swift) (i1374)


Williamson, Adam Carrol (i1996), b.1867-
Williamson, Adam Carrol (marriage to Olive Corrie) (i1996), b.1867-
Williamson, Amy Renea (i796) (still alive)
Williamson, Anna (i1999), b.1864-
Williamson, Barbara (i787) (still alive)
Williamson, Carroll (i854), b.1845-
Williamson, Carthel (i830) (still alive)
Williamson, Charles (i764), b.1879-d.1955
Williamson, Charles (marriage to (Mary) Elizabeth Michael) (i764), b.1879-d.1955
Williamson, Charles (marriage to Minnie Michael) (i764), b.1879-d.1955
Williamson, David (i842), b.1881-d.1969
Williamson, David (marriage to Lillie J. Jones) (i842), b.1881-d.1969
Williamson, Dorthy Louise (i789) (still alive)
Williamson, Effie Mae (i375), b.1903-d.1975
Williamson, Effie Mae (marriage to John Oscar Anspach) (i375), b.1903-d.1975
Williamson, Elijah (i886), b.1851-
Williamson, Elizabeth (i850), b.1840-d.1884
Williamson, Elizabeth (marriage to James W. Williamson) (i850), b.1840-d.1884
Williamson, Emily Jane (i873), b.1834-
Williamson, Frankey (i878), b.1840-
Williamson, Grover (i845), b.1887-
Williamson, Henry (i836), b.1811-d.1861
Williamson, Henry (i863), b.1789-d.1860
Williamson, Henry (i1997), b.1879-
Williamson, Icle Doloris (i797), b.1928-d.1984
Williamson, Icle Doloris (marriage to Hershel Bullard) (i797), b.1928-d.1984
Williamson, James (i843), b.1885-
Williamson, James (i855), b.1839-d.1905
Williamson, James T. (i852), b.1873-
Williamson, James W. (i851)
Williamson, James W. (marriage to Elizabeth Williamson) (i851)
Williamson, Janice (i786) (still alive)
Williamson, Jarvis (i869), b.1821-
Williamson, Jesse Bernard (i791), b.1923-d.1997
Williamson, Joel (i859), b.1853-
Williamson, John (i860), b.1855-
Williamson, John (i866), b.1815-
Williamson, Kody Monroe (i833) (still alive)
Williamson, Kyle Alan (i795) (still alive)
Williamson, Laslie Dale (i788) (still alive)
Williamson, Lem (i778), b.1910-d.1990
Williamson, Lias C. (Elias?) (i853), b.1875-
Williamson, Lucinda Arnetta (i1585), b.1870-d.1962
Williamson, Lucinda Arnetta (marriage to Wesley N. Michael) (i1585), b.1870-d.1962
Williamson, M. Frederick (i875), b.1835-
Williamson, Malinda (i879), b.1838-d.1936
Williamson, Malinda (marriage to James Ellison M. Green) (i879), b.1838-d.1936
Williamson, Mary E. (i841), b.1876-
Williamson, Mary M. (i861), b.1857-
Williamson, Milley A.M. (i858), b.1850-
Williamson, Monroe (i885), b.1848-
Williamson, Nancy (i1998), b.1861-
Williamson, Nathan (i840), b.1874-d.1906
Williamson, Olive or Oliver? (i887), b.1860-
Williamson, Patrick N. (i871), b.1829-d.1860
Williamson, Presley (i884), b.1846-
Williamson, Pullam (i870), b.1825-
Williamson, Richard (i793) (still alive)
Williamson, Ruby (i782), b.1913-d.1955
Williamson, Sarah (i877), b.1838-
Williamson, Silvey (i780), b.1911-d.1993
Williamson, Theresa Mae (i832) (still alive)
Williamson, Theresa Normal (i815) b. December 10, 1931 - d. October 9, 2016.
Williamson, Thomas (i867), b.1818-
Williamson, Thomas H. (i765), b.1846-d.1936
Williamson, Thomas H. (marriage to Tansada R. Haney) (i765), b.1846-d.1936
Williamson, Thomas S. (i784), b.1915-d.1982
Williamson, Tully (i883), b.1844-
Williamson, Vincent (i868), b.1819-
Williamson, William (i865), b.1816-
Williamson, William Henry (i838), b.1871-


Williard, Bella (marriage to Clarence J. Anspach) (i4771)


Wilson, Cornelia (marriage to George W. Toliver) (i1502)
Wilson, Kezia (marriage to David Gillenwater) (i2059)


Winegar, John (marriage to Rachel Pitman) (i1513)


Wing, Colin Thomas (i141) (still alive)


Winter, Dora Elizabeth (marriage to Earnest Carrol White) (i2890), b.1901-d.1986


Wise, Elizabeth (marriage to Michael Anspach) (i168), b.1838-
Wise, unknown (marriage to Elthian Anspach) (i4688)


Wiseman, George (marriage to Alice Gertrude Newburn) (i1079)


Wisenand, Thomas (marriage to Elenora Anspach) (i1833), b.1875-d.1960


Witman, Abraham (marriage to Anna Catherine Anspach) (i52)


Woesner, Jacob (marriage to Mary Melvina Anspach) (i4252)


Wolf, Frances Michelle (i3124) (still alive)
Wolf, Kathleen Alice (i3119) (still alive)
Wolf, Michael Lavern (i3120) (still alive)
Wolf, Michaell Francis Sr. (i3118) (still alive)
Wolf, Rebecca Sue (i3122) (still alive)


Wolfe, Chester Paul (i4689), b.1917-d.1987
Wolfe, Clarence (i4506), b.1888-d.1969
Wolfe, Clarence (marriage to Blanche Irene Anspach) (i4506), b.1888-d.1969
Wolfe, Harriett Rachel (i4691), b.1921-d.1999
Wolfe, Verla Marie (i4690), b.1919-


Wood, Anna (marriage to James Haney) (i1050)
Wood, Faye (i545)
Wood, Franklin (marriage to Rebecca Elizabeth Tripp) (i1606), d.1915
Wood, Othor (i543)
Wood, Othor (marriage to Clara Mae Brooks) (i543)


Woods, Mary Jane (marriage to Linsey Burr Gillenwater) (i2050), b.1873-d.1909


Wooley, Frank (marriage to Cora May Luttrell) (i1231)
Wooley, Henry (marriage to Mildred Ball) (i1594), d.1916


Worrell, E. D. (marriage to Ida Chambers) (i3986)


Wysor, Elisabeth (marriage to Christopher Trinkle) (i1783)


Yauger, Mary Ann (marriage to David Talkington) (i1191)


Yeager, Maude (i699), b.1886-
Yeager, Maude (marriage to Dr. Earl D. Jewett) (i699), b.1886-
Yeager, Samuel (i2131)


Yeagley, Evelyn A. (marriage to Donald Ray Anspach) (i4719), b.1914-d.1981


Yoder, Oma Marie (marriage to Willis Samuel Ream) (i4091), b.1902-d.1981


Young, Margaret (marriage to Phillip Gerichs) (i2078), b.1810-


Younker, Catherine (i4637), b.1827-
Younker, Catherine (marriage to Stephen II Humphrey) (i4637), b.1827-
Younker, George (i4636)
Younker, George (marriage to Mary L. Feidt) (i4636)


Zartman, Jonathan (marriage to Barbara Rebecca Anspach) (i3748), d.1818
Zartman, Sarah (marriage to David Anspach) (i4581)
Zartman, Susanna (marriage to Samuel Anspach) (i3643), b.1822-d.1899


Zellar, Johannes Georg (i1140), b.1686-d.1737
Zellar, Johannes Georg (marriage to Anna Maria Catherina Anspach) (i1140), b.1686-d.1737


Zeller, Unknown (marriage to Leonard Anspach) (i38)


Zerver, Magdaline (marriage to George C. Reed) (i1129), b.1808-


Zetlamier, Eileen (marriage to Wilbur Reed Clapp) (i575)


Zimmer, Earma Jean (i2613) (still alive)
Zimmer, Hugo (i2610), b.1904-d.1975
Zimmer, Hugo Melton Jr. (i2611), b.1925-d.1997
Zimmer, Margaretta May (i2612) (still alive)
Zimmer, Paul Edward (i2614) (still alive)
Zimmer, Ronald (i3363)
Zimmer, Shari (i3364)

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