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First Generation

1. Charles Holman1 Newburn was born in Martinsville,IN May 23,1861. Charles died Sep.05,1938 in Altamont,Effingham Co.,IL, at 77 years of age.

He married Mary Mahalie Anspach in Effingham Co.,IL, May 10,1883.(795) Mary was born in Shelbyville,IL Feb.3,1863. She was the daughter of Solomon Leslie Anspach and Ellen Leffler. Mary died Jan.03,1940 in Altamont,Effingham Co.,IL, at 76 years of age. Charles & Mary Mahalia had a farm near Altamont,IL. but Moccasin was the closest town. The farm had all of its original 1830's log structures when they purchased it, including smithy forge & tools. The house was updated with clapboard over the logs. Josephine Goyke & Jacqueline Ryan wrote in the book Anspachs & Lefflers that Sarah Ryan & her children loved going to see Aunt Mary Mahalia in the 30's & 40's... After Charles & Mary M.'s deaths, the youngest daughter purchased their farm, and a few years after that oil was discovered there.
Sharon Grigsby sent this update (4/22/04): "I'm not sure what the official status of the property was, but I do know that my grandfather, Cassie Albert and his wife, Ellen, lived there together until my grandfather died. A short time later, my father, Paul, moved into the residence with my grandmother and he lived there until he died.
As far as the oil well-sounds great, but I don't beleive that they ever made over $300.00 or $400.00 a month when it was producing at it's best. Some of the mineral rights had been sold long before the well was drilled and it never was a large producer." (So Rose Marie must have sold the farm to Cassie Albert Newburn, or the original info. was in error..ymw, my note)

Charles Holman Newburn and Mary Mahalie Anspach had the following children:

child 2 i. Lurita Ellen2 Newburn was born in IL Mar.24,1884. She married twice. She married Otto Martz in IL, ca.1904. She married Sherman Gilliham in IL, after 1905.

child 3 ii. Harvey Elmer Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Dec.04,1885. He married Bertha Enlow in IL, ca.1905. Harvey & Bertha moved to Big Spring,Texas sometime after their marriage.

child 4 iii. Alice Gertrude Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Apr.30,1887. She married George Wiseman in IL, ca.1907.

child 5 iv. Bertha Frances Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Apr.07,1889. She married Harvey Harding in IL, ca.1909.

child 6 v. Mary Nellie Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Jan.24,1892. She married Walter Grames in IL, ca.1912.

child 7 vi. Cassie Albert Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Mar.03,1894. He married Ellen Harding in IL, ca.1914.

child 8 vii. Ida Jane Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Mar.03,1896. Ida died 1912 in Effingham Co.,IL.

child 9 viii. Arilla Elizabeth Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Sep.24,1898. She married Homer Grumbaugh in IL, ca.1918.

child 10 ix. Thomas William Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Mar.18,1900. Thomas died Mar.01,1916 in Effingham Co.,IL, at 15 years of age. Killed by mule kick, while harnessing livestock.

child 11 x. Rose Marie Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Feb.28,1902. Rose died Sep.14,1978 in Kimball,NE, at 76 years of age. She married twice. She married Philip Harmon ca.1922. She married Earl Huff after 1923.

child 12 xi. James Olphand Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Sep.11,1904. He married Mettie Pollard in IL, ca.1924.

child 13 xii. Frank Harold Newburn was born in Effingham Co.,IL Jan.21,1906. Frank died Jan.28,1906 in Effingham Co.,IL, at less than one year of age.

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