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First Generation

1. Sebastion1 Fischer was born ca.1680. Sebastion died in Berks Co.,PA..

He married twice. He married Susannah Unknown. He married Susannah Unknown ca.1700.

Sebastion Fischer and Susannah Unknown had the following children:

child 2 i. Jacob2 Fischer. He married Maria Elizabeth Frederick. Jacob & Maria Elizabeth had a son named John Fischer who married Catherine Shaffer. John & Catherine's son John Jr. married Hannah Weiser who was a great granddaughter of Conrad Weiser.

child 3 ii. Lawrence or Lewis or Ludwig Fischer was born ca.1706. Lawrence died 1773 in PA.. He married Barbara Blankenbaker in Berks Co.,PA., ca.1726.

child 4 iii. George Ulrich Fischer was born in New York Colony ca.1712. George died 1770 in PA..

child 5 iv. Peter Fischer was born in Schoharie,NY. Oct.04,1714. He married Anna Dorthea Ball in New York Colony, 1750.

Sebastion Fischer and Susannah Unknown had the following child:

child 6 v. Anna Elizabeth Fischer was born in Schoharie, New York about 1722. Anna died 1803 in Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA. Her body was interred 1803 in Christ Lutheran Churchyard, Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA. She married John Johannes, Sr. Anspach in Berks Co., PA, April 2, 1744.(530) Johannes was born in Taar Boss, Columbia City, New York September 26, 1721. He was the son of Johannes Balthasar Anspach and Anna Maria Reed. Johannes died after January 21, 1777 in Tulpehocken, Berks County, Pennsylvania.(531) His body was interred after January 22, 1777 in Christ Lutheran Churchyard, Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA. He was christened in Taar Boss, Columbia City, New York, September 26, 1721.(532) Johannes served in the military in Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA., about 1755.(533) 16 November 1755: Conrad Weiser, Esq: John Anspach and Frederick Reed came to me and told me the miserable circumstances of the people murdered this side of the mountain. Yesterday the Indians attacked the Watch, killed and wounded him, at Derrick Sixth,(Dietrich Six) and in that neighborhood, a great many in that night.

This morning the people went out to see, and about 10 o'clock came to Thomas Bower's house , finding a man dead--killed with a gun shot. They soon heard a noise of firing guns; running to that place, saw four Indians setting on children scalping them--three of the children are dead, two are still living, though scalped. Afterwards our people went to the Watch-house of Derrick Sixth, where the Indians made the first attack. They found six dead bodies--four of them scalped; about a mile on this side of the Watch-house, as they came back, the Indians had set fire to a stable and barn: burnt the corn, cows and other creature--here they found five Indians in the house eating their dinner and drinking rum which had been in the house; two of them were on the outside the house. They fired upon them, but without doing execution. The Indians have burnt the improvements on four other plantations .

I have this account from those above named, and from Peter Anspack, Jacob Caderman, Christopher Noacre, Leonard Walborn, George Dollinger, and Adam Dieffenbach.

We are, at present, in imminent danger to lose our lives, or estates: pray, therefore, for help, or else whole Tulpehocken will be laid waste by the Indians, in a very short time--all the buildings will be burned, the people scalped. Do, therefore, lose no time to get us assistance. The Assembly may learn from this work, what kind, and fine friends the Indians are!!. We hope members of the Assembly will get their eyes opened, and manifest tender hearts towards us; and the Governor the same. They are, it is hoped, true subject to our King George II, of Great Britain, or are they willing to deliver us into the hands of these cruel and merciless creature?" signed: I am your friend, Peter S

******* f

Johannes registered to pay taxes in Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA, 1759.(534) Johannes registered to pay taxes in Tulpehocken, Berks Co., PA, 1767.(535) Johannes's will was probated in Berks Co.,PA, May 10, 1777. (See John Johannes, Sr. Anspach for the continuation of this line.) Anna died 1803 in Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA, at 81 years of age. Her body was interred 1803 in Stouchsburg, Berks Co., PA, pr. Christ Lutheran Churchyard.

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