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Palmetto Sharpshooters,
Company G
Casualties 5/31/1862
(Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia)

(The following letter was printed in the Yorkville Enquirer, June 13, 1863.)

Camp near Richmond Virginia, June 2nd, 1862-
Messr Editors: -- I send you the following list of killed and wounded of Company G, Captain I. N. Withers, Jenkins' Palmetto Sharp Shooters, in the engagement near Richmond on the 31st of May, which I wish you to publish for the satisfaction of those interested.

Moore, H.H.

Withers, I.N.
, Captain, severely in the leg
Carroll, J.W., Lieut., severely in the thigh
Black, James, Lieut., severely in the arm (DOW 8/5/1862)
O'Farrell, G.H., Sgt., severely in the side
Adams, J.M., Sgt.,slightly on the head
McElwee, J.L., Corp., slightly on the knee
Adams, J.A., severely through the thigh & the leg
Allison, D.M., severely in the leg
Barron, J.P., severely through the mouth
Carroll, D.H., very severely throughthe left breast
Coward, J.J., slightly on the shoulder
Dye, W.F., severely in the side
East, Wm. W., severely in the thigh (DOW 6/29/1862)
Fewell, W.A., severely in the knee (DOW 6/24/1862)
Hackett, W.K., mortally in the right breast(DOW 6/7/1862)
Hall, J.T., severely in the hip
Kersey, John, severely in the hand
McCaw, R., very severely in the bowels (DOW 6/6/1862)
Neal, H.K., severely in the leg
Roberts, C.C., slightly in the hand
Robinson, R.R., severely in the hip
Rose, E.M., slightly in the forehead
Sims, J.K.S., severely in the thigh (DOD 4/15/1863)
Williams, T.C., slightly in the leg
Wood, James, severely in the side (KIA 5/31/1862)

McKenny, J.A.
Surratt H.

-W. Baity Smith, Lieut., Commanding Company G, Jenkins' Palmetto Sharp Shooters

Courtsey of Louise Pettus, York County Genealogical & Historical Society, P.O. Box 3061CRS, Rock Hill SC 29732

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