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Alderson, William T., Private
Alston, B.P., Captain
Alston, John W., Private, DOW 7/20/1862, wounded at Fraysers Farm
Bailes, Charles N., Private, DOD 5/21/1862
Bailes, Eli, Private, Private
Bain, John, Private, Private
Barnes, A.J, Private
Barber, J.G., Private, KIA 12/20/1861 Dranesville VA
Barron, Archibald A., Private, also served 6th co H, died 7/20/64
Barron, James, Private
Blackwell, Samuel, Private, DIP 2/3/1865 Elmira
Burns, James, Private
Campbell, William J., Lt., KIA 5/5/1862 Williamsburg VA
Collier, William Austin, Wounded in neck at Campbell's Station (Knoxville) 11/16/1863, sent to Atlanta then Chattanooga, wounded in left foot 9/30/1864 during asault on Ft. Harrison during seige of Petersburg, paroled at
Appomattox 4/9/1865.
Coltharp, Brantley, Private
Coltharp, H.T., Private
Coltharp, John, Private
Davidson, William G., Private, Died 12/08/1861
Epps, James P., Private
Erwin, John, Private
Giles, Matthew O., Private, also served 6th Co. G
Glover, James D., Private
Glover, Wylie O., Private
Graham, Robert G., Private
Graham, W. Crook, Private
Harris, George H., Private
Huddleston, R.R., Private
Johnston, F.H., Private
Kimbrell, Leroy K., Private
Kimbrell, Martin K., Private
Love, S.L., 1st Lt, wounded at Fair Oaks VA
McFadden, William, Private, KIA 5/31/1862 Seven Pines VA
Merritt, Andrew, Private
Merritt, John, Private
Moore, F.E., 1st Lt., KIA 12/20/1861Dranesville VA
Neely, A.P., Private
Nivens, Joseph G., Private, also served 13th NC Co. B
Orr, William, Private
Owens, H.W., Private
Parks, Joseph, Private
Pettus, Will Tom, Private
Phillip, Robert, Private
Reid, J.W., Private, KIA 5/31/1862 Seven Pines VA
Sitgreaves, John, Private
Spratt, James W., Private/Corp.
Steele, William G., Private
Stewart, John H., KIA 9/30/1864 Ft. Harrison VA
Sutton, Dick, Private
Sutton, William M., Private
Thorne, W. Ross, Private
Turner, William E., Private
White, J.M., Captain
White, James S., Private
Williams, Thomas G.,Private
Wilson, Sam, Private