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Micah Jenkins
5th Regiment SCV
"Fight at Richmond"

(The following report was printed in the Yorkville Enquirer, June 5, 1862).

By reference to the proper head, it will be seen that the great battle of Richmond has commenced, and was still undecided at last accounts--if we do not get further by the latest mail for which we shall keep open. The following is a list of the killed and wounded of Col. (Micah) Jenkins' regiment as far as heard from.

Mr. Hackett is since report dead (DOW 6/7/1862):
Adams, James M., slightly
Allison, James (DOD date unknown)
Barron, P.
Black, James, (wounded 6/1/1862, DOW 8/5/1862 Seven Pines VA)
Carroll, Daniel
Carroll, Joseph W.
Coward, J.J.
Crosby, Lt.
Garnett, George
Gaston, Captain, killed
Giles, Jack, Colonel (KIA 5/31/1862)
Hackett, W.K., wounded severely, (DOW 6/7/1862 Ft. Monroe VA)
Hall, M.T., (DOD 6/5/1862 Manchester, VA)
Jefferys, Foster G.
Lindsay, A.
McConnell, John D.
McKnight, J.
Rose, Edward
Williams, T.C.
Withers, I.N., Captain

It is thus seen that York County has suffered terribly, and all is not told. The land is full of mourning--God grant the sacrifice on our part may not have proven in vain.
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