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The July 29, 1863 issue of The Yorkville Enquirer listed York County volunteers for the state reserves, sometimes called the "Senior Reserves", who were men not subject to the draft but looked upon as a home guard in case of invasion of the state. Most of the men were in their 40s and 50s. The company was organized just three days after major Confederate losses at Gettysburg and Vicksburg.

Roster of Company organized at Smith’s Old Field, July 7, 1863, in the 34th Regiment, S.C.M.

Lowry, John T., Captain
Moore, J.W., 1st Lieut.
Cain, J.M.M., 2nd Lieut.
Howell, Wm., 3rd Lieut.

Armstrong, Wm.
Ashe, W.N.
Allison, Robt.
Bradford, Wm.
Brown, Jackson
Bratton, R.G.
Burris, Hugh
Bigger, A.
Barber M.R.
Bird, M.R.
Craven, Alfred
Caldwell, Robert
Carson, William
Childers, Sherrod
Caston, Harvey
Crow, M.S.
Carroll, W.H.
Dickson, J.H.
Dover, T.
Davidson, Robt.
Dover, John
Donald, James
Dowdle, W.G.
Eccles, T.J.
Edwards, Jonathan
Enloe, W.M.
Ferguson, Leroy
Falls, E.A.
Falls, E.W.
Faris, O.A.
Floyd, J.E.
Feemster, E.G.
Givens, William
Gardner, Alfred
Gardner, James
Gardner, Wm.
Gwin, C.C.
Good, W.H.
Galloway, Alex.
Hartness, J.W.A.
Harten, Thos.
Henry, A.M.
Hampton, James
Hopson, W.L.
Hold, A.W.
Huske, Allen
Hill, Dr. L.A.
Hambright, Lewis
Hambright, Gilbr’th
Hill, W.E.
Heafner, Andrew
Hays, Andrew
Kuykendal, S.J.
Lewis, James S.
Lindsay, James G.
Lominack, Thomas
Love, Andrew
Lathem, Robt. S.
Love, A.F.
Love, J.E.
Lowry, J.B.
McCants, John
Moore, J.M.
Martin, Moses
McDaniel, W.H.
McCarter, O.N.
McCarter, C.L.H.
McCarter, Joel
Moore, Jonathan
Moss, William
Moore, Isaac W.
Moss, John
Martin, A.J.
Mickle, T.K.
McCarley, John
McLure, R.F.
Paris, W.N.
Packard, L.L.
Peterson, Robt.
Pursley, J.
Pruitt, Spencer
Patrick, J.R.
Quinn, W.H.
Robeson, Robt.
Robeson, Wm.
Robeson, A.E.
Ramsey, Lewis
Rainey, W.J.
Stilwell, Alfred
Scoggins, David
Steele, W.B.
Stewart, J.
Smith, McCluney
Smarr, J.D.
Tolbert, Benjamin
Whisonant, Wm.
Whitesides, J.W.
Watson, Henry
Webber, Jos. G.
Wilis, J.
Wilson, V.B.
Whisonant, G.R.
Wilson, Hamilton

Courtsey of Louise Pettus, The York County Genealogical and Historical Society, Box 3061 CRS, Rock Hill, SC 29732

The Official Records of the Rebellion show that this unit was organized as the 34th Militia and attached to the 5th SC State Troops on 7/23/1863 along with the 46th Militia from York County. On 9/11/1863 the 5th was ordered to Charleston SC by order of General Beauregard.
The record of events show the Fifth SC State Troops (Six Months)-August 1863 to February 1864. Company B was stationed at Camp Bonham, Greenville District, SC, August 1-November 11, 1863. List of officers: John T. Lowry, Captain; John W. Moore, 1st Lt.; James M.M. Cain, 2nd Lt.; William M. Howell, 2nd Lt.

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