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"Evan's Tramp Brigade"


John R. Culp, Captain, promoted Major
W.H. Edwards, Captain
George C. Gill, 1st Lt., r 4/17/1862
Joseph Nunnery, 1st Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
James W. Conner, 2nd Lt., dropped 4/28/1862
John Waters, 2nd Lt., died 8/31/1862
R.A. Ferguson, 2nd Lt.
W.W. Neely, 2nd Lt.

 Adams,R.W., Private
Adams, William, Private
Adams, William, Private
Allen, C.H., Private
Allen, Charles, H., Private
Bigham, D. G., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Bigham, Elijah, Private, Point Lookout
Bigham, George, PRivate
Bigham, H.C., Corporal
Bigham, J.A., Private
Bigham, J.H., Private
Bigham, Joseph, Private
Bigham, L.G., Private
Bigham, W.J., Private
Bingham, William, Private, POW captured 4/1/1865 at Five Forks
Boyd, C.A., Private
Brown, A.B., Private
Brown, Alfred B., Private
Calhoun, T.B., Private
Cherry, William A., Private
Clanson, W.H., Private
Clawson, W.H., Private
Collins, John D., Sergeant
Conner, J.W., Adjutant
Conner, James W., Adjutant
Culp, J.H., Private
Culp, John R., Lieutenant Colonel
Culp, Joseph, Private
Davidson, William, Private
Denton, E.J., Private
Dickey, William, Private
Drennan, W.A., Private
Duffy, Lawrence, Private
Dunlap, R.A., Private
Edwards, John J., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Edwards, N.H., Captain
Elkins, L.T., Private
Elkins, LaFayette T., Private
Erwin, W.A., Private
Ferguson, George S., Sergeant
Ferguson, J.J., Private
Ferguson, John, Private
Ferguson, R.A., 2nd Lieut.
Ferguson, William N., Corporal
Ford, Herbert, Private
Fudge, Henry, Sergeant
Fudge, J.B., Corporal
Fuel, Alexander F., Private
Furgerson, George S., Sergeant, DIP 1/5/1865 Elmira
Fugerson, J., Private
Gaston, Samuel S., Private
Gill, G.C., 1st Lieut.
Hamilton, J.S., Private
Hoke, W.A., Private
Hollander, A.A., Private
Hollinger, A.A., Private
Hudson, Newman, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Hyatt, Isaac M., Sergeant
Hyatt, J.F., Sergeant
Jerome, Henry, Private
Jones, W.L., Private
Jordan, E.H., Private
Jordan, J.T., Private
Jordan, L.B., Private
Jordan, Lemuel B., Private
Jordan, Samuel C., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Jordan, Uriah, Private
Jowers, F.M., Private, POW Hart's Island
Kee, William H., Private
Kee, William L, Private
Ketchum, William, Private
Key, William L., Private
Kitchens, Charles, Private
Kitchens, Smith, Sergeant
Kitchens, William, Private
Kizer, C.J., Private
Koch, W.P., Private
Lemmon, F.E., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Lemon, Frank E., Private
Lock, Joseph H., Private
Lunon, T.C., Private
Lyle, David, Private
Lyle, John, Private
Lynn, E.J., Private
Lynn, E.R., Private
Lynn, Elias, Private
Lynn, G.J., Private
MaGill, John G., Sergeant
Martin, Joseph, Private
Martin, Samuel, Private
Martin, William, Private
McCully, H.C., Private
McFadden, E.H., Corporal, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
McFadden, James H., Private
McFadden, Robert M., Corporal
McGarity, David J., Private
McGarity, H.M., Private
McGarity, William A., Private
Mickle, S.T., Private
Millan, G.A., Sergeant
Millen, G.A., Sergeant
Miller, G.A., Private
Mills, Julius, Private
Moore, J.A., Private
Moote, J.A., Private
Nealy, Willis, 2nd Lieut.
Neely, W.W., 2nd Lieut.
Neely, Willis W., 2nd Lieut.
Neily, W.W., 2nd Lieut.
Nile, John, Private
Nunnery, A.L., Sergeant
Nunnery, J.H., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Nunnery, Joseph, Lieutenant
Nunnery, Ralph M., Private
Orr, James, Private
Orr, James M., Private
Pitman, Amos O., Private
Pittman, A.O., Private
Proctor, M.L., Private
Rainey, Robert, Private
Ren, T.N., Private
Rhea, A.W., Private
Roddey, W.T., Private
Roddy, D.W., Private
Roddy, T.W., Private
Roddy, W.T., Private
Rogers, Thomas, Private
Rogers, W.J., Private
Roney, Patrick, Private
Roney, Thomas, Corporal
Roney, W.T., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Sexton, Cprmeome, Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Sexton, W.L., Private
Simpson, T.E., Private
Smith, Riley, Private
Steadman, Edward, Private
Steadman, J.G., Private
Steadman, J.T., Private
Stedman, Edward, Private
Stedman, J.T., Private
Sweat, T.S., Private, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Stewart, Thomas M., Private
Stewart, Thomas W., Private
Stone, Henry E., Private
Straight, S.W., Private
Straight, W.L., Private
Strait, George W., Private
Strait, George, Private
Strait, Hugh, Private
Strait, John R., Corporal, paroled 4/9/1865 Appomattox
Strait, Thomas J., Private
Strait, W.L., Private
Stutman, Edward, Private
Sweat, T.S., Private
Swett, Joseph L., Private
Swett, Thomas S., Private
Thrailkill, Clifton, Private
Walker, A.F., Private
Walker, A.J., Private
Walker, Andrew, J., Private
Walker, Jackson, Private, POW captured 4/1/1865 Five Forks
Watters, D.P., Private, POW captured 4/1/1865 Five Forks
West, James F., Private
White, D.M., Private
White, James, Private
White, John C., Private
White, R.J., Private
White, T.M., Private
Wood, J.T., Private
Woods, James, H., Corporal
Woods, John T., Private
Wren, T.M., Private
Wren, Thomas N., Private, DIP 11/18/1864 Elmira
Wren, William A., Private, DOD 2/4/1862 Charleston SC
Wyley, H.M., Private
Wylie, H.M., Private
Wylie, Jonathan, Private, buried Old City Cemetery Lynchburg VA
Wylie, W.T., Private

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