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Twelfth Infantry South Carolina Volunteers

This page contains a roster, enrollment list from the Yorkville Enquirer 8/3/1861, casualties at the Battle of Winchester 1863, & list of casualties, disabilites 8/31/1861 to 3/2/1864. Please scroll down for all information.

Officers of Company H:
JONES, CADWALADER JONES SR., Captain/Promoted to Major to Lt. Colonel
Niele, G.E., Captain, Retired 4/30/1862
Erwin, Francis A.,Captain, Killed 9/17/1862 at Sharpsburg
Kerr, Robert M., Captain, wounded 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg & 7/3/1863 Winchester slight in hip.
Poag, A.W., 1st Lt.,KIA 7/3/1863 at Gettysburg
Jones, Cadwalader Jr., 1st Lt.
McSteel, G.E., 1st Lt.
May, John A., Brevet 2nd Lt., Killed in action 8/29/1862, 2nd Manassas
Black, Alexander M., 2nd Lt., wounded left shoulder severe 7/1/1863 Gettysburg

Enlisted men:
Allen, Isaac H.
, Private, KIA 5/12/1864
Allison, Thomas P., Private
Bell, Andrew J., Private, DIP 3/5/1865 Pt. Lookout
Blalock, James, Private
Boyd, W.J., 2nd Cpl., wounded contustion on wrist 7/1863 Winchester
Burnsides, H., Private, wounded head severe 7/1863 Winchester, discharged for disability
Button, Daniel A., Private
Carothers, James R., Private, died 10/29/162 Winchester VA
Carter, Harvy, Private
Carter, Samuel, Private, wounded through thigh 7/1863
Clendenan, E.C., Private, DOD 8/7/1863 North Carolina
Cole, John B., Private, POW Hart's Island
Collins, W.M., Private, DOD 6/18/1863 Ashland VA
Craig, Alexander, Private,
Crew, W., Private, discharged for disability
Ferguson, J.T., Private
Garrett, A.F., Private, DIP 4/18/1865 Point Lookout
Gaulden, William, Private, DOD 2/3/1862 at home
George, Nelson H., Private
Gettys, Ebenezer, Private, DOW 6/2/1864 Richmond
Grier, Edward H., Private, DOD 2/5/1863 at home
Gruber, P., Private, DOD 7/15/1862 Richmond
Halbrocks, W.
, Private, KIA 8/29/1862 Manassas
Hand, W.H.
, 3rd Cpl., KIA 7/1/1863 Gettysburg
Harris, James, Private
Harris, John, Private
Harrison, John, Private, discharged for disability, DOD 12/15/1861
Hart, James, Private
Hart, John, Private, discharged for disability
Hart, H.H., Private, DOD 8/13/1864
Henry, J.N., Private, KIA 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg
Holcomb, W.L., Private, DOD 5/15/1862
Hope, R.H. MD, Private
Jones, Allen, Private
Jones, J.M., Private
Keyton, J., Private, also shown as
Keton James
Kestler, S.G., Private
Kimbrell, W.J., Private/Sgt (Color Bearer), wounded small bone in left hand 7/1863
Lock, William H., Private, also listed as W.J. Lock
Matthews, G., Private, discharged for disability, DOD 6/15/1862
McCammon, J.H., Private, KIA 5/12/1864
McCannon, M.C., Private, KIA 5/12/1864
McCright, John W., Private, DOD 7/15/1862 Richmond VA
McCright, W.T., Private, DOD 7/15/1862 Richmond VA
McCulough, S.B., Private
McDowell, J.M.contusion on leg 7/1863
McLain, A.B., Private
McKoy, J.C., Private
McLain, Alameth B., Private, wounded head, breast & arm severe 7/1863
McLain, J.A., Private, wounded hand severe 7/1863
McRainey, J., Private, DOD 1864
Meing, William,
Private, died at Richmond
Miller, J.F.
, Private, DOW 6/27/1862 Gaines Mill
Moore, J.T. Jr., Private, KIA 8/29/1862 Manassas
Moore, M.A., Cpl.
Moore, William, Private, DOD 1862 Richmond
Neely, D.F., Private
Neely, R.H., Private
Nowland, J.G., Private
Patton, R.,Private, discharged for disability, DOD 3/15/1862
Pitman, Wylie M., Private, DOW 5/20/1863
Porter, C.C., Private, DOD 6/15/1864 Lynchburg,
Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VA
Poag, A.W, 2nd Sgt.
Rainey, O.H.P., Private,KIA 5/5/1864
Wilderness VA
Raterree, James, KIA 7/1/1863 Gaines Mill
Raterree, Thomas, Private, KIA 7/1/1863 Gettysburg
Reid, J.C., Private
Reid, T.N., Private
Reid, W.G., Private
Reid, W.W., Private, discharged for disability, DOD 6/15/1864
Richardson, J.N.(I.N.), Private, KIA
Spotsylvania  5/12/1864
Richardson, W.W., Private, DOW 8/15/1862
Roach, Robert, Private
Roach, J.L.,(W.L.), Private KIA 9/17/1862 Sharpsburg
Roddey, Thomas E., 1st Sgt., DOD 9/18/1861 (measels & typhoid fever at Lightwood Knot Springs)
Rodgers, J.D., Private
Rodgers, J.R., Private, discharged for disability
Rodgers, Marion DeKaob, Private,
, POW Hart's Island, was in 27 battles & never wounded.
Sandifer, J.S., 4th Sgt.
Sexton, C., Private, DOD 12/15/1862 Richmond VA, (may be the same as J.M. Sexton)
Sexton, J.M., Private, DOD
Shillinglaw, John, Private, wounded through thigh 7/1863
Shurley, T.S., Private, DOD 1862
Sims, G.M., Private
Sims, J.F., Private
Smith, A.K., Private
Smith, J.E.,Private, wounded hand slight 7/1863
Winchester, DOD 1863
Smith, J.H., Private
Smith, A.K., Private
Sparks, William A., Private, DOD 2/15/1863, buried
Old City Cemetery Lynchburg, VA
Speers, J.C., Private, DOD 8/8/1862 Richmond VA
Steele, J.B., Private, discharged for disability
Steele, W.A., 3rd Sgt. Cpl, DOD
Sturgis, W.T., Cpl, wounded left arm severe 7/1863
Sweat, Daniel, Private
Taylor, J.H.V., Private, KIA 7/1/1863 Gettysburg
Thomason, J.B., Private, discharged for disabilitys
Turner, R.M., Private
Ware, J.R., Private, DOD Richmond VA, buried Oakwood Cemetery
Westbrooks, C.C., Private, KIA 8/29/1862 Manassas
Westbrooks, J.A., (J.H.), Private, KIA 8/29/1862 Manassas
Westbrooks, J.R., Private, wounded contusion on left leg 7/1863
Wherry, J.A., Private, wounded right shoulder 7/1/1863
Winchester, DOW 7/22/1863 David's Island NY,
Buried Cypress Cemetery
Wherry, J.F., Private, 7/3/1862 died accidental death
Workman, W.A., Private, Buried Confederate Cemetery Spotsylvania VA
Worth, D.M., Private, KIA 7/1/1863 Gettysburg
Wylie, Ira, Private

Yorkville Enquirer:
The Indian Land Guards were organized for Confederate service at Rock Hill on 8/3/1861. On August 8th the Yorkville Enquirer ran the following account and list of members:
This District has a voting population of 2500, not more but often less, and now has in the field four large organized companies, besides those who have gone to the assistance of neighboring Districts and of N.C.
We know that the South Battalion of the 46th Regt of S.C.M., has 120 men or more in the field, belonging to companies gone from the state and N.C. It now reports a company for the war.
As this company (The Indian Land Guards) has not yet obtained a hundred names, others will be received until the company is full.
The following is the list.
Jones, Cad, Captain
McSteel, G.E., First Lieut.
Erwin, F.A., 2nd Lieut.
Kerr, R.M., 3rd Lieut.
Roddy, Thomas E., 1st Sgt.
Poag, A.W., 2nd Sgt.
Steele, W.A., 3rd Sgt.
Sandifer, J.S., 4th Sgt.
Black, A.M., 1st Cpl.
Boyd, W.J., 2nd Cpl.
Hand, W.H., 3rd Cpl.
Moore, M.A., 4th Cpl.

Blalock, Jas
Burnsides, H.
Carter, Harvy
Carter, Samuel
Clendenan, E.C.
Ferguson, J.I.
Gaulden, Wm.
Hart, John
Hart, H.H.
Henry, J.N.
Holcomb, W.L.
Hope, R.H. MD
Kestler, S.G.
Kimbrell, W.J.
McKoy, J.C.
McCammon, J.H.
McCright, John
McCright, W.T.
McCulough, S.B.
McLain, A.B.
Miller, J.F.
Moore, Wm.
Neely, D.F.
Neely, R.H.
Nowland, J.G.
Raterree, Thos
Reid, J.C.
Reid, T.N.
Reid, W.G.
Richardson, W.W.
Roach, Robt.
Roach, W.L.
Rodgers, M.D.
Sexton, J.M.
Shillinglaw, John
Sims, J.F.
Sims, G.M.
Speers, J.C.
Smith, A.K.
Smith, J.H.
Smith, Robert
Steele, J.B.
Steele, W.A., Jr.
Sweat, Daniel
Taylor, J.H.
Thomason, J.B.
Turner, R.M.
Ware, J.R.

Westbrooks, J.R.
Westbrooks, J.A.
Westbrooks, C.C.
Wherry, J.A.
Wherry, J.F.
Workman, W.A.
Worth, D.
Note: In the beginning the Indian Land Guards had 12 officers and 61 privates; at the end of the war, Cadwallader Jones (who had risen to Colonel) reported 26 officers and 111 privates. There are variations in the names and spellings between the newspaper list and Jones roster. The following pairings show the discrepancies. The first is the name as it appeared in the newspaper; the second is Jones’ listing:
S.G. Kestler-S.G. Kresler
Harvy Carter-H. Garder
W.H. Hand-W.W. Hand
Samuel Carter-S.Carder
John Hart-J.L. Heart
J.G. Nowland-J.G. Noland
E.C. Clendenan-E.C.Clendeman
S.B. McCulough-S.P. McCullough
Thomas Rateree-James Ratteree
Jas Blaloch-J.N. Blaycock
J.H. McCammon-J.T. McCannon
J.C. McKoy-J.C. McKay-J.C.Mckary
W.G. Reid-W.G.Reid Jr.
T.E. Roddy-T.E. Roddey
J.C. Speers-J.C.Spears
J.R. Westbrooks-J.R. Westbrook
A.B. McLain-A.B. McClain
D. Worth-D.M. Worth

(William J. Kimbrell of the 12th Regt. SC Volunteers, sent the Yorkville Enquirer a list of the killed & wounded following the battle of Winchester in Virginia. The following labeled as "the correct list" by Kimbrell, was printed in the July 22, 1863 issue.)
Company H:
Hand, W.H.
Poag, A.W., Lieut
Rataree, J.
Traylor, J.H.
Worth, D.M.
Black, A.M., Lieut-left shoulder severe
Boyd, W.J.-contusion on wrist
Burnsides, H.-head severe
Carder, S.-through thigh
Kerr, R.M., Captain-slight in hip
Kimbrell, W.J., Sergt. (Color Bearer)-small bone in left leg
McDowell, J.M.-contusion on leg
McLane, Alameth B.-head, breast, & arm severe
McLane, J.A.-hand severe
Shillinglaw-through thigh
Smith, J.E.-hand slight
Sturgis, W.T., Cpl.-left arm severe
Westbrooks, J.R.-contusion on left leg
Wherry, J.A.-right shoulder

LIST OF CASUALTIES 8/31/1861 TO 3/2/1864
(The following communication was made by an unidentified Ensign in a letter written from "Near Orange Court House, VA, 3/2/1864" and printed in the 3/16/1864, issue of the Yorkville Enquirer.)

Please publish for information the enclosed list of the killed in battle, died of disease, & discharged for disability, of Co. H, 12th Regiment, SCV, since the organization of the company, 8/13/1861:
Killed in battle:
Erwin, F.A., Captain
Poag, A.W., 1st Lieut.
May, J.A., Brevet 2nd Lieut.
Hand, W.H., Private
Henry, J.N., Private
Miller, J.F., Private
Moore Jr., J.T., Private
Ratteree, James, Private
Roach, J.L., Private
Taylor, J.H., Private
Westbrook, C.C., Private
Wherry, J.F., Private
Worth, D.M., Private
Died of Wounds:
Pitman, W.M., Private
Richardson, W.W., Private
Wherry, J.A., Private
Died of Disease:
Clendennan, E.C., Private
Collins, W.M., Private
Gaulden, William, Private
Grier, E.H., Private
Holcomb, W.L., Private
McCreight, John, Private
McCreight, W.T., Private
Roddey, T.E., Sergt.
Sexton, C., Private
Shurley, T.S., Private
Smith, J.E., Private
Sparks,W.A., Private
Spears, J.C., Private
Steele, W.A., Private
Ware, J.R., Private
Discharged for Disability:
Burnsides, H.
Crew, W.
Harrison, Jno.
Hart, J.
Matthews, G.;
Patton, R.
Reid, W.W.
Rodgers, J.R.
Steele, J. B.
Thomasson, J.B.
Wylie, Ira
Killed=13; Died of Wounds=3; Died of Disease=15; Discharged=11. Total, 42.
Joined by recruitment=21;On roll 1st March=70; On Furlough of Indulgence=12; Absent, Sick, & Wounded=5; Present, sick=3; In Hands of Enemy=1; Exchanged Prisoners not Returned=3; Presentfor duty=46; Total, Present & Absent-70.
(Note: This company was raised by Col. Cadwallader Jones, Sr. of Mount Gallant planation near Rock Hill & became a part of McGowans Brigade-Wilcox Division, A.P. Hill Corps. It is said that Co. H, saw as much hard fighting in the Civil War as any company. At the end of the war, Cadwallader Jones calculated that of 137 enlisted men in Co. H, only 17 were left. Total for the war; Killed in battle 22; Wounded 59; Died of wounds 5; Died of wounds & disease 17; Killed accidentally 1; Discharged for sickness 16.
From the papers of Historical Research Committee,Nan Waller Carson Room, York County Library.

Courtesy Louise Pettus, Editor of  The Quarterly,
The York County Genealogical & Historical Society

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