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Let me thank you, again, for visiting my web-site. It is importan to me! By taking time to fill ou this short questionaire, you help the community in which we live, your own hometown. Let me tell you from the outset, there is no general restrictions as to membership, on any adult male person of good moral character who feels that he can gain insight into a better understanding of the greatest fraternal organization in the world, bar none. There is a lot of information about the Masons available, about the Tall Cedars, the Shrine, Knights Templar, and the Scottish Rite.

Fill out and complete each of the following questions, then click the submit button. If you want to change anything, just click the clear button and do it over.


1. How did you hear about the Billy Lee Yoho's Home Page?

2. What attracted you to going this far and considering answering this questionaire?

3. Are you interested in joining a local Masonic Lodge?
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4. Youe name.

5. Your address.

6. Telephone number.

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