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David Caldwell married Unknown.  New Madrid Co MO Census of 1830 shows a David Caldwell (40-50 yrs) and a wife (30-40 yrs) living in Big Prarie.  5 males 2< 5yr, 1<10, 1- 10-15, 1- 40-50; 2 women 1- 15-20, 1- 30-40.  No slaves.  The family is not shown on the county census of 1840.  New Madrid, MO Co records 1832-1846 show David G. Caldwell died intestate 5/11/1836 widow Margaret Jane, 7 child Lucy, Patsy, Harey, Edmund H., Seborn P., Lilburn G., William J. (?William J.) & 3 grand Louisa C., Mary E., Ann Marie.

  1. William J. Caldwell born 1833, Pulaski Co., IL, occupation farmer, married (1) Mandy Vibert, in New Madrid County, MO, married (2) Elizabeth Mize, in Pulaski County, KY, married (3) Emaline Langston, 1878, born Germany, married (4) Margaret Presnell.  William died 14 Jun 1885, Hog Creek near Burfordsville, MO.  Murdered by a step-son while standing on the front porch, shot during a cattle drive by the ?Indian? son of his new third wife.  He was shot on the porch, stumbled through the house and died across the bed.  Had service in the Co. E, of the IL Cavalry during the Civil War, was wounded and later received a pension.  May have enlisted two times and gone to Canada in between under another name.  I have a copy of his pension papers and statement about his injury.  Elizabeth: Moved to Missouri from Kentucky.  Emaline: or Lampson.  Margaret: Filed for William J. Caldwell's military pension.  She had children by previous marriage(s).  One was said to be an Indian boy who killed is step-father over either money or cattle at their home on Hog Creek.  After William's death she lived in Pemiscott County, MO.

    1. William Riley Caldwell born 1860, occupation farmer, married Alice Ann Hale, 1880, in Scott County, MO, born 1863, IL?, died 1948, Osceola, AR.  William died 10 Dec 1925.  His personality was in direct contrast to his wife's.  Jovial social man whose ancestry was largely German.  He enjoyed a beer with his friends on a Saturday night.  Operated a butcher shop in Sikeston, nearly always had a big steak for his breakfast.  He returned to farming and died on his farm in 1925.  He raised cattle and hogs.  He died next to his fence and a neighbor found him.  Family members have 4 different watches attributed to be his that he was carrying when he died.  Jim Wallace is one.  Alice: Her mother died when she was 3 years old, and father at 7 yrs.  Lived with her older sister Ellen for quite a while, then hired out and worked for various families.  Slightly built, never weighed over 115 pounds, facial structure showed Indian heritage, high cheek bones, dark skin, very reserved and reluctant in personality and talking about her early life.  Always kept her emotions under tight control.

      1. Nona Caldwell #343 born 1883, married (1) Lee Shanks, occupation store owner, married (2) Will Moore #356, occupation store keeper Hayti, MO.  Nona died 1946, buried Hayti, MO.

        1. Homer Shanks died 1972, California

        2. Opal Shanks married Marvin Blankenship in California, had 4 children

        3. W.F. Moore occupation grocer, Hayti, MO, died 1962, private plane crash.

        4. Eva Moore occupation grocer, Hayti, MO, died 1968.  One son, John Moore ?? Hayti, MO

          1. Robert Moore

      2. Early Caldwell born 1885, near Sikeston, MO, occupation farmer, married (1) Addie Lemley, married (2) Beulah Calvin Andrews.  Early died 1962, at home in Sikeston, MO, buried Memorial Park, Sikeston, MO.  Beulah: one daughter by previous marriage, Laverne Andrews.

        1. Emory Caldwell born 1907, occupation deckhand, MS River, died 1972

        2. Oscar Caldwell born ca 1910.  Married Lillian Rasberry.  Died 1995.

        3. Kathleen Caldwell born ca 1912, Scott County

        4. Milford Caldwell born ca 1914, Scott County, MO.  Married an Indian who died, one daughter.  Married a second time, lived in KY.  Died 1990.

        5. Byron Caldwell

        6. Jeanette Caldwell married (1) Phil Waldman, married (2) Robert Frazer.

        7. Harold Caldwell

        8. Margie Caldwell married Ted Lynch

      3. Clarence Caldwell born 1885, near Sikeston, MO, died 1908, Shot to death at a summer picnic.  Grandma Caldwell was so overcome with grief she had to be persuaded to bury him.

      4. Pearl Caldwell born 1889, married Henry Robitaille, occupation life in prison - murder.  Pearl died Aug 1912, Denver, CO, by her husband, buried Denver, CO.  They lived a hectic life.  Her husband shot and killed her during a quarrel.  The day before she died she bought a new suit and large plumed hat.  Her husband was sentenced to life in prison.  She was said to have two children she kept in the attic.  One child died when living in Sikeston, MO, after contracting a disease from wild animals at the circus.  She was shot in the back.  She got to Colorado by stealing money from her grandmother's purse.

      5. Florence Mae Caldwell born 10 Aug 1890, Scott Co? occupation rest owner, married Oliver Lawrence Daugherty, 26 May 1908, in Rev. Jn Mills, Matthews parsonage, born 9 Jul 1886, occupation farmer/rest owner, died 19 May 1976, SIkeston, MO, 89 yrs, 10 months.  Florence died 27 Sep 1983, Sikeston, MO, buried Memorial Park Cemetery.  Oliver: "Dad and Mom" farmed until age 60 then retired and opened a restaurant.

        1. Paul Ruskin Daugherty born 9 Dec 1908, New Madrid Co., occupation farmer, married Lois Crouthers, 6 Jun 1934, born 14 Feb 1912, Blackwell, AR, occupation Tom's Grill/Clair Rest., died 18 Nov 1991, MO Delta Medical Center, Sikeston, MO, buried 21 Nov 1991, Evergreen Cemetery, New Madrid.  Paul died 29 Oct 1934, Matthews, MO, buried 30 Oct 1934, Memorial Park, Sikeston, MO.  Died of cancer from a farm accident.

        2. Carl Willard Daugherty born 28 Dec 1910, New Madrid Co., MO, occupation salesman, married (1) Virginia Gosnell, bef 8 May 1935, married (2) Amelia Osborne Douglas, 8 May 1935, born 2 Aug 1915, Oak Forest, Lee Co., AR, died 3 Mar 1988, Pine Bluff, AR.  Carl died 15 Nov 1962, heart condition, Pinebluff,  Hospital, AR, buried Pinebluff, AR.  Over the years he worked for a steel company in Chicago, Scott Milling of Sikeston, MO; Colgate-Palmolive, Peet Soap Co; Silbernagel Wholesale Grocery when he died.  His hobby was cooking.  Lived in Hammond, IN; Dyersburg, TN; Rome, GA; Barnesville, GA; England, AR; Little Rock, AR; Winchester, AR; and Pine Bluff, AR.

        3. Oliver Lawrence (Bud) Daugherty born 8 Mar 1917, north of Matthews, MO, occupation Builk Plant Manager TEXACO 30y, married Clauda Tribbey 3 Apr 1948 in Sikeston, MO, born Risco, MO.

      6. Leonard Caldwell born 5 May 1896, died 12 May 1897, buried City Cemetery, Sikeston, MO.

      7. Mildred Caldwell born 30 Jul 1902, died 30 Jul 1902, buried City Cemetery, Sikeston, MO.

      8. Walter Clint Caldwell, Sr. born 19 Jan 1892, Scott County, MO, occupation mechanic, married Lennie Roberts 10 Sep 1911, born 7 Mar 1895.  Walter died 24 Jun 1961, Osceola, AR, buried City Cemetery, Sikeston, MO.  Lennie: fro mOran, MO they had 6 children: JR C. died very young, Clint C. b. 1916 d heart burst in Post Office, Osceola, AR, Robert Lynn b. 1936 d. 1972 motorcycle crash

        1. Walter Clint Caldwell, Jr. born 5 Jul 1913, MO, married Marilyn Bennett, 15 Dec 1940.  Walter died 14 Jul 1955

        2. Jefferson Riley Caldwell born 18 Aug 1916 died 3 Mar 1918, Missouri

        3. Robert Lynn Caldwell born 18 Jan 1934, Osceola, AR, died 7 Dec 1971, Memphis.

      9. Elmer Caldwell born 1897, occuaption farmer, married Thelma Brooks.  Elmer died 1928, VA Hospital in St. Louis, MO.  WWI Veteran, died of Bright's disease in a VA hospital in St. Louis, MO.

      10. Dona Caldwell born 1899, Scott Co., married Elmer H. Stephens, born ca 1892, Wayne County, MO, occupation stenographer, died 1970, Osceola, AR.  Dona died 1971, Osceola, AR, buried Osceola, AR.

        1. Mary Alyce Stephens born 1918, occupation teacher 38 yrs, died 1988.  Married to J.W. Stusse 1943, lived Chicago area after teaching 38 yrs after retirement she traveled during winter they operated a shoe store in the Chicago area, they retired in Mt. Home, AR next to Dr. Spock.  No children.

      11. Gladys Caldwell born ca 1905, Scott County, MO, married Harold Bruce, 1923, in Sikeston area, occupation Insurance salesman, died 1988, AR, buried Memorial Park, Sikeston, MO.  Gladys died unk, Sikeston, MO, buried Memorial Park, Sikeston, MO.  Youngest C. daughter, she strongly resembled her mother, slender and frail in appearance.  The Indian heritage could be noted in the facial bones.  The German-Dutch heritage was very strong in the children.

        1. child Bruce died infant, buried Memorial Park

        2. child Bruce II died infant

    2. Jackson Caldwell born 1864, Pulaski County, IL, occupation farmer, married Ida Watkins bef 1894, born 1874, died 1942.  Jackson died 1936.

      1. Maude Caldwell born 1894 married 1) Ransom Schism, married 2) A.C. Thrower.  maude died 1966, Stroke, buried City Cemetery, Sikeston, MO.  Ransom: car salesman

    3. Nannie Caldwell born 1879, married Will Wright, occupation farmer.  Nannie died 1973, Sikeston, MO nursing home age 94, buried City Cemetery (?) Sikeston, MO.

      1. Clarence Wright.  He was thrown from a horse as he was crossing the railroad a bout 1 mile from the O.L. Daugherty farm north of Matthews, broke his neck and killed him about 20 years old.

      2. Imogene Wright

      3. Bland Wright married Barbara Ratcliff

    4. Margaret Caldwell born 1882, married "Gus" Smith.  Margaret died 1936, lived at Risco, MO, buried DCity Cemetery, Sikeston, MO. 5 sets of twins and 5 single children.  Some of the children live in Dexter.