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List of American Wars and Conflicts.

Anglo-French1629St. Lawrence River
Pequot War1636-37New England
???1640-45New Netherland
Gov. Kieft's War1643-45New Netherland-Raritan Indians
Iroquois1642-53New England/Acadia
Anglo-DutchJuly 1653New Netherland
Peach War1655-57New Netherland-Raritan Indians
Esopus Wars1659-64New Netherland-Esopus Indians
Bacon's Rebellion1675-76Virginia
King Philip's1675-76New England
War In North1676-78Maine
Culpepper's Reb'n1677-80Carolinas
Leisler's Rebellion1688-91New England
Revolution in MD1689Maryland
Glorious Revolution1689New England
King Willliam's War1689-97Canada
Queen Anne's1702-13New England
Jenkin's Ear1739-42Florida, Colombia
King George's1740GA & VA
Louisbourg1745New England
Fort Necessity1754Ohio
French & Indian1754-63New Eng; VA
Siege of Quebec1759Canada
American Revolution1775-83USA
Wyoming Valley1782-87Pennsylvania
Shay's Rebellion12/1786-1/1787Massachusetts
Whiskey Insurrection1794Pennsylvania
Northwestern Indian1790-95Ohio
War with France1798-1800Naval
War with Tripoli(Naval)1801-05North Coast Africa
Burr's Insurrection1806-1807South Mississippi Valley
Chesapeake (Naval)1807Virginia
Northwestern Indian1811Indiana
Florida Seminole Indian1812FL (GA Volunteers)
War of 18121812-15General
Peoria Indian1813Illinois
Creek Indian1813-14South
Lafitte's Pirates1814Local
Barbary Pirates1815North Coast Africa
Seminole Indian1817-18FL & GA
Lafitte's Pirates1821Galveston
Arickaree Indian1823Missouri River/Dakota Territory
Fever River Indian1827Illinois
Winnebago Indian1827Wisconsin
Sac & Fox Indian1831Illinois
Black Hawk1832Illinois & Wisconsin
Toledo1835-36Ohio & Michigan
Indian Stream1835-36New Hampshire
Florida (Seminole)1835-42FL, GA, & AL
Heatherly Disturbance1836Missouri
Creek Indian1836-37Georgia & Alabama
Sabine / Southwestern1836-37Louisiana/Indian Territory
Osage Indian1837Missouri
Dorr's Rebellion1842Rhode Island
Cayuse Indian1847-48Oregon
TX & NM Indian1849-55---
California Indian1851-52---
Utah Indian1850-53---
Rogue River Indian1851, 1853, 1856Oregon
Oregon Indian1854Oregon
Kansas Troubles1854-59Kansas
Yakima Indian1855Local
Klamath & Salmon Indian1855Oregon & Idaho River
Florida Indian1855-58Florida
John Brown's Raid1859VA
War of Rebellion1860-65General
Indian Campaign1865-68OR, ID, CA
Fenian Invasion of Canada1866From New England
Indian Campaign1867-69KS, CO & Ind. Terr.
Modoc Indian1872-73OR, CA
Indian Campaigns1874-75KS, CO, TX, NM, & Ind. Terr.
Cheyenne & Sioux1876-77Dakota
Nez Perce1877Idaho
Bannock1878ID, Wash. Terr. & Wyoming Terr.
White Riv. (Ute Ind.)1879Utah & Colorado
Cheyenne1878-79Dakota & Montana
Philippine Insurrection1899-1902Philippine Islands

Notes & Acknowledgement:

    This list was compiled by Dan Burrows,, way back in 1998 or so, and I picked up a copy of it shortly thereafter, from the Dutch-Colonies mailing list at, my current provider.

    This list, as big as it is, is far from comprehensive, and eagle-eyed readers will have noted that it ends in 1902 with the Philippine Insurrection. The United States has gotten involved in a great many wars and "police actions" since then, and as time permits, I will be updating this list to include as many of those as I can find. In the meantime, enjoy what there is. A list like this certainly gives you pause. It makes you wonder just how peaceful Americans really are.....

    If you'd like to add to this list please feel free to contact me at I'd love to hear from you.

    All my best,


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