Wynkoop Family Cemetery Records.

    Here you will find cemeteries in which Wynkoop family members are interred, as well as the names of those who are buried there. At the moment this is top-heavy with Montgomery County and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania cemeteries, since that's what I was researching in the late 1990's, but with your help we can soon correct this imbalance.

    If you have information on Wynkoop family members and the cemeteries in which they are interred, and you'd like to share, please contact me at chwynkoop@hotmail.com. I, and other family members would appreciate your generosity.

    Many thanks,


Graveyard Inscriptions of Wallkill Valley Cemetery.
     From the Walden, Orange County, New York area.

Gravestone Inscriptions of Liberty Town Cemetery.
     From the Liberty, Sullivan County, New York area.

Old Gravestones of Ulster County, New York.
     From the Kingston, Hurley, Ulster and Saugerties area.

Southampton Baptist Church.
     Second Street Pike, Southampton, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Wynkoops in Carlisle's Old Graveyard.
     Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Hillside Cemetery.
     Roslyn, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Fernwood Cemetery and Mausoleum.
     Fernwood, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

William Penn Cemetery.
     Somerton, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

The Woodlands Cemetery.
     University City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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