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Appointment Of
Assistant United States Marshals
To Take The Census.


    APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT UNITED STATES MARSHALS TO TAKE THE CENSUS.--United States Marshal J. S. Yost, of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, has made the following appointments of Assistant marshals, to take the census of 1860, in the Eastern counties of the State. All the counties are complete except Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, and one district in Bucks county, which is yet to be filled. The Philadelphia appointments will be made in a few days. The marshals will commence their labors on the 1st of June, and it is expected that the whole will be completed in six weeks from that time:
    ADAMS COUNTY.--Francis Will, John Busby, Jr., Franklin Heltsel, Robert McCleaf, William N. Sanders, Jacob Klank, Aaron Sheely, S. E. Emtin(?).
    BERKS COUNTY.--Washington Richards, William Heidenreich, Andrew Kern, Isaac Yost, James Bell, Aaron R. Roorback, Jonas Miner, Daniel B. Kutz, Henry C. Croll, Wm. Gilham, James Fisher, Isaac Guldin, Jacob S. Yoder, James R. Dalzell, Joel Miller, George Herbet, Levi K. Meigell.
    BUCKS COUNTY.--Samuel Winder, Amos Gilkison, Jacob B. Sunderland, Wm. B. Allburger, Jonathan B. Walton, Francis B. Ruth, Isaiah James, Christopher Leedom, Chas. H. Machnett, Michael R. Ott, Jonas Laubenstein, John E. Corcoran, John A. Group(?), John M. Kane(?), Robert S. Garner.
    CARBON COUNTY.--Patrick McHugh, Abraham B. Nissor(?).
    CHESTER COUNTY.--Wm. N. Worthington, John S. Boyer, Hugh Mooney, John Chrisman(?), W. W. Downing, Joel C. Bailey, Hiram Bailey, Samuel Willsner, Samuel Holman, N. T. McVeagh, Robt. Nelly, Joseph G. King, Owen Evans, Jesse Crowl, Joseph Russell, James M. Gilbough, Jr., James K. Lemon, John Woodruff.
    CUMBERLAND COUNTY.--John B. Leidig, Henry H. Eberly, Edward Showers, Edward B. Ege, Wm. A. Herz, Jr.
    DAUPHIN COUNTY.--Samuel Matters, John B. Krause, John Rathfon, John Ditty, Wm. Bottomstone, Jackson Andrews, John McLaughlin, John A. Bigles, Charles Carson, Henry Teghlmoyer(?).
    DELAWARE COUNTY.--John P. Williamson, William Worral, Wm. B. Flounders(?), George Kirk, Wm. A. Eagle, Samuel C. Walker, Joseph R. Cheyney.
    FRANKLIN COUNTY.--Francis H. Blair, Thomas X. Orr, Geo. W. Welsh, Joseph Cooper.
    The appointments for Lancaster county have already been published in The Press.
    LEBANON COUNTY.--Samuel McAdams, Samuel Harbesson, Ephraim Beitsler, Lewis R. Walker, John Alwein, Elias Walborn.
    LEHIGH COUNTY.--John Bechtel, John J. Thomas, John H. Fogel, Daniel H. Creitz, George Stern, Michael H. Albright, Abraham Zeigenfuss, Chas. Blank, Wm. D. Ritter, John Sherer.
    MONROE COUNTY.--Jas. Place(?), Lyndford Marsh.
    MONTGOMERY COUNTY.--Not yet complete.
    NORTHAMPTON COUNTY.--Peter Bellis, Theodore Mixell, Geo. V. Wallace, Christian Welsh, Thomas Frankenfield, John Bass.
    PERRY COUNTY.--George Blattisberger, James Stevens, John Hartsell, Benj. W. Musser, James B. Cooper, Robert Hackett, John D. Risesmith(?).
    PIKE COUNTY.--Oliver S. Dimmick.
    SCHUYLKILL COUNTY.--Gideon Whetstone, John Wynkoop, Wm. G. Johnson, John Stanton, John P. Powers, Matthew Brannegan, Frederick Worthelmes(?), John Brown, Abraham Schradding.
    WAYNE COUNTY.--Ephraim W. Hamlin, S. Hams.
    YORK COUNTY.--Hiram J. Hame(?), John Moore, Wm. Shanley, Adam H. May, Michael Pissell, Augustus Swartz, Amos H. Shearer, Edie Patterson, Josep D. Wiley, Wm. Wilson, Thos. Cooney, Joseph Toth, Peter Auble, Jr., John M. Rutledge, E. C. Gravemyer, Benj. T. Keller, Peter Rae, Wm. M. Kauffman, Henry Reisinger, Chas. Garretson.


Unknown, "Appointment Of Assistant United States Marshals To Take The Census," The Philadelphia Press, Philadelphia, Pa., Saturday, 19 May, 1860, p. 2.

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