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Dreadful Disaster.


The New-York and New-Orleans
Steamer Evening Star
Foundered at Sea.

Nearly Three Hundred Persons

A Few Survivors Arrive at Fer-
nandina, Florida.

Names of the Cabin Passengers from

An Unusual Number of Females
Among Them.

Two of the Steamer's Boats Sup-
posed to have Sunk.

The Boat of the Survivors Nine Times

                                                            SAVANNAH, Ga., Monday, Oct. 8.
    The steamer Evening Star, from New-York, bound to New-Orleans, foundered 180 miles east of Tybee, with 250 passengers and 50 crew.
    Five of the crew and FRANK GERRARD, a passenger, were saved.


                                                                    SAVANNAH, Monday, Oct. 8.
    The boat from the steamer Evening Star arrived at Fernandina. It left the steamer with eighteen persons, including Capt. KNAPP, one lady and a child. The boat was capsized nine times. At the sixth time the Captain was lost.
    As the steamer Sylvan Shore left Fernandina a boat was reported to be coming in with the Purser and Engineer of the Evening Star.
    Four boats left the steamer as she sunk. The other two are supposed to have been swamped.
    The schooner S. J. Waring, from New-York for Apalachicola, had put in in distress, having thrown overboard part of her deck load.
    The Waring brought the Chief-Engineer, the Purser, two passengers and six of the crew of the Evening Star, who were picked up at sea.

Sailed from New-York for New-Orleans, Sept. 29.
Gen. H. C. Palfrey, lady,Miss Rosa Burns,
    child and servant,Miss S. Starrett,
Miss Palfrey,Mrs. J. King,
Miss Sloo,Mrs. G. T. Philbin,
Mrs. E. A. Van Sickle,Miss Julia Munroe,
Mrs. J. T. Mason,Miss A. Clibband,
Frank R. Dennis,A. Goette and wife,
Mr. Haberow,Mrs. S. F. Gordon,
Mr. Rockwell,Mrs. Spangenberg and 3
John Touro,     servants,
Mrs. John J. Adams,Alexander Langlois,
Mrs. W. H. Robbins,Alfred Langlois,
Miss Lilly Parker,Mrs. Henry Newell and
Miss Minnie Taylor,     daughter,
George Hillman andMiss Destorbuy,
    son,Miss Eva Krepps,
Miss Margaret Hillman,Miss Nellie Levere,
D. Pretto and wife,Miss Mary Hudson,
Mrs. Gillespie and daugh-Mrs. Elodie Girard,
    ter,Miss G. Ferney,
James Gallier and wife,Miss E. Durand,
Mr. Ehenest,Mrs. J. Durnery,
Mr. Tapain and wife,Miss J. M. Ster,
Miss Tapain,Mrs. T. Masic,
O. Destorbuy and wife,Miss T. Campana,
Mr. T. Desormes,H. Humboldt,
Miss T. Borel,Miss H. Jeremol,
Miss Celine Cayot,Mr. La Fontaine,
Mr. and Mrs. Codpim,Mr. and Mrs. P. Polydor,
Mr. and Mrs. Caillant,G. Harrison,
Chas. Alhaya and lady,Miss Jane T. Moran,
Mrs. Chenup,Miss Helen Pomeroy,
S. Francis,J. H. Dupasseur,
Mrs. G. Thompson,John T. Martin,
Henry Smith,Miss T. Clotain,
Miss Quatorse,Miss H. Renon,
V. Michel,Miss G. Reed,
Mrs. N. Frontier,Miss T. Bonidett,
Miss Laguement,J. L. Herzey,
Miss H. Strauss,F. T. Fontainebleau,
Miss J. Ponsonby,S. J. Depeirris,
Henry T. Crocheron,Herman Spader,
Miss Belinda Meserole,Charles T. Low,
Mr. Severae,G. T. White,
T. Coignard,J. M. Davidson,
S. Robert,J. Munroe Pell,
Solomon Myers,S. M. Barlow,
Miss G. L. Conine,Frank Dennison,
S. G. Fraser and aunt,T. M. Mery,
Jonathan Havens and lady,V. G. Vila,
C. C. Ackerman,Mrs. V. G. Vila,
J. Polglars,Jas. Harkness, Jr.,
George Fisher,J. C. Denvry,
Capt. Wm. Chipman,S. M. Parigot,
J. E. Smith,T. Buvan,
Harry H. Register,Mrs. N. Doyle,
Martin T. Hall,H. D. Hertnea,
Isaac Hapner,John Perchal,
James McGuire,S. Morenshelager,
Miss Caillant,T. Laguement,
Miss Laura de Mont-J. L. Strum,
    Pierre,John Geiser,
Miss Amelia Ferne,Ferd. H. Stutt,
Miss Josephine de bonneHarrison Quinan,
    Campana,James Bouffe,
J. Mindbled,S. Ferne,
C. Fisher,George Sandal,
John Harper,Miss Addie Norton.
Jeremiah Franconia,Joseph and Therese Ul-
George Estell,     rich,
Miss Emily Devlin,Mrs. S. Geiser and child,
D. B. Small,Mrs. N. Doyle,
Miss Mary Duvall,Miss Caroline Glanner,
Leopold Schwerin,Miss Mary Lyman,
John J. Reed,Barbara and Julia Coria,
Paul Julien,Edward O'Brien and child,
H. J. Niuage,Franklin Smith,
Chas. Puckdeschel andHarvey Crowther and oth-
    daughter,     ers in the steerage.


Unknown, "Dreadful Disaster," New York Times, New York, Tuesday, 9 October, 1866, Page 1.

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