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Warren Family

 Warren Family Tree

J. Franklin & Rosina Bright Warren of Marengo, Illinois

Albert & Mina Warren Ellison in Three Oaks

Rosina Bright Warren click to enlarge

J. Franklin Warren click to enlarge

Albert & Mina moved to Three Oaks, Michigan in 1895 for Albert to work at the Warren Featherbone Company. There they raised their two children Leota Mae and Warren Franklin Ellison, Jean Ellison's father. They were friends with Mina's family, the Warren's, and socialized many times with them and their friends.

A week after Leota's wedding at home to Ralph Kean, Albert & Mina hosted a Golden Anniversary party for J Frank & Rosina Warren, her parents, where three cousins met, J Franklin, Horace and EK Warren and where they planned a trip back to Ludlow, Vermont, where they had grown up so long ago.  Albert & Mina moved back to Marengo, Illinois, in 1908, taking Warren out of college at MSU, where they opened the Ellison Machine Shop.

1905 Warren Anniversary Article

1912-1942 Mina Warren Ellison's Birthday Book

   &   Transcript

Here's a clue that J Frank Warren taught country school, as well as doing carpentry, when he was about 20. This was confirmed when his obituary was found.  Click here for Clue 

1910-1-15 Obituary for John Franklin Warren-The Silent Reaper 

J Frank  & Rosena Warren had  4 children:

Albert Franklin Warren  1857-1930

Mina Warren  1860-1942

Nellie Warren  1863-1923

Jennie Warren  1866-1943 

1910-1-15  J Franklin Warren Obituary  The Silent Reaper , Marengo, Illinois

 The Warren Photo Album

This  album was scanned by Stephen Otis, the grandson of Jennie Warren. The prints were all taken between 1860 and 1920 approx.  Most are was are called Cabinet cards, which means they are mounted on a card that shows the photographer and place of the studio.

What was Wet-Plate Photography?

  Step 1: Coat with Collodion
Step 2: Dip in Silver Nitrate
Step 3: Plate to Camera
Step 4: Expose
Step 5: Pour on Developer
Step 6: Fix the Plate
Step 7: Wash and Varnish
Step 8: Make a Print

 Other Warrens

 Edward Kirk Warren's uncle, the gold miner and adventurer.

1842-1934   Albert Larue Warren Obituary

 Albert E Warren, Gold Miner

John Franklin Warren's son

 1857-1930 Albert Franklin Warren Obituary

 EK Warren  (Edward Kirk Warren)

NYTimes Obituary  or  Very long obituary

 Three Oaks, Michigan

Famous for the Dewey Cannon


Warren Dunes

 Warren Featherbone Story

After establishing himself as a storekeeper and then purchasing the store, EK Warren came up with an idea that involved turkey feathers and mens and ladies clothing. He made enough money to benefit the whole town of Three Oaks, Michigan . Guess what he did.


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