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                      Click to enlarge                         1893 Cynthia D Ellison with her grandchildren

Ellison Family

Our records of the Ellison family begin in the early 1800's when the census counted men, women and slaves. Many Americans in rural areas lived in villages and township and there were no streets listed for families. Usually children ages, occupations, and parentages were recorded.

In the 1821 census, Richard Ellison and his family, are listed as a free, white woman over 45, probably his mother, one free white male between 16 and eighteen, possibly a brother name Simon, and himself between sixteen and twenty-six, engaged in agriculture and living in Elkland, PA.

By the 1840 records, Richard, 39 or 40, still in Elkland, is married to his wife Jane, has 5 daughters & 2 sons.  We know they had 3 sons so those under one year of age may not have been counted. They also list an older couple, possibly his parents. James Ellison is about 5.

In 1850, Cynthia Duell, 13, born in Canada, lives with the LaPorte family in Farmington, PA in Tioga County James, 15, lives 10 miles away in Elkland.


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1928 Albert & Mina  Ellison with granddaughter Jean


L to R: Back row, Leota, 9, Theo, 5, Cynthia, 56, Irma, 9 Front row, Vera, 3, Eva, 7 mos, Warren, 7



1800-1901  Richard & Jane Hazlett Ellison

Migration Page -How and why the Ellisons moved.     Map

1835-1924  James & Cynthia Duell Ellison


1859-1942 Albert & Mina Warren Ellison  

Warren Ellison's Early Life

1886-1997  Warren & Marion Hix Ellison 

 (Martha)Jean Ellison ..coming..


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