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Revolutionary War Pension File
Samuel Weaver
Nov 26, 1755 in VA - Nov 14, 1842 Laurel Co., KY
I ordered the Revolutionary Pension file on Samuel Weaver many years ago from a gentleman who made regular trips to Washington, D.C. primarily to copy files. This is not the first time I have transcribed this file, the last copy was lost when I had a hard drive failure. There are parts of this file that I can not read due to the fact that the writing is just to faint to read, there are also parts of this file that I can't read simply because of the handwriting of the times. Because of the time factor I am going to go ahead and post it online now, but my sweet husband (who is much better at reading the handwriting) is going to go thro it himself and I will be updating this page, I just don't know when. The majority of the file is ok, and in my opinion the important parts are all there, but even still, I will be updating it, I just can't tell you when. As with the other pension files on this site, the page numbers are for my reference only. If someone would like a copy of the pension file, please email me and we'll make arrangements :), to the best of my knoweldge the file is complete, but as I said, I didn't not copy it myself, so I can't be 100% sure.

Samuel Weaver was my g,g,g,g,g grandfather.

Weaver, Samuel  W. 8993

Page 2

Paid at the Treasury under
the act of April 6" 1836 from
4th Sept 1840 to Sep 4 1841
Agt Notified Aug 13th 1842
???? Hon. John White
Dec 30, 42
Set to Hon John White
June 8, 1844

Samuel Weaver
of Laurel in the State of Kentucky
who was a private in the Company commanded
by Captain Camplin of the ??? commanded
by Col Hastin in the N.C. Mila
line for 6 months.

Inscribed on the Roll of Kentucky
a the rate of 20 Dollars - cents per annum,
to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831

Certificate of Pension issued the 11 day of Mar
1840 & sent to Hon. John White, H. Rep.

Arrears to the 4th of Mar 1840 $180.00
Semi-annual allowance ending 4 Sep 40 10.00
Revolutionary Claim,
Act June 7, 1832
Recorded by DM Lundy(?) Clerk,
Book E2 Vol. 7 page 52


Laurel County State of KY
On this 15 day of April 1836, personally appeared before Abraham Huntes(?), a Justice of the peace for Laurel County ap(?) Samuel Weaver a resident Citizen of said County, now aged (born in 1755) who ????? ????? ??????? ??????? according to law doth on this oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of this act of Congress ????? June 7, 1832. That a few weeks before the fall of Charleston in South Carolina in the Revolutionary War, in the state of North Carolina, Surry County he was drafted to serve for three months, and was placed under Jacob Camplin (or ????? ?????? Camplin) as Capt and they marched from there towards Charleston in S.C. but on the way he was detached from the Company to ????? ???? baggage waggoner(?)


his Capt. ap marched on to Charleston and in the siege was wounded in the knee - upon his return he was selected to return with him home to Surry County and wait upon him and he did so and at the end of his term of service (2 months) he was discharged by Capt. Camplin in Surry County - his discharge was in writing but which he has long since lost. He does not now recollect the name of his Col or Maj neither does he remember  his Lt or Ensign. ?? the Company he belonged to he remembers the name of Matthew Peggs - he recollects his name particularly as he was told by his Capt., that during the siege at Charleston he stopped shooting and lit his pipe. Four days after his discharge he volunteered for three months in the Militia


of said state in Surry County for three months under Capt. Bostic (?) from there he was marched to Hilsborough in N.C. the place of reudivous, from there he was marched to join Genl Marion in S.C. After remained with Marion a little upwards of four ????? he was marched back to N.C. and when his time expired (3 months) and but a short distance from the Movavian  ?????? he ???? VA(?) a written discharge from his Capt ap(?)  - which he has long since lost - He does not remember the name of his Let or Majors. After his return but after serving under Hasting as will be explained he enrolled himself as a minute man for and during the war under Capt Camplin aforesaid and he was repeatedly called out under him in scouting parties against


the Tories  - this ???? he served(?) ??? this(?) engagement was almost every month, and some times after(?) during the war, near three years, or perhaps a little upwards during this time he performed ?? service in N.C. on the Yakin (?) broad River - deep(?) river and Haw(?) river. On these trips he got several discharges, which he has lost. The Let or Majors if any he does not remember. Previous to this he volunteered and went in to VA and served a trip of between four and five weeks under Capt George Hastin(?) of Henry County, VA. This trip was to go to the Battle of Gilford(?) in N.C. but when they had reached the Battle ground in about ?????? miles, they


meet the American troops retreating. ???? ????? happened he was on a ???? to VA at an Uncles near Hastin(?) - Whether he was a Capt or Col. he does not remember, but supposes he was a Col as he was the Commander and had near six or seven hundred men under him - He recd a discharge (long since lost) from Hastin and not including two weeks he entered the minute service as ap(?). For this trip he volunteered for no particular term, but served as  long as was reg. He would further state that there were two men of his own name who were drafted as he understood, in his Muster(?) of N.C. one of them lived in  Surry(?)  Coty(?), the other he does not recollect in what county he lived, neither does he know in whose command they were in(???) but is understood that


done of them desearted and joined the enemy at Savannah ???. He mentions this for fear it might be supposed he was the man. He would further state, that shortly after the close of the war he recd of Capt Camplin a written discharge for his services as a minute man as ap(?). After that he moved to Tennessee in Washington County and volunteered to serve an expedition under Capt John Wood, Under Col. Sevien (formerly God -of-Ten)?????? in the Chirikee Nation of Indians. The time he served he does not remember - but he remembers when they started rasen(??)  ???? were not full enough to ?????, and when he returned corn was generally gathered and cribbed. During this trip a treaty was made with the Cherikees at Little River in Ten. He does not remember weather he got a discharge(?), but


was marched home by his Capt and dismissed.

1st He was born in Cumberland County, VA, the year he has stated.
2. He has in his possession a record of his age.
3. He lived in Cumberland or Rockingham County VA when the Revolutionary commenced and when called into service he lived in Surry County, VA, since he lived in Ten and Kentucky, where he now lives.
4.The ?????? he entered the service he has described - he was always a private and upon his own account.

5. He recollect, during the service he save Gen. Washington and Genl. Francis Marion. He would state that a ?????? years; since he remembered his Col and Gens, but his memory is almost gone. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension


(first three lines are not readable)
The reason why he has not applied sooner is that he had a ???????????? to have it said he was fed by the government and ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??? years he thought it hardly worth while to apply.

his mark X
Samuel Weaver

Laurel County KY
I Abraham Hunter(?) a Justice of the Peace for the afore said County (???), that on this day Samuel Weaver made oath before me to the foregoing petition according to law. I also certify that he is not able to attend court. I also certify that his memory is frail and ?????? impaired. I also certify that he is a man of good character and I have no doubt his statement is true.
Given under my hand this 15 day of April 1836
Abraham Hunter (?)

Laurel County, KY
This day Thomas Robertson, a preacher of the gospel, aged 65 years and a resident citizen of Laurel County ap(?) upon his oath disclaims(?)


that he has known the aforesaid Samuel Weaver for many years and well acquainted with his general character, and (?) from (?) his general good ?????? he would implicitly rely upon him upon oath, and he has no doubt his statement ap(?) for a pension is true.
???? 13, 1837
Ths Robrnson

State of KY
Laurel County SS

Thomas Robertson the above this day subscribed & sworn to the above according to law. Given under my hand as a Justice of the Peace for the county ap(?)
Nov. 13, 18837
Abraham Hunter(?) JP


State of Kentucky
Laurel County

Personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid Samuel Weaver aged eighty five this 26th of this month who being duly sworn deposeth(?) and saith that by reason of old age and the consequence laps of memory, he can not swear positively as to the precise length of his service, but according to the best of his recollection he served not
less than the period mentioned below and in the following grades in the war of the Revolution ?????? ??????? months ??? ???? three(?) months as a volunteer and as a minute man upwards of two years, until the close of the war as a private under ?????
engagements and for such service  I claim a pension. that he resides in Laurel County and has ever since the year 1814. As well as he can remember he will give a faithful history of his services and in ??????? he will state as to dates he not rely upon his memory, being so greatly(?) impaired(?) by age. He thinks about two months before the surrender of Charleston S. Carolina by General Lincoln, as he now thinks that was the name of the American Commander, he was drafted for three months in Surry County, N.Carolina & entered the service under ??????


Camplin(?) as his Capt. who marched his company out in to the stretch of South Carolina within 15 or 16 miles of the City of Charleston, then besieged(?) and  a call was made for men to say and guard baggage wagons and he was one of these, he supported(?) about thirty, but for what cause the baggage (??) was kept there at the time he can not say, but suppose(?) it was be cause(?) ???????? up(?) the ???????, and this(?) ????? after the city surrendered. His Capt (his Capt of the baggage wagons under whom he served he can not remember his name) arrived at this camp, and how he got from Charleston he does not know, but when he got to the baggage, he was shot in the ????, which he said he received during the siege, and then took him to assist him home and attend to him, which he did. Then(?) under much difficulty and troubles they wound being very sever. After getting back to the home of Capt. Camplin in Surrey County, N.C. Where he was after the next morning after getting(???)  to his house, Capt Camplin told him to go home, his three months having expired. He went home to his fathers one & a half miles from his Capt and after
remaining at home four days his father, Daniel


Weaver a few days before his return had been drafted for three months as a private. As he had got attached(?) to the camp, and the ???? of ???? given to his mother to ???? with his father; and her(?) ?????? requiring his attention, he resolved to go himself (???? ???? ???? ???? for his father to march) if the officers would ???? receive him, he told this to his father and mother (his father was then within three or four months of muster free) but his father was preparing for the trip and said nothing in reply. He went to the court house ??????? In the 5th day after his return, in company where his father had been ordered to ?????????? and enter the service, where he straight ?????????? to an officer, where he??????? ??? the commander of his father, and told him he was his son, that he had been in the army, and wanted to be accepted in the room of his father as a volunteer - the officer whose name he can not


remember, tho he has for year tried to do so, said I should be accepted in this room as his father, and seemed to much gratified - he was ?????? in the room of his father as a volunteer and his father discharged and went home. On the same day the gentleman who received(?) him(?) marched his company  (he was called Capt(?)) and he now believes he lived in Salisbury, NC(??)  to Salisbury, there in to the state of VA: as he now believes to protect Petersburg in VA from the British, but they did not reach there.  Within 20 or 30 miles perhaps forty in VA they ????? as he now thinks between 500 & 1000 men of the American Army, on their march towards the south, the British having gone away but when he can't remember. When he meat them, they joined them, was marched back to NCarolina, and then he thinks to  Gen Marion of South Carolina, but whether he met with Gen


Marion in NC or SC he does not know, but he thinks it was ??? Pe ?? river or some of its waters. After meeting with Marion, they had several skirmishes with the Tories, he thinks three or four, all in the night except one the day ????? ????? was killed and five taken prisoner. He thinks in this days fight there was a Capt. Cunningham (under Capt. Faning(?) a Tory, to ???? to him Cunningham was taken(?)but he can not say positive. This battle took places he supposes about 10 miles from where they first joined  Gen. Marion. This Capt who received him in the place of his father didn't march with the company from Surry(?) C.H. N.C., but the Company was put under a gentleman called Capt Mc .but he supposes it was a short


way of calling his name proper(?) he was an Irishman, but his name he can not call to memory, he was the Capt that marched them in to VA & back to Genl. Marions ?? - After the skirmishes ?? Capt. Mc ?? was detached with his company to Salisbury, NC  where he was put in a hospital to attend some wounded men and sick soldiers, where he stayed until his three months were out, when he was discharged at the end of his time he got a paper when discharged by some ????, but his name he does not remember, who had charge of hospital, who was acting as surgeon under a man called ?????. ?????? (a dutchman, high character as a surgeon) - during the times he was with Genl. Marion, a British Officer as he was told came into camp, but for what he does not know, he was washing & baking sweet potatoes on the coles - Genrl Marion stepped


up with the British Officer and remarked he believed he would take breakfast,
he ???? ???? of the request, pulled out his potatoes, wiped the ashes off with a dirty handkerchief, placed them on a  pine long( which was all the provisions they had) and Genl Marion and the British Officer partook of them. His has been told by some, that this has been recorded in the life of Genrl as a dinner, but this was a breakfast.
After being discharged at Salisbury, NC he returned to his fathers in Surry, SC and remained a short time. Then (being set ???? by his father to ???? for clothing) he went in to ???? County, VA to ???? Uncle of his, when Let(?) George Hastings or perhaps Col. Hastings called for volunteers to go and meet the British under Lord Cornwallace then in N.C. five or 600, joined among(?)


them he was one, but for no particular times. the Col marched them for with in to N.C. and got to Guilford(?), just at the close of the battle. they retreated several miles - next day he was sent back to help bury the dead.  The third day after the battle Col Hastings marched his corps back to Henry Cty VA, where they all disbursed & went to there respective homes. he does not now remember where was his company officers. On this service he thinks his was  ?????? some thing upwards of a month - he got no discharge. Shortly after getting back to Henry he received a letter from his first Capt Camplin in Surry County N.Carolina  to return  and see him & he would put(?) ?? better business then he had been doing. He returned to see Capt Camplin and enlisted under


Capt Camplin as a minute man as then ???? for and during the war. Under him and men sometimes ordered by him, he was ??????? to the close of the war,
on scouting parties, marched frequently at a distance some times believe 20, 20, 40, 50 and as high as sixty miles sometimes in VA and on the waters(?) of the Aoleim(?), and adjoing counties around Surry, to watch and ????? the people from the ravages of the Tories, and they ????? in ????? encounters they had with the Tories, but the number his memory fails him. Under this last engagement, he has no doubt he was in actual service upwards of two years. When he this(?) entered it was but a very short time after the battle of Guildford(?)  N.C. When the war closed he got no discharge - ????? he thought of none (????)


He hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity except the  pension(???), and declares that he's not on the pension roll of the agency of any state or territory.  He further declares that he lives ?????? the county seat of Laurel about nine(?) miles - he has not been ????? for ??? a seven
years - and is unable to ??? them, he is so debilitated in body, that ?????? of his belly being broken???

The reason why this application was dated at this time, he will explain. Until about five or six years ago he was  apposed to being dependent upon his country for support but about that time he filed ???? which as he told (??) was sent on to the main office but sent back for affidavits(??), but in some way(??) had been  misplaced, he has been unable to ???? ???? unable this time (??). His


wife Mary is now about 78 or 9 years of age very much afflicted and he feels it duty to ask for the assistance of his country.
Sworn ??????? to before this day of November 1839
His Mark
Saml Weaver

Sworn to the 18th ?????? in the printed form of the War Department ???????
1st I was born in (???) Cumberland County State of Virginia in 1755 - as my Register says.
2. I have a record of my age (made by my father now in my possession)
3. When called in to service I resided in Surry County, N. Carolina since that time I have lived in Tennessee, South Carolina and now live in Laurel County, Kentucky


To the 4th He has explained the ???????? ???? the service.
To the 5. He has as far as his memory serves him states the officers as far as he now recalls, he does not remember now any of his ??????????? officers. The circumstances of his service he has explained as far as he can now remember.
6th As to his discharges and the manner of leaving the service he has ?????? as fully as he can remember, the discharges he got at the hospital he can not tell what has become it.?? For  some(??)  cause he never applied to Capt. Camplin for a discharge, being there?? illiterate, and not thinking they would be of any service to him & does not suppose he thought of getting them, or would be of any service to him after he had been ?????? in Continental army.(??)


He never had any con?????
To the 7th As to my character I refer to Gen Farris(?)(Harris) Jackson, the Sheriff(??) of the  County Jed??? Hibbond (??) to Abraham Hunter, and Hon(??) John(??) White in County, all of my County who have known me many years.
His signature
Saml Weaver
Sworn under my hand this the 9 of Nov 1839
William Jackson JP

Genl Jarm(??) Jackson, Jno. Hibbonds (Sheff of the county made oath in open court that they have lived in Laurel County for many years, Jackson since the year (left blank) and Hibbord since the year (left blank) but for (left blank) years he has known the ap- Saml Weaver for upwards ?? years, and the said
Jackson on upwards of (left blank) years. They both ?????? in the opinion, that the ???????? reliance(??) may be placed us his affidavit and they have no doubt he served in the Revolutionary War.


(can't read the next sentence, too light)

Abraham H????? aged (left blank)  a citizen of Laurel County, in open court upon oath ???????? that from the year ??????his resided near ?????? Samuel Weaver that he knew him ????? ?????? he often ????? ?????
????? ????? ?????? speak of his ?????? ??????? ????? ????, ???? ????
???? ?? ???? to ?????? ????? ?? as a ??????? that he ?????? ??? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? was not for money he fought, but for  ?????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ????? He states that from personal observation (?)  he knows, that his mind and memory is generally(?) ??????, that his ??????? greatly so that from the different ???????? the ???? ????? repeated to him ??? ???? ????? about his ???? ??????? services, ???????????? as they did, so ???? ??? the ??????? Revolutionary, ???? ????? ????? service as stated by him as ?????? ?????? his character ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? & ?????? ??? ??? ??? ????????


In the neighborhood it is ????? been since he knew him that ???????? ?? soldier in the Revolution. Jasckson Hibbon ????? their enlist(?) ?????? ????? ????? that he was soldier in the Revolution. ?????? ??????? in the ???? ??? ???? as to his ???? ???? & that he is unable to ????? ???? ????
E ???? states ???? ???? that the papers were either, sent back to the War office is, or perhaps ??? ???? ?????? after the death of Ptman(?) the clerk of the Laurel Circuit & County Court this affidavit in open court.
November 13. 1840
Laurel County Court
The foregoing affidavit of Samuel Weaver a citizen of the County Aft (?) ?????? by the foregoing ????????,????, Jarvis Jackson, Abraham Hunter(?) and Josiah(?) Hibbard(?) and William ????? a Baptist(?) preacher in the neighborhood except the son of said Samuel Weaver, to be of (?)


the ?? as they believe as stated by him, know also ??????? by ????? and ???????, ????? before the year 1818 told with him of his Revolutionary services, as I ????. and said he would not apply for pension because they would call him a ??????, that he did not fight for that. He has always been believed(?)by the neighborhood that he was a Revolutionary soldier. The said ????? and Hunter both concern(?) that said Samuel Weaver is unable to attend court, that from his general good character, the utmost reliance(?) may be placed upon the facts setforth in his affidavit ap. (?) He is there for forwarded(?) by the court, that it has certified to the ?? of War(?) that in the opinion of said court that Samuel Weaver did serve in the Revolutionary war as


stated by him as ap(?) and that the sworn statement of Jarvis Jackson, Josiah Hibbond, Abraham Hunter, William Hofferd, E. Smith ap are true.
??? that the said be certified to the SS of War with the  seal of this court which is hereby an accounting.(?)
Given under my hand the 13th day of January 1840
William H. Ran????????    


Treasury Department
Second Comptroller's Office
July 29, 1842

Under the Act of the 6th of April, 1838, entitled "An Act directing the transfer of money remaining unclaimed by certain Pensioners, and authorizing the payment of the same at the Treasury of the United States"
Samuel Weaver
A Pensioner on the Roll of Kentucky Agency, at the rate of Twenty dollars, and --- cents for annum, under the law of the 7th June 1832, has been paid at this Department, from the 4th of Sep 1840, to the 4th Sept 1842
Respectfully, yours



State of Kentucky
Laurel County SS

This day Joseph Weaver of the County of Laurel and State of Kentucky personally appeared before me John ???????? a Justice of the Peace for the same county of Laurel and State upon(?) as the that he is the son of Samuel Weaver, a Revolutionary Pensioner, late of Laurel County ap(?) now deceased and his wife Mary Weaver that he this(?) Joseph Weaver is the youngest of eleven children of the said Samuel and Mary Weaver and that he the said
Joseph Weaver was thirty four years of age on the 24th day of November 1842 and he further states that the leaf(?) of a book hereunto attached marked A was this day cut out of the family register(?) of his father Samuel Weaver and that he copied the said register from some(?) old one in the possession and hand writing of the said Samuel Weaver in his life time and at his request the old one being very much ????? by the ??? having faded by long standing(?), he also stated that the said copy was made by him about(?) eighteen years past, and he further states that his father Samuel Weaver departed this life on the 14th day of November 1842 and that his mother Mary Weaver is the widow of the said Samuel Weaver, and that ???? ???? his first recollects his father Samuel Weaver and his mother Mary Weaver have lived together as husband and wife until the death of the said Samuel Weaver, and he further states, that Hezekiah  Weaver the oldest child of the said Samuel and Mary Weaver is near fifty nine years of age as will  more fully appear from the register leaf here unto attached.
Sworn to and  ????? the
26th day of October 1843 before me
John L?????? JP

Joseph Weaver


I do further certify that I have been acquainted with Joseph Weaver who has sworn to and subscribed to the foregoing ?????? ??? and from his ?????? ??????? and ??????? character I have no hesitation in believing that he ???? ???? the truth in making the  foregoing statement on oath. Given under my hand
the 26th day of October 1843.

John F     L?????????? JP

State of Kentucky
Laurel County SS

I William H. Randall clerk of the Court of Laurel County certify that John H. L?????? is a magistrate(?) as above and that the foregoing signature ??????? be his is genuine.
In Testimony where of I have here unto affixed my seal of Office and subscribed my name this 28th day of October 1843
William H. Randall

Clerk of the Court of Laurel County


Samuel and Mary Weaver
was married in the year of
our Lord - 1783 -
October the 7th day

hezekiah Weaver was
born in the year of our
Lord  1784
December the 8 day


State of Kentucky
Laurel County SS

On the the 26th day of October 1843 personally appeared before us John H. Slaugher(?), George A Bush acting Justice of the Peace in and for the County and State aforesaid Mrs. Mary Weaver a resident of the County and State aforesaid and who is by reason of old age and bodily inperament prevented from appearing in open court aged upwards of seventy nine years of age and who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make further declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision of avait of ?????? passed(?) the 1st day of July 1838 ??????? an act granting half pay an pension to certain widows towit that she is the widow of Samuel Weaver deceased state(?) of said county and state and who was a private in the Revolutionary war and an the avaint(?) of his said service in said war of the
United States he drew a pension of $20. per anuni during his natural life which he drew until his death which took place the 14th day of November 1842. She further states that she cannot state the ???? that he served in no the officers that he served under she have herd her husband speak of them but she has forgotten as her ????????? has failed her very much but for there names as well as the character of the service ?????? an such other parts as are ????? in the ????????????? of her claim she would refer to the ?????contained in the papers(?) comp??????? the matter of the application of her said husband for the aforesaid pension she further declares that she has in her possession his surtifficate(?) of pension ???? she will send to ???? for the balance due at his death she further declares that she has the word of her marriage to the said Samuel Weaver drawn up from the original ??? that was written(?) by her said husband


but it was all most worn out and her son Joseph Weaver drew drew it up from
the original in her said husbands life time about eighteen years back she states that she will ???? the leaf that has the ?????? on the leaf is marked A as testimony of their marriage and the birth of their oldest child. The document an said leaf reads as follows Mr. Samuel and Mary Weaver was married in the year of our Lord 1783 October 7 day Hezekiah Weaver was borned in the year of our Lord1784 december the 8 day she further states that ????? as that she was married to the said Samuel Weaver October 7 day 1783 she further states that she was not married to her said husband before he ???? the serve(?) but the marriage took place shortly afterwards, say the 7 day of October 1783. some time previous to the 1st day of January 1794 she further states that she has never married since the death of her said husband Samuel Weaver but continues his widow.
Sworn to and subscribed the day and under oath ???? before me.
John H. Sl????????

her mark X

Mary Weaver

GA Bush JP
We John H. Slaughter and George A Bush the above subscribed Justices of the Peace, do certify that we are acquainted with the above named Mary Weaver and that she is a lady of ?????? and truth and that what she has stated in her declaration is to be ?????? so facts and that she is the widow of Samuel Weaver decd late a  ????? ????? pension of Laurel County KY. and upon the Kentucky roll, and we know that she is totally


unable to appear in open court,  owning to old age and weakness of limbs. Given under our hands the 26th day of October 1843.

John H. Slaughter JP

GA Bush JP

Clerks witness statement, not retyped


State of Kentucky
Laurel County SS

This day personally appeared before me George A. Bush(?) a Justice of the Peace for said county. Hezekiah Weaver of said county and state upon oath that he is the son of Samuel Weaver Dec late a Revolutionary Pensioner of said county by his wife Mary Weaver, as he verly(?) believes(?) from the best information he has upon the subject, that he is upwards of fifty eight years of age from the information of his said parents, and he further states that his father Samuel Weaver and mother Mary Weaver have from his earliest recollection have ???????? together in as husband and wife until the death of the said Samuel Weaver, and he further states that ??? said Mary Weaver is still the widow of the said Samuel Weaver.
Hezikiah Weaver

State of Kentucky, Laurel County SS
I George A Bush a Justice  of the Peace in afore said County of Laurel do ????? certify that the above named Hezekiah Weaver ???? signed and acknowledged the above in my presence and made oath that the statements made ??????? ????? ???? and I further certify that the above named Hezekiah Weaver is a man of competency(?) and ????? upon oath or not will ?? all things(?) tell the truth. Give under my hand the 20th  day of Dec 1843
A.Bush JP


Treasury Department
Second Comptroller's Office
Feb 27", 1844

Under the Act of the 6th of April, 1838, entitled "An Act directing the transfer of money remaining unclaimed by certain Pensioners, and authorizing the payment of the same at the Treasury of the United State," and the third section of the Act of August 23, 1842, extending the time within which pensioners may receive their pensions from the pension agents, The widow of Samuel Weaver, decd. a Pensioner on the Roll of the Kentucky Agency, at the rate of Twenty Dollar per annum, under the law of the 7th June 1832, has been paid at this Department, from the 4th of March to the 14th Nov. 1842.
Respectfully Yours
??????? Parris



Mary Weaver
Widow of Samuel Weaver
who was a Private
in the NC Line,
Inscribed on the Roll at the rate of
20 Dollars 00
Cents per annum, to commence on
the 4th day of March, 1843.
Certificate of Pension issued the

8" day of June 1844
and sent to
Hon John White
House Rep
Act of March 3, 1843
Recorded in Book A
Vol. 1 Page 175

Up 8 June 1844
????? ?????? under the Act
of 1844, sent to H????
July 23, 1844 at Frankfort,
Paid at the Treasury under
the Act of April 1838 from

4 March to 14 Nov. 1842
Agt notified, 4 Dec 1844


State of Kentucky
Laurel County SS

On this the 8th day of July 1844 personally appeared before me John H.Slaughter an acting magistrate in and for the county and state afore said Mrs. Mary Weaver a resident of the county and state afore said aged about eighty two years. She after being ??? duly sworn according to law doth on her oath on her oath make the following affavation(?) in order to able the ??????of the provision made by the Act of Congress ???? the 17th day of June 1844 Extending(?)  pensions to ?????? widows to ???? that she is the widow of Samuel Weaver late of said county & state ???? ????? in said ??? and ???
???? ??? said service(?) she claims pension ????? ???? ????? ?????? 1843 she further states that she has not married since the death of her said husband but still ?????/ his widow. She further states she ???? ??? pension of $20 pension(??)
sworn to?????????
John H. Slaughter

Her X mark
Mary Weaver


Department of the Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, D.C.

W 8993

In reply to your request of (blank), for the history of Samuel Weaver, a soldier of the Revolutionary War, the following is taken from the soldier's & widow's claim for pension.

Sates of enlistment or appointment
1. Spring 1780
2. x
3. x
4. 1781

Length of Service
1. 3 mos
2. 3 mos
3. about 1 mo

4. at various times in all 2 years

1. private
2. private
3. private
4. minute man

Officers under whom service was rendered
1. Captain Jacob Camplin
2. Captain Wm. Bostic
3. Captain George Hastin or Hastings 
4. Captain Jacob Camplin


1. N.C.
2. N.C.
3. VA
4. N.C.

Battles engaged in: Skirmishes
Residence of Soldier at enlistment?s: Surry Co., N.C & Henry Co., VA
Date of Application for pension: Apr. 15 1836 His claim was allowed
Residence at date of application: Laurel Co., Kentucky
Age at date of Application:  Born 1755 in Cumberland Co., VA Son of Daniel
Remarks: After the Revolution he moved to Washington Co. Tenn and served under Capt. John Wood & Col. Sevier man expeditions against the Cherokees. He died Nov 14, 1842 in Laurel Co. Soldier married Oct 7, 1783 Mary and she was allowed pension on her application executed Oct 26, 1843. While living in Laurel Co. KY. Children Hezekiah born Dec. 8, 1784, Joseph born Nov 24, 1808, stated that he was the youngest of 11 children - only names given.



1923 May 10 Hist to Miss V.Blythe
1936 Jan 2 hist to Mrs. A.Y. Casanova by personal reguest

Rev. Widow, & C.
File No 8993
Mary Weaver
Wid. of
Samuel Weaver
Pvt. N.C. Line
Act. Mch 3 1843

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