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Liberty City Hall
Casey County Kentucky
Liberty - Founded 1808
2, JULY 1941
VOL.  27,  NUMBER 37.


    Mr. J.C. Fogle, of Yosemite, writes this paper as follows:
    "I see in the Casey County News where Police Judge Adophus Wesley is having torn down one of the oldest houses in Liberty.  Eighty-five years ago there lived in this house two of the oldest citizens in the town of Liberty at that time.  They were Aunt Beckey and Uncle Sam Bailey.  They owned the place
and lived and died there.  Uncle Sam was a carpenter and he built with his own hands a horse mill which was located just back of the residence.  They raised four children, three girls, Mildred, Betty and Gay ( the latter was always called G.)  and a son, Brack.   The son left Liberty when a young man.  Mildred became the second wife of Uncle George Sweeney, father of the late General Sweeney and grandfather of Dr. Wm J. Sweeney, of Liberty.  Mr. Ed Sweeney, of Lexington, is a son of Uncle George and Aunt Mildred.  There were several other children who later moved to Kansas.  Betty about the close of the Civil War married Col. Frank Wolford.  She was his second wife.  Gay or "G,"  married John Riggins.  An uncle of Billy Riggins.  before Col. Wolford married Betty, he and his three children by his first wife, were living where Marion Humphrey now lives.  When Col. Wolford married Betty, they moved in with the Baileys.  Col. Wolford had a cellar dug under the Bailey house and walled it up with logs.  After the death of Uncle Sam and Aunt Beckey, Col Wolford and family moved to Columbia,  Adair County.   Up to the time of her death, Aunt Beckey had officiated at the birth of every child born in Liberty and for ten miles or more around Liberty.   The last time she was at our home was in 1873, when my youngest brother, Preston, was born.    
J.C. Fogle,  Yosemite, KY"
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I took picutres of the memorial statue in front of the Courthouse in Liberty. But I have no further information on any of the men listed below. I would suggest contacting the Casey County KY list at Rootsweb for help with any ot these names if you have questions, or if it's possible the Library in Liberty.
Baldock, Herbert D.
Belton, Edgar B.
Bennett, Jasper E.
Bird, Sherman
Coffman, Willie
Douglas, Sherman
Emerson, Paris
Ford, Hershall
Goforth, Cephus
Griffin, William R.
Hughes, Wess
Lawhorn, John B.
Murphy, Bernard
Napier, Virgil E.
Pelley, Jas. C.
Riffe, Henry T.
Ross, Walter Attis
Roy, Leo
Salyers, Virgil
Sanders, Ollie
Sandusky, Chas. C.
Sharpe, George W.
Shaw, Clyde
Southerland, Samuel
Taylor, Hugh Frank
Thomas, William J.
Ward, Irvin T.
Wash, Louis
Wethington, Crawford
Wethington, Wilford
Wickersham, Jesse I.
Wilkinson, Matt.
Coffman, Charles
Miller, Lloyd K.
Murphy, Kenneth
Overstreet, James E.
Roy, Orvis
Smith, Marvin W.
Lynch, John
Mills, Donald
Minton, Clarence
Montgomery, Omer L.
Morgan, William F.
Norfleet, Hollis
Pendleton, Merical
Pettyjohn, Myer R.
Porter, Willie T.
Powers, Harrison
Richardson, Dennie
Richardson, Russell
Rigney, Stanley O.
Russell, James. R.
Smiley, William W.
Smith, William J.

Smith, Zora
Simpson, Jess
Taylor, Walter
Thomas, Vernon
Toms, Roscoe
Vaught, Elvin C.
Wall, Elmer D.
Ward, George
Ward, Gilbert
Wesley, Edwin T.
Wethington, Francis J.

Wethington, Gordon
Whited, Stanley
Withers, James D.
Wilson, Albert R.
Wilkinson, William G.
Witt, Charles S.
Wyatt, Orville B.
Watts, James
Absher, Fred
Bastin, Russell D.

Brown, Curtis V.
Brown, Marcie A.
Brown, Ralph D.
Burchell, Johnnie F.
Carter, Gene
Cochran, Albert W.
Coffman, Archie T.
Coffman, Stanley
Collins, Claude L.
Cravens, Gilbert
Davis, Don P.
Dunagan, Thomas E.
Edwards, Rollin
Ellison, Jes
Fair, Buel G.
Garrett, Paul
Godbey, Oval
Goode, Thomas E.
Grider, Lewis
Hafley, Elmer T.
Hannah, William R.
Hancock, Donald
Hamm, Howard B.
Holt, Robert F.
Joines, William B.
Jones, Kenneth
King, Elzie O
Lane, Earl W.
Langford, George M.
Lanham, William P.
Leathers, Joseph A.
Long, Noah E.
Luttrell, Otha
Luttrell, Walter C.
George E. Burchett
Clifton Henson
Ewell Lee Jr.
Edgar Godbey
George Rowland, Jr.
Cecil W. Southerland
Kearney M. Stephens
Coffman, Charles
Miller, Lloyd K.
Murphy, Kenneth
Overstreet, James E.
Roy, Orvis
Smith, Marvin W.
SP-4 Rodney Helm
PFC Jack Prichard
SGT. Alford Lee Cook
SFC. Wm E. Wethington
BM3 Richard T. Herron
T/SGT. Libby Monday
MMFN Gary Herron, Jr.
PFC. Eric Dean
PFC. Wm T. Sandusky
SGT. Joel Austin
SP-4 Glenn E. Phillips, Jr.
S/SGT Dwight Miller
SP-4 Lewis E. Doss

CPL. Tim Hines
T/SGT. Michael R. Marple
CPT. Bradford E. Dean
SPC. Paul K. Dean

AME-1 Homer L. Meeks
BT3 Michael Gabehart
L/CPL. Darren Helm
SGT. Michael Reams
SGT. Robert Gillespie
L/CPL. Marty A. Moore
Danny Smithers
Aaron Marples
James O. Wilson
S/SGT. Robert A. Wethington

SPC. E4 A. Hoyt Wolford
SPC. Danny Wardrip, Jr.
SSG. Wm. A. Johnson, Jr.
SSG. Vernon D. Murphy
SGT. James A. Evans
SSG. Wm. V. Wethington
PV2. Travis Denson

SSG. Kim Clements Burnette
AMS/AN John D. Shugars, Jr.
CPL. Randy Jones
Steve Jassman
M/SGT. Kenneth J. Mills

SGT. Kirby King
SPC. Danny L. Hensley
CPL. Terry Thompson

SGT. Dwight Coomer
YNSA. Billy R. Short
SK-3 Joe L. Clements
SGT. Bruce A. Meeks
E-4 John D. Goode
SFC. Donald Smither
SGT. Johnny Hines
Roy Dial
ABH3 Jonathan A. Cravens T/SGT. Gervis C. Buis

William R. Cooper
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