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Rigney Deeds from Carroll Co., VA 1873
The Information on The Carroll Co., VA Deeds was provided by Dusty Smith (email address - All notes are from Dusty and if anyone would like any further information on Isham, please email her.
WILLIAM TATE and ANDREW RIGNEY-CARROLL CO., VA BOOK 11, PAGE 257-258 Marked on the side of the deed it says "TAX AND FEE PAID"

This indenture made and entered into the 7th day of Januaray 1873 between ANDREW RIGNEY of the first part and WILLIAM TATE of the second part -- all of the County of Carroll and State of Virginia. Witnesseth that the said ANDREW RIGNEY for and in consideration of the sum of $75.00 to him hand paid by the said WILLIAM TATE, before sealing and delivering of these presents hath bargained and sold to the said WILLIAM TATE -- a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the County of Carroll and State of Virginia on the waters of LOVELLS CREEK and bounded as follows with: Beginning on a Chestnut oak a corner to BREWER KINGS land etc., etc., etc., .................. on a conditional line between ANDREW RIGNEY and
NOAH RIGNEY'S, thence with said conditional to the beginning with its appurtenances containing twenty five (25) acres, more or less, to have and to hold to the said WILLIAM TATE and his heirs and assings forver and the said ANDREW RIGNEY doth by these presents warrant and forever defend the -wrights- (sic) and title of the said land to the said WILLIAM TATE, his airs (sic) and assigns against the lawful claim of all persons whatsoever.

In testimony whereof the said ANDREW RIGNEY hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal this the day and date above mentioned. Signed ANDREW RIGNEY-his mark

Document was accompanied by the usual doc. Swearing that ANDREW and WILLIAM are persons known to the Justice of Peace and also by a statement that this deed was presented, acknowledged and admitted to court records on Nov.(?) 27, 1873

QUESTIONS:  Does the tax and fee paid statements on the side of the deed have special signigicance? What does the statement -wrights- means? What is the signigicance of the dash before and after wright?