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   Montgomery County
Montgomery County Rotary Jail
This jail and sheriff's residence built 1882. First rotary jail built in U.S. Constructed to plans based on patented design of William H. Brown and Fenjamin F. Haugh of Indianapolis. In use until 1973. Opened as museum and restoration begun 1975. Listed in National Register of Historic Places 1975.
Circular cell block has sixteen wedgeshaped cells on a two-story turntable around a central shaft. Design promised better prisoner security and jailer safety. Cell block immobilized 1930s as hazard to prisoners. County jails first established 1792 under laws of Nortwest Territory: continued under laws of Indiana Territory and state constitutions of 1816 and 1851.
                  Old Jail Museum
National Register of Historic Places
Federal Land Office
Public lands from the New Purchase of 1818 were sold from Ambrose Whitlock's cabin located on this site. Whitlock, who platted Crawfordsville in 1823, was receiver for the Federal Land Office until 1829. Williamson Dunn was register for the office which was moved from Terre Haute.
Montgomery County's Tribute to her Heroic Dead.
Mexican War 1846 - 1848 Men Enrolled 98
War for the Union 1861 - 1865 Men Enrolled 8971
Spanish American War 1898 Men Enrolled 284
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In Memory of Those Montgomery County Veterans Who Gave Their Lives During World War I
Ruby C. Barnes
Charles Bible
Clarence Boraker
Floyd S. Bowman
Vesse G. Brown
Ernest I. Cedards
Alex R. Colman
George W. Cook
Melvin C. Cook
Byron C. Cox
Roscoe N. Davis

Maurice O'Connor
Jasper H. Orrick
Grant E. Peffley
Russell Pickett
David D. Sloan
Guy Stephens
Raymond Todd
Oscar E. Turner
Ernest R. Warbritton
James H. Wingert
Robert P. Youngman
Russell H. Dwiggins
Aetna G. Elmore
John England
Harold K. Everson
Clarence M. Faust
Ralph Flora
Everett L. Harshbarger
Forest L. Hicks
Henry Hopper
Harley E. Jones
James N. Jones
William F. Jones
Bruce Kelly
William J. Kessler
Otto McClure
Clair McCrery
Charles W. McKinney
James Mason
Norman Maxwell
Fred L. Melvin
Daniel C. Miller
Stanford A. Myers
In Memory of These Montgomery Country Veterans Who Gave Their Lives During World War II
Kenneth Alward
Otis M. Armantrout
Forrest Babb
James Y. Bales
James F. Barnard
Charles O. Beck
Johnny W. Bishop
Lawrence M. Bishop
Ernest M. Boldt
Eugene M. Booher
William R. Bowers
Robert J. Bratton
Bill W. Brunner
Robert E. Burkett
Robert Buscher
James P. Cain
Robert L. Cain
Carol E. Canine
Ernest E. Campbell
Billy Carrigan
Vernon E. Chadwick
Okle O. Cline
Jack C. Clough
Eugene L. Conrad
Herbert L. Cook
Otto W. Copas
Robert L. Cord
John C. Corey
Irvin L. Cotten
Kenneth L. Cox
Robert C. Davis
Martin B. Dunbar
John W. Ehrie
Vance Pyle
Frank T. Ratcliff
William A. Raynes
Alvin O. Rice
James Ruchti
Roy G. Ruckel
Harold E. Sanders
Thomas L. Schweitzer
Floyd Sharp
Paul W. Shepherd
Roy E. Snider
John J. Stevens
Raymond E. Stump
Jack M. Suverkrup
Forrest R. Swank
Maurice L. Taylor
Gerald K. Tilney
Charles W. Todd
Donald K. Todd
Robert W. Todd
Rovert H. Turner
Robert C. Utterback
Dean W. Van Gilder
Robert R. Vice
Richard E. Whicker
Richard L. Wilkinson
Lawrence E. Wilson
Robert E. Wright
Leon Weir
Wilbur J. Wood
Wayne Wynkoop
Charles E. Zaikovsky
Norman Zachary
Cyrus E. Elliott
John T. Etchison
Robert Farnesworth
Mark S. Farren
Carroll W. Feather
Robert G. Foster
Oliver J. Fouts
Damon W. Francis
John N. Freeman
Delbert Fulton
Oriville M. Geiger
Marion L. Gephart
Sanford E. Gillock
Charles E. Gilmore
Kirtley J. Gregg
Leo H. Grzesk
Mark Hall
Robert T. Hall
Russell C. Hannah
Charles W. Harmon
Harry F. Harris
John R. Harshbarger
Victor Hartman
Harry Heacock
Lloyd Henry
Donald W. Hiatt
Daniel F. Hilliard
Earl W. Hodson
Jack D. Hudson
Dwight Hughes
Robert E. Hybarger
Robert P. Jacob
Carl W. Jones
Hubert Jones
William P. Kane
Robert N. Kemp
James R. Kidd
Charles W. Kline
Zenith L. Krout
William C. Leavenworth
Arthur J. Lehman
Howard D. Lough
Henry J. McCandless
Gwendolyn McKee
Robert A. McKinley Jr.
Altus F. McReynolds
Charles W. Martin
Harold Martin
Samuel R. Maxwell
John N. Miller
Theodore W. Miller
Oscar H. Murrell
Clyde A Myers
George L. Nelson
John B. Nichols
Harold F. Norman
William Q. O'Neall
Ralph V. Oswalt
Marvin M. Otterman
William Otterman
Earl Owen
Carl R. Parker
Max Paxton
E. B. Peffley
James D. Phebus
James Powers
Harold Zerface
This Memorial Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Montogomery County Veterans Who Sacrificed Their Lives In Korea 1950 - 1953
Jackie L. Murdock 7-6-50
Raymond E. Pearson 7-14-50
Howard F. Cedars 7-16-50
Kenneth W. Meadows 7-19-50
Charles Northcutt 7-20-50
Donald R. Sechman 7-20-50
Everett D. Manion 7-22-50
Kennith J. Teague 8-3-50
John W. Shanklis, Jr. 8-6-50
Earl Brown 9-10-50
Robert R. Eubanks 6-6-51
Charles C. Morgan 11-4-51
Byron Cox Post No. 72
The American Legion
Byron Cox Post 72
The American Legion
Our Allegiance
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Post 1431
Dedicated November 11, 1989
This Memorial Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Montgomery County Veterans Who Sacrificed Their Lives In Vietnam 1961 - 1975
Richard E. Lynch 10-8-65
Delbert W. Haase 10-18-67
Samuel H. Howard 12-2-67
William K. Clawson 12-14-67
Leonard A. Stalnaker 2-8-68
Harold W. Abbott 2-17-68
Lloyd Tribbett 5-8-68
Carl T. Alexander 1-10-69
John J. Corwin, II 4-17-69
Samuel E. Benge 6-3-69
Our Allegiance
West Central Indiana Vietnam Veterans Association

Dedicated Sept. 29, 1984