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Baer, Dr. Caleb Dorsey
Baughman, Louis Victor, wounded
Beal, Thomas
Bell, William Cyrus, wounded
Bender, F. T.
Besant, William T.
Betts, Samuel
Biser, William Doddrige, killed
Biser, Charles Tilghman, captured
Bitzer, George W.
Blumenauer, John N.
Blumenauer, Michael
Boland, William F., captured
Boone, Daniel
Boteler, Dr. E. L.
Boyd, Hamilton
Brashear, Charles Hall
Brashear, Thomas Pitts, wounded
Bready, C. Edward
Bready, D. Calvin, wounded
Briem, Col. Luke Tiernam
Bromwell, Henry H.
Bromwell, Josiah R.
Bromwell, Thomas C. G.
Brookey, Peter
Burns, William, wounded
Butler, Cyrus

Carey, Timothy
Carlisle, Charles, killed
Carter, Grafton
Castle, James L.
Cecil, Columbus C.
Chiswell, William T.
Clagett, Thomas
Cockey, S. Sprigg
Cockrell, James Daniel
Cosgrove, William
Crampton, Benjamin P., wounded
Cretin, Andrew
Cretin, Hilary
Cretin, John T.
Crist, Ephram, killed
Crouse, W. Frank
Crown, Frederick N.
Crown, John R., wounded
Crown, Joshua, wounded

Davis, Evan
Davis, Serg't. John Ignatius
Davis, Serg't. Phineas J.
Davis, Thomas S.
Delashmutt, John M.
Delashmutt, William G., wounded
Devitt, Edward
Dixon, James W.
Dorsey, Harry Woodward
Dorsey, Capt. Ignatius Waters
Dorsey, Nicholas, wounded
Dorsey, Upton W.
Dorsey, Lieut. William H. B.
Downey, Dr. Jesse W.
Dunlap, Henry, killed
Dunlap, John, wounded

Eader, Charles
Eader, Lewis
Ebert, Charles
England, Joseph R.

Fearhake, Adolphus
Fearhake, George
Fitzsimmons, Nicholas
Ford, Clement, wounded
Forman, Valentine
Fout, John

Gatton, William F.
Geasey, Charles M.
Geasey, James W.
Gephart, Solomon A.
Gittings, Edward
Goldsboro, Lee
Grabrill, Abraham W.
Graham, Israel, wounded
Grayson, George M.
Groshon, John F.
Groye, Lewis

Hagan, Michael
Haller, John E.
Hammond, Denton
Hammond, Oliver B.
Harwood, Thomas
Hergesheimer, David J.
Hilleary, Clarence Worthington, wounded
Hilleary, Thomas
Hitzilberger, Chas. T.
Hubbard, Alexander

Jenkins, Samuel, killed
Johnson, Gen. Bradley Tyler
Johnson, Dr. James T.
Johnson, Newman, killed
Johnson, Otis
Johnson, Richard Potts
Johnson, Dr. William Hilleary
Jones, Albert
Jones, Edward C.
Jones, John
Jones, Spencer

Keepers, Alexius
Kehne, Charles
Kennedy, McPherson
Kephart, Charles, killed
Kephart, George A., killed
Kessler, Windsor G.
King, Christian
Knott, Frank C., killed
Koester, Louis H.
Koester, William A., killed

Lamar, George Albert, wounded
Lawrence, Stephen D.
Lickle, John D.
Lowe, Enoch Louis

Marlow, Robert
Maxwell, John
Mayberry, James Polk
Maynard, Albert
Maynard, Thomas B.
Mercier, Elihu Washington
Miles, G. T.
Moberly, Bradley
Morrison, John
Motter, Jacob, wounded
Murdock, Augustus
Myers, Christopher P., killed
Myers, Mahlon
Myers, Thomas

McAleer, Joseph L.
McBride, Thomas
McDaniel, John
McDowell, Perry
McKnight, Robert
McLanahan, William H.
McMullen, Chas.
McSherry, Dr. Edward Cole

Noonan, Robert, killed
Norris, Richard H.

Oates, Charles T.
Obenderfer, Augustus A.
Obenderfer, John
O'Boyle, Charles M., wounded
O'Boye, James O., wounded
O'Connell, Patrick
Oden, William, wounded
O'Leary, Jerome
Ordeman, Charles, killed
Ordeman, John, wounded
Orrison, John W.
Ott, George M.

Peters, Thomas, wounded
Pettingall, D. Carlton, killed
Philpott, Gowen Blanchard, wounded
Pettit, Henry M.
Pope, William H.
Potts, Richard

Railing, George H.
Reid, James Henry, killed
Reid, Joseph Thomas, killed
Riddlemoser, Alfred
Riddlemoser, Dr. Joseph
Ritter, William
Rogers, James P., wounded

Schaeffer, Luther
Schley, Capt. Tench
Sellman, Frank, wounded
Septer, John. H.
Shearer, George
Shellman, George
Shell, Horace
Shipley, William H., wounded
Shriver, Charles S., killed
Simmons, John
Simpson, Corp. George R.
Smith, John C.
Smith, Nicholas, killed
Spittle, Lewis
Stallings, Richard
Steves, Christopher, killed
Stokes, Bradley T.
Swisher, John, killed

Tabler, John W.
Taylor, Charles J.
Thomas, Byron, wounded
Thomas, David O.
Thomas, Edmond, wounded
Thomas, Eleven
Thomas, James H., killed
Thomas, Dr. Samuel Frank
Thompson, John W.
Thrasher, Thaddeus, killed
Trail, Serg't. Lewis W.
Trapnell, Joseph H.
Trundle, Joseph H.
Trundle, Samuel
Tyler, George
Tyler, John E.
Tyler, Samuel Albert

Veit, Lewis. H., killed

Wagner, Henry, killed
Welsh, Lieut. Milton
Welsh, Capt. Warner G., wounded
Welsh, Luther
Wentz, Lewis, Jr., killed
West, John P., wounded
West, Eugene, wounded
Whalen, John W.
Whitter, George, killed
Wilcom, Casper
Willard, Peter Fulerton, captured
Williams, Henry
Wilson, C. P., wounded
Worthington, Joshua
Worthington, Serg't. Thomas G.

Yingling, David
Yingling, Zadoc
Young, Alexander H., killed

Zacharias, Granville
Zacharias, John F.
                List of Soldiers
From Frederick County, Maryland
  Who Fought for Southern Rights