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Tredington, Gloucestershire

Volume 2 Christenings & Burials 1761-1812


Part 2 - Burials 1761-1800




Mrs Elisabeth Surman

22 January

Elisabeth D of Isaac & Mary Tyler

8 February

William S of Wm & Elis: Tombs

22 February

Thomas S of Thos & Elis: Murrell

8 July

Samuel S of Thos & Elis: Murrell

13 July

John Hawker

9 September

Margaret D of Margaret Hawker

29 September

Elisabeth D of Sarah King spurious

1 October





Betty D of John & Elisabeth Gainer

11 May

Mrs Colliberry Roberts

31 May

Sarah Wife of Thomas Cartwright

21 October





William Packer Surman Esquire

10 January

Sarah D of William & Mary Thorndill

27 March

Elisabeth D of Sarah King spurious

10 June

Windsor Tinker

7 August

William Lawrence

14 November

Isaac Tyler from Tewkesbury

16 December





William Minchin

1 June

Hester Wife of John Grimmett

1 October

Richard S of John & Esther Dyrer from Ashchurch
for whom was paid y
e usual fee s6 d8

27 October





Sarah D of Elisabeth Surman

5 May

William Thorndill Sm:Pox

6 May

Sarah D of John & Rachel Minchin S.P.

7 May

Richard S of Daniel & Sarah King S.P.

16 May

Isabel Minchin

30 May

Thomas S of John & Susannah Beman S.P.

2 June

John Grimmett

9 June

Richard Tayler

25 June

Hannah Wife of Richard Davison


Thomas Minchin an Idiot

21 December





Richard Oakley Parish Clerk

22 March

Thomas Brewer

2 May

Sarah Wife of John Roff

24 October

Elisabeth D of Sarah Brewer

12 November

Sarah Brewer

7 December

Benjamin S of John & Elisabeth Gainer

13 December





William S of John Roff

31 January

Peter S of Sarah King spurious

8 May





Thomas Surman from Ashchurch

2 February

Thomas Brewer from Rudgway

5 February

Mr John Bick

2 June

Richard S of Thomas & Elisabeth Russel

18 June

Sarah D of John & Elisabeth Wilmore

2 August





John Rolfe

26 June

Sarah King

22 July

William Son of Charles Jones

30 October

Transcript Dd E. Evanson






Mary Cardall an Infant

16 April

James Son of William Hawker

5 May

Thomas Harris

8 June

John Son of Allen Darke

7 July

Samuel Son of Thomas Brewer

10 July





Elizabeth Wife of John Scudder

1 March

Christian Lawrence

22 March

Transcript Delivd Edw: Evanson


Mary D of John & Rachel Minchin

9 June

William S of John Garbrand Scudder

1 July

Transcript Delivered E. Evanson Curate






Colliberry Wife of The Revd Thos Philips

5 April

Sarah Harris

2 June

William Packer Surman Esqr

2 July

Thomas Sawyer

26 July

Transcript delivd Edwd Evanson Curate






Willm Son of Edward Branson

27 March

Sarah Oakley

10 April

Richard Derick

3 June

Transcript delivered Edwd Evanson Curate






Edwd S of Charles Jones

23 May

Richd Davison

13 October

Elizabeth Hall

18 October

Charles Jones

26 November

Transcript deliverd in






Sarah Evenyss

8 January

Thos Russell

1 April

John Minchin

5 May

Elizabeth Davison

14 May

Transcript deliverd in


Thos S of Thos & Elizabeth Watts

4 July

Elizabeth Grimmet

11 October





Mary Brewer Daughter of Thomas & Sarah Brewer

2 March

Joseph Son of Willm & Mary Lawrence was baptiz’d

3 May





Elizabeth Wife of John Wilmore

28 June

Hannah Wife of William Jones

20 November





John Son of John Minchin

9 January

Sarah Wife of William Dorrel

1 March

Transcript deliver'd J. Robinson Curate


John Wilmore

17 November





John Son of John & Eliz: Guild

23 February

John Jones

2 April

Transcript deliver'd J. Robinson Curate


Mary Wife of Thos Brewer of Stoke Orchard

13 July

Elizth Dr of John & Elizth Gainer

7 October

Elizth Russel Widow

14 November

Mary Wife of Wm Lawrence

18 December





Susannah Dr of Wm & Eliz: Taylor

31 January

Mary Dr of William & Betty Kemys

27 February

Mary Dr of John & Ann Price

7 March

Ann Griffiths

27 March

Hannah Fowler Widow

21 April

Transcript deliverd J. R. Curate






John Son of William & Hannah Gainer

6 January

Transcript deliver'd J. R. Curate


Nelly Dr of Wm & Elizabeth Hawker

16 December



Burials in 1783


Elizabeth Wife of John Gainer

25 February

Margaret Wife of Wm Lawrence

11 June

Transcript deliver'd


John Son of John & Winifred Skinner

14 September

N.B. Stamp Duty commenced

 Octor 1st

Benjamin Son of John & Jane Gainer

29 November





Thos Son of James & Sarah Overbury

6 January

Betty Dr of James & Sarah Overbury

24 May

Transcript deliver'd


Mary Davis Widow from Deerhurst-Walton

1 August

Sarah Wife of William Minchin from Tewkesbury

25 August

James Yeend from Elmston Hardwick

31 August

John Gainer

11 September

Anne Surman Widow

31 October





Mary Jones Widow

27 February

Susannah Dr of Wm & Elizth Tyler a Pauper

1 May

Thos Son of Wm & Elizth Tyler Pauper

10 May

Transcript deliver'd


Elizabeth Wife of Willm Toms P.

7 August

Charles Son of John & Esther Russel

4 September

Sarah Dr of Wm & Hannah Gainer

12 September

Christiana Wife of Thos Garn of the Parish of Forthampton

15 October

William Davison

3 November





Richard Davison of Fiddington

2 April

Elizth Dr of Allen & Mary Darke

17 May

Transcript deliver'd




Burials 1787


Diana Dr of William & Elizabeth Gregory P.

25 November





Edward Halling P.

24 January

Hannah Hawker P.

27 January

William Tombs Parish Clerk P.

18 February

John Son of William & Sarah Wesley

22 April

Thos Son of Wm & Hanh Gainer

18 December





William Son of William & Hannah Gainer

18 January

Transcript deliv'd


Sarah illegitimate Dr of Sarah White

9 August





Mary Wife of Thomas Fowler

2 January

Sarah Wife of John Haynes

4 March

Anne Derrick Widow

13 April

William Minchin

3 July

Transcript deliver'd


Anne Wife of John Price P.

19 October

Allen Darke P.

25 November





William Darrel

9 January

Anne Wife of William Gibbs of Bromsberrow

14 February

Transcript delivered in J.R. Curate

 21 June

Betty Dr of William & Elizth Gregory P.

1 August

Elizth Wife of William Gregory P.

20 August

Transcript delivered in J.R. Curate






William Lawrence P.

21 October



Burials 1793


John Son of John & Winifred Skinner

23 January

Hannah Dr of William & Hanh Gainer

9 June

Transcript delivered J.R.


Ancill Minchin P.

24 November

Elizth Davison Widow 87

21 December





Hannah Dr of George & Sarah Freeman P.

3 February

John Tombs P.

25 March

Wm Surman

16 April

Hannah Gainer

16 April

Transcript deliv'd J.R.


Sarah Surman

8 September

Transcript deliver'd J.R.






William Son of William & Sarah Wesley

6 September

William Son of James & Sarah Overbury

14 September

John Son of William & Elizth Gregory

20 September

Anne illegitimate Dr of Mary Robins






Mary Thorn Widow

10 April

Transcript deliver'd J.R.


Anne Wife of William Enston from the Parish of the Leigh

4 October

Mary Surman Widow

13 December





John Bick

30 March

George Freeman

2 May

Edward Gainer

11 May

William & Patience  Son & Dr of George & Sarah Freeman
N.B. The Father & Child died S. Pox

13 May

Elizabeth Dr of George & Sarah Freeman Small Pox

18 May

William Grimmett

12 June

Transcript deliver'd J.R.


Hannah Dr of Edward & Mary Gainer, A posthumous child

24 November





Elizabeth Thorn

11 February

Sarah daughter of William & Sarah Church

27 February

- Minchin from Tewkesbury

16 April

Transcript deliver'd J.R.

 June 26th

William Surmen

31 December





Mary Wife of William Gregory

26 March

John Kelso the Son of William & Hannah Gainer

31 March

William Lawrence

19 April

Anne Wife of William Surman

24 April

Transcript deliver'd J.R.


Sarah Wife of William Church

21 August





Elizth Wife of Thomas Smith

21 March

Transcript deliver'd


John Son of William & Elizth Collier

17 July

Elizth Wife of Wm Bavans

5 November

James Overbury

25 November


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