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Staunton, Worcestershire
Volume 1 1559-1671

The second parte of this booke wherein are all the marriages written sence the xvijth daye of Maye in the first yere of the Raigne of or soveraigne Lady Quene Elizabeth &c newly written in the on and fowrtieth yere of her mats Raigne aforsaid

Anno Dom 1559
Richard Bond and Johan Prise vidua were married
20 November
John Hill and Johan Maulten were married
12 May

Anno Dom 1560
Thomas Marte and Elnor Brooke were married
8 July
James Marte and Anne Sneade were married
8 July

Anno Dom 1561
Henry Pulmer and Isabell Symons were married
5 May

Anno Dom 1562
Robart Twinnge and Margt Restell vidua were married
24 April
Yeaman Mason and Alyce Horsham were married
8 June
John Restell and Johan Wiet vidua were married
5 October

Anno Dom 1563
John Berington gent & Johan Atkinson were married
4 May
Robart Thornycrafte & Johan Restell vidua were married
31 October

Anno Dom 1564
In this yere were noe marriages
Rector Jancie - Thomas Bullock & John Wilkins Guard

Anno Dom 1565
Thomas Colle and Elizabeth Aeisse were married
27 April
Thomas Smyth and Margert Phelpote were married
27 April
Thomas Balise and Elizabeth Edwards were married
1 July
Ralfe Barker and Sible Tainten were married
7 August

Anno Dom 1566
Edmond Polle and Elizabeth Elkines were married
13 January
Thomas Hill and Isable Russell were married
29 January

Anno Dom 1567
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1568
John Debitot and Elizabeth Pauncefoot were married
6 December

Anno Dom 1569
Roger Crumpe and Elizabeth Horsbatt were married
23 April
William Price and Anne Sneade were married
8 November
Jasper Hawkines and Anne Elkines were married
14 November

Anno Dom 1570
Thomas Mathoes and Elnor Restell were married
6 November
John Cheston and Margeret Smith were married
9 November

Anno Dom 1571
William Baldwyn and Margert Bushope were married
19 January

Anno Dom 1572
John Draper and Mary Atkinsonne were married
2 June
Thomas Screven and Elizabeth Lye were married
4 July
Richard Kinges and Margery Wheller were married
9 October
Thomas Burford and Elizabeth Clarke were married
24 October

Anno Dom 1573
William Tayler and Anne Baker vidua were married
1 May
Thomas Jones and Maude Prospery vidua were married
28 June

Anno Dom 1574
Richard Slace and Margeret Russell were married
20 June
Phillipe Bushope and Elizabeth Rochforde were married
4 October
John Tayler and Judethe Pickeringe were married
4 October
John Benet and Johan Brookeshowe vidua were married
26 October
William Elise and Alice Periston were married
7 November
Andrewe Janson and Margeret Pearse were married
27 November

Anno Dom 1575
John Carter and Maude Malten were married
21 September
James Man and Johan Blonte were married
28 October
William Edwards and Anne Woodward were married
28 October
William Grundie and Elizabethe Baston were married
30 October

Anno Dom 1576
Richard Dallamar and Dorate Bartlet were married
4 July
Roberte Bushope and Elinor Loocke were married
1 December

Anno Dom 1577
Peeter Brodforde and Johane Jackeman were married
10 July
Rector Jancie - Thomas Bullock & John Wilkins Guard

Anno Dom 1578
Augustine Sowthe and Lucye Man vidua were married
28 July
William Oldacre and Elinor Snead were married
6 October
Thomas Clarke and Elinor Knowles were married
7 October

Anno Dom 1579
John Barnard and Margeret Sneade were married
28 September

Anno Dom 1580
William Patshall and Johan Berington were married
10 June
Thomas Burford and Johan Maffilde were married
12 June
William Edwards and Margeret Chester were married
13 November

Anno Dom 1581
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1582
Richard Kinges and Thomazen Restell were married
28 February

Anno Dom 1583
John Snead and Elizabeth Savage were married
28 May
Christofer Elsmore & Elizabethe Bradley were married
21 November
William Grine & Johan Atkinsonne were married
22 December
William Morse and Elinor Butter were married
14 February

Anno Dom 1584
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1585
Henry Viller and Johan Thornycrafte were married
13 October
John Hill and Elinor Symons were married
18 January

Anno Dom 1586
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1587
William Halle alis Oliver and Thomazen Sneade were married
16 October

Anno Dom 1588
William Russell and Elinor Pearese were married
25 November

Anno Dom 1589
Thomas Russell and Fero[?] Knighte were married
12 September
Walt Winston and Alce Elis vidua were married
26 November
Hewe Harris and Elizabethe Jancie were married
24 January
Richard Clarke and Elizabeth Daunter were married
28 January

Anno Dom 1590
Thomas Savage and Anne Tewe were married
17 October

Anno Dom 1591
Phillipe Pearse and Anne Mayyoe were married
22 May
John Wever alis Stephens & Margrt Clarke were married
22 May

Anno Dom 1592
Richard Merry and Syslie Colse were married
5 July
John Ryley and Mary Coole were married
3 August
Richard Baston and Margeret Poolle were married
4 August

Anno Dom 1593
John Powell and Thomazen Benet were married
17 October
John Enderbee and Alice Keyse vidua were married
13 February
Rector Jancie - Thomas Bullock & John Wilkins Guard

Anno Dom 1594
William Pirton and Jane Russell vidua were married
21 January

Anno Dom 1595
Thomas Davis and Margery Rochforde were married
15 November

Anno Dom 1596
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1597
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1598
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1599
Edmund Burford and Margeret Haukins were married
8 October

Anno Dom 1600
John Man and Elizabeth Elise were married
27 April
John Pewtres and Margeret Witcombe were married
26 January

Anno Dom 1601
Gyles Brooke and Mary Jancie were married
17 May
William Gromage & Margeret Smyth alis Taster were married
28 October

Anno Dom 1602
James Wyn & Jane Chester widowe were married
10 October

Anno Dom 1603
In this yere were noe marriags

Anno Dom 1604
William Whittell & Margaret Coulse were married
25 June

Anno Dom 1605
John Reynolds and Christian Readinge were married
7 July
Henry Mathoes and Katherine Whittell were married
6 February

Anno Dom 1606
George Pirton and Elizabeth Jones widdow were married
19 May
John Muchell and Margeret Vaughan were married
16 June
Thomas Milles and Alles Wiett were married
2 February

Anno Dom 1607
Alyce Underbye wydowe & Henrye Gamone were married

Anno Dom 1608
James Cradocke & Margerye Wylse were married
26 January
Henrye Thomas gent of the Parish of St Swithin in the county of Worcester and Fraunces Compton were married
23 February

Anno Dom 1609
Thomas Hughes & Margery Tayler were married
22 July
Walter Jackeman & Anne Clarke were married
2 December

Anno Dom 1611
Wylliam Cooke & Anne Nycols were married
25 April
Wylliam Edwards & Margeret Howford were married
7 July
Thomas Mathoes & Maulde Tayler were married
3 October
John Harforde & Elizabeth Benet were married
30 January

Anno Dom 1612
Thomas Sparkes & Mary Francome were married
17 August
Thomas Russell & Margery Robynsonne were married
25 November
Rector Smith

…ller Jackeman & …… ab Ufan, Gardiani

Anno Dom 1613
John Bennett & Johan Weale were married
21 June

Anno Dom 1614

Anno Dom 1615
Walter Winstone & Elizabeth Marden were married
19 June

Anno Dom 1616
noe marriage

Anno Dom 1617 Jacob 15
Will Heughes & Jane Phelps were married
6 October
Katherine Horton was buried
19 August
John Nelmes & Margaret Steevens als Weaver were married
30 October

A.D. 1618 Jacob 16
no marr:

A.D. 1619 Jacob 17
William Poole & Elenor Muchell were married
4 November
Rector Atwood als Wood 

John Man & Thomas Russell gardiani

Henry Rogers & Elizabeth Mason were married
17 July

John Dickenson & Elizabeth Messenger were married
10 January

William Jackeman & Phillippe Powell were married
30 November
John Keise & Sibill Enderbee were married
8 February

Edmond Atwood & Anne Parker were married
25 May
William Horton & Anne Copwell were married
28 July

William Arnold & Tacy Lightfoote were married
2 September
William Adams & Elizabeth Rochford were married
2 February

John Atwood & Elizabeth Parkinse were married
21 June


Richard Parker & Elizabeth Meakins were married
1 July
James Clerke & Prudence Flowck were married
23 July



Thomas Poole and Elinor Reade were married
23 May


John Clarke & Margery Hughes widdow were married
28 May


William Awcot & Elenor Cockshead were married
23 November

Thomas Jones & Margaret Edwards were married
23 November

Anno Dom: 1636
Noe marriage
Rector Atwood 

James Oldacre, & Thomas Poole for Thom Restall gardiani

Noe marriage
Rector Atwood 

Thomas Jakeman & John Twininge gardiani



John Boswood & Anne Preece were married
29 April
Thomas James & Margeret Cowlesie were married
2 September
Richard Lane & Mary Courtnaly [?] were married
17 September

Anno Dom: 1640

Anno Dom: 1641
Walter Aucocke & Anne Grummage were married
28 November

Anno Dom: 1642
Michaell Sayce & Marge… Hues were married
28 April

Noe marriage in the parish of Stanton solemnized by the minister there since the yeare 1642 untill this present yeare

John Bound and Margeret Pearse were married
23 February
William Edwards and Anne Williams were married
4 June

no marriage from 56 untill
Rich. Morley Rector & Anne Allanson were married in Hasfield Ch: 
29 October 1660

Thomas Jackeman of Pendocke and Joane Chedworth of the Berrow were married in the Church of Stanton
10 February

No marriage

Thomas Allanson and Mary Chedworth were married in the Church of Stanton
22 September

Anno Dom. 1664
Walter Beames and Joane Parsons of Logdon were married in the Church of Stanton
10 May

Anno Dom. 1665
James Simans and Marey Edwards were married in the Church of Stanton
21 November
John Roberts and Anne Edwards were married
2 September

Anno Dom. 1666

no marriage

Anno Dom. 1668
Thomas Poolevaine and Mary Simans were married
28 September

Anno Dom. 1669
Thomas Insell and Mary Dobbins were married
20 January

Anno Dom. 1670
Thomas Smith and Elizabeth Collins were married
8 July
Anthony Tayler and Elizabeth Merriddith were married
17 October
Edmund Perkins and Hester Pritchet were married
7 November

Anno Dom. 1671
John Higgins and Idden Bennet were married
9 October

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Burials 1559-1671

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