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Pendock, Worcestershire
Volume 1 1558-1685
Compared with the Bishops Transcripts with additional information included 
and shown as underlined.

Part 1 - Marriages
The Parishe Register Booke of Weddings Cristenings and Burials of the Parishe of Pendocke 1599
newe written and examined agreeinge with the old and firste the names of such persons as have entered the state of matrimony synce the first yere of the reigne of or soveraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of God Queene of England France and Ireland defender of the faith &c
Anno dni 1558 Anno primo Elizabeth 
John Myrry the son of Thomas Myrry unto Anne Dugmore 
8 May
Anno dni 1560 Anno tertio Elizabeth 
Robert Gatfield the son of Robert Gatfield unto
12 June
Anno dni 1573 Anno xvo Elizabeth 
William Sandford unto Elizabeth Gatfield the daughter of Robert & Annys Gatfield 
18 July
Anno dni 1574 Anno xvjo Elizabeth 
Thomas Greeneway unto Elizabeth Ryver the daughter of Robert & Annys Ryver 
12 July
Hughe Davys unto Agnes Beale the daughter of Thomas & Joane Ryver 
16 October
Robert Beale the son of Richard Beale unto Joane Stone the daughter of Elizabeth Stone 
7 November
Anno dni 1575 Anno xvijo Elizabeth 
William Webbe unto Alice Southe 
4 July
Roberte Jackeman unto Elizabeth Dugmore [?] 
17 October
Anno xviijo Elizabeth 
Thomas Curtesse unto Joane Holshippe [?] 
20 November
Anno dni 1577 Anno xixo Elizabeth 
John Lane unto Agnes Merry 
17 June
John Jennynge unto Agnes Bache 
5 August
Anno xxo Elizabeth 
Richard Barnard unto Sybell Warmestone 
30 October
Anno dni 1580 Anno xxijo Elizabeth 
Richard Dowdswell unto Agnes Churchey 
14 November
Anno dni 1581 
Richard Gatfield unto Agnes his wife 
25 February
Anno dni 1582 
Robert Ryver unto Mawde Beale 
21 July
Anno dni 1587 Anno xxixo Elizabeth 
Edward Williams of Dymocke unto Agnes Ryver of Pendocke 
3 February
Anno dni 1588 
Robert Hall unto Joyse Hatton 
27 April
Flo up Thomas unto Dorethye Shute [?] 
7 October
Anno dni 1590 Anno xxxijo Elizabeth 
John Bradford unto Katheryne Barnard 
7 May
Thomas Merry pson 
Richard Reade & John Barnard gard:
Thomas Sharpe unto Margaret Symons 
15 June
William Wodley unto Alice Barnard 
13 August
Anno dni 1592 Anno xxxiiijo Elizabeth 
Frances Taylor unto Peryan Greenewaye 
19 October
Anno dni 1593 Anno xxxvo Elizabeth 
Gyles Sherman unto Elizabeth Gilberte 
16 July
Anno dni 1594 Anno xxxvjo Elizabeth 
Thomas Birch unto Susan Whooper 
3 October
Anno dni 1595 Anno xxxvijo Elizabeth 
Walter Barston of Eldersfield unto Blaunch Ryver of Pendocke 
16 June
Anno dni 1596 Anno xxxviijo Elizabeth 
William Cater unto Marian his wyefe 
29 July
Thomas Alcorne of the Berrowe unto Joane Reade of Pendocke 
16 September
John Barnard unto Katherine Wodley 
20 October
Richard Nutte of Oxnall unto Elizabeth Merry of Pendocke 
24 October
Florice Barston of the Berrowe unto Alice Dugmore of Pendock 
25 October
Robert Gatfield of Pendocke unto Sycely Sharpe of Longdon 
17 January
Anno dni 1598 Anno xljo Elizabeth 
John Norris unto Agnes Barnard the daughter of William Barnard 
15 January
Anno dni 1600 Anno xlijo Elizabeth 
John Witcombe of Hempsteed & Johan Jakeman the daughter of William Jackeman of Pendocke
26 April
Anno dni 1601 Anno xliijo Elizabeth 
William Norris of the Berrow & Margery Webbe daughter of William Webbe of Pendocke
23 November
Thomas Turner & Alice Beale 
27 June
Anno dni 1602 
William Wingod & Alice Russell 
6 May
Peter Appary & Johan Beale and 
25 October
John Dugmore & Sibill Alcocke 
Anno dni 1604 Ao Regis Jacobi secundo 
Robert Beale & Anne Wood the daughter of John Wood 
6 December
Anno dni 1607 Ao Jacobi quinto 
Thomas Merry cler & Anne Beale 
12 October
Anno dno1609 Ao Jacobi 7 
John Rocke & Elizabeth Barrett 
2 October
George Symons & Margery Symons 
15 February
Robt Beale & Margery Surman 
20 February
Thomas Merry Rector ibid: 
John Greeneway & Thomas Lane gard:
Anno dno1610 Ao Jacobi 8o
Richard Hammes [?] & Johan Southe [?] 
4 June
Thomas Ockeley & Alice Player 
30 June
William Brobbins & Anne Kimmersley 
15 July
Mr Oliver Green & Mrs Anne Carney [?] 
12 November
Anno dno1611 Ao Jacobi 9o
William Spilman & Joane Davis 
24 June
William Rastell & Margarette Lane 
29 June
Anno dno1612 Ao Jacobi 10o
Roger Kersey & Jane Bicke 
14 May
Anno dno1613 Ao Jacobi 11o
Paule Sadler & Joane Little 
16 January
Anno dno1614 Ao Jacobi 12o
John Crocker & Elizabeth Vaughan 
26 August
Anno dno1615 Ao Jacobi 13o
William Birch & Sibble Dougmore 
30 April
David Lewes & Anne Alcocke 
26 June
Thomas Alford & Alice Lane 
12 September
John Clarke of Upleadon & Margarette Surman of Pendocke 
2 November
Anno dno1617 Ao Jacobi 15o
John Dugmore & Dorothie Lane the daughter of John Lane 
31 May
Anno dno1620 Aoqe Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xviijo
John Merry th'yonger & Anne Parsons 
2 November
Anno dno1622 Aoqe Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xxo
William Norris & Anne Wright both of the Pish of Pendocke 
21 October
Thomas Merry Rector ibid: 
Thomas Beale & John Jackeman Churchwardens
Anno dno1623 Aoqe Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xxjo
John Greeneway & Joane Hartleburie 
21 April
William Dugmore & Joane Wodley 
26 June
Anno dno1624 Aoqe Regis Jacobi Anglie etc xxijo
Luke Reeve & Margery Turner 
25 October
Anno dno1628 Aoqe Regis Caroli 4o
Tho: White & Joane Gregory 
6 October
Anno dno1631 Aoqe Regis Caroli 7o
William Russell & Elionor Sandford 
13 June
John Jackeman the yonges & Elizabeth Holdford 
6 July
Anno dno1634 Aoqe Regis Caroli 10o
William Beale of Pendocke & Elizabeth Moreley of the Berrowe 
24 April
Simon Lewis of Treddington & Joane Beale of Pendocke 
17 November
Anno dno1637 Aoqe Regis Caroli 13o
Thomas Russell & Joane Houlder both of Pendocke 
17 April
Tho: Dugmore of Ridmarley Dabbitote & Margarette Russell of Pendocke 
5 June
Anno dni 1641 
William Tergy & Margery Webb both of Pendocke 
20 September
Anno dni 1642 
Richard Whopper & Elizabeth Tayler both of Pendocke 
3 October
John Mayo & Cicly Couppy 
25 November
Paul Smith of Castle Morton & Joane Greeneway of Pendocke 
26 September
Anno dni 1649 
Thomas White & Elizabeth Steward of the Parish of Birts Morton 
Thomas White of Camden & Anne Underhill of Swinly in the Parish of Forthampton alias Fortington 
8 January
Anno dni 1650 
John Coxeat of Pendocke & Isabell Morely of the Berrow 
15 November
Tho: Nanfan Clericus 
Willm Dugmore & Elizabeth Fisher both of Pendocke 
25 November
Nic: Ballard Clericus 
Jo: Ockley & Elizabeth Reeve both of Pendocke 
7 November
Jo: James & Elizabeth Gabb both of Pendocke 
Thomas Jackman of ye Cleeve House in Pendocke & Joane Cheshood of ye Berrow 
Thomas Hill & Joane Dugmore 
7 August
Thomas Prosser the elder & Elizabeth Jeninge wid 
John Arnold A: B: eColl: Omn: Anim: Oxon: was inducted July the 7th 1668 by Mr Henry Walwyn Rector of Birch Morton 
John Arnold Clericus 1668

The entries for 1668 to 1685 have been duplicated at the beginning of Volume 2 of the Register.
Consequently they do not appear in this transcript.

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