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Longdon, Worcestershire
Volume 4 Baptisms & Burials 1737-1796, Marriages 1737-1752

Part 6 - Burials 1761-1780
Burials in 1761 
Hannah daughter of Henry & Mary Barns was buried
13 January
Anne ye wife of Giles Grimmet 
26 January
William Weston 
11 March
Mary wife of Wm Glover 
19 March
Mary daughter of Wm & Mary Glover 
28 March
Wm Harris 
15 May
Wm Cox 
18 May
Anne wife of Wm Little 
5 June
Anne Weston widow 
22 June
John Bouter 
26 June
Elizth daughter of Thos & Hester Berrow 
3 August
Thomas Berrow 
8 August
William Wood from Colwall in Herefordshire 
25 September
Wm Alderton Senr
13 December
Burials A.D.1762
William Taylor Senr
29 January
Richard Shephard 
17 April
Anne daughter of Jacob & Hester Harris 
18 April
Robert Wedgwood Senr
11 May
Saml son of John & Elizth Payne 
14 May
John Dench 
31 May
Richard Badam 
11 June
Elizth the wife of Richd Badam 
16 June
Elizth wife of Westly Pritchard 
4 September
William Hathaway Junr
14 September
Anne Price widow 
26 September
John son of Richd & Mary Addis 
14 October
John son of John & Anne Pytt 
22 October
Emy daughter of Wm & Sarah Windows 
5 November
Hannah daughter of Thos & Sarah Halford 
15 November
Joaña Ward widow 
17 November
John Hopcut from Tewkesbury 
8 December
John Harbour 
17 December
Burials A.D.1763
William son of Jane Warn 
3 January
Betty wife of Willm James 
8 February
Elizth the wife of Thos Wiltshire 
6 April
Elizth Beck widow 
27 July
Mary daughter of John & Anne Lasy 
19 October
Mary daughter of John Shephard 
21 October
John son of John & Anne Lasy 
23 October
John Jaynes 
8 November
George son of Benjn & Elizth Barns 
9 November
Benjamin son of Benjn & Elizth Barns 
20 November
William son of Thos & Hannah Dainty Junr
4 December
George son of Saml & Elizth Brotheridge 
19 December
Mrs Susannah Best relict of Smalbrooke Best Esqr late of Binley in the County of Warwick Died December 17th & buried 
26 December
Hannah wife of Thomas Dainty Junr
28 December
Burials A.D.1764
Joseph son of Giles Grimmet 
1 April
Basil son of the late Revd Mr Jeffries from Upton up Severn 
8 May
Mary daughter of John & Elizth Taylor 
19 June
William Milton 
28 July
John Gilding 
8 August
Giles Grimmet 
8 October
Wm son of John & Mary Newman 
29 October
Do A.D.1765 
Mary daughter of Thos & Mary Taylor alias Granger was buried 
15 February
Mary daughter of Sarah Cope 
6 March
George son of Wm Lowe 
5 April
Hester Clynton widow 
3 May
Sarah daughter of Jos: & Elizth Hart 
15 June
Thomas son of Thos & Mary Hill 
8 July
Mary Clarke from Forthampton 
18 July
Nancy daughter of Wm & Elizth Holder 
8 August
Susanna Harris widow 
2 September
Joseph Burchley from Swinly 
18 November
John Cowley 
18 December
Do A.D.1766 
Mary wife of George Ecclee 
15 January
Westly Pritchard 
5 February
Edward son of Isaac & Elizth Walton 
30 March
Elizth the wife of Thos Bradford 
26 April
George Flower 
9 June
Mary daughter of late Thos & Hester Berrow 
3 October
Susannah Cureton 
22 December
Burials A.D.1767
John Braugh 
9 January
Rose daughter of late John & Anne Braugh 
19 January
Jane Cureton widow 
21 January
Elizabeth Flower widow 
29 January
William son of John & Mary Merse 
15 February
Mary daughter of Richd & Mary Addis 
20 February
Hester & Hannah daughters of Benjamin & Elizabeth Barns 
7 March
Jemmima Carter 
12 March
Anne daughter of Thos & Late Elizth Bradford 
22 March
William Clarke from C:Morton 
18 April
Jane Lane widow 
11 May
Sarah daughter of Henry & Mary Barns 
7 July
Job Terberville 
9 July
Mary daughter of late John & Mary Boulter 
31 July
Mrs Anne Gardener wife of The Revd Mr Gardener from Upton on Severn 
14 August
Charles Morris son of Mary Morris 
24 August
Judith daughter of late George & Elizth Flower 
10 September
Anne daughter of late George & Elizth Flower 
23 September
Mary the wife of Henry Barns 
3 October
Hannah daughter of late Wm & Anne Weston 
9 October
Stephen son of John & Alice Baldwyn 
10 October
Anne Walton widow 
13 November
Burials A.D.1768
Anne Martin 
15 April
Edward Clarke 
11 May
Thomas son of John Hart 
17 July
Sarah Holder from Tewkesbury 
2 October
Elizabeth Little was buried 
25 November
William Rice was buried 
2 December
Ann Maisey was buried 
4 December
G. Hayward Curate
Burials A.D.1769
William Cureton was buried 
13 January
Elizabeth Hartland from Forthampton 
28 January
Thomas Kayes 
4 February
Richard Jackson 
5 March
Thomas Arnold 
15 March
John Somerfield Senr
5 April
Ann Shepherd 
12 April
Richard Curtis 
14 April
William Smith 
23 April
Mary Grainger 
25 April
Elizabeth Wilkes 
29 April
Moses Clisset 
22 June
Elizabeth Dainty 
9 September
Elizabeth Vowler from Twining 
16 November
John Grinnell 
21 November
Mary Panting 
3 December
G. Hayward Curate
Burials A.D. 1770
Hannah Dainty was buried 
17 January
Sarah Dainty was buried 
25 January
Susanna Little was buried 
13 March
Mary Yeates was buried 
29 March
William Nookes was buried 
9 April
Susanna Morgan was buried 
16 April
Moses Allard was buried 
7 May
Sarah Panting was buried 
15 June
Sarah Cooke was buried 
29 July
Richard Gilding was buried 
1 August
Thomas Drinkwater was buried 
25 August
Mary Hallings 
4 October
Sarah Crassell an infant 
1 November
Ann Clarke of Castle Morton 
10 November
Mary Crassell an infant 
20 November
William Dench 
1 December
John Heale an infant 
2 December
Eleanor Glover 
10 December
Thomas son of Thomas Dainty was buried 
13 January
William Clarke was buried 
15 January
Solomon Griffiths was buried 
24 January
John Allen was buried 
4 February
Mary daughter of Mary Davis and  }
7 April
George son of Eliz: Heavards were buried 
Joseph son of John Pitt and  }
14 April
Thomas son of Mary Hall were buried 
Ann wife of Thomas Dainty was buried 
6 June
William son of John Cureton was buried 
2 July
Sarah Cowley was buried 
6 July
John son of Sarah Noakes was buried 
28 July
Job Allen was buried 
6 September
Elizabeth Wrenford 
6 November
Edwd Evanson Vicar
Transcript deliver’d Augst 11 1779 - James Dalton Curate
Burials A.D.1772
Benjamin Burchley was buried 
20 January
Sarah Tovey from Forthampton was buried 
15 February
Elizabeth daughter of Thos Bradford was buried 
21 March
Elizabeth wife of John Shepherd was buried 
17 April
George son of Richd Gilding was buried 
26 April
Joseph Huntley was buried 
30 April
Mary Shipman from Upton was buried 
7 May
Elizabeth wife of William Hayes was buried 
29 May
Elizabeth wife of Henry Herbert was buried 
14 July
John Baldwin was buried 
19 August
Elizabeth wife of John Edwards was buried 
26 August
Hannah daughter of Edward Tomblins was buried 
27 September
Thomas Marding was buried 
9 November
Edwd Evanson Vicar
Burials A.D.1773
John Cureton & John Hart were buried 
9 February
Richard Webb was buried 
16 February
William Brooks was buried 
28 February
Hannah Lambert was buried 
23 March
Transcript Delivd E.E.
Ann wife of Thomas Grinnell was buried 
16 April
John Haynes was buried 
3 May
Ann daughter of James & Mary Berkley was buried 
13 May
William Berkley was buried 
6 July
William son of John Pitt was buried 
6 August
John Somerfield was buried 
6 August
Thomas Howford was buried 
1 September
Elizabeth daughter of John Lacy was buried 
31 October
Transcript delivered in E.E.
Burials A.D.1774
William son of John Windows was buried 
10 April
John son of Thomas Grinnell was buried 
25 April
Mary wife of William Yates was buried 
26 April
Joseph son of Mary Webb widow was buried 
2 May
Charles son of Benjamin & Mary Lyes was buried 
17 June
John Taylor was buried 
10 August
John son of Susanna Hollands was buried 
20 November
Ann Hathaway was buried 
22 November
John Windows was buried 
4 December
Edwd Evanson Vicar
Burials A.D.1775
Thomas Dainty was buried 
1 January
Samuel son of Joseph Hart was buried 
23 January
Mary daughter of Jonathan Jones was buried 
20 March
Transcript Deliver’d in 1776 E.E. 
James son of Jonathan Jones was buried 
17 April
Richard son of Richd Wheeler was buried 
17 April
Elizabeth daughter of Willm Beale was buried 
21 April
Ann wife of Christopher Cox was buried 
30 April
Mary daughter of Thos Ford was buried 
13 May
Elizabeth Clarke 
17 May
Samuel Allen 
3 July
Elizabeth wife of Benjn Barnes was buried 
30 September
Joseph Creese was buried 
3 October
William Draper 
2 November
Sarah wife of Joseph Allen 
9 November
Burials A.D.1776
Henry Hill was buried 
13 March
Ann Windows 
21 March
Transcript delivered E.E. 
William son of RichdBrooks 
26 April
Susanna wife of Benjn Kent 
9 May
Ann daughter of George Tether 
16 November
Elizabeth wife of Joseph Birchley 
26 November
Burials in the Year 1777 
James Newman 
4 February
Transcript Delivered E.E. 
Habakkuk son of Thomas Hill 
14 May
Sarah daughter of Isaac Walton 
4 June
Edward Holder 
20 July
Mary wife of John Berkeley 
6 September
Jonathan Allard 
3 November
Christopher Cox 
5 November
Martha base born daughter of Ann Barnes 
29 November
Mary Hatton an infant & stranger 
29 November
William son of Timothy Barnes 
13 December
Ann daughter of William & Hannah Sutton 
27 December
Buried in the Year 1778 
Elizabeth daughter of Rowland Pitt 
14 January
James son of Richard & Eleanor Cook 
18 February
William Taylor 
4 March
Mrs Anne Parker from Worcester 
14 March
Wedgewood Sarah
18 April
Grinnell Hannah
22 April
Wedgewood Elizabeth
27 April
Hollands William
16 May
Pritchard Hannah
27 May
Wheeler Richard
1 June
Pitt Anna
13 July
Kayes Israel
18 July
James Clarke 
28 August
Holder Elizabeth
5 October
Milton Mary
15 October
Rudge Sarah
8 November
Bladder Mary P 
8 December
Green Margarett
28 December
Buried in the Year 1779 
Colley Elizabeth
19 January
Tomlins Hannah daughter of Edward & Mary 
26 January
Embury Elizabeth wife of Thomas 
18 February
Lyes Nancy daughter of Benjamin & Mary 
5 March
Cruerton Joseph
5 March
Hall George
10 March
Mercy John
12 March
Shepherd John
17 March
Woodward Sarah daughter of Robert & Anne 
7 April
Hyes William son of Wm & Margaret 
8 April
Carpenter Joseph
14 April
Hartland William son of Thos & Hannah 
20 April
Hyes Mary daughter of Wm & Margaret 
21 April
Little Elizabeth
27 April
Cowley Edward
3 May
Windows Anne
14 May
Allard Maria daughter of Wm & Mary 
15 May
Hyes Sarah daughter of Wm & Margaret 
15 May
Allard Elizabeth daughter of Wm & Mary 
22 May
Trumble Elizabeth daughter of John & Sarah 
5 June
Donne Joseph son of Joseph & Anne 
6 July
Grimett Thomas
23 August
Rice Mary
31 October
Donne Anne wife of Joseph 
23 December
Wrenford William
30 December
Tho: Pearce Vicar
Burials A.D.1780
Summers Nancy daughter of Saml & Ann 
a mistake
Grubb Thomas
23 January
Birchely Joseph
16 February
Newman Sarah daughter of John & Mary 
23 February
Hallings Samuel
10 March
Pitt Ann wife of John 
25 April
Hartland Michael son of Thomas & Hannah 
6 May
Little William
11 May
Hartland Sarah daughter of Tho: & Hannah 
11 June
Beale Susannah
3 August
Grainger James
24 September
Shepherd Sally daughter of Wm & Elizth
22 October
Dalton Revd James
19 November
Revd James Dickinson Curate

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