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Longdon, Worcestershire
Volume 4 Baptisms & Burials 1737-1796
Marriages 1737-1752

Part 5 - Burials 1737-1760
Burials 1737 
Mary daughter of Wm & Rebecca Hollands 
28 March
Sam: Aldridge 
7 April
Ann daughter of Ann Baldwin widdow 
17 May
Eliz: ye wife of Tho Jeffe 
9 August
Benjn son of Mr Thos & Mary Parker 
13 October
Sarah ye wife of Gamaliel Yeats 
27 October
William Harris 
17 November
Mary daughter of Edmund & Eliz: Wrenford of the Parish of Upton 
21 December
Ann daughter of Edmund & Eliz: Wrenford of do
30 December
Burials 1738 
Mary the wife of Mr Thomas Parker 
8 March
Mary Symmons widdow 
21 May
Ann daughter of Wm & Ann Harris 
28 May
Mary daughter of Wm & Mary Brooks 
2 June
Ann daughter of Jonathan & Mary Allard 
18 June
John Jeynes 
7 November
Edwd Linkeridge 
31 December
Benjn son of Samll & Martha Symmons 
14 February
Sarah ye base born daughter of Mary Ely 
9 March
Burials 1739 
Robert Taylor was buried 
27 March
James Clark 
19 April
Mary the daughter of John Maysey 
2 May
John Walton 
15 May
Alice Taylor 
16 May
Mary Little 
15 December
Burials 1740 
Widow Godsaw was buried 
11 April
Thomas Hodges (infant) 
4 May
James Hallings (infant) 
4 August
John Parker Gent 
24 November
Burials 1741 
AB John Weston was buried 
27 March
AB Susanna Payn 
17 May
NG Hannah Hanks 
19 May
NG John Hanks was bury’d 
22 May
NG Catharina Clark infant
2 June
NG John Merse 
7 July
NG Richard Young (infant) 
28 July
NG William Berrow 
7 August
AB John son of Joseph & Hester Clinton 
11 September
NG George Barnes from Queenhill 
5 October
NG Mary Oades was bury’d 
11 October
AB Thomas Lane 
13 November
AB Joseph Clinton 
10 January
NG Katharine Parry 
13 January
AB Thomas Jeffes of Queenhill 
17 January
NG Elizabeth Loxley 
18 January
NG Mary Hart widow 
19 January
AB John Mogridge (infant) 
28 February
NG Mary Taylor 
11 March
NG William Yeats (infant) 
17 March
Burials 1742 
NG Martha Symonds 
26 March
NG Mary Dainty (an infant) 
1 April
AB Samuel Partridge 
18 April
William Allard infant 
11 May
AB Martha Bandford of Essington 
2 August
AB William Bandford of Essington 
23 August
AB Thomas Lyes 
Ead die
NG Hester wife of Job Allen 
14 January
NG Katharine Tombs 
23 March
Burialls 1743 
AB Mary Clark (an infant) was bury’d 
18 May
NG William Carpenter (an infant) 
5 June
AB Thomas Brown (from Queenhill) 
20 June
NG Sarah Dainty (an infant) 
26 October
AB Anna Roberts 
13 November
AB William Dench (an infant) 
14 December
AB Susanna Gilbert (from Tweening) 
17 February
NG Jane Baldwyn 
Ead die
AB Mary Barnes (an infant) was bury’d 
2 March
AB Elizabeth Yeats (widow) 
24 March
AB Mary Dugmore (from Worcester) was bury’d 
AB Theodosia Mogridge 
8 June
NG John Ward 
NG John Cox 
24 October
NG William Davies infant 
9 December
AB Hannah Davies 
16 January
NG Mary Player 
7 February
AB Elizabeth Brown from Queenhill 
7 March
Burials 1745 
NG John son of John & Susanna Smith was bury’d 
5 June
AB Anne daughter of Job & Elizabeth Allen (infant) 
16 July
AB Henry Harriss 
25 August
AB Samuel Baldwin 
2 January
AB Elizabeth Milton (infant) 
11 January
NG Margaret Beard 
2 March
AB William Tombs 
11 March
Burials 1746 
NG Jane daughter of John & Jane Gilden was bury’d 
18 April
NG George Gilden (infant) 
1 May
NG Sarah Taylor 
14 June
Elizabeth ye wife of Robert WedgWood 
10 July
Henry Morgan 
20 August
Elizabeth Gilbert from Twining 
28 August
John Godsaw from Queenhill 
23 September
Joseph Allen 
11 October
Elizabeth Jaines from Tredington 
18 October
Mary Franklin from Upton 
4 November
Mary Brookes 
23 November
Sarah White 
20 December
Mrs Katherine Perkes wife of ye Revd E. Perkes 
10 January
Elizabeth wife of Henry Hill 
25 January
John Smith 
18 February
William an infant son of John & Susanna Taylor she an itinerant, he a sailor 
18 February
Mary Hale widow 
14 March
Burials in 1747
John Lane from Chasely was bury’d 
19 April
Sarah ye daughter of Thos & Ann Dainty 
16 May
Sarah Farley from Hereford 
24 July
Anne Barnes (an infant) 
7 August
Philip Smith 
17 November
Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Anne Hill 
8 December
Fineard daughter of William & Hanna Powell[?] infant 
16 January
John Hodges from Bersfield [?] 
22 January
Sarah Blowmer widow 
18 February
Joseph Gately 
3 March
Isaac son of William & Eliz: Carter 
3 March
Burials in 1748
Mary daughter of William & Eleanor Brookes was buried 
17 April
John Wooten 
21 May
Anne ye daughter of Thos & Elizabeth Br….
28 May
John Taylor 
Mary ye daughter of Henry & Emy Harbour 
22 July
Henry Herbert from Bushly 
Robert Lane 
21 October
Eliz: Wedgwood from Queenhill 
John …….den 
Anne Davison vid 
17 January
Mary Nash from Queenhill 
27 January
Mary ye wife of John Grub 
4 February
Burials 1749 
Mary daughter of Richard & Elizabeth Clark was bury’d 
4 April
Elizabeth daughter of Joseph & Hester Clinton 
30 July
Elizabeth wife of William Tayler
Burials 1750 
Betty daughter of John & Elizabeth Baddam was buried 
25 April
(a blank line)
8 May
Mrs Eleanor Jarvis widdow 
10 May
Thos Beck buri’d 
18 October
Mr Walter Perks was buried 
20 November
Sarah Evans was buried 
22 November
Richard son of William & Hannah Powel 
Thomas Parker Gent 
15 March
Burials 1751 
Mary daughter of Wm & Anne Harris was buried 
10 April
Mary daughter of Richd & Mary Holtham 
18 December
Richd Holtham 
23 December
Ann wife of Revd Mr Jeffris 
14 January
Ann daughter of late Richd & Mary Holtham 
19 January
Benj: Taylor 
19 January
Joseph son of Thos & Eliz: Wodley 
10 February
Jane Cuerton 
5 March
A Transcript returned into ye Office April 13 1752 - Richard Bird Curate
Burials 1752 
Mary Hodges from Eldersfield widow 
26 April
Eliz: daughter of Wm & Hannah Powel 
10 May
John son of John Hathaway 
12 July
Mary Holder widow 
15 October
A Transcript returned into the Office Jany 26th 1753 - Richd Bird Curate
Burials 1753
John Wedgwood 
15 April
George son of Benjn & Elizth Barns 
19 April
Anne daughter of Benjn & Elizth Barns 
27 April
Anne daughter of Michael & Elizth Hobbs 
12 July
Edmund son of Edmund & Hannah Tumblins from Upton upon Severn 
31 July
Thos Wright 
16 August
Sarah wife of Thos Halford 
19 August
Willm Holland 
14 November
James Cale 
15 November
Thos son of Thos & Elizth Brown 
16 December
Burials in 1754
Anne wife of Wm Harris buried 
13 January
Thos son of Wm & Martha Hale 
20 January
Joseph Baldwyn 
7 February
John Sale (from Bushley) 
1 March
Mary wife of Joseph Wall 
3 March
Thos Wadley 
12 March
Thos son of Thos & Hester Berrow 
16 March
Gamaliel Yeats 
11 April
Wm Brookes 
2 May
Samuel Cowley 
16 May
Elizth wife of John Somerfield 
30 May
George son of Henry & Mary Barns 
24 June
John Player 
23 July
Wm Aldington Junr
2 August
Wm Price 
1 September
Wm Beck from Bewdley 
27 September
Thos son of Henry & Emey Harbour 
6 November
John Cuerton 
8 December
Michael son of the Revd Mr Jeffris & Anne his wife from Castle-Morton 
17 December
Burials in 1755
Mary daughter of Jno & Sarah Tandy 
20 January
Mary Cox widow 
12 February
William Burton 
28 March
Mary daughter of Mary Brown 
31 March
Elizabeth wife of Jno Baddams 
2 April
Anthony Aldington 
4 June
Anne daughter of Giles & Anne Grimmet from Forthampton 
20 July
John son of Giles & Anne Grimmet from Forthampton 
11 August
Thomas son of Mary Clarke 
21 August
Susannah daughter of Richd & Elizth Holder 
21 September
Susannah daughter of Richd & Elizth Clark 
22 October
Richd Turbervile 
28 October
Elizth wife of Wm Aldington 
18 December
John son of Wm & Mary Milton 
21 March
John Gilding Senr
14 April
Sarah Jaynes widow 
2 May
Richard Clarke 
9 May
James Halling 
14 May
Sarah[?] daughter of Jno & Elizth Boulter 
16 May
Mr Edmund Wrenford Senr
28 May
Anne daughter of Giles & Anne Grimmet from Forthampton 
4 June
Sarah daughter of Joseph & Mary Burchley 
23 July
Mary Gately widow 
30 July
Elizth daughter of Thos & Hester Berrow 
22 August
Anne daughter of Elizabeth Wadley 
24 August
Susannah wife of Francis Price 
30 August
Elizth wife of Joseph Allen 
1 September
Sarah Baker from Upton upon Severn 
12 September
Moses son of Thos & Elizth Brown 
8 October
Joseph Wall Senr
2 November
Elizth Keyse widow (from Chacely)
17 November
Anne wife of Joseph Carpenter 
29 November
Wm Slaughter 
27 December
Burials 1757
John Edwards 
8 January
James Clark 
24 January
Anne wife of John Shepherd 
9 February
John son of Joseph & Elizth Burchley 
28 March
John son of Nancy Woodhouse from Twinning 
20 April
Elizth Baldwyn widow 
25 May
Edward son of John & Anne Hathaway 
27 July
Mary daughter of John & Anne Pytt 
26 September
Elizabeth wife of Jno Boulter 
4 October
John son of Wm & Mary Brooks 
21 November
Do in 1758 
John Smith of Marshend in this Parish 
15 February
Betty daughter of Benjn & Elizth Barns 
20 March
John son of John & Hannah Greening 
9 April
Betty daughter of John & Elizth Grove 
18 April
John son of Rd & Mary Addis 
21 April
William & Betty son & daughter of Joseph & Anne Carpenter were buried 
29 April
Mary daughter of Benjn & Elizabeth Barns 
2 May
Mary daughter of Richd & Elizth Harper 
28 May
Susanna daughter of Wm & Elizth Harris 
4 July
Jos: son of John & Jane Gilding 
15 July
Robert son of Robert & Hannah Wedgwood 
23 July
Wm son of John & Anne Pytt 
29 August
Hannah daughter of Wm & Elizth Harris 
31 August
Elizth daughter of Jacob & Hester Harris 
22 October
Mrs Mary Gilbert of the Tything of Whistones in Worcester was buried 
30 October
John Hathaway Senr
10 December
Burials in 1759
Jane Gilding widow 
3 January
Anna-Maria daughter of the Revd Mr Richard & Anne Bird 
22 January
Richard & Elizabeth son & daughter of Thomas & Hester Berrow 
1 February
Thomas son of Jos: & Mary Drinkwater 
1 March
Mary Paller from Eldersfield 
20 March
Joseph son of John & Mary Dudfield 
4 July
Mary Harris widow 
9 July
Mrs Anne Gilbert of the Tything of Whistones in Worcester was buried 
3 August
Elizth wife of John Hart 
13 September
Mary wife of Mr Edward Clarke 
14 September
Elizabeth wife of Wm Clarke from Castle-Morton 
11 October
Anne daughter of John & Anne Lasy 
23 December
Do in 1760 
Richard Clarke 
6 March
Elizth wife of Christopher Cox 
8 May
Jane Barns widow 
16 May
Martha wife of Wm Hale 
1 June
William son of Thos & Hester Berrow 
3 June
Anne Housman from Leominster 
29 September
Wm son of Wm & Elizth Holder 
19 October
Adam Little 
19 December

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Marriages 1737-1752
Burials 1761-1780 & 1781-1796

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