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Eldersfield, Worcestershire

Marriages 1813-1920

Transcribed by Debra Svedin


Part 3 – 1881-1920




Charles Healey, aged 22, son of Thomas Healey & Mary Hart, aged 21, daughter of Benjamin Hart

1 Mar

Richard Merrick, aged 28, son of William Merrick dead & Mary Messenger, aged 30, daughter of Thomas Messenger

12 Sep

Charles Taylor, aged 31 of Bromsgrove, son of John Lythall Taylor & Sarah Jane Lewis, aged 28, daughter of James Lewis

20 Dec





William Sparrow, aged 30, widower, son of William Sparrow & Mary Bartlett, aged 27, widow, daughter of Thomas Hopkins

21 Feb

William Henry Boulton, aged 21, son of James Boulton & Martha Webb, aged 21, daughter of Samuel Webb

18 May

William Pitt of Asperton, Hereford, son of Stephen Pitt & Emma Harvey, daughter of John Harvey, deceased

12 Jul

William Bartlett, aged 25 father deceased & Elizabeth Attwood, aged 22, daughter of William Attwood

23 Nov

Albert Ernest Hughes, aged 21, son of John Hughes & Alice Amelia Margrett, aged 21, daughter of Thomas Margrett

11 Dec





James Hodges, aged 21, son of Joseph Hodges & Louisa Hayward, aged 24, daughter of Charles Hayward

22 Jul

Richard Roan, aged 22, son of George Roan & Fanny Hickerton, aged 22, daughter of dead

30 Aug





John Edward Harper, aged 22, son of John Harper & Eleanor Newman, aged 24, daughter of John James Newman, deceased

26 Aug

Charles Attwood, aged 24, son of Charles Attwood & Annie Williams, aged 27, daughter of Cornelius Williams

4 Dec





William Hawkins, aged 22, son of William Hawkins & Annie Shewring, aged 22, daughter of Joseph Shewing

31 Jan

Charles Attwood, aged 22, son of Charles Attwood & Ellen Ann Boulton, aged 21, daughter of James Boulton

5 Mar





Thomas Messenger, son of Thomas Messenger & Jane Ann Hawker, widow, daughter of William Lugger, deceased

13 May

William Emms, aged 21 of Notgrove, Glouc., son of Thomas Emms & Fanny Selina Simpkins, aged 24, daughter of Thomas Simpkins

8 Jun

Charles Henry Hickerton, aged 21, son of Benjamin C. Hickerton & Elizabeth Harrison, aged 25, daughter of Charles Harrison, dead

18 Nov





Adner George Smith, aged 29, son of John Smith deceased & Frances Mary Lampitt, aged 25, daughter of Josiah Lampitt

7 Mar

John Hall Hargrave, widower of Northampton, son of Hancel Hargrave deceased & Emma Sarah Wood, aged 42, daughter of Thomas Wood, deceased

17 May











Thomas Witts, son of John Witts deceased & Ellne Merriman, daughter of Joseph Merriman, deceased

3 Jul

Charles Richard Beck, son of George Frome Beck deceased & Sarah Williams, aged 34, daughter of Joseph Williams, deceased

6 Aug

Albert Tombs & Ann Maria Barnes, widow

3 Nov





William Chadnor Clutterbuck, son of William Chadnor Clutterbuck & Lucy Mary Grubb, daughter of Robert Grubb, deceased

12 May

George Hazlehurst, aged 36, son of Edward Hazlehurst & Sarah Ann Staight, aged 31, daughter of William Staight

3 Jun

Thomas Messenger, widower, son of Thomas Messenger & Lucy Wood, widow, daughter of Henry South, deceased

13 Sep

William Weaver, aged 32, son of Joseph Weaver & Eliza Whithorn, aged 26 of Tirley, daughter of George Whithorn

25 Oct

Thomas Goodenough Kinsman, aged 28, son of Noah Kinsman & Emma Maria Phillips, aged 24 of Malvern Link, daughter of George Phillips

30 Oct





George West, widower, son of George West deceased & Rose Hancocks Lewis, daughter of John Lewis, deceased

13 Jan

Arthur William Attwood, aged 32, son of William Attwood deceased & Rosina Shaw, aged 21, daughter of Charles Shaw, deceased

19 Jan

Albert Dawe, aged 47, widower, son of William Dawe deceased & Jane Shipton, aged 35, daughter of James Shipton, deceased

10 Feb

Frederick William Dean, aged 22 of St, Mark’s Cheltenham, son of William Dean & Annie Rosina Hughes, aged 24, daughter of John Hughes

16 Jun





Harry Ernest Ennis, aged 22 of Corse, son of William Ennis & Priscilla Ann Niblett, aged 21, daughter of George Niblett

24 Jan

James Weaver, aged 22, son of Joseph Weaver & Annie Elizabeth Roberts, aged 19, daughter of John Roberts

23 Apr

Charles Hubert Bundy, aged 26, son of John Edwin Bundy dead & Frances Fanny Turner, aged 19, daughter of George Turner

25 Apr









James William Niblett, son of James Niblett & Ellen Maria Handry, aged 28

28 Mar

William Harrison Richardson, aged 28 of St. Peter’s Harrowgate, son of David Richardson & Kate Weaver, aged 25, daughter of Frank Weaver

12 May

Henry Skillern, aged 25, son of Joseph Skillern & Annie Mayo, aged 23, daughter of William mayo

6 Nov





George Shaw, aged 45, widower, son of George Shaw & Ellen Weaver, aged 39, daughter of Joseph Weaver

24 Jan

Thomas Henry Whittaker, aged 25, son of Thomas Whittaker & Jane Attwood, aged 26, daughter of William Attwood, deceased

28 Jan

Alfred Attwood, aged 22, son of William Attwood & Mary Ann Bowers, aged 22, daughter of Thomas Bowers

11 Jun

Henry Beale, aged 27, son of David Beale of Redmarley & Louisa Healey, aged 21, daughter of Seth Healey

28 Nov

Edmund James Attwood, aged 27, son of William Attwood & Charlotte Eliza Clarke, aged 37 of Longdon, daughter of Charles Clarke

12 Dec

Willie Francis Hughes, aged 20, son of John Hughes & Agnes Poole, aged 17, daughter of Henry Poole

31 Dec





William Shaw, aged 20, son of Charles Edmund Shaw deceased & Annie Rawlings, aged 20, daughter of John Brooks

3 Nov





George Poole, aged 22, son of William Poole & Florence Alberta Hughes, aged 25, daughter of John Hughes

6 Feb

Francis Standish Bullock, aged 25, son of James Bullock & Ann Maria Awford, aged 20, daughter of George Awford

8 Aug

Jesse Mayo, aged 55, widower, son of George Mayo & Harriet Freeman, aged 30, daughter of James Freeman

29 Sep

John James Newman, aged 40, son of John James Newman & Mary Jane Hawker, aged 25, daughter of William Hawker

17 Oct





Alfred Sweet, aged 29 of Tewkesbury, son of Bartholomew Sweet & Annie Maud Hawkins, aged 24, daughter of William Hawkins

13 Jul

William Turner, aged 41, widower, son of James Turner & Ellen Brooks, aged 31, daughter of Thomas Bowers

9 Oct





William George Carter, aged 21, son of George Carter & Agnes Fanny Davies, aged 27, daughter of Francis William Davies

5 Jul

William Richard Bayliss, aged 23, son of William Bayliss & Asenath Blanche Turner, aged 27, daughter of Edwin Turner

7 Aug

Sydney Bowers, aged 29, son of Thomas Bowers & Elizabeth Annie Hughes, aged 30, daughter of Soloman Hughes

21 Oct

Richard William Roberts, aged 45, widower of Teddington, son of Joseph Roberts & Emma Mayo, aged 26, daughter of William Mayo

22 Nov

Henry Wiggett, aged 21, son of Edward Morris & Annie Louisa Trenfield, aged 21, daughter of William Trenfield

3 Dec

Arthur Poole, aged 30, son of William Poole & Elizabeth Jane Hewens, aged 33, widower, daughter of Charles Newman

24 Dec











Sydney Thornton Aplin, aged 25 of Hasfield, son of John Aplen & Rose Emily Pulham, aged 24

7 Feb

Oliver Bullock, aged 25, son of George Bullock & Emily Davis, aged 22 of Chaceley, daughter of James Davis

18 Feb

William Bartlett, aged 20, son of William Bartlett & Alice Eleanor Tennent, aged 22, daughter of George William Tennent

12 Jun

William White, aged 27, son of Reuben White & Annie Shaw, aged 21, daughter of Charles Edmund Shaw, dec.

3 Sep

John Frederick Fowler, aged 29, son of Frederick Fowler deceased & Agnes Mary Griffiths, aged 28, daughter of Charles Griffiths

5 Sep

Percy Bartlett, aged 24, son of John Bartlett & Mary Ann Attwood, aged 27, widow, daughter of Thomas Bowers

24 Nov





Frederick Philip Chamberlain, aged 35, son of Walter Samuel Chamberlain & Annie Elizabeth Ireland, aged 28, daughter of Joseph Ireland

21 Aug





Charles James Poole, aged 39, son of William Poole & Laura Emily Mayo, aged 38, daughter of William Mayo

23 Feb

William Charles Hartwright Jones, aged 27 of Thorncliffe, son of William Jones & Mary Annie Simpkins, aged 27, daughter of Thomas Simpkins, deceased

25 Mar





James Bayliss, aged 20, son of Richard Bayliss & Mary Ann Wallcroft, aged 22, daughter of Walter Wallcroft

5 Jan

Charles Shepherd, aged 32 of Severn Stoke, son of John Shepherd & Sarah Ann Simpkins, aged 33, daughter of Thomas Simpkins

3 May

Charles Bayliss, aged 26, son of Richard Bayliss & Laura Jane Walcroft, aged 25, daughter of Walter Walcroft

28 Jan

Albert William Coppin, son of William Coppin deceased & Laura Emily Smith, daughter of John Thomas Smith

6 Mar

William Burrup, aged 26, son of Henry Burrop & Sarah Ann Awford, aged 22, daughter of George Awford, deceased

24 Apr

Henry Thomas Irish, aged 26 of Buckland, Glouc., son of Henry Irish & Irene Lodge, aged 26, daughter of Thomas Lodge

21 Oct

Reginald Ernest Parry, aged 28 of Hanley Castle, son of Joseph Parry & Mary Elizabeth Lee, aged 27, daughter of George Lee, deceased

25 Dec





Charles William Parsons, aged 24 of St. Asaph’s Birmingham, son of Robert Parsons & Ann Crockett, aged 24, daughter of James Crockett

24 Jun

George Cole, aged 21, son of James Cole & Fanny Coppin, aged 30, daughter of William Coppin

27 Sep











William Awford, aged 35, son of George Awford deceased & Frances Strawford, aged 33, widow, daughter of Frank Townley

27 Jul





Ernest John Drew, aged 22, son of Thomas Drew & Dahlia Priscilla Turner, aged 22, daughter of Matthew Morris

13 Apr

Charles Arthur Long, aged 38 of Llangeinor, son of Charles Abraham Long & Louisa Keene, aged 35, daughter of Benjamin Keene

8 Jun

Frederick Thomas Strawford, aged 27, son of Walter Strawford of Tirley & Alice Jane Dudfield, daughter of Job Dudfield

20 Dec





Charles Edward Ireland, aged 38, son of Joseph Ireland & Dorothy Caroline Terry, aged 30, daughter of Joseph Pitches Terry, deceased

4 Oct











Hubert William Parsloe, aged 36, widower, son of George Simeon Parsloe & Eliza Jane Poole, aged 24, daughter of Henry Poole, dec.

13 Jul





Henry Matthew Skillern, aged 21, son of Charles Sparrow & Gladys Margaret Vivian, aged 20, daughter of William Vivian

14 Jul

Herbert Hodges, aged 21, son of Thomas Hodges & Elizabeth Ann Chamberlain, aged 21, daughter of James Chamberlain

5 Aug





Albert Lane, aged 25 of Maasteg (Glamorganshire), son of Charles Lane & Caroline Hester Newman, aged 23, daughter of Stephen David Newman

26 Oct





Alfred Thomas Gittings, aged 22, son of Alfred Edward Gittings & Ada Butson Lodge, aged 26, daughter of Thomas Lodge

25 Jan





Bertie William Henry Smith, aged 26 of St. John, Newbury, son of Robert Smith & Ella Parker, aged 26, daughter of David Parker

3 Jul











Alfred Walter Cecil Godwin, aged 25, son of Lee Godwin & Alice Amelia Gertrude Nelly Hughes, aged 21, daughter of Albert Ernest Hughes

1 Apr

James Martin, aged 27, son of John Martin deceased & Beatrice May Bowers, aged 23, daughter of George Bowers

22 Apr

John Henry Vaughan Houldey, aged 30 of Ashleworth, son of William James Houldey & Marjorie Louise Bainbridge, aged 24, daughter of Thomas Heathcote Bainbridge

23 Jul

Hubert Poole, son of Henry Poole deceased & Mary Nutting, daughter of John Nutting, dec.

14 Nov

William Peters, son of John Peters deceased & Edith Hadley, daughter of James Hadley, dec

15 Nov

William Atherage, aged 34 & Ellen Annie Hampton, aged 24, daughter of Frank William Hampton

30 Jun

Frederick Cole, aged 29 of Tynewydd S. Water & Frances May Davis, aged 22, daughter of James Davis, dec

5 Aug

George Taylor Sparrow & Harriet Mayo, widow, daughter of James Freeman, dec

25 Oct





Arthur Augustus Hitchings, aged 27, son of Henry Hitchings & Jessie Cadwallader, aged 25, daughter of Evan Cadwallader

28 Apr


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