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Eldersfield, Worcestershire

Marriages 1813-1920

Transcribed by Debra Svedin


Part 2 – 1837-1880




John Lane, widower of Hanley Castle & May Eliza Washbourne of Hanley Castle

7 Feb

Edwin Smith, son of Jacob Smith & Patience Auford, minor, daughter of George Auford

16 Oct

George Maysey, son of Thomas Masey & Sarah Humphries, daughter of William Humphries

31 Oct





John Billingham, son of John Billingham & Phoebe Davis, daughter of John Davis

28 Apr

William Colwell, son of George Colwell & Eliza East, daughter of John East

11 Oct

William Powell, son of William Powell & Anne Maysey, daughter of Richard Maysey

20 Sep

John George, son of James George & Sophia Bishop, daughter of John Bishop

29 Oct





Jonathan Gilbert Price, widower, son of George Price & Elizabeth Davis, daughter of John Davis

4 Apr

William Clinton, son of Samuel Clinton & Sarah Rouse, daughter of William Rouse

22 Apr

James Lewis, son of John Lewis & Sarah New, daughter of Thomas New

20 May

John Redding, son of John Richmond & Nancy Newman, minor, daughter of Thomas Newman

12 Oct

Thomas Jakeman, son of Joseph Jakeman & Esther Travel, widow, daughter of James Hyett

31 Dec





Thomas Fowler, son of Thomas Fowler & Amelia Fenn, daughter of Thomas Fenn

20 Feb

Edward Moss, son of Richard Moss & Anne Roberts, daughter of John Roberts

2 Mar

John Mayo, son of John Mayo & Sarah Price, daughter of John Price

15 Oct





Thomas Martin, son of Thomas Martin & Marianne Shipton, daughter of Thomas Shipton

6 Jan

Thomas Weale, son of Richard Weale & Hannah Martin, daughter of Thomas Martin

1 May

John Melbourne Ireland, son of John Ireland & Elizabeth Ireland, daughter of George Ireland

12 Jun

Jeremiah Awford, son of James Awford & Mary Hile of Birtsmorton, daughter of William Hile

14 Oct

George Philipps, widower, son of John Philipps & Ann Syvil, daughter of Samuel Syvil

11 Nov

William Griffiths, son of Joseph Griffiths & Sarah New, daughter of John New

16 Nov

Joseph Beven, son of Joseph Beven & Harriet Hale, daughter of Richard Hale

21 Nov

Thomas Scrivens, son of Edward Scrivens & Elizabeth Wolton, daughter of George Wolton

25 Dec





Henry Insall, widower of Tewkesbury, son of John Insall & Sarah Anne Halford, daughter of George Halford

2 Apr

George Conley, son of William Conley & Sarah Philipps Saul, daughter of Josiah Saul

14 Aug

Francis Mallard, widower, son of John Millard & Harriet Hulland of Worcester, daughter of James Hulland

30 Sep

Samuel Taylor, son of Richard Taylor & Eliza Price, daughter of John Price

10 Oct

James Davis, son of Thomas Davis & Sarah Eates, daughter of William Eates

11 Oct





James Awford, son of James Awford & Sarah Weaver, daughter of William Weaver

14 Feb

Thomas Griffin, son of James Griffin & Jane Hawker, daughter of Giles Hawker

5 Jun

Thomas Houghton, son of William Houghton & Anne Dobbins, daughter of John Dobbins

2 Nov

William Everiss, son of Thomas Everiss & Olivia Robins, a minor, daughter of John Robins

23 Dec





Joseph Alcock, widower of Claines, son of Joseph Alcock & Ann Cox, daughter of William Cox

11 Jun

James Newman, son of James Newman & Hannah Lea of Redmarley, daughter of Joseph Lea

27 Jun

Charles Coates, son of Charles Coates & Eliza Fretwell of Chaceley, daughter of John Fretwell

5 Aug

Benjamin Bailey, son of William Bailey & Marianne Portman, daughter of William Portman

16 Oct





William Charles Newman, son of John Newman & Mary Read, daughter of John Read

5 Aug

William Chamberlaine, son of John Chamberlaine & Maria Price, a minor, daughter of Price

13 Oct

Samuel Lane, son of Richard Lane & Mary Taylor, daughter of James Taylor

13 Oct

William Bartlett, son of John Bartlett & Harriet New, daughter of John New

21 Oct

James Biscoe of Forthampton, son of James Biscoe & Sarah Fowler, daughter of George Fowler

6 Nov

Henry Butt, son of John Butt & Emily Cooper, daughter of Richard Cooper

18 Dec

Thomas Newman, son of Thomas Newman & Anne Bishop of Redmarley, daughter of James Cole

30 Dec





Moses Anutts, son of Moses Anutts & Marianne Poole, daughter of Thomas Poole

19 Feb

William Stallard, son of Richard Stallard & Marianne Jones, daughter of Joseph Jones

28 Mar

Joseph Tombs, son of Richard Tombs & Emma Baylis, daughter of William Baylis

20 Apr

John Crowse of Redmarley, son of William Crowse & Elizabeth Shipton, aged 20, daughter of Thomas Shipton

30 Jun

William Sparrow, aged 22, son of Thomas Sparrow & Sarah Portman, aged 24, daughter of William Portman

1 Sep





Moses Webley, son of Aaron Webley & Mary Wood, widow, daughter of Thomas Bolton

7 Sep

Thomas Pensam, son of William Pensam & Ann Hall, daughter of William Hall

19 Oct

William Goatman, widower, son of Charles Goatman & Elizabeth Westbury, widow, daughter of William Mansel

18 Nov

Charles Reynolds Wilkes, widower of Tewkesbury, son of George Reynolds & Elizabeth Philipps, widow, daughter of George Awford

2 Dec

Frederick Shirley, widower of Upton on Severn, son of Louis Shirley & Caroline Ireland, daughter of Thomas Ireland

9 Dec





John Griffith, son of Joseph Griffiths & Susannah Peeacer of Chaceley, daughter of Thomas Peacer

3 Feb

Charles Pitt of Church Lench, Worcester, son of Decimus Pitt & Eliza Parry, daughter of Thomas Parry

30 Jul

George Roan, son of James Roan & Charlotte Burton, a minor, daughter of Richard Burton

24 Aug

James Harris, a minor, son of Joseph Harris & Elizabeth Load, a minor, daughter of Edward Thomas Load

2 Oct

John Luker, son of William Luker & Harriet Sparrow, daughter of Thomas Sparrow

16 Nov

Charles Price, son of John Price & Maria Parsons, daughter of George Parsons

25 Nov





William Hale, son of Thomas Hale & Mary Matilda Okey, daughter of John Okey

16 Oct

John Bloxham of Sawlithin, Devonshire, son of William Bloxham & Emma Tombs, daughter of Richard Tombs

8 Nov





Thomas Shaw, son of Thomas Shaw & Ellen Travell (signs Travel), daughter of James Travell

28 Mar

John Morgan, son of George Morgan & Mary Fenn, daughter of Thomas Fenn

30 Jul

Joseph Williams, son of Joseph Williams & Marianne Fenn, daughter of Thomas Fenn

15 Aug

Thomas Smith, son of Thomas Smith & Ann Curtis, daughter of Richard Curtis

6 Nov

William Sratfer, son of William Stratfer & Sarah Bowles, daughter of Thomas Bowles

14 Nov

John Cater, son of John Cater & Ann Newman, daughter of James Newman

12 Dec





James Newman, son of William Newman & Harriet Newman, daughter of Thomas Newman

16 Oct

Joseph Hart, son of James Hart & Mary Davis, daughter of Thomas Davis

23 Oct

Charles Portman, son of William Portman & Hannah Meek, daughter of John Meek

20 Nov





James Lewis, aged 25, son of John Lewis & Eliza Hampton, aged 21, daughter of John Hampton

13 Mar

Joseph Bray, son of John Bray & Emma Poole, daughter of Joseph Poole

15 Nov

William Haines, son of Daniel Haines & Ann Martin, daughter of William Martin

4 Dec

William Charrington, son of Samuel Charrington & Mary Boulton, daughter of William Boulton

20 Dec





Moses Mason, son of Joseph Mason & Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Richard Hill

28 Apr

Thomas Walter Jelf, son of William Jelf & Elizabeth Sheppard, daughter of Henry Shephard

4 Sep

John Portman, son of William Portman & Elizabeth Waldron, widow, daughter of William Redding

31 Jan





Henry Finch, son of Benjamin Finch & Harriet Hawker, aged 20, daughter of Thomas Hawker

28 Feb

Edwin Thomas, son of James Thomas & Louisa Cooper, daughter of Charles Cooper

1 Apr

Joseph Pulham, son of John Pulham & Ann Merriman, widow, daughter of Thomas Niblett

9 Apr

John Rogers, son of William Rogers & Mary Ann Newman, daughter of John Newman

1 May

William Frapnell, son of Henry Frapnell & Sarah Ann Shipton, daughter of Thomas Shipton

31 Oct

John New, widower, son of Henry New & Mary Martin, widow, daughter of Benjamin Cooper

1 Nov

John Bowers, aged 22, son of James Bowers & Mary Cooper, aged 20, daughter of Charles Cooper

16 Nov

John Pitt of Longdon, son of John Pitt,, dead & Ann Creese, daughter of Joseph Creese

23 Dec

William Bolton,, son of William Bolton & Catherine Clark, daughter of Thomas Clark,, dead

26 Dec

Joseph King of Chaceley, son of Samuel King,, dead & Charlotte Davis, widow, daughter of Thomas Cox,, dead

30 Dec





William Mayo, son of George Mayo & Caroline Baylis, daughter of William Baylis

21 Jul





John Pingree, widower, son of John Pingree,, dead & Mary Young, widow of Tirley, daughter of John Williams,, dead

15 Mar

Charles Stanton, son of Thomas Stanton & Martha Morton, daughter of James Morton,, dead

24 Mar

William Collins, son of Joseph Collins & Emma Bowers, daughter of Richard Bowers

24 Nov

Henry Bolton,, son of William Bolton & Mary Ann Davis, daughter of John Davis,, dead

2 Dec





John Sallis, son of William Sallis & Elizabeth Burford, daughter of William Burford

20 Oct





John Brooks, son of Thomas Brooks & Caroline Shaw, daughter of Moses Shaw

13 Feb

William Barnes, widower, son of Thomas Barnes dead & Ann Alsop, daughter of William Alsop

3 Aug

Joseph Tombs, widower, son of Richard Tombs dead & Harriet Robins, daughter of Thomas Robins

11 Oct

John Jones of Forthampton, son of James Jones & Sarah Ann Hampton, daughter of John Hampton

11 Oct

John Staunton, son of Thomas Staunton & Ann Goulding, daughter of William Goulding

6 Nov

William Atwood, son of Edmund Atwood & Sarah Hayes, daughter of Robert Hayes, dead

14 Nov





Richard Arnold, son of Joseph Arnold dead & Sarah Bolton, daughter of John Bolton, dead

22 Feb

George William Loveridge of Coventry, son of Samuel Loveridge & Eliza Fowler, daughter of George Fowler, dead

7 Mar

William Alfred Twyning, son of John Twyning & Charlotte Curtis, daughter of Richard Curtis

21 Apr

John Roberts, widower, son of Joseph Roberts dead & Harriet Barnes

5 Jul

Mark Loader, son of Robert Loader dead & Dinah Ellen Street, daughter of Richard Street

28 Aug

William Groves, son of Richard Groves & Emma Shepherd, daughter of William Shepherd

31 Oct

William Poole, son of Joseph Poole dead & Ellen Baylis, daughter of William Baylis

18 Nov





Thomas Shew, widower, son of Henry Mills Shew deceased & Fanny Shipton, daughter of Thomas Shipton, deceased

1 May

Robert Wiltshire, widower, son of Robert Wiltshire dead & Elizabeth Derrett, daughter of William Derrett

13 Nov

William Barnes, son of John Barnes dead & Elizabeth Ford, daughter of John Ford

24 Dec





Thomas Bolton, son of William Bolton & Maria Stiff, daughter of George Stiff

8 Oct

John Parsons, son of Anthony Parsons dead & Emma Holder, widow, daughter of James Shinn, dead

18 Nov

William Francis Davis, son of John Davis dead & Emma Roberts, daughter of William Roberts, dead

28 Nov





Arthur Washington Hallen of Alloa, son of Washington Hallen dead & Catharine Hatton, daughter of William Hatton

22 Jul

Mark Newman, son of John Newman & Ellen Irons of Forthampton, daughter of William Irons

6 Nov





John Phillips of St. Briawells, son of James Phillips & Mary Anne Heal, daughter of John Heal, deceased

26 May

Giles Hawker Coates, son of Charles Coates & Sarah Ann Awford, daughter of George Awford

11 Aug

Jesse Mayo, son of George Mayo & Elizabeth Barnard, aged 20, daughter of Richard Barnard

11 Oct





George Durham, son of William Durham & Eliza Elvira Weaver, aged 19, daughter of James Weaver

28 Mar

George Porter, son of Richard Porter & Ellen Webb, daughter of James Webb

30 Mar





Arthur Rudge, aged 21, son of James Rudge & Annetta Bishop, aged 20, daughter of William Bishop

15 May

William Smith, son of John Smith & Sarah Marshall, daughter of Joseph Marshall

30 Oct

Charles Smith, son of John Smith & Mary Ann Taylor, daughter of Samuel Taylor

24 Dec





Herbert Davis, son of Thomas Davis & Ann Evans, daughter of William Davis, deceased

7 Feb

George Morley, widower, son of Henry Morley dead & Sarah Wasley, daughter of Charles Wasley, dead

20 May





Francis Lane of Corse, son of William Lane dead & Sarah Jane Jelf, daughter of William Jelf, dead

26 Feb

William Pacey, widower, son of John Pacey dead & Elizabeth Waldron, daughter of Robert Waldron, dead

11 Nov

Henry Awford, son of James Awford & Jane Selina Atwood, daughter of Thomas Atwood

16 Nov





Henry Bowers, son of Richard Bowers & Sarah Ann Simpkins, daughter of John Simpkins

3 Feb

William Hignell of Diddlebury Salop, son of Thomas Hignell & Martha Crook, daughter of John Crook

5 May

Henry Luker of Gloucester, son of Samuel Luker deceased & Sarah Louisa Farley, daughter of Job Farley

4 Jun

George Thompson Johnstone of Barony Parish, of the city of Glasgow, son of John Johnstone & Emma Hawkins, daughter of Joseph Hawkins

21 Jul





James Thorn, son of William Thorn & Mary Ann Smith, daughter of John Smith

7 Dec





Charles Tom Ireland of Apperley, son of George Need Ireland & Mary Pensam, daughter of Thomas Pensam

1 Mar

Charles Frederick Newman, son of James Newman & Amelia Birchley of Castle Morton, daughter of Thomas Birchley

2 Aug





William Parker Dring, aged 20, son of William Parker Dring & Eliza Adams, aged 20 of Corse, daughter of William Adams

9 Feb

John Bartlett, son of William Bartlett deceased & Elizabeth Adams of Corse, daughter of William Adams

9 Feb

George Bartlett, son of William Bartlett deceased & Ester Mince, daughter of John Mince

10 Apr

George Albert Godwin of Tewkesbury, son of Thomas Godwin & Jane Hart, daughter of Benjamin Hart

8 May

William Hawkins, son of Joseph Hawkins deceased & Ann Pearson, daughter of William Pearson

25 Aug

John Newman, son of James Newman deceased & Sarah Close, daughter of Thomas Close, deceased

3 Aug

James Barnes & Anna Maria Peters of Longdon, daughter of George Peters

26 Dec

John Roberts, son of Edward Roberts & Christiana Sparrow, daughter of William Sparrow

26 Dec





Henry Parker Dring, aged 19, son of William Parker Dring & Hannah Hopkins, aged 20 of Corse, daughter of James Hopkins

13 Feb

George Jones, son of James Hopkins & Emma Barnes

25 Mar

William Hill, aged 19, son of William Hill deceased & Eliza Dunn, aged 16, daughter of William Dunn

30 Apr

Hubert Spiers, aged 21, son of John Spiers & Elizabeth Parker Dring, aged 18, daughter of William Parker Dring

17 Oct





Joseph Coulson of Hartpury, son of William Coulson & Ellen Augusta Portman, aged 19, daughter of Charles Portman

29 Mar

William Smith, son of William Smith deceased & Susannah Spiers, daughter of John Spiers

23 Aug

William Sparrow, son of William Sparrow & Sarah Elizabeth Taylor of Corse, daughter of William Taylor, deceases

27 Aug

Charles Pumphay, son of Thomas Pumphay & Eliza Ellen Dalland, aged 19, daughter of Jeremiah Dalland

8 Sep

George Tombs of Pendock, son of Henry Tombs & Mary Hopkins, daughter of James Hopkins

27 Nov

Seth Healey, son of Seth Healey & Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of William Roberts

4 Dec





Henry Poole, son of William Poole & Jane Biscoe, daughter of Benjamin Biscoe

10 Sep

William Jones of St. Michael’s, Glouc., son of William Jones & Elizabeth Harvey, daughter of John Harvey, deceased

23 Sep





John Hobbs, son of James Hobbs & Mary Ireland, daughter of James Ireland

16 Jan

Isaac Allsop, son of James Allsop & Mary Ann Newman, aged 19, daughter of James Newman

3 Feb

George Jones of Forthampton, son of Jonathon Jones deceased & Sarah Ann Shipton, daughter of James Shipton, deceased

23 Mar

William Skillern, son of Joseph Skillern & Maria Wagstaff, aged 19 of Ripple, daughter of John Wagstaff

8 Jun

Edward John Hulbert, son of John Hulbert & Sarah Robins, aged 20, daughter of Charles Robins

12 Jul

Henry Jefferyes of St. Cancoms, Middlesex, son of Henry Jefferyes & Eliza Beale

2 Aug

Henry Humphries, son of John Humphries & Jane Lane, daughter of Richard Lane, deceased

10 Aug

William Cotterill of Longdon, son of John Cotterill & Mary Ann Emma Bevan, daughter of the late Joseph Bevan

12 Aug

Joseph Pitches Terry of Fleet Marston, son of Joseph Pitches Terry & Ann Elizabeth Ireland, daughter of George Need Ireland, deceased

24 Aug





Joseph Taylor, son of William Taylor deceased & Elizabeth Mason, widow, daughter of Richard Hill, deceased

17 Feb

James Collins of Chaceley, son of Joseph Collins & Ann Merryman, daughter of James Merryman

6 Apr

William Bevan of Forthampton, son of William Bevan & Eliza Frances Bishop, daughter of William Bishop

17 Apr





Thomas Sparrow, aged 19, son of William Sparrow & Alice Portman, aged 18, daughter of Charles Portman

13 Aug

Peter Roberts, son of William Roberts & Eliza Ann Robins, daughter of John Robins

1 Nov

John Wheeler, son of Edmund Wheeler & Mary Charrington, widow, daughter of William Bolton

20 Dec





Charles Skillern, son of Joseph Skillern & Fanny Hart, daughter of Joseph Hart

5 Feb

Francis Pool & Susannah Lovina Owens, widow, daughter of Thomas Ridd

26 Dec





Thomas Mince of Deerhurst, son of John Mince & Emily Dunn, daughter of William Dunn

18 Jan

David Preston, son of Joseph Preston & Emily Portman, daughter of Charles Portman

24 Feb

Decimus Pitt of Chaceley, son of Charles Pitt & Mary Jane Bishop, daughter of William Bishop

20 May

Alfred Swain of Tewkesbury, son of John Swain & Fanny Maria Hughes, daughter of John Hughes

2 Dec

Walter Durston, son of Job Durston & Sarah Fanny Shaw, daughter of William Shaw, deceased

23 Dec





Charles Hawker, aged 34, son of George Hawker & Ellen Clara Scrivens, aged 33, daughter of Thomas Scrivens, dead

22 Sep

James Messenger, aged 25, son of Thomas Messenger & Frances Boulton, aged 24, daughter of William Boulton

15 Nov

Thomas Dee of Ripple, son of Thomas Dee & Charlotte Bray, daughter of John Bray

15 Dec


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