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Deerhurst, Gloucestershire
Volume 6 Baptisms & Burials 1777-1812

Part 2 Burials 1777-1812
January 15th  Henry Akerman
Feb  17th  Eleanor Purser
April 27th  Sarah Phelpsted
May 20th  Thomas Phelpsted
May 20th  Mary Brooks
July 19th  Elizabeth Harris
Septr 19th  Benjamin Mason
Decr 18th  Mary Fluck
Feby 6th  John Newman
April 6th  George Gears
May 10th  Elizabeth Brooks
June 27th  Anne Gammon
Novr 21st  John Evenis
Decr 21st  Mary Park
27th  Hannah Evenis
Jany 17th  Hannah Pantin
20th  Mary Smith
26th  William Dovey
31st  Sarah Barnard
Feby 26th  Hannah Bishop
26th  William Hancock
27th  Anne Vaughn
March 1st  Joseph Barnard
April 12th  Thomas Haine
May 5th  Elizabeth Stones
29th  John Matty
June 20th  Charles White
Septr 1st  Thomas Newman
Decr 4th  William Pendry
Jany 2nd  Mary Robbins
6th  Catherine Coal
16th  Mary Mann
18th  John & Susannah Holder 
25th  Thomas Leech 
Feby 1st  Anne Mason 
22nd  Sarah Griffiths 
28th  Elizabeth Barnes 
28th  Sarah Roberts 
May 23rd William White 
June 13th  James Bailis 
July 20th  John Wood 
October 31st  Benjamin Burne 
Feby 14th  Charlotte Morris (an infant)
21st  Sarah Newman (an infant)
18th  Mary Witton (married)
March 19th  John Merret 
28th  Carolina Morris (an infant)
April 1st  John Edwards (married)
17th  Hannah Roberts (an infant)
27th  Thomas Clarke (a child, drowned)
30th  Richard Roberts 
June 10th  Thomas Hackham (an infant)
July 4th  William Newman
September 11th  Mary Blocksom 
October 28th  Sarah Fluck
November 4th  Richard Nelms
6th  Mary Cantin 
December 28th  John Powel 
January 2nd  Elizabeth Bentham 
Susannah Hackham 
3rd  Betty Price 
February 18th  John Healing Married Aged 33 years 
March 7th  William Healing Infant
14th  Samuel Healing Married Aged 72 father of the above John 
20th  John Price Married 
27th  Anne Flower 
April 15th  Mary Turner 
May 24th  Nancy Hare (an infant)
June 24th  William Brooks 
July 7th  Elizabeth Maggat 
August 9th  Mary wife of John Newman
19th  Mary daughter of William and Sarah Panton 
November 30th  Sarah daughter of John and Elizabeth Edwards 
December 6th  William Panton 
March 28th  Thomas an infant son of William and Ann Gregory 
May 15th  Elizabeth Eldridge Widow 
19th  Elizabeth Hollis Single Aged 20 
28th  Elizabeth Gates Married Aged 29 
29th  Mary Brint Widow Aged 62 
July 1st  Thomas Mason Married Aged 48 
26th  Sarah Matty (Single Aged 10) 
August 7th  William Haines (Married Aged 68)
October 2nd The Act for Taxes takes place on the following
November 9th  Judith Healing Widow Aged 79 
December 28th  Elizabeth Magott Widow Aged 70 
January 4th  John Price aged 10 years son of Mary Widow & John (deceased) pauper
11th  William Hayward Batchelor Aged 38 
Do  Edward son of Edwd and Mary Mann Aged 17 Years killed and died instantly by the accidental discharge of a gun at Stroud, Gloucestershire 
20th  Mary Morris illegitimate infant aged 2 years (pauper)
22nd  Elizabeth Wakefield Single Aged 36 years (pauper) 
March 9th  James infant son of Joseph and Isabella Barnard 
April 9th  John Hawkey Widower Aged 70 years
May 2nd  Elizabeth infant daughter of Charles and Mary Brown 
24th  Anne Powel Widow Aged 57 years
July 15th  Anne Healing 
August ye 1st  Thos Jones Curate of Deerhurst 
September 5th  James Barlish married aged 84 years (pauper)
September 12th  Sarah Hampton an Infant 
November 16th  Sarah Cole single 
November 28th  Thomas Woodward an infant 
December 7th  Sarah Eagles 
January 9th  William Holder (Pauper)
January 22nd  Margaret Healing an infant 
February 2nd  John Jones an infant (Pauper)
Feb 10th  James Cantin (Pauper)
Feb 11th  Mary Barrit (Pauper)
Feb 18th  Susannah Fluck 
Feb 19th  Elizabeth Bullock (Pauper)
Feb 23rd  James Cantin (Pauper)
Feb 25th  Elizabeth Cantin (Pauper)
March 9th  Anne Holder 
March 12th  Henry Marchant (Pauper)
March 22nd  Dihannah Sutton (Pauper)
March 28th  Sarah Putris (Pauper)
March 30th  Benjamin Evenis 
April 17th  Hannah Jones 
April 20th  Anne Jones 
April 30th  Sarah Mason 
May 16th  Elizabeth Cole 
June 1st  Edward Mann an Infant
June 2nd Anne Fluck an Infant
June 3rd  Solomon Phelps an Infant
June 20th  Mary Sparks 
June 27th  Elizabeth Matty (pauper)
July 24th  Richard Bullock 
August 18th  Elizabeth Venn 
August 21st  William Woodward 
September 5th  Susannah Matty 
July 4th  Mary Whithorne 
September 24th  John Wintle (pauper)
November 23rd  John Richardson (pauper)
December 9th  Edward Mann 
January 4th  Thomas Evenis pauper
January 9th  Christopher Shail 
February 2nd  Thomas Gaskins pauper
March 20th  Sarah Penry pauper
March 26th  Mary Phelps pauper
March 29th  Solomon Phelps pauper
April 2nd  Elizabeth Barnard pauper
May 5th  Anne Gregory 
May 16th  George Hampton 
May 28th  Hanah Barlish pauper
July 4th  Anne Russel pauper
July 11th  Elizabeth Hampton 
August 18th  Thomas Flower
October 8th  Samuel Brown
October 18th  William Barnard 
December 2nd  Richard Robins
December 6th  Samuel Purser
January 5th  Sarah Randle
February 24th  Rachael Barnard
March 25th  James Page
April 6th  William Jones
September 1st  Mary Surman
October 28th  John Bullock
November 6th  Thomas Butt
November 23rd  William Turner
December 4th  John Edwards
December 6th  Elizabeth Hancock
December 11th  Hannah Etheridge
May 11th  Thomas Hill
May 20th  Elizabeth Price
October 27th  Sarah Pantin
October 27th  Sarah Brown
November 23rd John Newman
November 24th  Anne Huse
January 4th  Feabe Phebe Cole
January 5th  Anne Hill
January 21st  Susannah Hampton
February 3rd  Thomas Fluck
February 23rd  Sarah Pool
April 7th  Margaret Bennett
April 27th  Henry Church
May 7th  Sarah Newman
October 19th  John Barnes
October 20th  Richard Hancock
January 10th 
January 17th  Mary Clark 
March 25th  Thomas Oliver 
March 28th  Samuel Dainty 
April 7th  John Piff 
June 20th  Thomas Baylis 
September 15th  Mary Salcombe 
November 16th  Sarah Cresswell 
November 23rd  John Church 
November 27th  William Harris 
December 15th  Martha Baylis 
March 1st  William Cardwell 
March 24th  A Person unknown drowned in ye Severn
March 17th  John Taylor 
March 29th  John Wintle 
June 2nd  William Matty 
June 26th  Thomas Healing 
June 28th  John Healing an infant
October 28th  Elizabeth Marchant 
December 23rd  Philip Oliver 
December 31st  Mary Cox 
January 3rd  Mary Turner 
February 7th  A Person found drowned in Severn (pauper)
March 5th  Samuel Woodward 
May 10th  Hannah Milton 
May 31st  Elizabeth Hampton 
June 30th  Mary Eagles 
June 30th  Hannah Cardwell 
September 2nd  Mary Park 
September 23rd  John Brooks Pauper
October 5th  Stephen Margrate 
April 1st  William Barns 
10th  Elizabeth Turner 
June 14th  Sarah Whithorn 
July 20th  Hannah Wintle 
August 9th  Samuel Healing 
30th  Thomas Healing 
November 4th  Elizabeth Mann 
29th  Richard Brooks - Pauper
December 5th  Samuel Hampton 
21st  Elizabeth Andrews 
February 27th  Thomas Flower - Pauper
May 15th  William Eagles 
July 12th  William Gaskins 
August 17th  Stephen Margrate - Pauper
September 21st  John Whitehorn 
December 5th  Hannah Roberts 
February 4th  Ann Eagles 
8th  Henry Brooks 
April 6th  Thomas Haines 
8th  Mary Barnard (illegitimate) daughter of Martha Newman 
May 15th  Hannah Butt 
28th  Thomas Whitehorn 
August 19th  Charles Jones 
29th  Sarah Maty 
February 21st  Mary Pewtris 
May 15th  Sarah Stait 
June 19th  Lawrence Clayton 
20th  Mary Price 
July 10th  Joseph Mann 
August 14th  John Crips 
September 4th  Elizabeth Jones 
November 31st Nancy Webb 
January 5th  Elizabeth Taylor 
16th  William Cox
March 27th  Samuel Newman
April 23rd  Elizabeth Bishop
May 31st  Ann Jones
October 6th  Elizabeth Cox
29th  Mary Plaister
November 10th  Rachel Jones
19th  Ann Brookes
January 24th  Sarah Piff
26th  Sarah Page
William Hill
February 24th  Grisel Wood
March 4th  Mary Hare
14th  Ann Bishop
Joseph Surman
September 18th  James Gamon
December 6th  Hannah Cox 
20th  John Powel 
January 11th  Isaac Eagles 
February 26th  Patience Barnard 
March 29th  John Brown 
April 14th  Ann Warder 
May 20th  Mary (illegitimate) daughter of Rebecca Edwards 
25th  Thomas Butt 
June 6th  Henry Maty 
October 6th  Susanna daughter of William and Mary Piff
24th  Mary Newman 
26th  Mary Ann Acton 
November 2nd  William Cox 
Elizabeth Oliver 
4th  John Newman 
January 19th  a man found drowned in the Severn his name unknown
February 22nd  John Brown Junior 
March 12th  Samuel Richardson 
28th  Ann wife of George Eagles
April 4th  Ann daughter of George and Ann Gears
May 1st  Samuel son of William and Mary Margrate
28th  William Fluck 
September 2nd  Mary Stephens 
October 11th  William Chandler son of Samuel and Sarah Healing
30th  Mary Dovey 
November 30th  Esther daughter of William and Elizabeth Jones
April 8th  John son of William and Susanna Lyes
26th  William Wintle 
June 5th  Thomas Newman 
October 11th  Mary East 
31st  Thomas son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cox
December 17th  William Margrate 
January 22nd  Thomas son of John and Elizabeth Harris
February 4th  Thomas Herbert 
12th  Mary Spencer 
13th  George Margrate 
March 15th  Ann wife of William Newman
April 17th  John Healing 
May 7th  George son of Charles and Ann Fluck
June 1st  Charles Andrews 
10th  Alice Etheridge 
18th  Eliza daughter of Thomas and Mary Brown
September 2nd  William Haines Small Pox 
26th  William son of John and Mary Wintle
October 4th  Thomas Cox 
21st  Betty Windsor 
March 11th  Richard Crasswell 
27th  Joseph Barnard 
April 12th  Sarah wife of Thomas Eagles
June 7th  William Vaughan 
11th  Mary daughter of John and Elizabeth Harris
21st  Sarah daughter of Thomas and Sarah Eagles
October 23rd  William Robbins 
December 16th  Elizabeth wife of William Powell
May 10th Joseph (Illegitimate) son of Lydia Haines 
June 10th Jonathan Barnes 
July 30th Thomas Cole 
July 31st  John Richardson - drowned while bathing in the Severn 
January 27th  Nancy daughter of Thomas and Hannah Newman
March 4th  George Eagles 
28th  Mary daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Cox
April 17th  Esther wife of William Lane
22nd  John Whithorn 
July 29th  Thomas son of Thomas and Hannah Newman
September 15th  Elizabeth Fluck 
16th  Joseph son of William and Sarah Newman
November 13th  Thomas son of William and Ann Margrate
December 9th  Mary Fluck 
12th  Sarah Barnes Aged 82 years
24th  James Matty 
30th  Esther daughter of Charles and Ann Fluck
January 12th  Thomas Wintle 
13th  Thomas Margrate Aged 73 years
February 15th  John Price 
March 6th  Thomas Barnard 
15th  Mary Baylis 
25th  William Haines 
April 3rd  Maria daughter of William and Mary Barnard
May 7th  William Dyer 
14th  Samuel Windsor 
June 2nd  John Barnard 
September 3rd  Henry Hampton 
24th  Mary Fletcher Aged 84 years
28th  Richard Attwood 
October 11th  William (Illegitimate) son of Sarah Phelps 
January 24th  Elizabeth Healing 
February 5th  Elizabeth Cole 
William son of Thomas and Mary Matty
Ann daughter of Thomas and Mary Matty
12th  Mary wife of Thomas Matty
March 1st  Elizabeth wife of James Fouch
2nd  Sarah wife of James Price
4th  Thomas Etheridge 
8th  Sarah Wood 
24th  Francis George 
May 12th  A woman found drowned in the Severn her name unknown
July 8th  Elizabeth Haines 
24th  Mary Etheridge 
August 28th  George son of John and Elizabeth Harris
September 16th  Hannah wife of Charles Fluck
November 1st  John Newman 
3rd  Ann Taylor 
December 5th  Keziah illegitimate daughter of Ann Evenis 
January 16th  William son of Thomas and Ann Eagles
February 1st  John Shepherd 
April 4th  Elizabeth Matty 
26th  Jane daughter of Samuel and Mary Roberts
May 2nd  Mary Evenis 
June 14th  Joseph son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cox
19th  Benjamin son of William and Hannah Mason
27th  Ann daughter of John and Elizabeth Harris
July 26th  Sarah Wells 
September 1st  James Baylis 
October 3rd  Mary Roberts 
March 12th  Susanna wife of Jonathan Baylis
28th  Lydy wife of Philip Edwards
Joseph son of Philip and Lydy Edwards
April 12th  Ann wife of William Cox
19th  Hannah wife of John Healing
28th  Elizabeth daughter of Samuel and Mary Cole
May 29th  Hannah daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Wintle
June 13th  Ann Cole 
July 17th  Thomas Fluck 
August 7th  Sarah wife of William Barrow
September 4th  Mary wife of Thomas Butt
23rd  Hannah Wintle 
26th  Charles son of Joseph and Phoebe Bick
October 14th  William Goldecutt 
November 10th  William Hughes 
20th  Mary Dyer 
December 13th  Ann Wintle
January 1st  William Kirby 
19th  Ann Jones 
February 21st  Nancy Pantin 
March 14th  William Barnes 
George Tombs 
April 2nd  Henry Wintle 
13th  Mary Cole 
June 9th  Ann daughter of William and Virgin Smith
25th  Mary Postins 
27th  Henry son of Ann Knight 
July 4th  Hannah daughter of Anthony and Sarah Bratt
10th  William Newman 
13th  George illegitimate son of Hannah Brookes 
29th  Charlotte Barker 
Patience daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Bennett
August 5th  Ann daughter of Charles and Ann Fluck
10th  Esther daughter of Charles and Ann Fluck
September 9th  Sarah wife of James Park
October 31st  Paul Postins 
November 18th  Hannah Hare 
January 17th  George Roberts Newman 
February 16th  Thomas son of Daniel and Mary Griffiths
March 28th  George Jones 
April 16th  William Mason 
June 16th  Ann daughter of William and Virgin Smith
July 22nd  Mary wife of Thomas Bloxham
September 23rd  Nanny Gaskins 
27th  Anne daughter of William and Mary Fluck
29th  Mary daughter of William and Mary Fluck
October 1st  Hannah wife of Thomas Newman
5th  Charles Fluck 
11th  James Healing 
13th  Elizabeth Roberts 
December 26th  William son of William and Dorcas Cox
January 15 William Lyes 
28 Hannah daughter of John and Elizabeth Harris
February 7 Charles son of John and Elizabeth Harris
25 Sarah daughter of John and Elizabeth Holder
April 23 Samuel Bishop 
May 6 Jane Hooper daughter of Thomas and Mary Brown
20 John son of Thomas and Elizabeth Farley
August 4 John Matty 
September 11 Sarah daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Cox
October 15 John Wilton, Clerk, late of Little Birch in the County of Hereford 
Mary Freeman
December 9 James son of Charles and Ann Venn aged 1 year

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