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Deerhurst, Gloucestershire
Volume 4 - 1698-1777

The entries have been compared to the surviving Bishops Transcripts.
Additional material obtained has been included in red italics.

Part 1 - Marriages 1698-1748; 1755

Georgius Styles huius parochiæ Clericus fuit Anno Domini 1698

Johannes Bishopp Samuel Jackson Guardiani Ecclesia 1698

John Cook & Aaraon Cook Overseers of the Poor 98


Marriages Año Domi 1698


John Bick & Sarah Purse both inhabitants of Treddington were married

[9] 19 July

Robert Lews & Hester Sheriff of Tewx were married

2 October

Henry Goddard of Stoak & Eliz: Sutton of this parish were married

22 October

Edmund Smith of this parish & Eliz: Steevens of Cheltenhã were married

24 December

Richard Fluck & Izabella Wood were married

26 January



Anno Domini 1699


Joseph Dudfield & Rachel Saunders of ye parish of Kemerton were married

11 September

Mathias Howbrook of Cleeve Episcopi & Alice Viners [Vilans] of Woolstõ were married

22 October

Thomas Hogcutt & Mary Millington both inhabitants of Tewxbury were married

24 October

Thomas Cox & Susannah Tully were married

7 November



Anno Domini 1700


John Carpenter & Annah Hyde were married

20 May

Thomas Cole & Sarah Milton were married

22 May

Philippus Dance et Hañah Little de Uckington in parochia Elmstonensis in matrimonia coniuncti fuerunt

24 July



Georgius Styles huius parochia Clericus fuit


Johns Sutton & Johannes Baylis Guardiani Ecclesiae




Robert Marston of ye parish of Norton & Joane Haling of this parish were married

6 August

Robert Milton of ye parish of Norton & Anne Brown of Leckhamptõ were married

18 September

Will: Lawrence & Sarah Toms both inhabitants of this parish were married

14 October

Robert Evnuce & Sarah Fluck were married

17 October

Will: Etheridge & Mary Roberts both inhabitants of this parish were married

7 November

Henry Cole & Sarah Pixley both inhabitants of this parish were married

29 December

Samuel Browne & Mary Joynes were married

2 February



Marriages Año Domini 1701


Edmund Lovett & Margaret Haling were married

10 June

Francis Newman & Eliz: Bradford of Kemerton were here married

26 October

Thomas Potts of Broseley in ye County of Salop & Mary Burford of Tewxsbury were married

19 November

Daniel Walker of Walton Cardiff & Eliz: Meriman of Elmstone Hardwick were married

29 December



Marriages Año Domini 1702


Samuel Palmer de civitate Gloucestris & Anna Mayd de parochia Tewburiensis in matrimonia coniuncti fuera

13 April

Anthony Hatch & Mary Hale of Wookhorne were here married

17 April

Charles Mason & Anne Shaw both inhabitants of Tewxbury were here married

22 April

John Newman & Eliz: Taylor were married

3 May

Will: Curtis & Sarah Strood widow both inhabitants of Elmstone Hardwick were here married

5 May

Samuel Jackson & Mary Hampton were married

19 May

John Beale of Forthampton & Judith Mann of Tewxbury were here married

14 June

Thomas Hampton & Sarah Steevens alias Weaver were married

16 August



Año Domini 1703


Robert Haines of this parish & Dorothy Young of Tredington were married

10 April

Edmund Wadly & Eliz: Collins both inhabitants of Elmstone parish were married

15 April

Tho: Baker of Uckington & Margaret Freeman of Turly were here married

19 April

John Hawker & Eliz: Hazzard of Hardwick were married

16 May

Thomas Allard of ye parish of Forthampton & Mary Fox of Elmston Hardwick were married

3 September

Jonathan Holder & Joane Nest were married

30 September

John Jones & Judith Berrows of Forthampton were here married

1 October

John Pope & Elizabeth Heaven were married

1 November



Marriages Anno Domini 1704


John Grinning & Elizabeth Gough were married

17 April

Will: Broadwell of Chaseley & Joane Etheridge were married

27 April

Thomas Curtis of Elmstone Hardwick & Alice Little of Uckington were married

24 May

John Higgs of Charlton Kinges & Mary Browne of Lakehampton were married

28 June

Edmund Fluck of this parish & Eliz: Joanes of Pamington in ye parish of Ashchurch were married

16 August

John Toms of Stanly & Elizabeth Tully of this parish were married

7 September

Will: Roberts & Margaret Hope both of this parish were married both inhabitants of this parish

11 September



Marriages Año Domini 1705


Edward Burton of Bushley & Mary Hambidge of Treddington were married

16 April

Edmund Bennie of Treddington & Anne Edwards of Tewxbury were married

13 May

Robert Jackson & Anne Print were married

7 June

Jacob Wintle & Eliz: Collins of Stoak were married

2 September

Thomas Cole & Elizabeth Gorton were married

3 October

Timothy Stollord of Treddington & Mary Still of this parish were married

8 October

Thomas Holder & Mary Gough were married

6 November

Will: Hambidge & Brigget Ledington of ye parish of Tredington were married

28 January



Marriages Año Domini 1706


Henry Fowler & Patient Joenes of Tewxbury were married

12 May

John Ashly & Joane Beale widdow were married

6 June

John Cooke of Uckington & Jane Hill of Dymock were married

19 June

Thomas Etheridge Junior & Isabella Stephens were married

27 June

Joseph Laws & Mary Roberts both inhabitants of the parish of Tewxbury were married

15 September

Richard Shelton & Elizabeth Young both of Tredington were married

3 October

Jonathan Barnes & Hester Whiller both of Tewkesbury were married

9 October

Thomas Dudfield & Mary Snow were married

13 November



Geo: Styles huius parochiæ Clericus fuit Año Domi 1706


Robert Milton & Jo: Haines Guardiani Ecclesiæ 1706




William Blake of the parish of Presbury and Sarah Lestter of Cheltenham were married

30 December

John Hopkins of Gutherington and Sarah Smith of Aperly were married

29 December

Joseph Johnson and Hester Kendrick of Tewksbury were married

1 January

Giles White of Hatherley & Susañah Jackson of Uckington were married

14 February



Marriages Año Domini 1707


Thomas Maggot & Susannah Eagles were married

20 April

Samuel Jefferis & Mary Windows both inhabitants of Tewxbury were married

31 May

John Etheridge & Deborah Roberts of this parish were married

8 June

James Loveridge of Stoake & Sarah Organ of Apperly in ye parish of Deerhurst were married

12 August

John Oliver & Mary Haines both inhabits of Tewxbury were married

18 September

Giles Organ & Hannah Sparkes of Chaseley were married

14 October

Jonathan Stock & Eliz: Evanis were married

23 October

William Field & Anne Webb both inhabitants of Tewxbury were married

9 November



Marriages Año Domini 1708


Thomas Barnard of Elmstone Hardwick & Mary Kingal were married

10 May

Will: Baylis and Elizabeth Turbit were married

30 July



Geo: Styles huius parochiæ Clericus fuit Año Domini 1708


Tho: Wintle & Rich: Smith Guardiani Ecclesiæ 1708




Thomas Gardner of ye Cittie of Gloucester & Sarah Wygate of Tewxburie were married

29 August

Samuel Heines of Tewxbury & Sarah Browne of Apperly were married

26 October

George Piffe & Eliz: Toms both inhabitants of ye parish of Elmstone were married

11 November

John Hawling & Mary Lize were married

5 December
[15 December]



Anno Domini 1709


Will: Cooke of Uckington & Martha Brock of Arle were married

3 May

Richard Grinway & Joane Minchin of Treddington were married

2 October

Will: Edge & Anne Weaver were married

2 October

Richard Turner of Forthampton & Jane Dikes were here married

8 October



Anno Domini 1710


John Joynes & Sarah Colchester were married

11 May

Will: Barnes & Elizabeth Beale wid were married

29 May

Daniel Newman sometime of this parish & Hañah Long of Pamington were married

31 July

Were married John Barnard of Uckington of ye parish of Elmstone and Mary Etheridge

23 August

Thomas Dunsley & Elizabeth Pitt both inhabits of Tewxbury were married

24 November

John Roberts & Anne Bennie of Treddington were married

2 December

Joseph Phipps & Bridget Shield both inhabits of Treddington were married

2 December

Will: Harris & Sarah Browne widow were married

24 December





Richard Roberts & Mary Joanes were married

5 April

Richard Bond & Mary Sutton of Ashton upon Charron were married

25 April

Charles Launder & Deborah Toms of Tewxbury were married

26 April
[25 April]

Daniel Cardwell & Mary Wadly both of Deerhurst were married

25 June

Gulielmus Meekings e parrochia de Cheltenham & Maria Fluck ex hac parochiâ matrimonio conjuncti fuere [Mary Fluck of Apperly]

15 October
[11 September]



Ano Domini 1712


John Harvad and Marrey Hoynse were married

29 September

James Evenis and Marey Hatherley were married

22 February
[27 February]



Ano Domini 1713 Mariagis


Thomas Newman of ye Ley and Sarah Wadley of this parish were married

11 June



Ano Domini 1714 Mariagis


Joshua Dogreow[?] and Marey Gilit of Teuxbury were married

4 May



Ano Domini 1715


Robard Bodingham of Bristol and Elizabeth Yearo of Tukeley were married

1 September

Samuell Sabruk of Ashchurch and Grase Agles of this parish were married

10 December



Ano Domini 1716 Mariagis


Samuell Hauker of ye Ley and Ann Barnwod [Barnard] of this parish were married

4 October





Richard Piffe and Elizabeth Pope widdow were married both of this parish

26 September

Benjamin Neale of Cirencester and Mary Styles of this parish were married

13 October

William Wadley and Joyce Woorveild were married

23 February





Stephen Lunn and Diana Barnerd married

2 October





Mr Charles Hayward of Pinnock and Mrs Gressogon Hayward of Tewksbury marryed per Licent.

17 November





John Diston and Ann Tombs of Winchcomb

24 May





John Fluck & Susannah Cox marryed

12 April

John Russel & Elizabeth Beale marryed

14 September





John Craswel & Mary Kent were marryed

1 January





Thomas Newman & Rebecca Hatherley Both of the Parish of Deerhurst married

20 November

Samuel Dark of the Parish of Tewkesbury & Mary Pope of the Parish of Deerhurst married

12 December

John Smith & Sarah Hatherley both of the Parish of Deerhurst married

1 January





John Hawker & Mary Wilmer both of Tredington were married

19 November





William Church of ye Parish of Minstroud & Elizabeth Cox of this parish were married

21 September

John Butt & Elizabeth Newman both of this parish were married

7 November

William Cox & Mary Harris both of this parish were married

7 November

John Newman & Anne Fluck both of this parish were married

28 November

John Beale & Mary Jones both of this parish were married

29 December





William Price & Anne Dovey both of this parish were married

11 September

John Beale & Anne Brown both of this parish were married

3 November





No Marriages






John Newman & Eliz Fluck

6 October

John Mills of Tewkesbury & Jane Osborne of Forthampton by Licence

23 December





John Eagles & Esther Mansell

19 June

George Rider & Ann Hyes of Forthampton

11 October

Henry Davis & Elizabeth Nokes

18 October

Edward Fluck & Ann Fluck

29 January
[24 January]





William Winders & Sarah Pope

28 October

Thomas Evenis & Alice Newman

1 November





Thomas Butt & Mary Emes of Forthampton

7 October

Samuel Barnes & Mary Harvord

16 October





Thomas Shurmer of Rodborough & Mary Hayward of Forthampton married

4 October





Thomas Ragbond & Jane Serman married

17 November

Giles Surman & Mary Nurbury

19 January





Samuel Margreat & Grace Jones

7 June

Thomas Oakey & Anne Haines

6 October

John Woodward & Martha [Mary] Malvern

6 December





John Nelmes & Esther Cuff

24 October

John Tayler & Elizabeth Dovey

2 November

William Ricketts & Anne Burford

9 November

Abraham Fluck & Anne Beale

23 December





William Margrett & Eliz Brooks

7 June





James Smart & Betty Brooks

5 May

              Haines &                      

18 August

Joseph Bailey & Jane Sharriff

1 October

John Butler & Hannah Davis

5 October

Joseph Gregory & Elizabeth Crate

6 October

Anthony Edwards & Mary Moysey were

22 October





Thos Hemming & Elizabeth Cowles

21 October

William Healing & Elizabeth Butt

24 October

Thomas Hill & Elizabeth Dingley

1 November





Thomas Haines & Elizabeth Surman

25 April

James Davis & Hannah Minet

13 June

John Brooks & Sarah Weaver

3 October 1747


Marriages 1755

Banns between Richd Gregory of Church Downe & Elisabeth Witcomb of this psh were duly published by me W. Palmer before this 31st March 1755

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