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Deerhurst, Gloucestershire
Volume 1 1559-1661

Part 6 Burials 1625-1641,
Sundry Births & Baptisms 1644-1656

10 April Keere buryed
Robert Keere buried
15 February Anne Roberts buried
22 February William Flucke
4 March William Pricke
6 March Gillian Kemmett
10 January[?] Robert Keere
15 February Anne Roberts
22 February William Flucke
4 March William Pricke
6 March Gillian Kemmett
1 April Thomas Roberts
17 April Elizabeth Surman wife of Thomas Bicke
24 April John Simmons
11 May Richard Shelton
12 May William Band
16 June Katherin Bunder[?]
June Joan Cooke widdow

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1628 [Added from Bishops Transcripts]
17 April Joane Butte
24 May John son of John Numan
20 June Edmund Wheeler
30 July Joane Beale
23 August Thomas ye son of Thomas Hampton
30 September Frances Wheeler
21 November William Greenway
20 December John ye son of John Flucke
30 December Joane Flucke
4 February Elizabeth Hartbury
19 February Richard ye son of Thomas Brown

1629 [with added information from the Bishops Transcripts]
2 April Ann Roberts
17 April Alice Man the wife of Robert Man
2 May The widdow Byshopp & Edward her son
14 May The widdow Flouke
14 August William Child
14 August Elizabeth Flowke
15 August Ann Flowke the wife of John Flowke
20 August Johan Welch the wife of Thomas Welch
September John Roberts
September Ann Roberts the wife of Thomas Roberts
Thomas Greenway
John Rawlings
Edmund Morton
John Pricke and his wife
Richard Cuerton
30 January Alice Byshopp the wife of Robt Byshopp
4 February Robt Byshopp
24 February Rider widow
14 March Thomas Flucke of Deerhurst
26 April Mary Davis
28 April Ann Burrell the wife of Richard Burrell of Waulton
22 Anthony Horne
31 Thomas Wintle
29 September An Duffy ye wife of Jhon Duffy
19 November Margaret Greening ye wife of Thomas Greening
12 December Dennis Sutton
2 January John Hale
4 February Thomas Welsh
9 February John Hampton
8 March Mary Flowke the daughter of John Flowke (&) Margery his wife
9 March Robert Man
7 April Thomas Oliffe ye son of Richard Oliffe
6 May Thomas Edwards
4 June Joane Hawker widdow
10 June Catheren Cuerton
26 June Jane Davis
13 July John Bennet
16 July John Sutton
19 July Sarah Bond
20 August Mary Reeve
26 August John Pricke
1 October Richard Burrall
7 October Elinor Evenis the wife of John Evenis
28 October John Davies Child
14 November Alice Salisbury
12 December William Pricke
28 December Robert Bisshop the son of William Bisshop & Margarett his wife
8 January Robert Tinker & Richard sons of John Tinker & Elizabeth his wife
15 January Alice Smith wife of Robert Smith, minister of this place
16 January Joice Cox daughter of William & Ann his wife
5 March Elizabeth Flucke the daughter of John Flowke & Ann his wife
12 April Elinor Hawker the wife of Edmond Hawker
19 April Margerett Marten
5 May William Smyth
22 September Sarah Maid the daughter of Tho: Maid
13 October Thomas Maid dying at the Priorie
11 January John Smith
13 January Joane Eagles widdow Grandava
16 January John Sutton Calebs
4 March Ales Houlder wife of Thomas Houlder
15 March Joan Hemming the wife of Thomas Hemming
10 May Judith the daughter of Edward Rodes[?]
21 May Mawd Fluck widow
5 June Richard Sutton
29 June Richard Blomer gent dyinge at the Lodge &
Ales the wife of Thomas Snow
30 June Joseph Maid
22 September John the son of Thomas Roberts
27 December Mary the daughter of Thomas Drinkwater
6 January Susanna the daughter of Robert Haines
7 January Henry Spooner grandavus
21 January Gaze widow
29 January Joane the daughter of Thomas Greeninge
Nive[?] et frigore enecta die illo Martis memorando, ed magro agixta
23 March Edward Houlder grandavus
23 March Elenor Reve wife of William Reeve
4 April John the son of John Cooke

1638 Bishops Transcripts
Sarah the wife of John Cooke
Isabelle the wife of William Pope
Margery the wife of Edward Flucke
Samuel the sonne of Edward Flucke
Thomas the sonne of Edmund Butt
Anne Bishop, possessing nothinge

1639 Bishops Transcripts
Richard Hand
Dorothy Coxe
William Tombes
Joane Deves
Thomas Greeninge
Frances Bosley
Elizabeth Richards
Edward Guy, Gent
Lawrence Coxe
Isabell Coxe
Anne Haines
Edmund Harris, Gent
Anne Coxe
William Fluck
December John Bishop the son of Thomas Bishop

The following entries appear on the final page of the Register
25 March Sarah the daughter of Henry Pixley & Susanna his wife was baptised
9 September William ye son of Edmund Smith & Elinor his wife was baptised
2 September Ann ye daughter of Edmund Smith & Elinor his wife was baptised
15 August Jane Reeve widow was buried
Joane Hampton the daughter of John Hampton & Mary his wife
Mary Hampton the daughter of John Hampton & Mary his wife
Elizabeth Hampton the daughter of John & Mary his wife
Thomas Hampton the son of John Hampton & Mary his wife
John Hampton the son of John Hampton & Mary his wife

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