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Bredon, Worcestershire
Volume 2 – 1700-1812


Part 12 – Marriages 1700-1714


Weddings 1700


John Thorp & Ann Bennet were maried

21 May

Richard Pember of Eastnor in the County of Hereford and Elizabeth Weaver of this parish were maried

7 July

John Tovy and Elizabeth Tavender both of this Parish were maried

5 November

John Turbett and Hester Ricketts both of this Parish were maried

27 December

Robert Higgins and Mary Palmer both of this Parish were maried

6 January

Thomas Godsall of Tewkesbury in Glostershire and Ann Shield of this parish were maried

12 January





William Roberts and Israell Dovy were maried

8 July

Samuell Ricketts and Sarah Waker were maried

29 September

Thomas Steephens of Defford & Elizabeth Hazzard of Norton were married

27 October

John Gaston of Norton and Frances Kitchin of Westmoncoat were married

15 November

William Walker and Hannah Horwood both of this Parish were married

15 December

George Fluck of the Parish of Swindon in the county of Glocr and Ann Yates of this parish were married

12 February

Will Owen Surveyr






Richard Sanders of Strensham and Mary Walker of this parish were married

21 September

William Gray of Overbury parish and Mary Wilson of Eckington married

24 October

John Baylis of Deerhurst in Glostershir and Ann Turbet of this parish married

9 November





John Jeans and Elizabeth Willmors were married

29 September

Nicholas Wells of Twining and Frances Fowler of this parish were married

2 October

Richard Edwards and Hester Turbett were married

16 October





Thomas Howship and Isbell Browne both of this Parish wr married

17 April

Jesper Palfoer & Alice Smith both of Upton upõ Severn were married by License

24 September

Jonathan Adams of Ripple and Mary Collins of this parish were maried

29 September

John Stew and Anne Sandy were married

24 January





Joh Barns of Bishops Cleeve in Glostershir and Mary Smith of this Prsh were maried

10 April

Anthony Care and Sarah Tovy both of this Parish were married

30 September

Samuell Summerfield of the parish of Holy Cross in Pershore and Mary Hyon of this parish were married

3 October

Richard Knight of Twining in Glostershire and Catharine Hopkins of Strensham were married by Lycens

18 November





Lady Day 1706 James Fouch and Mary Cooke both of this Parish were then married

25 March

Edward Halford and Joan Ricketts

30 September

William Mann and Anne Webb

30 December

Jonathan Cuerton and Jane Browne

2 January





Giles Webb and Sarah Meredith were mar

2 October

Joseph Haines and Sarah Greening

21 October





John Jelph & Elizabeth Cooke

30 September





William Kent & Sarah Haines

2 June

Robert Surmin & Elizabeth Waight

2 February





George Hart & Dorothy Dobbs

30 March

John Carpenter & Susanna Wood

17 September

John Higgins & Katharine Downes

8 October

John Okely & Ann Brown

23 October



Weddings 1711


Thomas Kemett & Elizabeth Harris, Norton

4 May

John Spilsbury & Hannah Dance, Norton

19 June

John Futrel & Isabell Drinkwater

1 October

William Bromwich & Sarah Heines

14 October

Francis Hatton & Mary Rickards

22 October

John Carpenter & Margaret Harding

8 January





Robert Walker & Elizabeth Treble

25 August

Wm Surman & Elizabeth Roberts

5 October

Stephen Higgins & Jane Sheen

12 October

Anker Reeves & Grace Higgins

11 December





Wm Maysey & Sarah Keer

24 May

Thomas Higgins & Mary Shepherd

15 September

Isaac Strawford & Ann Sheen

19 October

Henry Alard & Sarah Taylor

19 October

Francis Collins & Katharine Price

20 February

John Webb, Rector - Edward Robberts & John Handy, Churchwardens






Joseph Symonds of Kemmerton & Mary Clerk of Norton

3 April

John Cowles of Hempstead agro Glocs: and Mary Fleetwood of this parish

28 September



(After this date marriages are included with the Batpms & Burials till 1754)
[This note is added in a different handwriting]






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