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Bredon, Worcestershire

Volume 1 1559-1700

Details in red italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon.
Those in purple italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon’s Norton.


Part 19 – Burials 1697-1700, Christening 1680


These burials appear on pages 189 & 190 of the Register, following the marriages of 1700.  The previous burials were those of 1692 which are on page 166.  There is a gap in burials in the Register from 1693 to 1696.




Ann Palmer Widow was buried

10 April

Wm the son of Edward Higgins

10 April

Ann the daughter of the widow Mason

1 May

Mary the daughter of Wm Best of Norton

4 May

Jane ye daughter of John Webb Rector of this Church bur:

16 June

Arabella ye Beloved wife of John Webb Rector of this Church was buried

20 June

Frances the daughter of Thos Carpenter of Twining

15 July

William Doughty

26 July

Sarah Hieron

4 August

Elizabeth the wife of Jno New

22 September

Wm Price of Hardwick

27 September

William Turbett of Kinsham

8 October

Alice Hancock widow

5 December

Sarah the wife of Jno Oliff

1 January

Mary the daughter of Jno Oliff

2 January

Thomas Hoswhipp of Norton at Westmoncoat

17 January

Ann the daughter of Jno Hopcott

20 January

William Rogers of Breedon

25 January

Francis the wife of Wm Ricketts

31 January

Ruth the wife of Francs Palmer

1 March



Burialls 1698


Robert the son of Robert Swain of Norton

22 May

Ann the daughter of Edward Bradly

17 June

Richard Best of Norton

30 June

Dorothy Holder

22 August

Elizabeth the wife of Wm Tompson of Norton

5 September

Elizabeth Sherriff of Norton

12 September

Henry the son of Edward Higgins

27 November

John Wells

1 February

John Cole

10 February

Ann Saunders

13 February

Richard son of Francis Palmer

1 March





Thomas son of James Fouch was buried

10 April

Thomas Tovy

30 April

Sarah daughter of George Jenkins

12 April [May]

Abigall Higgins

16 September

John the son of George Smith, Norton

24 October





John Neend was buried

28 November

Joan the wife of Thos Medly

30 November

Richard Everall

2 December

William Lucy

28 December

Sarah the daughter of Thos Ricketts

15 January

John Warkman

27 January

Anthony Hammond of Mitton

11 February

Joan wife of Humphry Harris

13 [17] February

Philip the son of the Widdow Janes

17 [13] February

Humphry Harris

23 February

Sarah daughter of James Laughton

9 March

Francis the son of Rich Holder

17 March





Lawrence Colburne was buried

25 March

John the son of Jno Tomson

29 March

Elizabeth Willcox Widdow

14 May

Ann Roberts Widow

14 May

John Butler Senr

19 May

William Taylor

28 May





Mary the daughter of Ambros Roc was bap:

19 March 1680


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