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Bredon, Worcestershire

Volume 1 1559-1700

Details in red italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon.
Those in purple italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon’s Norton.


Part 18 – Burials 1693-1696


There is a gap in the Register between the burials of 1692 and those of 1697.  The following entries are taken from the Bishop’s Transcripts.




Ann the daughter of Henry Hitch was buried

25 March

Elizabeth Knight widow

4 April

Alice George widow

10 April

Sarah Turbitt widow & Isabella widow both of them buried

25 July

Dorothy Sutton widow was buried

11 August

William Walter

20 August

Hugo Nicolls

22 August

Robert the son of Joseph Tovey

28 October

Elizabeth Turbitt widow

9 December

William Tovey

11 January

Henry Chantrell

21 January

Thomas the son of Thomas Davy

9 January

Sarah the daughter of Francis Clark

29 January



A transcript of Norton Juxta Bredon


Robert Granger of Norton was buried

30 June

Richard Sheepard of Norton was buried

7 July





Elizabeth the daughter of Jn New was buried

6 April

John Jenks

9 April

Sammuell Jenks

30 April

Catherine the wife of Wm Sheen

3 November

Joan Baynton widow

17 December

Elizabeth Read widow

14 January

William Read

18 January

John Watkins

26 January

Sarah the wife of John New Senior

28 January

Hester the daughter of Maurice Warder

12 February



Norton juxta Bredon


Ann Stock was buried

3 April

Hannah the wife of Wm Best

1 February





Richard Ricketts of Westmoncut was buried

25 May

Mary the wife of Mr Inglish of Twinning

1 June

Giles Price of Westmoncut

8 June

William New of Breedon

17 June

James the son of Jno Hopcut of Kinsham

19 June

Thomas the son of Jno Webb Rector

21 September

John Inglish Clerk

5 February

Edward the son of Edward Howship

22 February





Norton juxta Bredon




Anne the wife of Richard Haines was buried

4 April

Obadiah Swain

12 April

Richard Hanly

15 April

John the son of Jn Willetts

7 December







Stephen Higgins was buried

26 March

Jno Hopcut

9 May

Hannah the daughter of Edd Cale

25 May

Ann the daughter of Thos Matthews

2 June

Sarah the daughter of Thos Matthews

12 June

Elizabeth Reece widow

26 June

Susanna the daughter of the Widow Clerk

30 June

Alice the daughter of Wm Price

29 January

John the son of Franc Palmer

17 February

Susanna Holder

17 March

Sarah Holder

24 March



Norton juxta Bredon


Charles the son of Ed Best

21 June

William Haines

16 August

Jno Best

16 November

Henry Sheriffe

26 January


The Burials of 1697 continue on page 189 of the Register.


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