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Bredon, Worcestershire

Volume 1 1559-1700

Details in red italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon.
Those in purple italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon’s Norton.


Part 17 – Marriages 1604-1700


These entries are found following the burials of 1692. Previous marriages are on page 128 of the register.


Año Dni 1604


Frauncis Milles and Joane Whilton were married

6 August

William Fowler and Marye Cole were married

18 November

Richard Golding & Anne Cole maried

26 November



Año dni 1605


Thomas Taylor and Jane Powell were married

21 April

Peter Child and Joane Cooke were marryed

13 June

Willm Clarke & Elizabeth Beale were married

17 June

Henrye Richards and Alice Clements were married

28 August

William Farmor and Alice Gyles were married

7 October

George London and Joane Jones were married

7 October



Año dni 1606


Morgan Mason and Anne Hill were maried

22 January



Año dni 1607


Edmunde Maskelyne and Katherine Davies were maried

26 October

Morice Winston and Margaret Bumpas maried

2 November

Cyprian Stanley and Isabell Cooke maried

16 December

Davye Williams and Ellinor Higgins were maried

14 January



Año dni 1608


Walter Egerton and Elizabeth Turbet were married

20 August

John Meredyth and Katherine Bradshaw were married

9 October

Thomas Nutte, Rector


John Hapcotte & John Jenkes Gardi


Simon Shepley and Joane Whittell were maried

24 November

Robert Higgins & Mary White were maried

5 February

Richard Tovy and Elizabeth Heming were maried

20 February



Año dni 1609


Thomas Cowart & Añ Newell were maried

21 May

Thomas Colborne & Añ Higgins were maried

9 October

Richard Jelfe & Issabell Rowles were maried

16 October

James Tusten & Sara  Beale were maried

30 October

John Yevans and Añ Ellis were maried

9 November

John Winford gent and Katherine Braine were maried

16 November

Richard Wood & Mary Morgan were maried

29 November

Henry Higgins & Elizabeth Noxe were maried

3 January



Año dni 1610


John Sharle & Elizabeth Rickerds were maried

18 June

John Turner gen & Elizabeth Davies were married at Mitton

6 August

Thomas Williams & Margaret Dawne were married

6 August

Gyles Stanley & Joane Turbut were married

17 November

Henry Tovie & Agnes Lea were maried

14 January

James Yarneton and Jean George als Pattock were maried

14 January





Jhon Purse & Elnor Randle were marreyedd together

21 October

Samuell Rawlings & Margery Higgens were mariedd together

24 June

Richard Mitton & Catheryn Whittle were mariedd together

11 November

George Greene & Frances Prat were mariedd together

30 November

Thomas Deacon & Joane Mills were mariedd together

6 February

Robert Clements & Joane Mills were married together

25 February



Año Dni 1612


Robert Panter & Anne Page was marryed together

8 June

Robert Rayer & Margery Higgins was marryed together

11 June

Jhon Butler & Elsabeth Beale were marryed together

9 November

Richard Cresser & Margaret Farley were marryed together

22 December

Robert Higgens & Anne Phillips were marryed together

16 January



Año Dni 1613


William Bromage & Alice Smyth were married together

31 January



Año Dni 1614


Anthony Roberts (alias Bowltons) & Judith Thorpe were married together

2 May

William Milton of Wessencoate & Anne George als Pattock of Norton were married together in Norton Chappell

26 May

Richard George (alias Taylor) and Margaret Childs (alias Weaver) of Norton were marryed together

13 July

John Suwell & Joane Watkyns were marryed together

3 August

Thomas Jones of Twwxbury and Margaret Holdshippe of Hardwicke were marryed together

13 October

Thomas Newre of Breedon and Margaret Pratt of Wessencoat were marryed together

16 January

James Dobs and Alice Higgins were marryed together

16 January



Año Dni 1615


William Hickes & Joane Hassarde were married together

1 October

John Deacons & Joane Heminge were married together

12 October

John Watkines & Elsabeth Ricards were married together

1 November

John Hunt & Margaret Dyer were married together

3 December

William Pope & Anne Cole were marryed together

21 January

Thomas Whittle & Julian Byllinge were maryed together

21 January



Año Dni 1616


William Higgens and Anne Winslye were maried together

30 September

Robert Hull & Elsabeth Odams were maried together

19 October

Thomas Carrier & Margaret Jenks were maried together

21 October

Mr John Parsons & Mistris Elsabeth Copley were maried together in Norton Chaple

1 December

Richard Byshope & Avis Watkins were maried together

13 January

Richard Knight & Anne Swayne were maried together

18 November



Año 1617






Walther Joanes & Elsabeth Joanes were married together

19 June

Thomas Palmer & Anne Bromage were marryed together

13 November

John Jennings & Elizabeth Spooner weare married in the Chappell at Norton

17 February



Anno 1619


William Bygge & Joane Loxley were marryed together

9 May

Thomas Tayler of Norton and Alice Higgens of Breedon weare married

15 October

John Cooke & Alice Davis were maried together

24 May

Jhon Snugell [?] & Anne Band maried

14 September

Alexander Martin & Anne Salter widdow weare married

17 July

Edwarde Ricards & Anne George of Norton were married together

10 November

William Whitford & Anne Tyme were maried together

10 February

Gyles Dobbins & Margaret Woode were maried together

28 February



Anno Dni 1620


Francis Edwards Clerke & Joane           were marryed together

2 August

Robert Mariat of Bricklington & Elnor Loksy of the same Parish were married

27 August

Richard Nicolls & Elizabeth White married

14 October

Edward Stone & Joane Hill were married

23 January

Francis Wade & Anne Payne were married

12 February



Anno Domini 1621


William Hickes & Eliz: Turbet were marryed

23 April

Tho: Moore and Margery Goodier of Twyninge were marryed

28 May

Walter Dobs & Alis Kings were marryed

6 June

Henry Price of Brodway & Mary Harris were married

7 May

William Doughton & Eliz: Hancockes were marryed

26 July

Conon Lea & Mary Thorpe were marryed

2 September



Anno Domini 1622


John Thorpe & Eliz: Hopcot were marryed

13 June

Thomas Dusten & Mary Sandell were marryed

1 July

George Roberts & Anne Harris were marryed

23 July

John Lize & Anne Harris were marryed

1 August

Rich: Cole & Margret Turbet were marryed

12 August

Rich: Danner & Mary Dawner were marryed

3 December

William Mearinge & Elynor Whyttle were marryed

27 December

William Fisher & Jone Hartlebury were marryed

4 February



Anno Domini 1623




Anno Domini 1624


William Harris et Elizabeth Fisher married

27 April

William Swayne and Rachell Hemming married

5 February

Thomas Palmer et Alice Stile married

22 December

William Hancock et Jane Johnsons married

3 October



Anno 1625


John Wadley et Marie Baylies weare married

20 June

Robt Drinkwater et Joane Nicholls married

29 September

Thomas Diceham et Jane Bloxham married

1 October

Thomas Roberts & Alice Attwood were married

4 December

John Paine et Elizabeth Lea were married

23 January

John Fisher and Elizabeth Phillips were married

23 January

John Jenks and Alice Forte mar:

6 February

Edward Matthews gen and Mrs Margarett Saunders married

6 February

Thomas Simons and Alice Johnsons were married

20 February



Anno 1626


Thomas Thornburie & Martha Taylor were married

3 May

Robt Small & Ann Ballinger married

14 May

John Farley & Elinor Blizzard als Harman were married

2 October

John Tovey & Katherine Lightfoote were married

17 October

Thomas Worme & Margarett Cooke were mar:

28 October

John Hopcott & Isabell Asson vid mar:

14 January

Edward Day and Joane Fisher mar:

15 January



Anno Domini 1627


John Junes & Marie Jordan were mar:

1 April

John Savage & Marie Spooner were mar:

2 May

John Coale & Julian Perkes were married

19 May

William Dobbs Junior & Marie Morgan were mar:

14 January

William Berrow & Ann Jennings were mar:

29 January



Anno Domini 1628


Robert Turbet and Joane Smith were married

25 August

William Willis of the prishe of Leighe & Margret Ferris were married

25 August

Thomas Hardinge and Ann Hill were married

1 September

James Morgan and Ann Bane were married

8 September



Anno dni 1629


Francis Phillipps and Elizabeth Mancell were married

21 September

Richard Highgate and Mary Corbett were married

5 October

James Corbett and Joane Parker were married

28 October



Anno dni 1630


William Welchman and Margaret Carrier married

27 May

Arthur Helme gent and Frances Nest married

3 June

John Wilks and Elizabeth Ferris were married

14 August

John Robberts and Cicilia Willoughby were married

17 November





Edward Childes and Isabell Steevens were married

28 August





Thomas Bishop and Mary Burston were married

26 August



Anno Dni 1633


John Finch and Elizabeth Tovey were married

6 May

Richard Beale and Anne Turbitt were married

26 August

Nicholas Higgins and Izabell Higgins were married

21 November



Anno Dni 1634


Robert Cooke and Mary Harris were married

16 June

Richard Tovey and Joane Smith were married

1 September



Anno Dni 1635


Docter Sutton was married

4 October

Samuel New was buried


Richard Tovey and Mary Moore were married

22 April

Richard George and Alice Roberts were married

22 June

John Turbett and Joane Deacon were married

28 June

Richard Ganderton and Joane Higginson were married

13 July

Robert Moore and Joane Forte were married

16 November



Anno Dni 1636


Richard Rickards and Liddia Tayler were married

17 May

Daniel Walker and Sibell Stanley were married

19 May

William Newe and Dorothy Turbett were married

20 June

Thomas Cole and Margaret Turbett were married

7 November

Henry Burford and Susan Guest were married

16 January

John Clarke and Alice Turbett were married

2 February



Anno Dni 1637


Thomas Jenkes and Joane Sanders were married

7 May



Anno dni 1638


Thomas Allen & Joan Jenings mar:

28 April

John Davies & Margaret Merce mar:

21 [29] July

John Meare & Jane Milton mar:

29 July

Robert Crisp & Joane Mason mar:

23 October



Anno dni 1639


Francis Vins & Jane Turbett were married

14 July





Robert Haynes & Joyce Cole married

16 April

Robert Bumpas & Ann Roberts married

6 June

John Deacon & Elizabeth Moore marr:

7 July

John Hanmoore & Caterin Fort married

5 October

Edward George als Cherihay & Alice Higgins

4 March





William Rickards & Francis Hill were married

19 September



Anno Domini 1645






Thomas Rickards ye sonne of Will Rickards was baptized

2 September



Martin Davies of Stoultõ & Isabell Symonds of Pirtõ were married

30 September



Anno domini 1648


Richard Lightfoot & Wm Neend, Churchwardens




Anno dom 1654


Samuel Wilkes als Nicholles and Joane Jenks were married

6 February

Gary Pacie


John New & Sara Morgan war maried

7 December

Moses Taylor




Anno dom 1655


Robert Banbriy and Elsabeth Farly wear maried

31 July

William Kinges and Ann Earlland marred

1 October

Thomas Lane and Elsabeth Sheuell were married

26 October



Anno dom 1657


John Haris & Ales Dudfild were mareyed

31 March



Anno dom 1659


Thomas Millnton and Allce Taylor wear mared

3 January



Anno Domi 1661


Simon Trapp, Curate


Thomas Wagstaffe & Elizabeth Harris were married

10 May

William Homer & Abigayle Best were married

23 September

Richard Haines of Norton & Margery Payne [Mary Rickards] of the same Parish were married

3 October

William Parker of Fladbury & Mary Rickards [Mary of the same] were married

2 December

Edward Surman & Suzanna Neend of Westmancoat were married

17 December



Anno Domi 1662


Simon Trapp, Curate


William Thornbury of Kinsham & Ann Hide of Gretton married

10 April

Mr Richard Beeston of Breedon & Mrs Charlett Beaupaine of Upper Leigh in ye Prish of Dunhill [?] were married

3 June
[3 April]

Andrew George of Norton maryed his mothers servant [& Mary his wife]

20 July

John Wilks and Elizabeth Higgins were maryed

2 October

Rich: Edwards & Mary Stevens both Upton upon Sevearn were maryed

1 November

Will: Freeman and Isabell Rickards were married

26 January

Richard Lightfoot & Wm Neend, Churchwarden




Anno Dom: 1663


John Hancock and Margarett Payne were maried

4 August

Joseph Rickards & Sara Chaundler were maried

21 November





Willam Dacons and Grase Shenn wear mared

7 February







Robert Bumpas & Sarah Reade were married

30 April

Richard Wilcocks & Elizabeth Turbett marr:

30 April

William Rickards & Anne Beale marr:

3 August

Thomas Sperry & Joane Turbett were marr:

4 September

Francis Fell Curat de Breedon sculpit






Norton Año Dñi 1670


Armill Evans & Mary Faringes were married

10 February

Richard Huster[?] & Elizabeth Skiner were married

14 February





Robert Nend and Margery Jouffer were married

15 November





William Barnard and Katherine Deacon at Norton were married

26 [16] December



Weddings not Registered till ye year 1681


Henricus Prosser Curat…


Gilbertus Shepheard et Martha Clark were married

22 January



Anno Dom: 1682


Edvardus Michell et Anna George nupti

29 May

Henricus Griffin et Joanna Nicholls nupti

23 October

Abrahamis Biggs et Maria Palmer nupti

30 October

Johis Hopcott et Katherina Goslinge nupti

2 November

Gulielmus Mallet et Hanna Clark nupti

17 January



Weddings Anno Dom: 1682


Henricus Griffin et Joanna Nicholls nupti bannis publicaris

20 [23] October

Abrahamis Biggs et Maria Palmer nupti bannis publicaris

23 [30] October

Johis Hopcott et Katherina Gosling nupti licentia

30 [2] November

Gulielmus Mallet et Hanna Clark ere married licentia

17 January

Edvardus Michell et Anna George nupti

29 May

Gulielmus Sheene et filia Samuelis Higgins nupti eadem anno (die ignoto)




Weddings Anno Dom: 1683


Georgius Barnaby et Elizabetha Meredith nupti

12 June

Gulielmus Tayler et Sara Jenks nupti fuere

21 October

Gulielmus Price et Alicia Price nupti

6 October

Edvardus Michell widowe et Maria Tovey de Norton Widow nupti fuere

6 January



Anno Dom: 1684


Franciscus Mathews et Johanna Tovy nupti fuere

24 June

Georgius Bell et Elizabetha New nupti fuere

9 July





Thomas Meredith de Parshow et Katherina Yerington de Norton nupti fuere

2 November





Ricus Finch de Oxenton et Elizabetha Woodward nupti fuere

18 November



Anno Dom: 1685


Johannes Roberts de Comberton Magna et Anna Timms de Norton juxta Bredon nupti fuere in Pochialis Ecclia de Bredon

29 April

Johes Patshall de Strensham viduus et Katherina Clent de Bredon spinstr nupti fuere

30 April

Johannes New et Elizabetha Ricketts de Bredon nupti fuere

14 [13] February

Jonathan Stephens et Maria Jeynes de Norton nupti fuere

15 February



Anno Dom: 1686


Thomas Meredith Bach: et Joanna Warner spinster nupti fuere

14 September



Anno Dom: 1687


Thomas Ricketts et Penelope Warkman nupti fuere

4 September

Jesper Birch et Alicia Symons de Norton nupti fuere

6 September

Johes Webb cler et Arabella Sutton nupti fuere

8 March



Anno Dom: 1688


Johes Dee de Overbury et Joanna Lightfoot de Hardwick nupti

29 April

Richardus Herbert et Anna Higgins nupti fuere

24 May

Richardus Berkley de Le Seed[?] in comitatu Herefordia et Anna Jeynes de Bredon nupti fuere

4 October



Anno Dom: 1689


Ricus Rickards et Francisca Higgins nupti fuere

24 February



Anno Dom: 1690


Edvardus Cale et Elizabetha New nupti

28 September

Richardus Schrevin et Sara Jenes nupti

29 September

Stephanus Higgins et Hestera Palmer nupti fuere

27 October

Johes Mallet et Katherina Barnets nupti

6 January

Richus Strawford et Anna Averoll nupti

12 November



Anno Dom: 1692


Tho: Thornbury als Welford de Biclingham & Maria Tims de Norton juxta Bredon nupti fuere in Eccl: Paroch: de Breedon

4 January



Anno Dom: 1693


Michaell Lyde et Anna Granger de Norton both living att Norton in the parish of Breedon being three times publikly askd in the Church nupti fuerunt

8 February



Anno Dom: 1694


Johes Sharlett de Burlingham and Ann Woodward were married

1 May





Edward Adams & Ann Lyde of the Parish of Elmly the banns being 3 times published were married

25 August





Anker Reeve & Hester Higgins were married

27 July

George Skinner & EleAñor Hazard were married

23 September

Richard Haines & Sarah Swaine were married

5 November





James Spenser & Sarah Collet were then married at Norton

1 August

John Smith & Elenor Hieron were married

14 September

William Tompson & Elizabeth Sherriff were married at Norton

24 October

Thomas Bartholomue & Francis Ricketts were married

25 November





John Wilkes of Pansham and Martha Weston were married by license

2 July

Charles Jones of Bishops Cleve & Jone Willcox of this Parish were maried

17 October

John New and Ann Palmer were maried

24 November

Samuell Davis of Longdon and Martha Walker were maried

31 December





Francis Turner and Joan Higgins were maried

24 October

John Jeans and Elizabeth Green were maried

1 November

John Thomas and Ann Powell

21 December





John Thorp & Ann Bennet were maried

21 May







The next entries are the burials of 1697, which continue after a gap from 1693-1696.


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