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Bredon, Worcestershire

Volume 1 1559-1700

Details in red italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon.
Those in purple italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon’s Norton.


Part 16 - Burials 1671 to 1692


Anno dni 1671

Francis Fell Curate to Dr Sutton was bur:

9 April

John Horne was buried

19 April

Elizabeth the wife of John Higgins was buried

26 January

Mary the daughter of George Price was buried

27 January

Mary the wife of Thomas Pryse was buried

28 January

Mary the daughter of Thomas Pryse was buried

29 January

Sara New widdow was buried

31 January



Anno dni 1672

Robert Turbett was buried

26 July
[4 August]

Joane Moore widdow was buried

26 October
[27 July]

John Higgins of Westmancoate was buried

8 November

Margarett Brush was buried

11 January

Nathaniell Walker was buried

23 March



Anno doni 1674

Hannah the daughter of Georg Woodward deceased

3 May

Hannah the daughter of John Bosard deceased

3 May

John Alexsanders deceased

2 January

Robert Bumpast deceased

13 January

Thomas Land deceased

17 January

Edward Sutton Gentn deceased

15 January

Saræ the daughter of Robert Bumpast deceased

1 March



Anno doni 1675

Ann Taylor deceased

29 March

Caterine Price was buried

13 May


There are no burals recorded in the register for 1676-1680.  The following entries are taken from the Bishops Transcripts.


Anno dom 1678

Mary Drinkwater spinster deceased

5 May

Alice Neend vid deceased

16 May

Elizabeth Neend spinster deceased

13 October

Samuell Taylor deceased

3 March

Ann New the daughter of John New deceased

1 January

John Higgins deceased

7 September

William Clent gent deceased

15 March



Anno dom 1679

Ellizabeth Aberall the wife of Richard Aberall buried

10 July

Ellizabeth the daughter of Richard Aberall & Ellizabeth his wife buried

14 July

Robert Lightfoote deceased

17 July

Ann Richards buried

29 September

Richard George buried

2 February

Mary Dobs the wife of William Dobs buried

30 December

William Dobs buried

6 January

Ann Ellis buried

12 January



Anno dom 1680

John Higgins was buried

17 September

Nicholas Wells was buried

28 August

Moses Tayler was buried

17 September

John Thornbury was buried

2 November

Mary Higgins was buryed

10 November

Katherine Jenkes was buried

7 December

Johane Tayler was buried

12 December


The burials recommence in 1681


Anno dni 1681

Thomas the sonne of Will Turbitt was buried

14 August

Richardus Lightfoot buried

6 December

Thomas Tovy buried

18 January

Elizabeth Pope buried

19 [26] January

Thomas Hopcott buried

20 January

Tho. ye sonne of Moses & Jone Tayler was buried

8 February

Henry ye sonne of Henry Prosser, Clerk

20 March
[26 February]



Norton sepult


Edvardus Tovy was buried

21 May

Anna Swaine was buried

18 June

Israell Michell was buried

29 March



Burialls in ye year 1682

Margareta filia Edvardi et Annæ Palmer sepult

28 September

Clent Sutton filius Annæ Sutton vid sepult

17 October

Josephus Savage de Norton sepult

1 November

Anna Savage de Norton sepult

27 [7] November

Anna Surman uxor Robti Surman sepult

13 February

Elizabetha uxor Robti Hains de Norton sepult

10 January

Anna filia Robti Haines de Norton sepult

26 January

Maria filia Jonathan Paine

28 February



Anno Doni 1683

Sarah uxor Johis Higgins sepult

27 April

Thomas Allen sepul:

4 May

Sylvanus filius Aliciæ Deakin sepult

5 May

Johes Masson de Mitton sepult

23 September

Jana Yates an old woman from Aron Walkers sepult

4 October

Johis filius Johis Worvill sepult

11 May
[5 October]

Hannah filia Gulielmi Rickets sepult

eadem die

Elizabetha uxor Robti Swaine de Norton sepult

22 May

Edvardus Ricketts de Norton sepult

12 December

Christopherus Yarrington de Norton sepult

eadem die

Jane Yates de Bredon sepult

9 December
[9 October]

Sara filia Edvardi Palmer sepult

12 January

Richardus Hardinge sepult

9 [13] January

Sarah Doughty sepult

23 January

Johis Turbit de Bredon sepult

29 January

Randolphus Jenes sepult

30 January

Richardus Wilcox sepult

1 February

Thomas Maylin sepult

eadem die
[2 February]

Jonathan Payne sepult

7 February

Maria Barnett sepult

17 February

Alicia Wilcox sepult

20 February

Henricus Harrice sepult

8 [18] December

Georgius filius Gulielmi et Annæ Rogers sepult

7 March

Sara filia Georgii Higgins sepult

15 March



Anno Dom 1684

Johannis Fisher sepult

19 April

Franciscus Masson sepult

20 April

Georgius Price sepult

20 April

Maria Taylor de Norton sepult

21 April

Ægidius Tustin sepult

1 July

Franciscus Masson filius Franciscus et Camphæ Masson de Mitton sepult

14 July

Comfort Masson sepult

20 July

Georgius Higgins sepult

4 August

Katherina Harding sepult

6 [4] September

Anna Elizabetha Maylin vid sepult

9 [6] September

Gulielmus Osborne sepult

30 September

Daniel Walker sepult

17 October

Johes Bayton sepult

2 November

Thomas Symons de Norton sepult

10 January

Johis Harris mendicans de Norton sepult

15 January

Elinora Higgins sepult

27 January

Thomas Taylor de Norton sepult

3 February

Goodwife Maria Shepherd ye wife of Richard Shepherd of Norton was buryed

9 February

Robertus Tovy sepult

6 March

Alicia uxor Robti Tovy sepult

6 March

Gulielmus Deakin sepult

17 March

Maria the child of Ralph Olive was buryed

22 March



Anno 1685

Maria Symons de Kinsham sepult

10 April

Gulielmus Hazard de Norton sepult

19 April

Francisca uxor Lawrentii Coleborne de Hardwick sepult

15 February

Georgius Horniold gen sepult

9 May

Robertus Hains de Norton sepult

15 May

Maria filia Georgii Higgins de Westmancot sep:

29 June

Maria Saunders de Westmancote sepult

6 July

Maria Dobbs sepulta fuit

18 July

Ricus Knight sepult

20 August

Maria Hancox uxor Gulielmi Hancox de Norton sepultus fuit

17 November

Hester Tims de Norton vid sepult

13 October

Samuel filius Samuelis James sepult

23 October

Anna Love sepult

27 October

Gwinne Wait de Norton sepult

28 October

Anna Coock sepult

17 January

Anna Worvill de Kinsham sepult

25 January

Gulielmus Modley sepult

17 February

Georgius Surman sepult

eadem die

Johannes Wells sepultus fuit

12 [18] February

Maria uxor Thomæ Bloxam de Kinsham sepult

4 March

Thoma Bloxam sepult

14 March

Richardus filius Johis Knight sepult

14 March



Anno Dom 1686

Richardus Dobbs sepult

1 April

Samuel Tayler sepult

9 April

Sara filia Gulielmi Shephard de Norton sepult

14 March

Maria uxor Gulielmi Tayler de Hardwick sepult

14 April

Maria filia Gulielmi Tayler sepult

20 April

Sara uxor Roberti Swayne de Norton sepult

21 April

filia Chrysosima Richardi Rickards sepult

4 May

Goodyth Bumpas of Westmancott sepulta fuit

8 May

Gulielmus filius Gulielmi Rickets sepult

18 August

Johis son of George Higgins de Westmancott sepultus fuit

18 September

Gulielmus Tymme de Norton sepult

19 October

Joanna the wife of Rich: Tavenor sepult

29 October

Alicia Price widd sepult

4 November

Anna Hains de Westmancot sepult

2 December
[10 January]

Edvardus the son of William Hains de Norton sepult

26 December

Maria Hains filia Rici Hains de Norton sepultus fuit

27 January

Clent Patshull filius Johis Patshull de Strensham gen sepult

28 January

Maria the daughter of Joseph Ricketts de Norton sepulta fuit

25 February



Anno Dom 1687

Gulielmus Taylor de Hardwick sepult

31 March

Sara filia Gulielmi Shepherd de Norton sepult fuit

9 March

Thoma Jenes sepultus fuit

18 June

Joanna Turbitt sepult fuit

2 July

Theodosius Sutton sepult

2 September

Anna uxor Gulielmi Rogers sepult

29 September

Richardus Palmer senr sepult

1- [29] December

Reverend Dcttr Henricus Sutton sepult

26 December

Sara filia Thomæ et Annæ Mathews sepult

18 February

Anna Stringer de Kinsham sepult

3 March

Maria Davis de Kinsham sepult

4 March



Anno Dom 1688

Aaron Walker de Kinsham sepult

1 April

Johes Paine sepultus fuit

6 April

Maria uxor Rici Palmer de Norton sepult fuit

4 May

Francisca George de Westmancott sepulta fuit

29 May

Samuell Higgins de Hardwick sepult

25 June

Henricus filius Henrici et Elizabethæ Prosser sepultus fuit

27 July

Rebeka Perrett uxor Roberti Perret de Cambridge sepulta fuit

14 August

Richardus Tavenor sepultus fuit

26 [6] July

Maria uxor Edvardi Roberts sepulta fuit

12 October

Johes et Robertus filii Johis New sepult

26 [16] December

Anna New vidua sepulta fuit

20 January
[4 March]

Joanna Jenks sepulta fuit


Elizabetha Stock vidua sepulta fuit

4 [6] March

Margareta uxor Stephani Higgins sepult

10 March

Maria Hill sepulta fuit

19 March

Maria [Eizabeth] Barns de Kinsham sepult

25 [20] March



Anno Dom 1689

Elizabetha Jones sepult

17 May

Hestera Higgins de Westmancot sepult

eadem die

Daniel Walker de Kisnham sepult

14 June

Margareta Rawlins sepult

23 December

Dina Price sepult

30 January

Richardus Warder sepult

30 January

Anna Warkman de Westmancot sepult

25 February

Edwardus Palmer sepult

14 March

Thoma Symons de Mitton sepult

11 February



Anno Dom 1690

Maria uxor Ægidii Moysey de Kinsham sepult

6 April

Gulielmus filia Abrahami Milton sepult

13 April

Katherina Patshall uxor Johis Patshall sepult

27 April

Widow Haines de Norton sepult

14 July

Gulielmus Harman the son of Wm Harman de Norton sepult

10 [20] July

Samuel Clark de Breedon sepult

15 September

Johes filius Johis Hopcott sepult

2 September

Johanna Turbitt vidua sepult

30 October

Anna Tovy de Hardwick puella sepult

2 November

Elizabetha Turbitt puella sepult

7 November

Francisca Nicholls uxor Hugonis Nicholls sepult

12 November

Alicia uxor Gulielmi Mathews sepult

13 [14] November

Anna Mathews sepult

17 December

Susanna Nicholls puella sepult

17 [18] December

Johes Tovy de Hardwick sepult

16 February

Samuell Rickards de Norton sepult

14 February

Rebeka Deakin pauper sepult

26 [27] February

Elinora Tustin pauper sepult

25 January
[28 February]

Thoma Thorpe de Breedon sepult

27 January



Anno Dom 1691

Margareta Wells de Westmancott sepult

28 April

Anne Mathews de Bredon sepult

27 June

Georgius Woodhart de Hardwick parochia de Bredon sepult

28 August

Grevil the son of Mr Jon Webb Rector

2 September

Francisca filia Georgii Woodward sepult

6 September

Elizab Knight uxor Jo Knight sepult

29 September

Elizabeth Higgins sepult

1 January

John Hassard de Norton sepult

19 February

Margery Munsloe de Norton sepult

1 March





Elizabeth Hopcott

27 March

Richus Strawford fil: Rici Strawford sepult

18 April

Ann fil: Gul: Tayler was buryed

25 June

Edward George sepult [at Norton]

22 July

Richard Butler sepult

29 January

Ann King de Norton sepult [at Norton]

28 February

Richd the son of Ricd Scriven sepult

1 March

Tho: fill: Geo: Jinkins de Bredon sepult

8 March

Richus Henly sepult [at Norton]

13 March









The burials stop at this point on page 166. The burials for 1693 to 1696 are missing. The next entries are the marriages for 1604-1700 before the Burials continue on page 189.


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