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Bredon, Worcestershire

Volume 1 1559-1700

Details in red italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon.
Those in purple italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon’s Norton.


Part 15 - Burials 1641 to 1670


Anno Dni 1641

John Hapcoate buried

29 March

Mr Horniold of Bredon was buried


Richard Gorge buried

25 December

Mris Horniold wid: of Hardwick buried

6 January

Willm sonn to John Wilkes buried

10 January



Anno Dom 1642

Mrs Horniold wid: of Hardwick was buried

6 January

Willam Wilkes sonn to John Wilkes was buried

10 January

Willam Turbit buried

31 March

Thomas Forte buried

9 April

Mrs Cathren Sutton buried

11 May

Dority Gorge was buried

21 May

Isbell Turbit was buried

26 May

Anne Mason of Hardwik buried

30 May

Mr Doctor Suton somtime Rector of this Plas was buried

4 September

John Dekins buried

8 September

Thomas New buried

9 September

Mills the sonne of Richard Gandorton was buried




Anno Dom 1643

Willam Moor was buried

6 November

Jacob Pillmor was buried

12 November

Elnor Burli was buried

18 November

Elnor Mering was buried

27 November

Wid Taylor was buried

21 September

Thomas Burly was buried

17 December



Anno Domini 1642

Willam Turbitt buried

31 March

Thomas Fort was buried

9 April

Katharine wife of Willm Sutton & eldest daughter of Miles Smyth Lord Bpp of Gloucr buried

11 May

Dorothy Georg buried

21 May

Isabell Turbitt buried

26 May

Ann Mason of Hardwick buried

30 May

William Sutton Doctor of Divinity Rector of this place & sometimes Chancellor of Gloucr buried

4 September

John Deacon als Baker of Bredon buried

8 September

Thomas New buried

9 September

Miles sonn of Richard Ganderton buried

29 December



Anno Domini MDCXLIII

William Moor of Bredon buried

6 November

Jacob Palmer buried

12 November

Elinor Barloe of Bredon buried

18 November

Elinor Meering of Bredon buried

27 November

Wid: Taylor of Hardwick buried

21 September

Thomas Barloe buried

17 December

Elizabeth Lightfoot buried


Elizabeth Holdshipp buried


A poor boy buried

21 January

Thomas ye sonn of Jenkes buried

22 January

Hen Sutton Rector




Ao Dni 1645

Elizabeth daughter of George Richards gardner buried

3 October

Henry Holdship was buried

28 September

Elizabeth daughter of John Payne junr buried

31 December

Wid. Palmer of ye Downes buried


EleAñor wife of Giles Davies gent buried

26 December

Richard Rickards als Bates was buried

20 December



Ao Dom 1646

Margaret wife of Tho: Copley Sen Gent buried

25 June



Ao Dom 1647

Tho: Copley Jun Gen: buried


---- ye daughter of Geo Walton gent was buried

13 February



Anno Domini 1648

Catthren Moore bured

12 June

Joaen Deacon wid buryed

24 June

James Smith bured

27 July

William Stooke gent bured

31 July



Año: Domini 1653

Mr            Farinton was bured

28 August

Wid. Cowlborn was bured

16 September

Henery Hallon allis Micond Mioreth [?] was bured

16 October

Will the sonn of Richard Bell was bured

30 October

Thomas Lightfoot was bured

10 November

Jones Tovey was buered

3 October

Elisabeth Tayler was buered

15 January

Wid. Chantler was buered

29 January



Anno doni 1654

Anne the daughter of Charles Gines buried att Tewxbury

17 March

Anne the wife of Charles Gines buried att Tewxbury

24 March

John Watkines his childe was buered

4 May

The wife of Samuell New was buried

10 July

Aann the wif of Robard Higgins was buried

18 July

Samuell Evat a way faring woman's child was buried

19 August

Thomas Barber was buried

20 September

Grace the wif of Robert Ligfot was buried

4 September

Anne Higgins was buered

30 September

Margret Turbit wid. was buered

4 October

Elizabeth the daughter of Hendrey Suton Rector of Breedon was buered

9 October

Joan Sheply wid was buered

25 December

Darity the daughter of Wilam Hancok was buryed

23 December

Elezabeth the wife of Willam Decon was buered

15 January

Wid Athridg desesed

17 February

Mary the daughter of John Haris desesed

18 April



Anno dom 1655

William Clarke of Kingsham deceased

12 May

Margrit the wife of James Jorland [?] desesed

22 August

John Allon desed

14 September

Frances Tailor buered

16 September

Mary Egenton the daughter of Berbera Egenton was buered

1 October

Mary the daughter of Rebeckah Harpor desesed

1 October

Willam Howes desesed

29 October

Sari the daughter of Willam Roberts desesed

31 October

Wid Welily [?] desesed

8 December

John the sonn of Coppie desesed

14 December

Avis Georg the wife of Richard Georg of Norton desesed

18 December

John Rickards desesed

20 January

Wid Moyses desesed

30 January

Dorrity the wife of James Voves desesed

29 February

Margrit Higinson desed

3 March



Año dom 1656

Willam Mancell was buered

1 October

Jone Prise the wife of Georg Prise was buered

8 October

Franses Widow Hill was buered

9 October

John George desesed was buered

26 December

John Prise desesed was buered

15 December

John Reed desesed was buered

26 December



Anno dom 1657

Richard Rickards was buered

12 March

John Banbury was buered

23 April

Willam Haines desesed was buered

13 October

Wid Lighfo of Hardwick desesed

3 November

Willam Higines desesed

28 November

Peter Higinson desesed

22 November

Roberd Haines desesed

24 November

Wid Tovy desesed

2 December

George Keakes desesed

5 December

Je-- Watkines desesed

11 January

Rich: Whetell desesed

24 February

John Newman desesed

29 January

Anna the wife of Richard Ball desesed

8 February

Francis the sonne of William Ricards desesed

9 April



Anno dom 1658

Tho Parslo desesed

26 May

Ann Stanly desesed

15 March

Jo: Farly desesed

21 March



Anno dom 1659

Richard Banbury desesed

25 March

Hana Brown desesed

25 April

Katherine Horniold wid: desesed

27 July

Julian Whetell desesed

15 July

Alles Chanterill desesed

18 December

Tho Dacors [?] desesed

25 January

Mrs Elizabeth Sutton the wife of Mr Henerie Suton desesed

2 February

Thomas the sonn of Cristofor Moor of Hardwood desesed

1 March

Durkos the daughter of Richard Tovy desesed

5 March



Anno dom 1660

William the sonn of John Harris desesed

18 September

Sara the wife of Tho: Marris desesed

11 October
14 March]

Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Goosling desesed

4 March



Anno Dom: 1661 Simon Trapp, Curate

Elnor Purse ye daughter of John Purse was buried

12 October

Widdow Hopcoate of Kingsham was buried

25 [27] June

William Fort was buried

26 June

John Jenks was buried

4 July

William ye sonne of William Meares was buried

13 July

Anne ye daughter of William Dobbs was buried

18 August

Katherine the wife of John Tovey was buried

13 December

James Ireland was buried

20 December

Mris Mary Beeston ye wife of Mr Richard Beeston Clerk was buried

26 August



Anno Domini 1662

Simon Trapp, Curate


Robert Neend & Richard Tovey, Churchwardens


Ye widdow Forly was buryed

3 January

Widdow Willetts of Norton buryed

4 February

Mary Wiñall the daughter of Elizabeth Roberts buryed

23 February

Izbell Childs of Norton buryed

23 February

Mary Muchell ye wife of Ed: Muchell of Norton buryed

1 March

Elizabeth Robberts widdow buryed

5 March

Edwd Higgins buryed

6 March

Samuell Wilks was buryed then

26 March

Anchor Fort of Breedon was buryed

12 May

Elizabe ye wife of John Wilkes was buryed

25 June

Mr Simon Trapp, Curate to Dr Sutton deseased, and is interd at Stratfoard uppon Avon

26 June

John Price sone to the Widdowe Price of Hardwicke was buryed

14 July

William Jenks Carpenter sonne to Ane Jenkes the widdo of Robert Jenkes died

22 July

Jane Turbervile ye daughter of Samuell Turbervile was buryed

26 July

John the sone of John Turbet of Kinsham Iunior was buryed

2 August

Sarrah ye daughter of Georg Rickets of Bredon deceased

8 August

John New the sonne of Thomas New was baptysed and buryed

11 August

Ane Rickets the wife of George Rickets was buryed

11 August

Hanna Morgan the daughter of Ane Fisher widdoe buried

20 August

The widdoe of Thomas Price of Wessmancoate thatcher buryed

2 September

Wm ye sone of Wm Rickards was buryed

6 November

Joane the wife of Thomas Parsloe widdoe was buryed

15 [26] November

A poore man starved

25 December

John Payne Senior was buryed

7 January

Robt Forcraft [Higgins] buryed

12 February

Mary ye wife of John Bayton buried

12 February

Elizabeth ye second wife of Willm Deacon was buried

5 March

Mr Wm Trapp Curat to Dr Sutton was buried

20 March

Henry Sutton Rector


Wm Neend & Rich: Lightfoote, Churchwardens




Año Dom: 1663

Mary Hampton was buried

11 April

The wife of Tho: Milton of Westmancote was buryed

1 May

Thomas Allen was buryed

5 May

Jone the daughter of Thomas Shephley was buried

3 August

John ye sonne of John Payne was buried

21 October

Israell Stanly was buried

22 November

Joane Hale was buried

18 September

John Thornbury was buried

18 September

Simon Warder was buried

8 February

Isack James was buried

16 December

Mrs Katherine Sutton was buried

19 March



Anno dni 1664

Francis the daughter of Richard Tovey was buried

6 April

Samuell New was buried

10 April

Robert Higgins was buried

4 May

Joane the wife of John Watkins was buried

7 May

Elizabeth Cooke the daughter of William Cooke was buried

2 May

Mary wife of William Harres was buried

11 June

Jo: sonn of William Thornbury buryed

16 June

Rich Dovey bur:

12 August

Mary Turbett widd bur:

6 September

Rich Taynton bur:

30 November

Margarett Purse bur:

2 December

Lydia daughter of Rich Rickards bur:

3 December

Ann Davis widd: bur:

22 December

Joane daughter of Stephen Slattor bur:

22 January

James Dobbs bur:

3 March



Anno dni 1667

Thomas Mealing buried

22 November

Thomas Whittle & Simon Warder buried

16 December

Dorathy Warder ye wife of Simon Warder bur:

23 December



Anno dni 1668

Thomas Warder ye sonne of Simon Warder above buried

4 January

John Tovey buried

6 March
[6 November]

William Harris was buried

15 April

John Turbit was buried

1 February
[1 January]

John Mathews alias Page buried

12 August

Joane Rickards ye daughter of John Rickards bur:

3 September

Thomas Turbit buried

13 September

Richard Hyeet buried

16 October

Alice Jencks widd was buried

5 November

Thomas Blozam was buried

12 November

Francis Fell Curat Breedon sculpit




Anno dni 1669

Walter Simmons buried

12 February

William Harris the sonne of Tho: Harris was buried

28 February

John Harris Senr was buried

8 June

Sarah the wife of Robert Nend was buried

8 September

Robert Higgins was buried

21 October

Bridgett Bloxsom wife of Thomas Bloxsom was buried

1 November

Nicholas Higgins was buried

22 November

Dorathy Lightfoote was buried

8 December

Thomas New was buried

14 January



Anno dni 1670

Elizabeth Thorpe was bur:

8 May

Robt Thorpe was bur:

1 June

Elizabeth Thorpe the daughter of Thomas Thorpe was bur:

2 June

Christopher More was bur:

23 August

Tho: Horniold Esqr was bur:

28 August

Jo: Mathewes was bur:

15 December

John Ferris was bur:

26 December

Ellinor Higgins was bur:

27 January

Mary the daughter of Georg Pif






Burials 1610-1640, 1671-1692


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