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Bredon, Worcestershire

Volume 1 1559-1700

Details in red italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon.
Those in purple italics are taken from the Bishops Transcripts for Bredon’s Norton.


Part 13 – Marriages 1562-1603


These marriage entries commence on page 119 following the christenings of 1700.


Anno Doni 1562


Henry Shalie and Margaret Rayer were maryed

25 January

Clement Parker and Margaret Johnson were maryed

5 August

George Johnson and Mary Thornbury were maryed

27 August

Thomas Woodde and Margery Hyckins were maryed

5 October



Anno Doni 1563


Anthony Freeman and Joane Hopcot were maryed

12 July

Walter Ireland and Jhane Carpenter were maryed

7 October



Anno Doni 1564


John Underhill and Jane Martine were maryed

23 January

Edmonde Roberts and Margery Steephens were maryed

29 January

James Younge and Margery Arderne were maryed

31 July

James Hodgkinson and Mary Flouke were maryed

24 August

Thomas Deacon and Ann Rayer were maryed

22 October



Anno Doni 1565


Robert Bumpas and Joane Rawlinge were maryed

13 February

John Cooke and Anne Thorle were maryed

13 August

William Parsons and Katherine Stringer were maryed

24 January

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi




Anno Doni 1566


Richard Colchester and Anne Danfan were maryed

16 June



Anno Doni 1567


Thomas Ashley and Catherine Coston were maryed

6 July

Richard Myller and Anne Deacon were maryed

20 October

William George and Agnes Bumpas were maryed

7 November

Richard Hobbes and Agnes Heeks were maryed

11 November

John Cooke and Elizabethe Edwards were maryed

19 December

Franncs Wallymore and Elyoner Cooke were maryed

26 November



Anno Doni 1568


Richard Smuthe als Clarke and Margery Moris were maryed

10 October

Thomas Godbeare and Agnes Steevens were maryed

18 November



Anno Doni 1569


Richard Connde and Margart Thurle were maryed

27 January

Thomas Free and Joane Batchler were maryed

24 October

Richard London and An Deacon vid. were maryed

14 November

Henry Ricards and Alice Hopcott were maryed

23 November

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi




Anno Doni 1570


Robert Newe and Catherine Golde were maryed

15 October

John Tanner and Elyoner Davys were maryed

15 October



Anno Doni 1571


Edward and Margery Harrington were maryed

18 July

Thomas Higgins and Alice Ellyns were maryed

4 November



Anno Doni 1572




Anno Doni 1573


Richard Pengrye and Joyse Hundye were maryed

26 January

Thomas Sowley and Syble Rayer were maryed

3 February

Richard Higgins and Agnes Clarke were maryed

10 July

John Hazard and Anne Brooke were maryed

25 October



Anno Doni 1574


Henry Abell and Eliabeth Turbett were maryed

4 July

John Myles and Joyse Corbett were maryed

10 October

Nicholas Atkinson and Alice Greenway were maryed

4 November

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi


John Tusten and Joane Deacon were maryed

21 November



Anno Doni 1575


Edward Steephens and Anne Greenway were maryed

18 June

John Higginson and Alice Charlet were maryed

30 October

William Greenway and                             were maryed

6 November



Anno Doni 1576


Thomas Bumpas and Johane Pearks were maryed

13 September

Edmonde Thornbury and Margaret Deacon were maryed

14 January



Anno Doni 1577


George Lightfoote and Joane Ricards were maryed

11 August

Robert Higgins and Elizabeth Roberts were maryed

14 October

Robt Corbett and Elizabeth Avys were maryed

27 October



Anno Doni 1578


Thomas Dunne and Joane Clifford were maryed

10 June

Edward Stratford and Alice Rayer were maryed

14 July



Anno Doni 1579


Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi


Thomas Hapcott and Elizabeth Abell were maryed

4 May

Roger Bevan and Elyoner Coale were maryed

9 May

John Tayler and Elyoner            were maryed

12 July

Robt Moore and Joane Higgins were maryed

14 January

John Allens and Johane Williams were maryed

30 January



Anno Doni 1580


John Turbet and Syble Deacon were maryed

28 April

Richard Pynnocke and Elizabeth Hapcott were maryed

25 July

John Cooke & Elizabeth Edwards were maryed

19 September

William Werood[?] and Elizabeth Pick were maryed

9 November



Anno Doni 1581


Nicholas Shilton and Joane Russell were maryed

5 February



Anno Doni 1582


in this yeare none were maryed




Anno Doni 1583


Robt Cleamance and Katherine Cowper were maryed

1 May

William Mylton and Joyse Deacon were maryed

7 October

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi


Thomas Higgins and Anne Mayde were maryed

24 October

Thomas Deacons and Alice Lightfoote were maryed

9 February



Anno Doni 1584


Thomas Penne and Agnes London were maryed

26 July

William Waltears [?] and Joane Higgins were maryed

29 October



Anno Doni 1585


Willm Walker als Woodcock of Hanley and Alice Higgins were maryed

8 August

John Smyth alias George and Joyse Steyte were maryed

23 October

John Hart and Elizabeth Wells were maryed

27 October

John Greene and Anne Godbeare were maryed

4 November

John Barlowe and Margaret Buttle were maryed

29 January



Anno Doni 1586


George Greeneway and Elizabeth Harris were maryed

die nic co [?]

John Hopcott and Alice Steevens were maryed

8 August

George Tayler and Joane Bickerstaffe were maryed

31 October

James Higginson and Elizabeth Flowke were maryed

26 November

Thomas Lytherham & Alice Hill were maryed

30 January

John Hill and Anne Lytherham were maryed

30 January

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi




Anno Doni 1587


Thomas Willis and Margery Woodding were maryed

24 April

Anthony Whittle and Joane Higgins were maryed

30 April

Richard Tusten and Joane Smyth als George were maryed

29 July

Richard Symons and Jane Danur [?] were maryed

30 October

John Morgan and Mary Godbeare were maryed

11 September



Anno Doni 1588


Robt Higgins and Margery Lea were maryed

12 January

Robt Ricards and Elizabeth Steevens were maryed

16 January



Anno Doni 1589


Henry Fleetwoodd and Margaret Fisher were maryed

6 April

Robt Freeman & Elizabeth Robts alias Boultons were maryed

27 July

Thomas Fisher and Frances Pinchin were maryed

9 October

George Robts als Boultons and Alice Ward were maryed

20 October

William Parker and Mary Cooke were maryed

23 October

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi


John George and Anne Lightfoote were maryed

26 October

Robt Freeman and Elyoner Greeneway were maryed

8 February



Anno Doni 1590


Thomas Lightfoote and Margaret Fisher were maryed

26 November

Nicholas Turbitt and Joane Lightfoote were maryed

30 November

William Sermand and Margery Lightfoote were maryed

27 December



Anno Doni 1591


Thomas Kinne and Xipian Roberts were maryed

22 January

Robert Bullingham and Alice Moses were maryed

23 January



Anno Doni 1592


John Moles and Frances Badger were maryed

15 June

John Lowe and Alice Higgins were maryed

19 June

John Cooke and Alice Robts als Boultons were maryed

2 December

Richard Yarington and Margery Jencks were maryed

27 January

Edward Robts and Anne Whittle were maryed

31 January

Robert Corbett & Joane Norris were maryed

1 February

Thomas Jencks and Agnes Bumpas were maryed

11 February

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi




Anno Doni 1593


John Baugh gent and Elyoner Coppley gent were maryed

12 January

Thomas Heminge and Joane Tustian were maried

26 January



Anno Doni 1594


Hughe Price and Elyoner Sheriffe were maryed

13 April

Richard Yearow and Margery Davye were maried at Mitton

23 May

John Harris and Izabell Lightfoote were maryed

13 February

George Smythe and Joane Kinge were maryed

3 March



Anno Doni 1595


William Small and Joyse Bumpas were maryed

6 October



Anno Doni 1596


John Bumpas and Alice Teffe were maried

20 November

William Coppley gent and Anne Playdell gent the eldest daughter of John Playdell Esquier and Elizabethe his wiefe late of Chippinge Farrington in the Countie of Berks were maryed

5 January

William Hatche and Margaret Turner were maryed

3 February

George Lightfoot and Catherine Davys were married

7 February

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Smythe & Willims Higgins Gardi




Anno Doni 1597


Richard Linsey and Elizabeth Warce [?] were maryed

15 October

Richard Mearinge and Elizabeth Greenway were maryed

16 January



Anno Doni 1598


John Orredge and Syble Evatts were maryed

21 September

Thomas Holder and Anne Heeks were maryed

23 October

Henry Hopkins & Elizabethe Lea were maryed

29 January



Anno Doni 1599


Willm Childe gent and Katherine Coventry gent maryed

21 January



Anno Doni 1600


Richard Whittle and Margery Palmer were maryed

14 June



Año dni 1602


Richard Simons and Joyce Davis were maried

1 July

Robert Greneway and Marger… Grindle maried

25 November



Año dni 1603


John Woodward & Jone Heyck maried

15 October

Thomas Holder & Elizabeth Haynes mar:

22 October

Henry Lane & Isabel Lightfoot mar:

4 March

Thomas Nutte, Rector


Georgius Lightfoot & Roger Phillips Gardiani



These entries end on page 128.  The Burials for 1610 recommence on page 129.


The remaining marriages are on pages 167-188 of the register.


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