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Rebecca Woolsey 1772 - 1819

Provided by Steven Alsip

REBECCA WOOLSEY ( ZEPHANIAH 6 , JOHN II 5 , JOHN 4 , GEORGE "JORIS" 3 , GEORGE SR 2 , WILLIAM 1 WOLSEY ) was born October 27, 1772 in NY - Ulster County, and died Bef. 1819 in TN. She married JOHN SR HUBBS October 05, 1795 in TN - Greene County. He was born December 25, 1763 in SC - Hanging Rock, Edgefield, and died September 12, 1844 in TN - Union.

John Hubbs
The 13-Year-Old Soldier

Record #1150 "Greene County, Tennessee Marriages, 1738-1868" compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner - Witnesses: Stephen Woolsey

Burial: TN - Luttrell, Union - Clear Branch Cemetery
Fact 6: Died at son John's home in Union, Tennessee
Military: American Revolutionary War - Private in Capt. James Carson's Company, Col. Pickens South Carolina Regiment

The will of John Hubbs is at Grainger County, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1844, Vol. 2, pages 328-330.

The following from "Frost and Llied Families - microfilm access #452:
Most of Rebecca's children were born at Raccoon Valley in the northern part of Knox County, Tenn. There were John, Willis, Joshua, Stephen, Rutha, Sally, Polly, and Rachel. It was said that Rebecca died at the birth of a son, which was likely Stephen, born between 1815 and 1820...age 52 in 1850 census, Knox County, KY.

The will of John Hubbs is at Grainger County, Tenn., Oct. 22, 1844, Vol. 2, pages 328-330.

John was known to drive cattle from South Carolina to Greeneville, Tenn., at Camp Creek in Greene County, about 15 miles east of Greeneville, Zephaniah Woolsey, Johns father-in-law to be had settled. John was staying with son John Jr., at the time of his death.

John was a Revolutionary War Veteran. His enlistment papers stated that his birth was between 25-31 of Dec., 1763, near Hanging Rock, S.C. Hanging Rock is located today in Kershaw County and Lancaster County. He served as a Private in Capt. James Carson's Company, Col. Pickens South Carolina Regiment and stated that he seldom left the area during service.

1781 Was living at Old District 96, S.C., where Edgefield County was formed in 1785.
1783 March 16, South Carolina, indented for service a certificate to John Hubbs, for sum of 16 pounds, 11 shillings, 5 pence, for military duty.
1786 June 17, John bought 297 acres (no deed found); State Land Grants, S.C. Aug. 7, 1786 bought 250 acres in district 96 on waters of Big Saluda River.
1797 Bought 123 acres of land in Racoon Valley, Knox County, Tenn.
1798 June 1, bout 450 acres from state of South Carolina on Saluda River, District 96.
1807 John sold his land in Raccoon Valley and bought several tracts of land on Flat Creek in Cedar Ford ( Knox County - now Union County, Tenn.) the family came and lived...five, six or even seven generations. In fact, some are still there. Many are buried in the John Hubbs graveyard on the side of the hill near Cedar Ford.
1832 John was in Knox County, Ky. William, Stephen and Sally were also living there. March 24 he applied for pension for Revolutionary War Service and was granted $20, starting March 4, 1831.
1840 Grainger County, Tenn., census - John was living with son William.
1841 March 4, Revolutionary War pension transferred to Pension Office at Knoxville, TN, before this it went to Barbourville, Knox, Ky.
1843 Will, Sept. 18, 1843, leaving $1.00 each in addition to what else they got, to 8 children, William, Stephen, Willis, Joshua, Rutha, Sally, Polly, Rachel - 4 children by third wife, Dorcas, James, Hugh, Martin, $1.00 each, in addition to what they got after their mothers death. Lastly, John Jr. got the remainder of the property. (All personal and slave property) as he owned no real property by this time.
1844 Died at John Jr's home at Luttrell, Grainger County (no Union County), Tenn.
1853 Widow Mary applied for his pension - granted October of 1853.

Souce of information: Steven Alsip who wrote the following:
Many documents were used in this research...Most were published in Ruth Gibbs Hart's Book "Descendants of John Hubbs 1763-1991 & Allied Families - Terrells, Grant's, Floyd's, Mackey's, and Warfield's". I, S.H. Alsip was listed with David Grant and several others in the dedication, and was given due credit for my research. I will not attempt to list all documents used here - April 25, 1993.

The following is copied from an e-mail received Dec. 30, 1997, from Robert Hubbs, DOB 9/27/1959, a descendent of John Hubbs Sr. His great-great-grandfather was Maynard Hubbs of Union County, Tenn. He was requesting information in regards to the origins of the Hubbs family.

"I have a copy of John Hubbs Sr's military pension and some other paperwork that indicates his service in the Revolutionary war. I have John Hubbs's date of birth of DECEMBER 25 - 30 1763 in Edgefield County S.C. near Hanging Rock S.C. Also, if you have not been to the old family grave yard where he is at rest you should see it - it is interesting.

Also, Cedar Ford Church, Luttrel, Tn. suppposedly has his photograph in the front vestible. I make the assumption that if this is his photo, it must have been taken in the 1840's. John Sr. donated the property where the church sits. His photo shows him sitting with his last wife, I assume Mary "Polly" Hubbs (my Grandmother). He has white hair and a long beard.

I also have some copies of some paperwork that has information about your side of the family. From looking in the paperwork that I have, John Hubbs Jr. married Nancy Hill 8/8/1822 DOB (9/17/1803 to 8/6/1871)in Grainger Co. Tn by Justice of the Peace Martin Cleveland. There is more information, I'm sure, and the Ferol Frost side of the family has put together a book about your side of the family. It is located in the Knox County Library.

I also have some more uncertain documentation that runs the family tree back to the 1624 Gloucester, England. The line goes from Robert Hubbs 1624-1706 Alexander Hubbs (1653-1728) Charles Hubbs (1710 - ?) and Samuel Hubbs (1737 - 1805) Samuel Hubbs is supposed to be John Hubbs Sr's father. There is a Jacob Hubbs who could be John's older brother (by one year) 10/30/1762. I have a news story on Jacob Hubbs written from The Evening Post Louisville, KY Saturday June 29, 1901. This story chronicles Jacob's career as a pioneer exploring with Daniel Boone, fighting Indians, Revolutionary War service and so on. In the story there is a paragraph about his father "Captain Samuel Hubbs". who was a favorite of King George III who was accompanied by his wife and two sons. He was given an entire square in ****bay, NY. However, when he arrived he found that it had been built on by other settlers. They migrated around after this.

Jacob Hubbs was born in Nova Scotia and John in S.C. I have a copy of a letter dated December 22, 1930 concerning John Hubbs Jr. It is written to "J.D." I'm assuming J.D. Hubbs. It references John Hubbs Jr. along with my grandfather James Hubbs. Apparently this letter is to one of Paris Hubbs' brothers children. Confused ? It says "your father had five children, Viz; Andy, Columbus, F.G. Hubbs, J.D. Hubbs and one daughter, Mrs. W.R. Atkins. F.G. Hubbs died recently."

Oh well, it is a interesting investigation at best. I just wanted to know the country of origin. If King George III indeed gave a land grant to our family they may have been German since King George was. He was known to care of all his German connections. I also have another letter about a connection to Yorkshire, England. This letter says the name of Hubbs was probably HOBBES and eludes to the famous English Philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

I hope this has helped you. Let me know if you find out anything interesting. A lot of what I have maybe wishful thinking by past genology hunters. The letters are old but I don't attest to their authenticity. - Robert Hubbs <>

From: - Date: Sunday, May 31, 1998 5:02 PM
I am researching the Hubbs family name. Can you tell me about your family. Where you come from? Anything you can tell will be appreciated.

From: Wilford W. Whitaker - Sent: Saturday, May 08, 1999 2:24 PM
Subject: Mary and Rebecca Woolsey
I just completed some interesting research in Jamaica, Long Island, New York, records. Found more on the DEANS, DENTONS and HALLETS. Also, there is a GILDERSLEEVE family in Jamaica records, as well as a JOHN HUBBS, early.

  1. MARY "POLLY"7 HUBBS , b. Abt. 1796, TN; m. JOHN GARRISON , October 04, 1815, TN - Knox County. John Garrison was in Knox County, Tenn., Oct. 1, 1818, to marry Polly and take her back to Indiana.

  2. STEPHEN HUBBS , b. Abt. 1798, TN; d. Bef. August 1864, KY - Flat Creek, Knox; m. ELIZABETH TERRELL , July 06, 1819, KY - Knox County; b. 1800, NC; d. Aft. 1880, KY - Flat Creek, Knox. Stephen and Elizabeth are buried in Hubbs Cemetery, Flat Creek, Knox, KY. Census records of Knox County, Kentucky for the years 1820 through 1880 show this family living in Knox County, Ky. In 1864 Stephen's estate was divided into 8 parts - note that the 1840 census lists nine children.

  3. JOHN JR HUBBS , b. July 14, 1800, TN - Luttrell, Union; d. March 17, 1877, TN - Luttrell, Union; m. (1) UNKNOWN KITTS ; m. (2) NANCY HILL , August 08, 1822, TN - Grainger County; b. September 17, 1803, VA; d. August 06, 1871. John and Nancy Hill Hubbs are buried in Hubbs Cemetery, Cedar Ford/Lutteral, Union, TN. 1830, John was in Grainger County, TN, 1860, John was in Union County, TN., through 1870

  4. WILLIS HUBBS , b. April 13, 1801, IN - Orange County; d. December 23, 1881, IL - Prentice ( West), Morgan; m. ELIZABETH RUTHERFORD , October 01, 1818, TN - Knox County; b. December 17, 1801, TN; d. January 08, 1870, IL - Prentice, Morgan. Willia and Elizabeth are buried in Berea Cemetery, Morgan, IL.
    Willis was raised in Racoon Valley, just north of Knoxville, Tenn., until the age of 7 when the family moved to Flat Creek, Knox County (later Union County), Tenn.
    At the age of 15 he went to Indiana. According to Ruth Gibbs Hart's book, she said he probably went with his older sister Polly and her husband John Garrison.
    Willis married for a second time but wife is unknown.

  5. JOSHUA HUBBS , b. October 07, 1802, TN - Racoon Valley, Knox; d. August 03, 1866, IN - French Lick, Orange; m. SARAH HARMON , February 13, 1823, IN - Orange County; b. January 05, 1804, KY - Nelson County; d. August 20, 1895. Joshua and Sarah Harmon Hubbs are buried in Cane Creek Cemetery, French Lick, Orange, IN. French Lick is near Paoli, Orange, Indiana, in Jackson Township. The Cane Creek Christian Church (Camelite) was organized in 1825. Joshua and wife were very prominent in this project.

  6. SARAH HUBBS , b. September 05, 1805, TN - Racoon Valley, Knox; d. November 30, 1888, KY - Little Indian Creek, Knox; m. SOLOMON JR TERRELL , August 03, 1821, TN - Knox County; b. June 04, 1801, NC; d. December 31, 1866, KY - Little Indian Creek, Knox. Solomon and Sarah Hubbs Terrell are buried in the warfield-Terrell Cemetery, Little Indian Creek, Knox County, KY
    Sarah parents moved from Racon Valley area about 1809 to Flat Creek area of Knox County, Tenn., (later became Union County, Tenn.). This is where Sarah Hubbs grew up. Sarah and brother Stephen married a brother and sister from the Terrell family of Knox County, Kentucky, Knox County, Ky.

    The Solomon Terrell family is shown living in Knox County, Ky., in the 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 1870 and 1880 Knox County census.
    According to court records, Sarah was living with daughter Nancy and husband William in 1870 and 1880.
    Steven Alsip has copies of their marriage certificate from Knox County, Tenn.
    Reed and Karen Cooper replaced Sol and Sally's old headstones with new ones.

    Jan. 24, 1826, Solomon bought 75 acres at $150 each from his parents. They were located on West Fork of Indian Creek, near mouth of Fork in Knox County, Ky. This was the lower end of the 255 acres that Solomon Sr., was living on.

    Aug 26, 1839, Solomon and brother Hezekiah bought 3 parcels of land from Giles Parman, located on the Cumberland River and mouth of Flat Creek, Knox County, Ky. Note that Parman's wife was a Woolsey. They were from Greene County, Tenn., where Sarah Hubbs Terrell's mother was from. At this time Solomon and Sarah moved from the Little Indian Creek, Knox County, Ky., to Flat Creek, Knox County, Ky. This was near the Cumberland River.

    Aug. 9, 1848, Solomon received land parcel of 50 acres, later another 40 acres and another 30 acres from the State of Kentucky, dated Oct. 2, 1860.

    July 9, 1867, Solomon's son William, bought interest of other heirs, in his entire estate. William Terrell and wife Nancy Jane Mackey Terrell moved their family inot the "old homeplace" on Flat Cree, Knox County, Ky. This was very near the Whitley and Knox Counties line. They took care of Sarah-Sally Hubbs Terrell the remainder of her days. She died there County

    Land Warrents, Knox County, Ky., Court order #12190; Document #1, 100 acres, entry #901, Oct. 21, 1846.
    Document #2, 50 ACRES, Issued Aug. 9, 1848 #12190, Survey, Dec. 6, 1846, located on Flat Creek Knox County, Ky.
    Document #3, Land Grant, Court Order #12190, Book 24, Page 351. 50 acres (above mentioned land)
    *******Thanks to Ruth Hart and Karen Cooper, I have copies of land transactions.*

    Land Warrents, Knox County, Ky. (Not located in Frankfort?)
    Document #1, 35 acres, Flat Creek, Knox County, Ky., received May 28, 1860.
    Document #2, same 35 acres, Knox County, Ky. #33111
    Land Warrents, Knox County, Ky., Order #33110. Nov. 1859, survey ordered.
    Document #2, 40 Acres issued, Oct. 2, 1860 #33110.
    Document #3, Land Grant, 40 acres, Knox County, Ky., #33110, Book 59, Page 432.

  7. RUTHA HUBBS , b. Abt. 1808, KY - Knox County; d. 1871, MO - Livingston County; m. THOMAS WOOLSEY , August 11, 1830, TN - Knox County; b. February 15, 1808, TN - Greene County; d. June 19, 1864, MO - Green Township, Livingston. Rutha is buried in Livingston County, MO. Religion: Baptist
    1850 October 12, Livingston, MO - Dist 51, 609/609
    Thos Wolsey, 43, m, farmer, $425, TN
    Ruth Wolsey, 43, f, TN
    Mills Wolsey, 18, m, farmer, TN, dumb
    Stephen M Wolsey, 17, farmer, TN
    Minerva Wolsey, 16, f, TN
    Almeata (Almeda?) Wolsey, 11, f, MO
    Hiram Wolsey, 6, m, MO
    John Wolsey, 5, m, MO (twin) (son of Giles & Rachel Hubbs Woolsey, they both died before 1950)
    Permelia A Wolsey, 5, f, MO (twin) (dau of Giles & Rachel Hubbs Woolsey, they both died before 1950)

    Thomas and wife Rutha were first cousins. Thomas owned land next to his brother Giles, Sec. 12 of Caldwell County, Mo. Thomas and Giles wives were sisters. Brother Stephen owned property Sec. 1, Caldwell County, in the same area as Thomas and also brother Giles.

  8. RACHEL HUBBS , b. Abt. 1810, TN - Flat Creek, Knox; d. July 29, 1846, MO - Livingston County; m. GILES W WOOLSEY , August 22, 1830, TN - Greene County; b. April 28, 1810, TN - Washington County; d. October 03, 1845, MO - DeKalb County. Rachel died during cholera epidemic of 1845-1850 and was cremated.
    Note: Estate settlement for Rachel was in Livingston County, Missouri, includes casket expense ... July 29, 1846.
    Rachel had an estate probated on 3 Aug 1846 in Livingston co , MO.65 She has reference number 90-8.
    surname also seen as HOBBS
    CORR: Steven Alsip of Corbin, KY; and Frost and Allied Families - microfilm access #452
    Giles and wife Rachel were first cousins. Giles and his parents left Tennessee about 1834 to settle in first in Caldwell County, Missouri and then he bought 80 acres June 29, 1835 - Sec. 7, Twp. 57, Range 25, in Livingston County, Mo. next to Rachel's Uncle Nehemiah Woosley, in Ray-Carroll counties.

    Brother Thomas had land next to Giles., and then later in Ray County (this section of land they owned later became part of Carroll County). Giles was a Baptist and a farmer. and Livingston County, Mo.,
    Land: 80 acres in Missouri, June 29, 1835 - Section 7, Twp. 57, Range 25, Livingston County, Mo., His brother Thomas had land next door. He married Rachel's sister. His land was in Section 12 of Caldwell County, Mo., Next to another brother, Stephen, at Section 1 of Caldwell County. He first married Libby Ann Hubbs, Rachel's niece. Another brother, William, bought land in section 1 of Caldwell County. They all registered their land on June 29, 1835 at Lexington, Mo., sold 3 strips of land in 1843-1844, Livingston County, Mo.

    This family information may not be complete. We believe that Giles was a veteran of the War of 1812.

    1999 April 7 from Wilford W. Whitaker
    Will of Giles Woolsey (abstract) - Probate - Livingston Co., MO WILLS Box # 3040 Rachel, admtx - Bond given 3 Aug 1845. Thomas, Anidi, Richard, Susan, Granville, John, and Pernelia Frances.

    2005 Nov 21 from Wilford Whitaker
    To interested Woolsey Family Members: I have seen the name as Enigida, Engida, and Angeda. Is it too much of a stretch to make Angelina from that? I guess my question is: Could Angelina Woolsey and Engida Woolsey be one and the same person??


    Giles Woolsey was born on 28 Apr 1810 in Washington Co., Tennessee. He died on 3 Oct 1845 in DeKalb Co, Missouri. Parents: Gilbert Woolsey and Abigail Mackey Woolsey. Spouse: Rachel Hubbs. Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs were married on 22 Aug 1830 in Greene Co, Tennessee. The following children of Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs are given:

    01. Infant Woolsey was born between 1830 and 1835. Infant Woolsey died before 1840. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs.
    02. Angelina Woolsey was born about 1836 in Missouri. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs. Spouse: Levi Jennings. Children were: John Jennings, William Jennings, Ira Jennings. [Note by www: Angelina Woolsey was the 2nd wife of Levi Jennings.]
    02A. Levi Jennings and Elizabeth Woolsey were married on 26 Feb 1843 in Mooresville (Green twp.), Livingston, Missouri. Elizabeth Woolsey was born about 1826 in Tennessee. (parents not given) Children were Mary E., Syrenus, Rachel E., Amanda. [Note by www: This Elizabeth, also known as Mary, could be the daughter of Gilbert Woolsey and Abigail Woolsey, possibly Mary Caroline Woolsey b 9 Oct 1826 in TN & d bef 18 Apr 1862 in Atchison Co, MO. ?? ]
    03. Engida Woolsey was born about 1837 in Mooresville (Green Twp), Livingston, Missouri. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs. [Note by www: Does anyone have the Woolsey marriages from Davies Co, MO? I have a reference possibly to a marriage by Engida there??]
    04. Richard Marion Woolsey was born about 1840 in Missouri. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs. [Note by www: Richard M. Woolsey married 22 Mar 1860 in Atchinson Co, MO to Sarah Ellen Russell - He was in the Civil War.]
    06. Susan Woolsey was born about 1840 in Livingston Co, Missouri. She died about 1866 in Atchison Co, Missouri. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs. [Note by www: Susan Woolsey md George Washington Woolsey] [Note by www: 4 child.]
    06. Granville Woolsey was born on 16 Dec 1843 in Mooresville (Green Twp), Livingston, Missouri. He died on 22 Oct 1889 in Atchison Co, Missouri. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel hubbs. Spouse: Mary McKee. [Note by www: 3 children]
    07. John Woolsey was born on 22 Aug 1845 in Mooresville (Green twp), Livingston, Missouri. The birth date given in GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN (22 Aug 1844) conflicts with the 1850 Federal Census of Livingston County, Missouri, p. 88, which identifies John and Permelia Woolsey, "twins," age 5. It also conflicts with HISTORY OF HOLT AND ATCHISON COUNTIES, MISSOURI (1872), p. 941: "John Woolsey .. born 22 Aug 1845 in Livingston Co, Missouri, son of Giles and Rachel HOBBS Woolsey who were natives of Tennessee. There were eight children in his father's family, the last two being twins. his parents died when he was young and he was raised an orphan. In 1859 he came to Atchison County and settled five miles south of Hamburg, Iowa. He married 28 Jul 1870 to Miss Rachel E. McKee." He died on 26 Apr 1889 in Tarkio, Atchison, Missouri. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs. Spouse: Rachel E. McKee. John Woolsey and Rachel E. McKee were married on 28 Jul 1870. Children were:
    Laura A. Woolsey, John W. Woolsey. [Note by www: The father, John W. Woolsey was in the Civil War. - 9 children]
    08. Permelia Frances Woolsey was born on 22 Aug 1845 in Mooresville (Green Twp), Livingston, Missouri. She died before 1865. Parents: Giles Woolsey and Rachel Hubbs. Spouse: Joshua Gann. Joshua Gann and Permelia Frances Woolsey were married on 16 Dec 1859 in Livingston Co, Missouri. [Note by www: I don't have any children for this couple. Did they have children?]

    On 19 Nov 2005 Bette Sweet <>sent me (Wilford Whitaker) the following:
    Giles Woolsey, Thomas and Stephen Woolsey were brothers to my gg grandfather Nehemiah Cardinal Woolsey. They are the siblings of Gilbert and Abigail Woolsey. During the cholera epidemic of 1845-1850, Giles and his wife Rachel Hubbs died. He died 3 Oct 1845 and his wife on 29 Jul 1846. Their children were placed with family. I think that the middle name for Richard is Marion [note by www: I had read the census record as "Marun" but Marion makes more sense.] and I have his sister's name spelled Engida. The other children were Angelina, Granville, John, Permelia Frances and an infant. (Source for name of children, "Mooresville Pioneers).

    2005 Nov 22 from Wilford Whitaker:
    Va Buchanan sent me the following address for Davies County, MO MARRIAGES:
    Daviess County, Missouri, Marriages 1837-1893 where we can find the following:
    M. C. Blakely married 10 May 1856 to Andeline Woolsey
    Could this be the same as Angelina Woolsey? or Angeda Woolsey or Engida Woolsey?
    What happened to this Blakely family?

    2005 Nov 28 from Wilford Whitaker:
    Giles Woolsey and Abigail Woolsey (both died by 1845) had the following children:
    01. Anidi (Engida/Angie?) living in 1850 with Stephen M. and Abigail Woolsey.
    02. Richard Woolsey living in 1850 with Stephen M. and Abigail Woolsey.
    03. Susan Woolsey living in 1850 & 1860 with Gilbert and Abigail Woolsey
    04. Granville Woolsey living in 1850 & 1860 with Gilbert and Abigail Woolsey
    05. John Woolsey living in 1850 with Thomas and Ruth Woolsey
    06. Pernelia Frances W. living in 1850 with Thomas and Ruth Woolsey

    1850 August 26, Caldwell, MO - Dist 11, 4/4, living next door to brother Nehemiah
    Stephen Woolsey, 37, md, farmer, $1,000, teamster
    Abagal Woolsey, 37, f, MO
    Amanda Woolsey, 6, f, MO
    Maria Woolsey, 4, f, MO
    Humphrey Woolsey, 3/12, m, MO
    Engida Woolsey, 13, f, MO (daug of Giles W & Rachel Hubbs Woolsey who both died before 1850)
    Richard Woosley 10, m, MO (possible of of Giles W & Rachel Hubbs Woolsey)

    More About GILES W WOOLSEY:
    Death Comment: Died during cholera epidemic of 1845-1850
    Family Researcher: Bette Sweet <>

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