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Descendants and Related Photos 

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 From Linda Kinney

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Shown are Gerrit Woodworth's children Helen, Ree, Frank, Frances, and Jean (Linda's grandmother) Photo taken in Shaker Heights, Ohio at Frances Woodworth Howell’s house, April 1954.

LINE: Walter, Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, Lemuel, Joseph, Erastus, Benjamin, Gerrit (father of the children in the picture)

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From Glenn C. Wagner


Glenn's great grandfather Glenn Woodworth at age 16 and his younger sister Clara at age 14.  Picture was taken in 1911 in Illinois

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From Jeanne Holmes

Jeanne's grandfather Ward Woodworth is on the far right.  On the back of the picture is written "Woodworth Clan".  Ward's line is Walter1 >Benjamin2>
Caleb3> Gershom4> Samuel5> George W.6 (page 331 of  JWB book)>
 Dr. John Danforth Woodworth7> Ward Wesley Woodworth.   As this is a Woodworth Clan, Ward's father is near the center, and the elderly matriarch in middle must be Mrs. George W. (Elizabeth McIntosh) Woodworth

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From Valerie Pettovello

This was provided by a relative and includes ed the heading "The Woodworth- Smith family".  My guess it is close to 1910. My grandmother (Ruth Smith) looks to be in her teens and she was born in 1894. She is on the far left in the middle row.  The family line is:
Walter 1612
Joseph 1645 (Sarah Stockbridge)
Joseph 1670 (Rebeccs Tarbox)
Joseph 1696 (Ann Manchester)
Lemuel 1735 (Elizabeth Hunt)
Joseph 1758 (Sally Gould)
Luther 1780 (Nancy Couse)
Luther Gould 1810 (Harriet Downer)
Hiram G 1835 (Sarah Elliot)
Cora Woodworth December 31, 1865 (married Frank Willard Smith) my great-grandmother
Ruth Smith 1894 (married Thomas Gougherty) my grandmother
Katherine Gougherty 1937 (married Louis Abalos) my mother
Valerie Abalos 1961 (married Edward Pettovello)

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