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Descendants and Related Photos 

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From Janice King 

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 Thomas Harkey Woodworth b1822, with sons Walter Lee, Phil, Kelso, and with other relatives.  For "who's who", click here:oldest-pic-index.jpg (113979 bytes)
LINE: Walter/Isaac/Daniel/Benjamin/Roswell/Roswell/Nathan/Thomas

oldestpicweb.jpg (148549 bytes)

Some of the children of Walter Lee Woodworth, Sr.     Picture about 1937
For "who's who": 6w-index.jpg (65289 bytes) 

JakeW.jpg (92248 bytes)

L to R:  Jackie Strahan, Jerry King (Janice King's husband), and Walter Lee Woodworth II 

3boysoncar.jpg (47796 bytes)

 Walter Lee Woodworth, Sr's extended family.  Picture taken about 1937. 

 For "who's who":  10w-index.jpg (95965 bytes)        

jakeW10people.jpg (95537 bytes)

Walter Lee Woodworth, Sr  1890 - 1986
LINE: Walter/Isaac/Daniel/Benjamin/Roswell/Roswell/Nathan/Thomas/Walter

WalterLeeSr.jpg (70020 bytes)

Eldon King & wife Bonnie (Woodworth), daughter of 
Walter Lee Woodworth, Sr.
LINE: Walter/Isaac/Daniel/Benjamin/Roswell/Roswell/Nathan/Thomas/Walter/Bonnie
Some grandchildren of Bonnie Woodworth 3boys.jpg (59769 bytes)

EldonBonnie.jpg (39993 bytes)

From wedding in 1969:
L to R:  *Phyllis (King) Hogan, Janice King (wife of Jerry), *Jerry King, & Eldon King (Jerry's father)..   
*Children of Bonnie Woodworth, a daughter of Walter Woodworth, Sr.

4kings.jpg (81766 bytes)

Jerry King, son of Bonnie (Woodworth) King, and wife Janice.   1987

jerrrynjan.jpg (63832 bytes)

Walter Lee Woodworth III.  Died in car wreck, as did Walter II earlier.

walt3.jpg (30476 bytes)

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From Paul Davis

( Believed to be) William S. Woodworth, b July 1868, with son-in-law Paul Ellsworth.

Line:  Walter/Benjamin/Caleb/William/Gershom/Arden/John/William

WilliamWoodworthcropped.jpg (135951 bytes)
Issac R. Woodworth, born May 1894, eldest son of William S. Woodworth and brother of Merian E. Woodworth.  Shown here with his round house gang at the Lehigh Valley Rail Road shops, Sayre, PA. IssacWoodworthRR-Pic.JPG (218661 bytes)
Isaac R. Woodworth in 1956, with wife Hattie (Randolph) Woodworth, and great niece Denise A. Davis.  Date 1956.

Line:  Walter/Benjamin/Caleb/William/Gershom/Arden/John/William/Isaac

UncleIke2.JPG (59632 bytes)
Dorothy and Louise Woodworth, daughters of William S. Woodworth, with their niece Merian Pauline Ellsworth, daughter of Merian E. (Woodworth) Ellsworth.  Date about 1922. Dorothy&LouiseWoodworth.jpg (116314 bytes)
Merian E. (Woodworth) Ellsworth, daughter of William S. Woodworth, with daughter Merian Pauline (Ellsworth) Davis.  Picture taken in 1917. MerianEWoodworth& Pauline.jpg (79660 bytes)
Same as above.  Also taken in 1917. MerianEWoodworth.jpg (54241 bytes)
Again, Merian E. (Woodworth) Ellsworth Burns (remarried), in 1963. MerianE.WoodworthEllsworth.jpg (32934 bytes)

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