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Descendants and Related Photos 

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From Cathy Baker

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 Jasper Woodworth and family gathering, about 1911.
For a cross-reference to names, click on the following thumbnails:
Numbered photo: PHOTO35nrs.jpg (77101 bytes)   Cross ref list pg 1: PHOTO36listpg1of2.jpg (79390 bytes) pg 2: PHOTO37listpg2of2.jpg (88637 bytes)
Cathy Baker's grandmother Lois is #26, who is the small girl standing
 at the left elbow of the man sitting in the front row.
Jasper is last row, 2nd from right, holding child.
Line: Walter/Benjamin/Ebenezer/Eliphalet/Eliphalet/Jasper/Asahel/Jasper

Photo38adjust.jpg (330293 bytes)

  Jasper Woodworth and family, some time after1912.
Front row, L to R: Frank Henry (Pink), Melissa, Jasper, Ida, Andrew
Back row: Susie, Emmajane, Lucy, John Alonzo, Anne, William, Minnie,
Charles Sherman, Hilah Ellen, Pearl

Photo20adjust.jpg (235445 bytes)

John and Mary Lida Woodworth - wedding day 1901

PHOTO9adjust.jpg (51066 bytes)

John Woodworth, Jr, 1915

PHOTO16adjust.jpg (52594 bytes)

John Woodworth, Jr at age 5 in 1920

PHOTO15adjust.jpg (22612 bytes)

John Woodworth Jr. with his mother's (Mary Lida) chickens. 

PHOTO22adjust.jpg (479284 bytes)

John Woodworth Jr. and John Woodworth Sr. 1921

PHOTO31adjust.jpg (94966 bytes)

Lois Woodworth (with clarinet) and the family band 
- Lenore, John Sr on left.  1927.

Lois is Cathy Baker's grandmother.

PHOTO30adjust.jpg (309242 bytes)

John Woodworth Jr. and his coon dogs, 1930

PHOTO21adjust.jpg (109742 bytes)

John Woodworth Jr. - Application picture 1933

PHOTO32adjust.jpg (62547 bytes)

Lois Woodworth's family - Mary Lida, Lenore, Frank, L .....

PHOTO23adjust.jpg (52942 bytes)

John and Mary Lida Woodworth - (no date)

PHOTO10adjust.jpg (75835 bytes)

John and Mary Lida Woodworth - 50th wedding anniversary 1951

PHOTO8adjust.jpg (97344 bytes)

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