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From Lona Cappis

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Benjamin Woodworth (1834-ca1900) and Mary Jane (Weaver)
Woodworth (1856-1885)  This photo was taken in 1884, in Olympia, Washington while they were visiting members of her family. In Benjamin's lap is their 4th child, a son named Lawrence. They returned to Red Cloud, Webster County, Nebraska where she died of "quick consumption" in 1885.
Additional information on Lona Cappis' web page 
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31BJWoodwrth.jpg (47702 bytes)
Mountavill Woodworth, a brother of Benjamin above.
These photos to the right and below are copied from photos in the Civil War pension file. This photo was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1911 when he was trying to establish his identity after having been assumed dead. At this time he would be 75 years old and living in a tent near where he was working on building a road. The American Consul who took his deposition said the winter had been extremely cold. This was a very hardy man.
mountavill2.jpg (274685 bytes)
Mountavill Woodworth again, in Vancouver, BC
For Mountavill's line, see Lona Cappis' web page 

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 Effie Delila Drusilla Woodworth age three (1881-1964) and brother William "Will" Woodworth age six (1878-1939).   
Photo taken in 1884 in Olympia, Thurston County, WA while visiting members of their mother's family.  Additional information provided on Lona Cappis' web page 

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EWWdwrth.jpg (74087 bytes)
Effie (Woodworth) Perkins and family.   The photo collage came as a home made Christmas card for 1945. The family of  Effie Woodworth and Perry 'Bert' Perkins included 6 girls and 6 boys. George, the youngest son, was killed in WWII. Of the remaining 11, nine of them celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversaries. Several celebrated over 60 years of marriage. They are a sturdy, long-lived group. twelve.jpg (138248 bytes)
For bible belonging to Benjamin's mother (the Benjamin above), go to
Lona's bible page.

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From Lynell Kirk Nelson

East Jewett, NY, school attended by Carrie Woodworth's son, Alanson W. Kirk, b 1900.  One of the students is Alanson.
Line: Walter/Joseph/Joseph/Joseph/Lemuel/Lemuel/Alanson/Alanson/Carrie/ (Alanson Woodworth Kirk)  
Alansan_atschool.jpg (80825 bytes)
Memorabilia saved by Carrie's son, Alanson Woodworth Kirk.  Abner Woodworth (teacher on the card) is Carrie's 2nd cousin once removed.    Abnerteachcard.jpg (108356 bytes)
More memorabilia saved by Carrie's son, Alanson.  Schuyler F. Kirk is Carrie's husband, and Joseph and Frank Woodworth are relative's of Carrie's. School.jpg (132417 bytes)
Home of Carrie Woodworth's son, Alanson Woodworth Kirk, East Jewett, NY.  All of his children born in this house. Homestd.jpg (117664 bytes)
Alanson Woodworth Kirk in front with light shirt. Wife Ada Brown Garvey with light dress in back.  About 1919. Picnic.jpg (121373 bytes)
Carrie Woodworth's son, Alanson Woodworth Kirk, in 1949 with 2nd wife Stella Hignell and his grandson Steven Meredith Kirk.   AlansonStellaSteven.jpg (117873 bytes)

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